Dr. Nirmala S Prof. & CULTURAL HEAD Dept. Of CSE MELANGE

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CULTURAL REPORT 2018-19Dr. Nirmala SB.E, M.Tech ,Ph.D., (MBA)Prof. & CULTURAL HEADDept. of CSEMELANGE - 2K19MELANGE 2K19, organized by Dept. of Information Science and Engg. on 29th and 30th ofMarch 2019 with a whopping 45 events on its list, it is based on a unique and social causetheme called "AHAM BRHAMASMI", which means I am Brahma. This is among the fourMahakavyas in Upanishads. The significance is "When Brahma creates blind on earth, youdonate eye to him and take the stand of brahma to that person". This theme is all about charity.We accomplished it by conducting various donation activities. According to our main intentionwe have funded for an operation of a Blind. We organised Blood Donation camps, Clothdonation activities.The fest was inaugurated by Mr Rahul Kalluri ,Executive Vice-President ParamahamsaFoundation Trust, well-known cine celebrity Karthik Jayaram along with CEODr.T.N.Sreenivasa and Princiapl Dr.A.G.Nataraj.Mainstage events like solo singing, Stand upComedy, Solo dance, Mad Ads, Turtle Jam, Cos Play, Mime, Personality Hunt, Step up, Shortmovie, Group dance Fashion Show and Off stage events. Participants from various collegeslike Dayanand Sagar, Oxford College of Engg, BMSCE, PESIT, JSSIT many more were partof it. Overall the fest had 600 participants, with 100 participants from various colleges.

The inauguration of Melange 2K19 on 29,30th March 2019 by Mr Rahul Kalluri,ExecutiveVice President Paramahamsa Foundation Trust, Dr.T.N.Sreenivasa,CEO, Dr.A.G.Nataraj,Principal and Karthik Jayaram(sandalwood actor).

Kannada Rapper Viraj

Battle of Bands judge Einstein Samarpan

Group Dance and Fashion Show

Conducted Anti-sexual harassment program in “MELANGE-2019”Speaker: Kavya. V, Assistant Professor, ECE Department, AMCEC

MECH MELA 4.0 ON MELANGE 2019Mech Mela 4.0 was an entrepreneurship program conducted by the mechanical students on29th and 30th of March 2019. Five distinct stalls, headed by seven coordinators, wereconducted, namely photography, gaming, handicrafts, tattoo making and food stalls. Thisprogram was initiated under the guidance of faculty to imbibe entrepreneurial and managerialskills among the students. The entire set up was built using scrap and other useless materials inthe college campus. The skill of initiating, implementing, managing and entrepreneurship,which was the sole purpose of Mech Mela, was successfully achieved by the students.

WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION 2019INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYThe beautiful creation of the God! The Angel on the earth makes our life a wonderfulexperience all together. Imagining life without a woman is quite hard – hitting. This Angelshakes the cradle with one hand and the earth with the other hand. The fact that all the greatpeople of the world from the womb of a woman and it is a woman from whom those greatpeople have taken their initial teachings. And that is the reason we have always emphasizedupon giving the due respect to women in their life. And that is why women’s day is celebratedwith so much zeal and it has spread through the world.To teach people the various roles played by women in different spheres of life in variousorganizations and educational institutions and various national land international platforms,Women’s Day speeches are delivered. Celebrating Women’s Day is a way of feeling gratitudeto the each and every woman in one’s life, be it in the professional or the personal life.International Women’s Day is observed every year on 8th of March and it is observed aroundthe world to celebrate the velour of Women.It is glad to know that Women’s Day is celebrated to instill respect and care for womenin the minds of young brains since their childhood itself. It also forms an essential part of thecurriculum in order to spread the knowledge and awareness of women empowerment, theirposition in the society and their achievement. Like every year we had organized the event onthe International Women’s Day at AMC Engineering College in the presence of our belovedchief guest Dr. Meena K. Jain who is a Rehab Expert, Advisory & Researcher (Socialist &Psychologist), AMCEC management & staff. The cultural events as well as the inspirationalspeech by the dignitaries made the event a grand success.Women from various culture and ethnic groups come together crossing all theboundaries to remember their struggle of many decades for peace, justice, equality anddevelopment. The day allows women to raise her voice for an equal opportunity in whateverfields she wants to participate in; same a man is provided with.

Inauguration by the Chief Guest Ms. Meena Jain, Secretary, JanodayaFelicitation of the Chief Guest Ms. Meena Jain

Group photo with Vice Chairperson Mrs. Geetha Paramahamsa

Veena recitation by Dr. Venkata Lakshmi, Head ChemistryGroup dance by ECE faculties

Skit by CSE facultiesRamp walk by CSE faculties

Group dance by ISE facultiesGroup Dance by ISE students

Fashion Show by ECE DepartmentGroup song by Basic Science faculties

Group Dance by 7th CSE studentsFirst Year Orientation Programme 2019

Cultural performance by 1st semester students

Group dance & Mime by students

INTER DEPARMENT FESTCOLOSSEUM 2019In India, a cultural fest, cultfest, culfest or college fest is an annual cultural event at a college,or a university organised by the college students.The thing is whenever we hear the word 'fest', we immerse ourselves in the thoughts of alluringcolourful lights, unstoppable music, dance performances, beautiful songs, fashion shows andeven savouring foods. We bend our hunches towards competitions, huge crowds, and culturaldiversities which indeed gift us with a massive package of memories. Knowing people,understanding them, learning to work with them and most importantly working as a team,something reminiscent to a ‘well-oiled machine’ or a ‘well developed software’, is the crux ofevery fest. Interaction with different ideological personalities adds a new spice to ourexperience. It is beautiful and vibrant in every way possible and I am proud to say thatcolosseum 2019 was one such event.This event was a result of immense hard work and the combined that was put in by theprincipal, the HOD’s, the professors and the whole of student body and the blessings of ourChairman Dr. K . R. Paramahamsa , Vice Chairperson Mrs. Geetha Paramahamsa, VicePresident Ms. Monica Kalluri and Executive Vice-President Mr. Rahul Kalluri AMC-CITYGROUP and by the grace of God .The event started at 09:30 with our beloved and respected principal Dr. A. G. Natarajwelcoming the chief guest and the guest of honour , Mr. Manjunath V.R a well-knownpersonality of the Kannada cinema the actor , director cum producer of the movie ‘StarKannadiga’ and the lead actress the beautiful Ms. Shalini Bhatt and the guest Mr. Aryan ,Ms. Monica Zavier, Mr. Mohammad Sahil some of the leading names in fashion industry andthe first two being Alumni of our prestigious institution, who were to be the judge of Mr & Ms.AMC as well as the fashion show. We Indians are nothing without our culture and our beliefsand we are proud of it, hence no event can truly begin without invoking the name of God.Hence the first event was invoking the name Lord Ganesha by lighting the lamp. Which wascarried out by our principle, our Dean of Academic Dr. A. K Murthy, all the HOD’s ofdifferent department , and our Cultural Head Dr. Nirmala.S .The next order of events consistedof a set of on stage group singing, group dancing, solo singing, solo dancing, fashion show andoff stage events which considered of writing event, gaming events, painting evets as well as afew sports events being football, cricket, kabaddi, table tennis, chess and Ludo . The highlightof the day being ‘Mr & Ms. Fresher’ also called ‘Mr & Ms. AMC’ followed by the Prize

Distribution Ceremony.The winners and the runners up were rewarded but the beautiful thingis there were no losers, for all of us were rewarded with the memories of this beautiful eventwhich will last forever. The events of the day were concluded by all of us singing ‘TheNational anthem’, as a single body, a single soul and as a one big family not perfect butimperfectly perfect known to the world as “AMC INSTITUTIONS”.Inaugural of Colosseum 2019

Fashion Show by 5th semester CSE studentsGroup dance by 1st semester students

Mr. and Miss AMC by 1st semester students

Ethnic Day 2019 - A colourful and vibrant celebrationWorld Ethnic Day is an opportunity to celebrate the cultures of different countries together ona single day.In the digital world, "World is One" yet we all carry different identities represented by whatwe wear, eat, believe and celebrate. Let's come together and celebrate our diversity as "OneWorld". World Ethnic Day is a day of fun, dance, music, food and party in a traditional way."World Ethnic Day is a concept that came out of the passion and vision of craftsvilla.com, Indias largest online marketplace for ethnic products. It is a way to celebrate unique cultures of theworld on a single day in unison" explained Craftsvilla co-founder Monica Gupta.Students came in ethnic costumes. Girls were dressed in Ghaghara, Punjabi dress andtraditional Sarees and the boys wore kurtas, dhotis and even jewelled turbans, like those wornby kings in ancient times. This added to the grandeur of the costume parade.The main message of the celebration was to respect the culture & tradition of our country.Ethnic Day Celebration

Navaratri Celebration 2019Navaratri is celebrated in different ways throughout India. Some fast, others feast. Some reverethe same Mother Goddess but different aspects of her, while others revere avatars of LordVishnu, particularly of Rama.Navratri mark the popular practices during Durga Puja. The festival begins with Mahalaya, aday where Shakta Hindus remember the loved ones who have died, as well the advent of thewarrior goddess Durga or in other words Navaratri is the traditional celebrations includefasting for a day, or partially each of the nine days such as by not eating grains or just takingliquid foods, in remembrance of one of nine aspects of Shakti goddess.Navaratri Celebration in Vijay Karnataka Newspaper

Navaratri Celebration in AMCEC Campus

World". World Ethnic Day is a day of fun, dance, music, food and party in a traditional way. "World Ethnic Day is a concept that came out of the passion and vision of craftsvilla.com, India s largest online marketplace for ethnic products. It is a way to celebrate unique cultures of the