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BRETHREN LOST AS OFFEBRUARY 2020 William F. Bannon Robert F. Bennett Lewell E. Christensen Junior E. Fern Bertil G. Nelson Thomas A. ThompsonFROM THE DESK OFMARK EVAN PREWETT, 32º M R S EDITOR FOR THE SUNWelcome to another exciting edition of the SUN!We have a lot of exciting events coming in thenext few months, starting with the Remembrance Renewal Feast & Supreme CouncilWorkshops in March, the Spring Reunion in April, and the2020 Scottie Awards hosted by your Minneapolis Consistoryin the beginning of May! So this edition is a little light onarticles and a tad heavy on advertisements, but it is all tomake sure you know what is going on in your Valley!Now is a good time to think of the Brothers in your BlueLodge that have not yet joined the Scottish Rite. With theSpring Reunion coming up soon and the Long-Form Class inthe Fall, now is an excellent time to discuss with your brothers about experiencing even more light in Masonry.MESSAGE FROM OUR RITECARE OF MINNEAPOLISExciting news from RiteCare of Minneapolis –St. Paul. The Board of Directors took actionin December to make another increase in theamount of active Grants to 75 and likely tomove to 80 at the end of Q2. Previous action from theBoard enabled a formula that averaged the Grants soas to increase as needed to better accommodate thefamilies affected by our giving.under the age of 3.Greg Vokovan, Board PresidentRiteCare of Minneapolis-St. PaulMore importantly RiteCare of Minneapolis – St. Paulhas related the geographical area we serve. In addition to the 7-county metro area an additional 9counties. We had been receiving applications fromthose additional counties followed by the difficult taskof sending a letter informing them that although theirchild qualified for a Grant with the exception of wherethey live. Those rejected application on file have nowbeen accepted and families are already receiving treatment as a result.Finally, RiteCare of Minneapolis – St. Paul as, on acase by case basis, been approving Grants for childrenMinneapolis Scottish Rite, 2011 Dupont Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55405-2709612-871-1500

2020 CALENDARJANUARY 2020Thursday 02 5:00 Spring Orientation6:00 KSA MeetingTuesday 07 6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingThursday 09 6:00 4º, 5º, & 6ºThursday 16 6:00 7º, 8º, & 9ºSaturday 18 GL 1 Day to MasonryThursday 23 6:30 10º & 11ºThursday 30 6:30 12º & 13ºAPRIL 2020FEBRUARY 2020Tuesday 04Thursday 06Thursday 13Thursday 20Thursday 276:00 KSA Meeting6;30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated Meeting6:00 14º6:00 15º & 16º6:00 17º & 18º6:00 19º & 20ºMARCH 2020Tuesday 03 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingThursday 05 6:00 21º & 22ºThursday 12 6:00 23º & 24ºThursday 19 6:00 25º & 26ºSaturday 21 5:00 Rose Croix R & RThursday 26 6:00 27ºMAY 2020JUNE 2020Thursday 02 GL Annual Comm.Tuesday 05 6:00 KSA MeetingTuesdayTuesday 07 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated Meeting7:30 Stated MeetingSaturday 09 4:30 ConsistoryThursday 09 6:00 28º & 29ºFeastThursday 16 5:00 31º5:00 Reunion OrientationThursday 23 6:00 4º & 14ºSaturday 25 8:00 am 18º, 30º, & 32ºThursday 30 Dark & OES G.C.JULY 2020Tuesday 07 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingOCTOBER 2020Thursday 01 6:00 17º & 18ºTuesday 06 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingThursday 08 6:00 19º & 20ºThursday 15 6:00 21º & 22ºThursday 22 6:00 23º & 24ºThursday 29 6:00 25º & 26ºAUGUST 2020Tuesday 04 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingThursday 13 5:00 Fall OrientationThursday 20 6:00 4º, 5º, & 6ºThursday 27 6:00 7º, 8º, & 9ºNOVEMBER 2020Tuesday 03 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingThursday 05 6:30 27ºThursday 12 6:30 28º & 29ºThursday 19 6:30 30ºThursday 26 Dark for Thanksgiving02 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingSEPTEMBER 2020Tuesday 07 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingThursday 03 6:00 10º & 11ºThursday 10 6:00 12º & 13ºThursday 17 6:00 14ºSaturday 19 5:30 Feast of TishtriThursday 24 6:00 15º & 16ºDECEMBER 2020Tuesday 01 6:00 KSA Meeting6:30 Heads of Bodies7:30 Stated MeetingThursday 03 6:00 31ºThursday 10 4:30 32ºThursday 17 DarkThursday 24 Dark

Cast Members of the Knight of the Rose Croix on February 20, 2020. From back left to right, then front left to right: David Graham, Ty Schmidt, CraigKamman, Kevin Sullivan, Ron Miles, 33º IGH, Curt Quast, 32º KCCH, Shawn Hamilton, Terrance Schaffer, 32º KCCH, and Greg Lane, 33º IGHGRITUAL CORNERreetings Scottish RiteBrethren.We recently completedthe degrees of theChapter Rose Croix. This month inRitual Corner I will highlight the18th degree of the Chapter RoseCroix. The 15th through the 18thdegree are degrees of the ChapterRose Croix. As the Lodge of Perfection degrees continue the story introduced in the 3 Blue Lodge degrees, the Chapter Rose Croix degrees cover the time period fromthe destruction of King Solomon’stemple through the rebuilding ofthe second temple. Let us take ashort look into the 18th Degree,Knight of the Rose Croix.The degree of Knight Rose Croixintroduces the duties of practicingvirtue that it may produce fruit,the duty of labor to eliminate vice,and the tolerance of the faith andcreed of others.In this degree we are introduced toThe lessons of faith, hope,and charity, when combinedwith tolerance, help usimprove as men and Masonssome important Scottish Rite symbols, such as the rose, the cross, thepelican, the eagle and the pillars.These symbols when combined withthe duties introduced in the degreecontain important information forreflection and help instruct us howto view and conduct our dealingswith the rest of humanity. The lessons of faith, hope, and charity,when combined with tolerance,help us improve as men and Masons, and help make the world abetter place in which to live.We are now beginning the degreesof the Council of Kadosh and somevery memorable degrees and lessons. Join us for the beautiful andinformative degrees of the ScottishRite. Remember, Thursday night isRite Night!Fraternally,Lee E. Kielblock, 33 I⸫G⸫H⸫Ritual DirectorMinneapolis Valley

We were blessed with a visitor from the northern jurisdiction during the night of the 17th and 18th degrees. Brother Mikel Mudrey wears thegold cap of a past Head of Body for the Princes of Jerusalem, which govern the 15th and 16th degrees of the N.J. Scottish Rite. Mikel appears inthis picture with Dave Kampf, 33º IGH and Tony Krall, 33º SGIG.ADOPTED DEGREESBrethren, I am sure eachof you are aware of theAdopted Degrees takenon by many of the lodgeswho retain membership here atthe Minneapolis Valley. TheseAdopted Degrees serve the Valleyand Blue Lodges in several ways.As we all know each week Dozensof Scottish Rite Brethren take thetime to come down and help put onthese Degrees and share with theCandidates those lessons we allhope to learn and follow in ourlives.By taking on the Role of Adoptingthese Degrees, Lodges and theirScottish Rite members help byserving these Degrees and thosewho put them on, sometimes bybecoming directly involved themselves or by just coming down andsitting on the sidelines in supportof all those who commit themselves to do the work each week.They also serve to encourage thoselodges to gather as Brethren andenjoy the camaraderie of the Riteas a Lodge and participate andspend time with one another. Foras we all know, this is "Your Scottish Rite" and we need each of youto be a part of it to keep it strongand viable. I hope that each of youwill take the time to come downeach of you at the Rite and if I orany of the Double Eagles can be ofassistance, please don't hesitate toask!I hope that each of you willtake the time to come downand see some of the finest workdone in all the SouthernJurisdictionand see some of the finest workdone in all the Southern Jurisdiction, whether it be during yourLodges Adopted Degree night ornot, but more so if it is, as it isyour obligation to support thesenights. If you lodge Doesn't havean adopted degree yet, there arestill a few available.As always, I look forward to seeingWB Terrance M Schaffer, 32ºK⸫C⸫C⸫H⸫Chairman, Double Eagle CommitteeMinneapolis Valley of the ScottishRite

PASSING FROM THE SQUARE TO THE COMPASSESWith the Spring Reunion coming up, thiswould be a great timefor Brothers to beintroduced to the Scottish Rite.The lessons taught in our Degreesare timeless and continue to havea profound impact on countlessBrothers. We have several outstanding Brothers in our currentclass, and they are embracing thelessons with enthusiasm. It wouldbe great to have more Brothers onthe sidelines to see the work, get toknow and support our new Brothers and to be re-energized by theDegrees.I am reminded of a passage fromthe 4th Degree. “You have nowpassed from the Square to theCompasses, as the geometricianpasses from the straight lines andangles by which he measures thesurface of the earth to the greatcurves and circles by which he calculates the movements of thestars. Strive ever to rise above thelevel of the mundane and to climbthe skies of spiritual and philosophical knowledge. For there, andnot upon the earth, are Truth andthe Lost Word to be found.”Think of the impact on the world ifmore of us would “rise above thelevel of the mundane”.tion, there is a great series of RedRoom programs planned and someof the best Masonic networkingopportunities in Minnesota. Thereare also countless opportunities toget involved. All you need to do isask! Check your calendar andcome on back!See you at the Rite!What are you doing to embraceand live the lessons of ourRite?What are you doing to embraceand live the lessons of our Rite? Ifyou know any Master Masons whomight be interested in the lessonsof the Scottish Rite, invite them toconsider the Spring Reunion.Call and invite a Brother who youhaven’t seen for a while to havedinner and see a Degree. In addi-The 2020 Scottie AwardsHosted By YourMinneapolis ConsistoryAre Coming May 9!More information is coming soon!Donald J. Nolley, 33 I⸫G⸫H⸫Venerable MasterLodge of Perfection

MINNEAPOLIS SCOTTISH RITE BODIES2011 DUPONT AVENUE SOUTHMINNEAPOLIS, MN 55405-2709ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTEDMINNEAPOLIS VALLEY SUNIn a free country, human speech must be free.Letter from the EditorMessage from RiteCareRitual CornerAdopted DegreesPassing from the Squareto the CompassesMarch April 2020

Chapter Rose Croix. This month in Ritual Corner I will highlight the 18th degree of the Chapter Rose Croix. The 15th through the 18th degree are degrees of the Chapter Rose Croix. As the Lodge of Perfec-tion degrees continue the story in-troduced in the 3 Blue Lodge de-grees, the Chapter Rose Croix de-