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BIOLOGYMitosis Flip-Book PagesInterphaseç 1. Growth, metabolism2. Chromosomes copiedProphaseç 3. Chromosomes appear ç 4. Centrioles to polesMetaphaseç 5. Nuclear Membranedissolves 6. Chromatids to the middle

BIOLOGYMitosis Flip-Book PagesAnaphase7. Chromatids move apart9. Chromatids to the poles8. Spindles shrink10. Spindles continue to shrinkTelophase11. Cytoplasm pinchesoff12. New Nuclearmembranes form

BIOLOGYMitosis Flip-Book Pages13. Cytokinesis14. 2 new cells in interphase mitosis flip-book by:Front Cover - Clearly Print Your NameBack Cover – Design as you 16.9-12.SCI.MI.00216.9-12.SCI.CO.002Student recalls scientific knowledge and uses scientific understanding to construct scientific explanations.Student critically analyses and evaluates information to make judgments supported by scientific understanding.Student analyses and interprets data.Student uses appropriate communication modes such as verbal (oral, written), visual (graphic, symbolic), technological, and written formats(laboratory reports, essays, presentations).

BIOLOGYMitosis Flip-Book Pagesmitosis flip-book Directionspart one: Select colors to represent the following[You will use these colors on each ofthe slides for your ds:Spindlespart Two: Color each cell slide.Color in all of your cytoplasm. [A light color works best.]Draw in the chromosomes/chromatids. [Please remember to draw in the correct number each time.]Draw in the centrioles for each slide.Draw in the spindles for the slides where they will be present.[Hint: Slides that need some or full spindles are – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10]Part Thee: Design your front and back covers for your flip-book.part four: Cut out each slide for your flip-book.part five: Assemble your flip-book with a front cover, 14 slides in order,and a back cover.

BIOLOGYMitosis Flip-Book Pagesmitosis flip-book rubricPoints Possible: 40required fields: “mile-stone” slides correctly represented from notes.Nine slides correctly representing transition between the six “mile-stone” slides.Progression over time can be seen when the flip-book is used.The correct cell parts are present and correctly colored for each slide.Target from theStandardsBelow ExpectationsApproachingExpectationsMeeting ExpectationsExceeding Expectations16.9-12.SCI.KU.001The student has sixphases [mile-stones]from the notesrepresentedcorrectly.16.9-12.SCI.KU.003The student hastransitions for theslides between the sixphases[mile-stones]found in the notes.16.9-12.SCI.MI.002The student showsprogression over timefor the slides.3 of the 6 reference slidesare correctly represented.4 of the 6 reference slidesare correctly represented.5 of the 6 reference slides arecorrectly represented.6 of the reference slides arecorrectly represented.16.9-12.SCI.CO.002The student showsthe parts of the cellcorrectly in statedcolors for all slides.23453 of the 9 transition slidesare correctly represented5 of the 9 transition slidesare correctly represented7 of the 9 transition slides arecorrectly represented9 of the transition slides arecorrectly represented.591317When used, the flip-book isable to show some of themitosis process correctlyWhen used, the flip-book isable to show a partiallycorrect mitosis processWhen used, the flip-book isable to show a mostly correctmitosis processWhen used, the flip-book shows afull mitosis process5678Many parts are missingfrom most of the slides forpats of the cell; most cellparts are not correctlyrepresentedSome parts are missingfrom some slides for parts ofthe cell; cell parts are notcorrectly representedMost of the parts of the cellare correctly represented formost of the slidesAll of the parts of the cell arecorrectly represented for all of theslides46810NotAttemptedPoints earned:

When used, the flip-book is able to show some of the mitosis process correctly 5 When used, the flip-book is able to show a partially correct mitosis process 6 When used, the flip-book is able to show a mostly correct mitosis process 7 When used, the flip-book shows a full mitosis process 8 16.9-12.SCI.CO.002 The student shows