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Central Colorado Athletic LeagueHandbook2016-2017(updated Aug 2016)I.MEMBER SCHOOLSAtlas PrepBanning Lewis RanchColorado Springs Christian SchoolColorado Springs Charter AcademyEllicottJames IrwinManitou SpringsMonument AcademyPeytonRocky Mountain Classical AcademyThomas MacLarenVanguardCalhan (associate member)-FootballFox Meadow (associate member) -FootballCSS (assocoate member) –B/G SoccerII.ORGANIZATIONA. The officers of the League shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary,Treasurer. Officers shall be elected at the May meeting of the Association, and shallassume their duties at the first meeting of the new school year. These officers will alsobe called the Executive Committee.B. Regular meetings of the League shall be held every month, August through May or asneeded. All members will mutually agree upon the date. Special meetings may becalled by the President, or at the request of a majority of the representatives of themember schools. A second May meeting may be held to set the activity calendar forthe following year.C. In special circumstances league business may be conducted on a conference callapproved by the Executive Committee.D. The President and vice-president shall be elected for a term of two years.E. In the event any vacancy occurs, the President shall appoint a member of theassociation to fill the unexpired term.F. All sports will have an AD assigned to over that sport. Duties include:1. Develop the schedules each year and send to the Assignor.2. Keep handbook policies current3. Resolve disputes involving tiebreakers or rules questions along with theExecutive Council4. Confirm season ending standings and set up playoff brackets1

G. Number of League teams per sport: Adding teams to the league will be completed byJanuary meeting prior to a new two year cycle. Teams will not be added in mid-cycle.1. Football maximum is 10 teams2. VB and both basketball maximum is 12 teams3. Girls and boys soccer is 10 teamsIII.VOTING1. Voting will be limited to one vote per member school. Each school present must vote.Voting options are yes, no, abstain. An abstained vote does not count. In the event ofa tie, a secret ballot will be cast. If the secret ballot is a tie, the motion fails. Any schoolmay request a roll call vote on any issue.2. Associate schools may vote in activities and sports they participate in.3. In the absence of any member school at a league meeting, no voting privilege will beextended.4. A quorum shall consist of seven of the member schools of the League.5. A simple majority vote shall be necessary for any ruling. In an emergency situation, thePresident may poll the league in lieu of calling a special meeting.6. Any proposed amendment or change to the Handbook of the association should besubmitted at a regular meeting. Revision of the handbook may be made at a meetingwhen all member schools have been notified one month in advance of the date, timeand place.7. This Constitution may be amended by a favorable vote of seven of its members, andbecomes effective upon final approval.8. It is the Principal's responsibility to inform the Superintendent of any proposedConstitutional or Policy change.IV.FINANCE1. The annual dues for the league shall be 250.00 (payable to the Secretary/Treasurer atthe first league meeting at the beginning of the school year). Associate members shallpay 50.00 per sport.2. Additional assessments may be made or annual dues suspended by a majority vote ofthe league association members.3. All net proceeds from the tournaments, festivals, and shows sanctioned by the leaguewill go to the host school. A budget shall be approved prior to the activity.4. The league admission prices are as follows: Adults 2.00 and Students (K-12) 1.00 foradmittance into all league-sanctioned activities. Senior citizens (60) will be admittedfree to all athletic events only5. Monthly finance report will be presented to the league.2

V.OFFICIALS1. The host school shall be responsible for procuring scorers, timers, judges, unlessotherwise agreed upon by the schools involved. For A level games adults are preferred.VI.UNIFORMS1. Schools must wear light for home games, dark for away, unless mutually agreed uponby participating schools. (Exception: Football - dark at home, light away.) Uniformsmust follow the NFHS guidelines.VII.CANCELLATIONS/POSTPONEMENTS1. In reference to activities between two schools: If one school is out or closed due to anact of God, or if travel is determined by the traveling school to be unsafe, either schoolhas the prerogative to postpone the event; then, by mutual agreement between theschools, to reschedule the event.2. If mutual agreement is impossible regarding the postponement of a contest, the schoolrefusing to play forfeits the contest. If a contest is interrupted by power failure or otheremergency beyond the control of game or school officials, the balance of the contestinterrupted shall be played from the instant of interruption at the same location at a timeagreed upon by each principal or designee of the schools involved. A contest may bepostponed by mutual agreement of the administrative representatives from bothschools, unless each principal/designee involved agrees to continue the contest. (Theirdecision may be made the following day.) If a mutual agreement cannot be reached,the Executive Committee will establish a time, date and location. Failure to comply willresult in a forfeit. It is the responsibility of the home team to contact the officials andalso arrange for officials in the case of a make-up contest.3. Forfeits: If a team chooses to forfeit a playoff game, they will be placed on probation thefollowing year and will not be allowed to participate in the playoffs in that sport the nextyear.4. Only A team games, matches, etc. must be made up. Lower level games may be madeup by mutual agreement between schools.5. Each school must play all league, regional, and district contests unless there areextenuating circumstances, as determined by the League or Executive Committee.Contests not played will result in a forfeit and count, as a game played on the overallrecord of the teams involved. The team that caused the forfeit will receive a loss andthe other team involved will receive a win on their respective records. These leaguecontests include crossover games in sports where they are played. If a team forfeits aleague or playoff game, we will follow CHSAA policy.6. When rescheduling, league games shall take precedence over non-league games.3

7. Games postponed because of weather shall be played as soon as possible and mayhave to be played at the opposite site provided an agreeable date, to play at the originalsite, cannot be reached.8. Because of inclement weather, the decision to postpone a game shall be held off aslong as possible. When a traveling team's bus has left prior to a decision to postpone,the contest will not be postponed until the traveling team has arrived and a mutualagreement is made to postpone.9. All League games/competitions are to be played at the designated times for each sportunless mutually agreed upon by both participating schools.VIII.GENERAL MISC RULES1. Follow provisions of Colorado High School Activities Association – Junior High/MiddleSchool Division (except where other CCAL rules have been adopted).2. Football requires a “9 Day Practice Rule.” All other sports require a “five Day PracticeRule.” This follows the CHSAA rule.3. No dead period for any sport. Coaches cannot make practicemandatory, nor have tryouts prior to the start date.4. Member schools shall use certified officials for games/matches. Inemergencysituations, the host school administrator will determine who officiates.5. If member schools charge an admission for athletic events, the amounts willstudents and 2.00 for adults.be 1.00 for6. Starting times of games/matches shall be 4:00 PM unless otherwise arranged by theindividual league schools. Saturday football game start time is 10:00am. If one school wouldlike to move the start time and the other school(s) does not: then you would go back to thedefault times stated above.7. Coaches and/or administrators should report any serious incidents and/or infractions duringa contest at the time they occur to the person or persons in charge from the host school.8. League sponsored activities: Matchwits, Football,Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Soccer, and Cross Country.9. A school administrator is recommended at all league tournaments.10. The league will allow crossover athletes to participate in more than one school sponsoredsport during the same season. The athlete must participate in a minimum of 50% of regularseason competitions in order to be eligible to compete in the end of season leaguechampionship.11. If a contest is cancelled, every attempt should be made by the schools to re-schedule.4

12. “B” team games can end in a tie unless specified in sport specific rules. If an “A” teamgame ends with a tie, CCAL rules will be followed for overtime periods. B team games will beplayed first (prior to A team games)13. “A” Team Tournaments:a. Higher seeded teams will be the host team for all games and responsible for costs ofgame officials. Traveling team will pay for their own travel costs.b. The top 4 teams will qualify for playoffs in volleyball and basketball only.c. Plaques will be awarded to the top 2 teams14. League rules and regulations must be available for all home scheduledevents.15. Cheerleaders are allowed to cheer from the cheerleader stands and perform at half time (attheir school) as long as they are in uniform.17. Scores must be emailed or text to Mike Prusinowski by the hosting school, within 24 hrs ofgame completion.IX.SPORT SPECIFIC RULESBasketball Policies (boys and girls)Students may play on either the A or B team only on game days. They may not suit up or playin both games. If we make an adjustment to this rule, then the B team would have to forfeitthat game. C team games with be played at the opposite site of the A/B game.1. Practice starting dates determined at the league A.D. meeting2. Length of quarters:a. 7 minutes for both A and B teams.b. C teams will use an 8 min running clock format. The clock will run the firstthree quarters of the game with the exception of time outs and injuries. Duringthe 4th quarter, the running clock format will continue until the last 2 minutes ofthe game. When the clock is at 2 minutes in the 4th quarter the clock will stopwhen regular game play is stopped (out of bounds, foul etc ) and follow regulargame rules.3. No one is allowed on the basketball court at any time other than players in uniform4. 20 Point Rule - Teams (B & G) may half and full-court press. However, anytime ateam acquires a lead of 20 points or more, that team must fall back inside of the halfcourt line until that lead becomes less than 20 points. Should that team initiate eithertype of press with a lead of 20 points or more, the referee will stop the game andmove the defensive team down the floor.5. A team league tournaments at close of season. Plaques – first and second place.Higher seed will host playoff games.6. Boys will use boys’ size basketball7. Girls will use girls’ size basketball8. Half-time is 7 minutes for both teams5

9. Overtime: (A team)a. First OT is 2 minutesb. Second OT is 2 minutesc. The A-team may not end in a tied. May press entire timeOvertime: (B team)a. OT is 2 minutes, then sudden death if still tied10. Mercy Rule – At any point the score differential between teams is 25 or greater; theclock will run continuously for the rest of the game except for during time-outs,between quarters, injuries and free-throws.11. C team games will play the better team second.12. The top four teams will qualify for postseason play13. Tiebreaker:1.Head to head. (If three or more teams are tied, then go on to #2. Once a teamis separated from the tied teams,go back to head to head.)2.3.4.Record against the tied teams.Record against the top team in the league.Record against the next highest placing team in the league (number 25.6.Point differential amongst tied teams. (10 point cap)Coin flip.team, number 3 team, number 4 team, ,last team.)Cross Country Policies (boys and girls)1. 6th Graders are allowed to run on the A or B Team. Practice starting date determinedat the league A.D. meeting2. Team divisions: Boys A & B ; Girls A & B3. There will be a League Championship at the end of the season. (Team plaques for1st and 2nd, Individual Medals for 1st-3rd , and Individual Ribbons for 4th-10th )Boys A run first – Girls A run secondBoys B run first – Girls B run secondA teams will run 6 and score 4B teams will run unlimited and score 44. The host school will have the course as close to 1.5 miles (2.5 Kilometers) aspossible.5. The entry fee for all races is 50. Payable to host school.6. Host school may award ribbons at their meets if they want to provide them.Football Policies1. Practice starting date determined at league A.D. meeting.2. Equipment cannot be issued for use prior to the start date: 3 days no contact(helmets only) , 2 days light contact (full pads but no player to player contact) and 6thday begins full contact3. Length of quarters: 8 minutes . Half time will be 5:00 minutes and then add 3:00minutes for mandatory warm-up.4. There will not be exhibition games or quarters beforehand.5. Tie games will use the California tie breaker system. (Both teams get 4 plays fromthe 10yd line and repeat if necessary to find a winner)6

6. Mercy Rule: In the second half, if at any time the score differential is 30 points orgreater; the clock will run continuously for the rest of the game except for timeoutsand injuries.7. If a game is postponed due to weather we will use the CHSAA guidelines andcontinue from where it left off unless there is a mutual agreement between coachesin conjunction with Athletic Directors.8. Tiebreaker:1.Head to head. (If three or more teams are tied, then go on to #2. Once a teamis separated from the tied teams go back to head to head.)2.3.4.Record against the tied teams in the division.Record against the top team in the division.Record against the next highest placing team in the league (number 2team, number 3 team, number 4 team, ,last team.)5.6.Point differential amongst tied teams. (10 point cap)Coin flip.9. Playoff format:Week six of season1’s vs. 2’s (1’s will host)3’s vs. 3’s4’s vs. 4’s5’s vs. 5’sWeek seven of seasonWinners of 1’s vs. 2’s will play for championship (all other schools finished)Higher seed will host or division 1 team if same seed.Soccer Policies (boys and girls)The league will be made up of school teams only. No club or community teams. Schools canchoose to play other teams separate from this league1. Practice starting date determined at league A.D. meeting.2. 10 game guarantee for the league schedule with playoffs at the end of the season.Playoffs will consist of the top 4 teams based on points at the end of regular season play.Higher seed will host playoff games.3. 3 points for a win, 0 points for a loss and 1 point for a tie.4. 30 minute halves5. Plaques will be awarded for first and second place.6. Tie-Breaking Procedures:a. Head to Head Competitionb. Goals given up in league schedule amongst tied teamsc. If 1 team eliminated in tie-break, go back to head to headd. Goals given up in all league gamese. Coin FlipPlayoff Games- if we do not have a winner at the end of regulation, the following will happen:1. One 10 minute overtime period. Play will stop after 5 minutes for teams to changesides. This will not be sudden death overtime. No coaching, players can get water.7

2. If still no winner, the 11 players on the field will begin taking penalty kicks. We will dothis in cycles of 5 players. After the first cycle of 5 players and no winner, the secondcycle of 5 will kick followed by the 11 players if no winner.3. If we don’t have a winner after all 11 players have taken penalty kicks, we will begintaking 1-1 penalty kicks.Track Policies (boys and girls)1. Teams may consist of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Divisions: Boys and Girls2. Practice starting date determined at the league AD meeting.3. There will be a league championship track meet at the end of the season. Plaqueswill be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams. Individual ribbons will be awarded to 1st8th place at the league meet.4. Number of participants entered per event at league meets and League Championshipis limited to 5 per gender/division per school, 3 of the 5 scores will be countedtowards the total team score. Exceptions for the number of athletes participating willbe made for the 1600m races to accommodate additional distance athletes. Runnersscored will remain the same. Relay teams may enter two teams but only score one.5. Host school may award ribbons at their meets if they want to provide them.6. Maximum number of events a participant may enter is 4.7.The field is allowed one false start. The next false start results in disqualification forthat individual.8.A 50.00 entry fee for each school for scheduled league meets.9.The league championship scoring: If running more than 7 teams and have a track of8 lanes, need to score 8 positions (10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1)10.Every school will provide 1 workers at all meets.11.Every meet will be a ‘sticker meet’.12.The order of events for all track meets is listed below.Order of events on next page .8

TRACK ORDER OF EVENTSBoys will begin with field events and girls will begin with running events. Once that is complete we willbegin field events for girls and running events for boys. The exception to that is the boy and girls hurdleraces, which will be run at the beginning of the meet.Field EventsBoys and GirlsLong JumpTriple JumpHigh Jump (starting height Boys – 4’6” Girls – 4’0” )High Jump – Height will go up 2 inches until final 4 (or less) competitors. Then it will go up by 1 inch intervals.Shot Put (8#)DiscusRunning Event Order100m Low Hurdles – Girls only110m Low Hurdles – Boys only800 Medley Relay –Girls only1600m Run Girls1600m Run BoysGirls100m Dash800m Relay (4x200)400m Relay (4x100)400m Dash800m Run200m Dash1600m Relay (4x400)--Midway through the meet we will switch the boys to running events and girls to field events—Running Event OrderBoys100m Dash800m Relay (4x200)400m Relay (4x100)400m Dash800m Run200m Dash1600m Relay (4x400)Volleyball Policies (girls)Students may play on either the A or B team only on game-days. They may not suit up or playin both games. C team games with be played at the opposite site of the A/B game.1. Practice starting date determined at league A.D. meeting.9

2. There will be an end of season “A” team league tournament and the league willaward plaques for first and second place.3. The higher seed will host in the playoffs.4. Height of the net is 7’4 1/8” (same as the high school)5. Warm up times – 4, 4, 2 minutes6. Rally Point Scoring will be used – 25, 25, 15 (B team game are capped 25,25,15)(no cap for A team games)7. A Libero tracker (adult) must be provided by a team that wants to use one, if thehome team does not have a Libero tracker.8. Home team will provide warm up balls – minimum 6.9. C team games will play have the better team play second10. The top four teams will qualify for post season play11. Tiebreaker: to head. (If three or more teams are tied, then go on to #2. Once a team isseparated from the tied teams,go back to head to head.)Record against the tied teams.Record against the top team in the league.Record against the next highest placing team in the league (number 2 team, number 3team, number 4 team, ,last team.)Set percentage in matches between tied teams (sets won/sets played.)Point percentage in matches between tied teams (pts scored/pts given up.)Coin flip.Wrestling Policies1. Teams may consist of 6th, 7th and 8th graders.2. Practice starting date determined at the league A.D. meeting3. Length of periods: 1:30 minute4. Weight classifications: 70, 77, 84, 91, 98, 105, 112, 120, 128, 136, 144, 152, 160, 175,190, 210, 265, A match will be defined as 17 bouts.5. There shall be a 2-pound growth allowance on matches after March 1.6. No weigh-ins at league matches.7. 1st, 2nd place team plaques will be awarded based on the league dual meets.8. There will be a league individual tournament at the end of the season. and 1st-3rdplace ribbons will be awarded to individual wrestlers. Team Championship will bedetermined during the league dual meet competitions.9. The League tournament will have weigh-ins the morning of the tournament. Athletesmissing weight that morning may be moved up to a higher weight class.10. Coaches or a representative are required to attend the seeding meeting on the Fridayprior to the tournament or send information to the seeding meeting director.11. If athletes wrestle each other twice in a given season, the second match will counttoward tie breaking criteria for the tournament seeding12. Criteria for seeding the league tournament:a. Wrestlers must have at least 2 league matches (exhibition or varsity) to beseeded in to the tournamentb. Seeding will be determined by the following:i. Overall League recordii. Head to headiii. Number of wins at weight class to be wrestlediv. Number of wins in actual wrestled matches (excluding forfeits)v. Pinsvi. Tech falls10

c.d.e.f.vii. Major decisionsviii. Coin flipsOnce the bracket is set according to the above criteria, head to headcompetition will be considered to readjust the bracket. Wrestlers can only bemoved up or down 1 position. (For example, once the bracket is set using theseeding criteria, if the #5 seeded wrestler has beaten the #4 wrestler in headto head competition during a season match (excluding tournaments), the twowrestlers will be switched in the bracket.) This adjustment will only happenwith wrestlers who are seeded one position from each other. Wrestlers’position can only be adjusted once using these criteria.The tournament will utilize an 8 man bracket.The weights with 3 wrestlers will wrestle round robin format. The weights with4 or more wrestlers will wrestle in the double elimination tournament withwinners advancing into the championship final and the wrestlers with one losscompeting for third placeEach school will be allowed to enter up to 2 wrestlers in each weight class.Wrestlers from the same school will be placed in opposite sides of the bracketwhenever possible. have been given the opportunity to add additionalwrestlers.All day admission for the league tournament is 2.00 for students and 4.00for adults.11

the other team involved will receive a win on their respective records. These league contests include crossover games in sports where they are played. If a team forfeits a league or playoff game, we will follow CHSAA policy. 6. When rescheduling, league games shall take precedence over non-league games.