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NOVEMBER 2012Inside this issue:October Minutes3IDTC Brags4Awards Form5MembershipRenewal6Who: All Ithaca Dog Training Club members and their guestsUpcoming Events7What: Holiday Party When: Sunday, December 9, 11:00AM - 2:00PMSeminar Flyer8Where: Ramada Inn 2310 N. Triphammer Road, Ithaca in BallroomDECalendar10HOLIDAY GATHERINGPrice: 14.00 per person paid in advance. Check made payable to theIthaca Dog Training Cluband mail, with the names attending to: Pat Welch, 1164 East ShoreDrive, Ithaca, NY 14850Deadline: Sunday, December 1, 2012Menu: Buffet consisting of lots of good things to detailed later.We will have our own buffet in our private banquet rooms consistingof many brunch items, drinks and dessert.We are also invited to the bar and the made-to-order omelet bar in thehotel's main brunch location. TITLEAWARDS: see the newsletter and send the form to Betty Baldwin.QUESTIONS: Jen Patterson [email protected] or Pat [email protected] MEETINGDate: 11/27/12Location: The PavilionBoard: 6:30Program: 7:30General: To follow programKerry will be setting up nestedagility / rally course appropriatefor all skill levelsWe need a Chairperson for the Spring Point Show in Syracuse. The date of the show is Thursday, March 28. Thisposition has occasionally been shared by 2 people in the past so if you would like to volunteer but do not want todo it alone, please step forward and we (or you) can find another person to help you! If you have NEVER been Chairbefore, fear not, there are lots of people who have and I am sure they will help! - LynneDEADLINE FOR THEDECEMBER NEWSLETTER IS NOVEMBER 27thPage 1

I.D.T.C. NEWSLETTEROFFICERSPresidentAddress CorrectionsLiz [email protected] Jewett Hill RdBerkshire, NY 13736607-657-4458Lynn Anguish - [email protected] Szebenyi - [email protected] Robinson - [email protected] Bell - [email protected] Mecklenburg Rd.Ithaca NY 14850BOARD MEMBERSSharon Garland (1/11-1/13)Jan Estes (1/11-1/13)Deb Clark-Lalley (1/12-1/14)Bill Hansen (1/12-1/14)Nancy Cowan (1/12-1/13)TRAINING COMMITTEETraining Director Kerry Boisvert - [email protected] Members Deb Bain (2/10 –2/12)Anne Williams (2/11-2/13)Cheri Jackmin (2/12-2/14)Elected MembersDebbie Keith 2/11-1/13Lisa Mitchell (2/12-2/14)Joe Osmeloski (2/12-2/13)MISC. COMMITTEESA.T.T.S. - Tom Szebenyi 564-7230CU/Pavilion Coordinator - Deb Watrous 533-3672Equipment Assistant Equipment Maintenance Agility Equip Maintenance FLKC Liaison - Marg Pough 273-0925Graduations Beginners - Deb Clarke-LalleyAdvance - Katie Barnaby 277-5418CGC - Debbie KeithHistorian Holiday Party - Jen PattersonIDTC YaHoo list serve - Kathy Hildreth 272-6434Interclub - Sue YanoffJudges Selection - Deb Bain 347-6518Library - Tammy OsmeloskiListserve manager - Kathy HildrethMatch Show Chair - Kathy Hildreth & Hannah RobinsonMembership Steward - Katelyn DavisNewsletter - Susan Beals 423-5576Nltr copying/mailing - Doug Knowlton & Deb WatrousPoint Show Fall 2013 Point Show Spring 2013 –Programs Public Information - Betsy Root 387-7082Publicity (newspaper) - Marian Szebenyi 564-7230Recorder - Hannah RobinsonRegistrar - (Beginners) - Marian Szebenyi 564-7230(Advanced) - Amanda Pough 1-802-272-7635(Agility) - Pepi Leids 776-9721Refreshments - meetings - Sherry Ditko 756-6538 (H) or753-8966 (W)Beg. Grad. - Jennifer Gerdes 330-2011Adv. Grad - Jennifer Gerdes 330-2011Sunshine - Donna Webster 315-364-7406Trophies/Ribbons - Betty Baldwin 257-1683Video Rentals - Tammy Osmeloski (607)844-4003Web Pages - General - Marian Szebenyi 564-7230Welcoming Chair – Cheri JackminNewsletter EditorSusan Beals7400 West Keeney RoadCuyler, NY 13158(607)423-5576 OR [email protected] 2

General Meeting MinutesIDTC General meeting MinutesOctober 23, 2012Submitted byMarian SzebenyiThe general meeting began at 8:45 at the Baker Institute, following a thought-provoking presentation by Dr.Katherine Goldberg on the subject of palliative care fordogs, and other animals, at the end of their lives, similar to hospice care for people. For more informationabout services provided by Dr. Goldberg, visit her website, ely 800, in spite of a lower entry than lastyear.NEW Business:We need someone to coordinate IDTC workers at theSpring Point Show, which is on Thursday, March 28 at theFrom the Training Committee: there will be open pracSyracuse Fairgrounds. This position needs to be filled bytice, for obedience and agility, in the Pavilion from 6:00 Dec. 1. If interested, contact Lynne Anguish.-7:30 P.M. on the following Tuesdays: Dec. 4, Dec. 11,and Dec. 18. No fee, just come and practice. The nextclasses will start on January 8, 9, and 11; details will beposted in mid-November. Fliers for the Puppy and Begin- The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting aslate of candidates for Club officers and Board members.ner classes were distributed by Anne Williams.There is currently room for a few more members on theCommittee; if you would like to help direct the Club'sfuture by being one of them, contact Lynne Anguish orFrom the Board: Welcome to new Membership Coordina- Marian Szebenyi. Also let Lynne or Marian know if youtor Katelyn Davis! We are still seeking a volunteer toare interested in serving as an officer or board member.assume the duties of Treasurer, since Debbie Bell wouldlike to step down from the job.The meeting adjourned at about 9:10 P.M.OLD Business:Bruce Coleman reported on the Terri Clingerman seminar Dec. 1-2. The 12 working spots for Saturday arefilled, and 8 1/2 of the Sunday spots. There is still plenty of room for auditors. Bruce reminded those attendingto bring chairs. Pat Welch and Jen Patterson are handling food for the seminar.Respectfully submitted, Marian Szebenyi (standing in forHannah Robinson).Pat and Jen are also handling the Christmas Party; moreinformation on the party will be coming out shortly.Marian Szebenyi reported that the Pet Expo at the Mallon Oct. 20th went well. Of course, most visitors to ourtable just wanted to pet the dogs, but some were actually interested in training.The CPE agility trial in September made a profit of apPage 3

IDTC BRAGSDebbie Bell—Tavari earned his Senior Courser title at Wine Country as well as 2 points toward his AKC Lure FieldChampionship.Brenda Finnicum—I would like to share this brag. Mace, my 8 year old rottweiler, passed his Variable Surface Trackingtest yesterday in Wheaton, Illinois. The test was given by the Medallion Rottweiler Club. This pass earns himthe title of Champion Tracker (CT). He finished the track in under 20 minutes. If you know Mace, you knowhe likes to do every thing fast.This title is all the more special, as Mace has been battling lymphoma, which was diagnosed lastyear. After 9 months of chemo, I was not sure he would be able to return to his many "jobs" but in March hestarted back to agility and tracking. While this accomplishment is wonderful, felt blessed just to have him atmy side with his famous "smile".His last article was a heavy woolen sock, which he refused to give to anyone, except his Mama.Joan Shaw—Kind of a weird brag but my little Min Pin "Victor" will be starring as "Bruiser" in the upcoming musical"Legally Blonde" at the Hoerner Theatre at Ithaca College. Check out their website formore information!Dawn Sedorus—We took 2 puppies (year and half old) to the German Shepherd National a couple of weeks ago andcame home extremely happy! Sunrize Black Magic Woman (Onyx) won the American Bred bitch class and herbrother Sunrize He's So Fine (Ace) won the American Bred dog class! They were the youngest dogs in theirclasses and their classes were the largest ones in the 3 day show except for the Best of Breed class. Theyalso each won their Futurity shows (Onyx went Best in Futurity in the Northeast and Ace went Best ofOpposite in Futurity in the Southeast) earlier this year. With all these wins their mother CH Gemma is nowthe #6 producing GSD bitch in the US! I'm flying pretty high!Diane Krause—Emma competed in Agility on October 12th in Open Jumpers & Open Standard (preferred in both) &Double "Q'd" for her first legs in each and two first places!Sonny went BOS for more GCH points on 10/15/12 - half way there! Sonny & I rec'd are invite to Eukanuba forcompleting our Championship from the Bred By Class!Kendyl went WB from the bred by class on 10/15/12!Emma & Jack guided for the CANY Youth Pheasant Hunt on 10/13/12 and Jack guided for the CANY WomensPheasant Hunt on 10/20/12!We are having a ball!And more! - Emma 2 legs at DOTCORNY Rally Advanced B and Sonny 2 legs at DOTCORNY Beginners Novice B(4th place on Sunday)Kathy Hildreth—Shetland Sheepdog, Magic, owned and handled by Kathy Hildreth, completed his USDAA Agility Titles,ASA (Advanced Standard Agility), with a qualifing 1st place finish, and his AAD (Advanced Agility Dogversatility) with a game score of 43 and 1st place finish in Advanced Snooker. Both titles were completed atthe Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers Trial on 10/27/12 in Barto, PA. Magic is continuing on in USDAA competitionat the Master's level.Debbie Keith—On October 14 at the CNYKC tracking test, Fly ran an awesome track for her CD. DryKreek’s Solo FlightRN NAJ NF TDMarg Pough—Tribble and Pipit coursed successfully all three days and earned their Coursing Ability titles. In addition.Pipit was WB, BW, BOS at Kanadasaga KC for 1 pt.MEMORIAL PAGE IN DECEMBER NEWSLETTER TO HONOR DOGS WE HAVE LOST IN 2012If you have a dog that you would like to honor, please send the following information to Susan Beals by November27 :Your nameName of dogDog’s call nameTitlesBreedAny special tribute you have for the dog:Page 4

2012 ANNUAL AWARDSOBEDIENCE / PERFORMANCE TITLES EARNED BY IDTC MEMBERSEach active IDTC member that earned a title in 2012 will be recognized at the Annual Holiday Party with a certificate recognizing that achievement and will be able to choose an IDTC trinket – one for each dog.About the Owner / Handler*Name:Email Address and/or phone number (in case additional information is needed)About the Dog*Call Name:Registered Name (if you’d like it on the certificate):*Breed:Date of Birth:About the Title(s)*Titling Organization (AKC, CKC, CPE, ASCA, AMBOR, etc.):*Title (s):Scores obtained in earning title:Other special achievements worthy of note (HIT’s, class placements, etc)*Required informationPlease send title information to Betty Baldwin before Thanksgiving November 22, 2012.Information can be sent by email to [email protected] by snail mail to590 Asbury RdFreeville, NY 13068It is not necessary to use the form or to fill out a form for each title as long as the information is clear.Please read the list below and if you qualify for any of the special awards (e.g. junior or senior handler, IDTC puppygraduate, and especially Novice A (vs Novice B) for CD and Open A (vs Open B)), please be sure the pertinent information is included.Special AwardsAnke Award: senior dog (at least 6 years old) with 3 Highest Scores (HS) earning a First CDBingo Memorial Award: dog with 3 HS earning a Club Title with a mixed breedBonnie Jean Memorial Award: senior handler (at least 65 years old) with 3 HS in AKC Open A or Utility A ObedienceCarol Matyas Award: junior handler (age 6-18) with 3 HS in AKC Novice A ObedienceDusty Award: 3 HS in AKC Novice A ObedienceFrosty Award: 3 HS in AKC Open A ObedienceMarie Reed Award: 3 HS in AKC Obedience Trial (tie goes to the HS while earning a title)Rosy Ann Memorial Award: 3 HS while earning a CKC titleSkookie Memorial Plaque: 3 HS in earning a First club or AKC CD (i.e. from Novice A) by a graduate of the IDTC Puppy ClassPage 5

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Upcoming Events11/2/2012Upstate Kennel Club UKC Obedience - Tonawanda NY11/2/2012FLAEDA UKC Conformation - Locke NY **includes altered conformation**11/3/2012Upstate Kennel Club UKC Obedience - Tonawanda NY11/3/2012FLAEDA UKC Conformation - Locke NY **includes altered conformation**11/4/2012TCKC CERF & Cardiac Clinic - Owego NY11/4/2012Upstate Kennel Club UKC Obedience - Tonawanda NY11/4/2012FLAEDA UKC Conformation - Locke NY **includes altered conformation**11/4/2012SOTC, Obedience & Rally Show n’ Go Match11/8/2012Agility Show’n’Go, 2738 Estey Rd Manlius NY, donations to American Cancer Society11/9/2012PEN-NY ASC Obedience & Rally - Boometowne Canine Center, Farmington NY11/10/2012PEN-NY ASC Agility - Boometowne Canine Center, Farmington NY11/10/2012CNY Shetland Sheepdog Club Obedience, Rally, specialty conformation - Syracuse NY11/10/2012Pawsitively Fun, Lure Coursing practice runs, Freeville NY11/11/2012PEN-NY ASC Agility - Boometowne Canine Center, Farmington NY11/11/2012CNY Shetland Sheepdog Club Obedience, Rally, specialty conformation - Syracuse NY11/12/2012Pawsitively Fun, Lure Coursing practice runs, Freeville NY11/16/2012Salt City Shows - Syracuse NY11/17/2012Salt City Shows - Syracuse NY11/18/2012Salt City Shows - Syracuse NY12/1/2012HONYASC Lake Effect Show - SOTC Building, Syracuse NY12/1/2012IDTC - Terry Clingerman Seminar, Ithaca NY12/2/2012HONYASC Lake Effect Show - SOTC Building, Syracuse NY12/2/2012IDTC - Terry Clingerman Seminar, Ithaca NY12/14/2012SOTC Agility - Syracuse NY1/5/2013Boomtowne Ability—Farmington, NY1/6/2013Boomtowne Ability—Farmington, NYSuggested Links for Event InformationAmerican Kennel Club: an Shepherd Club of America: Performance Events: American Dog Agility Council: Kennel Club: HomeUnited States Dog Agility Association: 7

Terri ClingermanBecome The Best Team SeminarSaturday and Sunday, December 1-2, 2012Terri started competing in dog sports in 1991. She has diverse experience in obedience, agility, tracking, herding,conformation and hunt tests. She has trained Labrador Retrievers, Border Collies and currently is training CardiganWelsh Corgis.Some of Terri’s Obedience Accomplishments8 UDs4 OTCHs earning almost 1000 OTCH points58 High In Trials53 High CombinedMultiple placements at the World Series tournamentsTerri is an AKC Obedience Judge approved to judge all obedience classes.Terri teaches and enjoys working with people and their dogs. She has taught courses at IDTC, DOTCORNY andSOTC. She has taught basic and advanced skills leading up to Utility titles and beyond.The weekend program will emphasize Teamwork. Become the best team that you can be.SaturdayGetting Your Dog's Head in the Game - how to get and keep the dog's attitude right when training and how to givethe right amount of help and how to get the dog to take on some responsibility.Heeling – We will focus on early stages of training, advanced stages and that awkward transition stage where yourdog is ready to start taking some responsibility. Is your dog as advanced as you think? Let’s find out!SundayPreparing Your Dog to Trial - For teams who are ready to trial or will be in the next few months. Topics will includeproofing, entering the ring, having a judge walking around, what kinds of typical distractions happen.Minimizing the Half Point Errors - Fronts, finishes, clean handling, etc. - All of the little things that can nickel anddime the score downPage 8

Registration Form for Terri Clingerman “Become The Best Team” SeminarDates: Saturday and Sunday, December 1 and 2, 2012Location: Livestock Pavilion, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14850Lunch and Morning Coffee, etc. included in registration feesLimited Working Spots AvailablePlease circle your choices –IDTC Active MembersWorking SpotsAuditorsBoth Days 100Both Days 50One day Saturday 60One day Saturday 30One day Sunday 60One day Sunday 30IDTC Active Members may sign up for half days at half the full day rate. Call with questions.IDTC Inactive Members and Non-MembersWorking SpotsBoth Days 150One day Saturday 90One day Sunday 90AuditorsBoth Days 75One day Saturday 45One day Sunday 45NameAddress City State ZipPhone EmailFor Working SpotsDog’s name Breed AgeExperience and CommentsTerri will besending a brief survey to the working teams about what level their dog is working at.Send Registration Form With Your Check Payable To IDTC.Mail to Bruce Coleman 325 North End Road Cincinnatus, NY 13040Questions: Call 607-863-4752 or email [email protected] 9

November 2012SunMon4TueWedThuFriSat123SadieHawkins Day567891011121314151617181920DaylightSavings Ends25262721IDTCmeetingAlascattalo Day282223 Fibonacci 24Day2930December ce22232426273031PartyWrightBrothers Day25Page 10728829

PUBLISHED MONTHLY BYSUSAN BEALS7400 W. KEENEY ROADCUYLER, NY 13158CUYLER, NY 131587400 W. KEENEY RD.Ithaca Dog Training Club PresentsPLEASE SEND TO : SUSAN BEALSSaturday,April 25, 2009Agility Show and Go 8AM to NoonObedience Show and Go 1PM to 5PMTITLE EARNED :SHOW DATE & KENNEL CLUBAt the Cornell Livestock PavilionJudd Falls RdIthaca, NY 14850Opens at 7:30 AM for signup and cratingDOG’S NAME & BREEDNAME :Agility Nested Standard Courses8AM to 10AM: 4”, 8”, 12”, 16”10AM to Noon: 20”, 24”No pre-registrationIDTC BRAG FORMPage 11

Who: All Ithaca Dog Training Club members and their guests What: Holiday Party When: Sunday, December 9, 11:00AM - 2:00PM Where: Ramada Inn 2310 N. Triphammer Road, Ithaca in Ballroom DE Ithaca Dog Training Club and mail, with the names attending to: Pat Welch, 1164 East Shore Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850 Deadline: Sunday, December 1, 2012