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NEW HIRE REPORTING INFORMATION FOR FLORIDAThank you for downloading Agent 77’s NEW HIRE REPORTING INFORMATION FORFLORIDA.This form is provided to you as is. As provided, we believe it meets all requirementsneeded for Federal compliance, as applicable, at the time you download it. We offer it toyou in a form to which you can easily add your company name and logo if desired.However, any substantive change to the contents of this document may result inpotential legal liability for you and your company. Agent 77, Inc. accepts no liability orresponsibility for any of our documents that have had the contents altered beyondsimply filling in the appropriate “blanks” and/or replacing “place holder” text and addingyour company logo and information.This document is sold to you with the understanding it is not a legal or accountingopinion and should not be construed as such, and that Agent 77, Inc. is not engaged inthe business of rendering legal or accounting services. If you need specific advice onany legal or accounting issue, the services of a competent professional should besought. Please see for more information.This and all documents downloaded from our website are Copyright 2004, 2008 Agent 77, Inc.Reminder: The license that you previously agreed to prohibits you from copying anddistributing this NEW HIRE REPORTING INFORMATION FOR FLORIDA to anyoneoutside of your company. Doing so is a violation of your license and will result in therevocation of your subscription and/or prosecution under Federal copyright laws — aswell as possible civil litigation. Please see for a copy of thecurrent license agreement.01116-21-02T091508

NEW HIRE REPORTING INFORMATION FOR FLORIDA1. What is the new hire law?The “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act” (PRWORA) of 1996was passed as part of the larger welfare reform legislation. This Act requires that allemployers report information on people they hire or re-hire to a state directory shortly afterthey are hired. Although a Federal law, this legislation looks to the individual states toimplement the law and to maintain the directories of new hires. Florida Statutes at Title 30,Chapter 409, Section 409.2576 is the implementation of PRWORA within the State ofFlorida.2. Why is new hire reporting required?New hire reporting was designed to speed up any child support withholding order processesby expediting collection of child support from parents who change jobs frequently. It alsohelps locate non-custodial parents to help in establishing paternity and child support orders.Thus, employers serve as key partners in ensuring financial stability for many children andfamilies by helping them receive the financial support they deserve.3. Who is required to report?Employers doing business in the state of Florida must report on the following employees: New Employees: Employers must report information on newly hired employees whoreside or work in the State of Florida. This includes employees of all ages, those whowork less than a full day, those still in a probationary period, part-time and seasonalemployees. This information must be reported even if the employee is employed foronly one day before termination. Rehired or recalled employees: Employers must report information on employeeswho are rehired or recalled to work after being laid off, furloughed, separated, granteda leave without pay or are terminated from employment and who reside or work in theState of Florida. This includes teachers, substitutes, seasonal workers, etc. Temporary employees: Temporary agencies are responsible for reporting informationon any employee hired to report for an assignment. This need be done only once,employees do not need to be re-reported each time they report to a new client, unlessthere is a break in service or gap in wages, in which case they need to be reported asa rehire.While Florida welcomes employers reporting on the hiring of Independent Contractors, it isnot required.Employers doing business in the state of Florida must report information on anyone hired ifthe individual is considered an employee for purposes of paying federal income taxwithholding. This includes employees of all ages, those who work less than a full day, thosestill in a probationary period, part-time, seasonal employees and employees who arerehired. This information must be reported even if the employee is employed for only a fewhours before termination.Employers are not required to report information on terminated employees unless theterminated employee had an Income Deduction Order for child support, in which case thetermination should be reported to the agency that issued the Order.01116-21-02T0915081 of 4

NEW HIRE REPORTING INFORMATION FOR FLORIDA4. What information must be reported?In accordance with the Federal legislation, the State of Florida requires the followinginformation to be reported: The employer’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). If the employer hasmore than one FEIN, use the same one used to report quarterly wage information The employer’s name The employer’s address The employer’s fax number (optional) The employer’s phone number (optional) The employer’s e-mail address (optional) Medical insurance availability (optional) The employee’s name (full name: first, middle and last) The employee’s address The employee’s Social Security Number The employee’s date of hire The employee’s date of birth (optional) The state of hire (optional)5. How and where is this information reported?The Florida New Hire Reporting Center offers several options that make it easy foremployers to report new hires. The options available are:Electronic Reporting Go to p and click “Register” toregister to report any new hires on-line. Go to for the data specifications andother instructions on how to send a tape, diskette or CD with new hire reportinginformation. Mail any diskettes, CDs or tapes to the address below. Go to n.asp to register to send asecure file electronically through the Florida New Hire Reporting Center site. Go to for information on additionalmethods of sending a secure file electronically. Go to .asp and click the links forinstructions on how to send a secure file electronically through the Florida New HireReporting site or using SSL file transfer protocol. Go to for instructions on how tosend a secure file electronically using SSL file transfer protocol. Contact the Florida New Hire Reporting Center at (850) 656-3343, or toll-free at (888)854-4791 for instructions and information on sending new hire reports as anattachment to an encrypted e-mail.01116-21-02T0915082 of 4

NEW HIRE REPORTING INFORMATION FOR FLORIDA Spreadsheet: You can create a spreadsheet containing all of the required dataelements and then send the file electronically or on a diskette or CD to the addressbelow. Go to: ExcelFormat.pdf for detailedinstructions on using a spreadsheet to submit new hires and to view a samplespreadsheet layout.Non-Electronic Reporting Printed List: If you cannot or do not wish to report new hire information electronically,you might be able to have your accounting, payroll, or personnel software create aprinted list containing your new hire data. The printed list should contain all of therequired information, use at least a 10-point font size, and have the employer’s name,Federal Employer Identification Number, and address clearly displayed at the top of thereport. New hire reporting form: Go to todownload the form or use the one attached. W-4 form: You may choose to submit a W-4 form as a new hire report. If you do,please ensure that the W-4 is easily readable and has the employer's name, FederalEmployer Identification Number, and address written in blocks 8 and 10 on each form. New hire reports may either be faxed or mailed to the following:Mail reports, diskettes, CDs or electronic tapes to:Florida New Hire Reporting CenterP.O. Box 6500Tallahassee, FL 32314-6500Fax reports to:(850) 656-3343Toll-free: (888) 854-4791Other Reporting Methods Payroll Service: Leading payroll services are already electronically reporting new hiresfor thousands of employers. If you use one a payroll or accounting service see if theservice can report new hires for you.6. How often must the information be reported?Employers are required to submit new hire reports within 20 days after an employee is hired,rehired or returns to work. If you have multiple new hires in a month and are submittingelectronic files, these files must be submitted in two monthly transmissions not more thansixteen days apart.7. What is the penalty if the report is late?A penalty of 25 per employee per month may be assessed for each failure to report a newhire. Also, a penalty of 500 may be assessed for the failure to report ne w hire information ifthe failure is the result of conspiracy bet ween the business or government entity and theemployee.8. How will the information be used?Federal and State laws contain strict regulations on how new hire reporting information maybe used. New hire reporting information is matched against any open child support ordersto locate non-custodial parents and enforce these orders.This information will also be fed into a national directory to provide more current informationfor locating out-of-state noncustodial parents.01116-21-02T0915083 of 4

NEW HIRE REPORTING INFORMATION FOR FLORIDANew hire information may also be used by states to help detect and prevent fraudulentpayments to recipients of unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation and welfarebenefits.The use of this information helps maintain financial stability in Florida families and helps tokeep down the cost of welfare, unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance.9. What to do if you have never reported new hires.Begin by reporting any new employees you’ve hired or rehired in the last 180 days. Thengoing forward be sure to report any new hires or rehires within 20 of the hire date.10. Additional information.For questions about new hire reporting you can contact the Florida New Hire ReportingCenter at (850) 656-3343, or toll-free at (888) 854-4791. The telephone system is available24 hours and help desk staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pmEastern Time.You can also submit questions electronically by going ck.asp01116-21-02T0915084 of 4

Is (will) medical insurance be available to employee? Y/N(UCT-6) Number:**optional informationContact Name:*Rev (01/06)

All Florida employers are required to report all newly hired employees to the New Hire Reporting Center within 20 days of the hire date. New Hire Reporting is mandated by Florida Statute 409.2576 and the Federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA). Easiest and Fastest Way to Report