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le menu duL’HEUREDU THÉ

AFTERNOON TEA12:0 0 pm - 4:0 0 pmLE PATRIMOINE DESPERSONNAGES DU THÉ.For cent u r ies, Bacca rat has been pr iv i legedto create master pieces for roya l householdst h roughout t he world. Honor i ng t hat legacywe have i magi ned a tea ser v ice as it m ighthave been enacted i n pa laces f romSt. Peter sbu rg to Ba nga lore. Pa i r i ng ou rmenus w it h world-renow ned Ma r iage Frèresteas to evoke d ista nt la nds we haveca ref u l ly cu rated each roya l teato br i ng t hese i magi na r y jou r neys to l i fe.All items are prepared individually for our guests.There is a share fee of 25 for each additional guest.*20% gratuity will be added to parties greater than 5.

CHAMPAGNECR I S TA L , L OU I S ROEDER ER , BRU TReims, France, 200790 450PI PER HEID SIECK , CU V ÉE R A R EReims, France, 200280 400L OU I S DE SAC Y, BRU T OR IGI N ELVerzy, France, NV28 140RU I NA RT, BL A NC DE BL A NC SReims, France, NV45 225 425RU I NA RT, RO SÉReims, France, NV50 250 425BI LLEC A RT SA LMON, BL A NC DE BL A NC SReims, France, 200670 350PER R IER-JOU ET, BELLE ÉP O QU E , RO SÉEpernay, France, 2006150 750MOCKTAILS12RO SE PETA LRO SEM A RY M AT C H A GR EEN T EA

THÉSMARIAGE FRÈRESBAC C A R AT BLEN DSouth Africa; Blended RooibosExclusively ours; The melodious fragrance of redfruits and precious spices are crowned by vanilla.PU ER H 2 0 0 8China; Matured TeaThe leaves for this tea are carefully selected prior to the rainyseason. The mild, pure, pleasant taste is light in the mouth and unfolds insilken waves with f lowery accents and a sweet after-taste that increases with age. 6.00 supplementTEA SOMMELIER’SSELECTIONL’A PA I SA N T EQuebec; TisaneCamellia Sinensis, MontrealThe pinkish liquor is smooth and creamy evocative of myrrh or almond. Itspowerful aniseed fragrance is tempered by a fine citrus zest. The synergyof the four plants also creates a calming effect on the nervous system.CHRYSA N T HEMU MChina; TisaneIn Pursuit of Tea, New YorkThis light and refreshing herbal f lower infusion is from China.The aroma is strong, the f lavor sweet and earthy.LEMON V ER BENAMorocco; TisaneIn Pursuit of Tea, New YorkLemon Verbena consists of whole leaves. It has an unusually purelemon-lime note and a fresh clean scent.

SI LV ER N EEDLEFujian Province, China; White TeaIn Pursuit of Tea, New YorkFrom the Fujian Provence of China this tea is only harvestedin the early spring, It is composed of only individual leaf buds.This tea yields a sweet smooth fragrance of apricot and sweet hay. 6.00 supplementOMBR ELLE DE PA PIERIndia; Blended White TeaCamellia Sinensis, MontrealComposed of white tea with fresh f lavors of pineapple and rhubarbit stays in your mouth like a happy song that does not want to leave.Z HEJ I A NG GR EENSouthern Zhejiang Province, China; Green TeaIn Pursuit of Tea; New YorkA round, full-f lavored Chinese green tea witha classic sweet and vegetal taste. Grown organicallypleasant chestnut aroma, and fresh, sweet-corn f lavorLYCHEE & PEON Y GR EENVietnam; Green Tea blendCamellia Sinensis, MontrealA long f loral persistence transports us to the heart of anexotic country. This green tea embellished with peony petalsand essence of lychee offers a balanced and sweet liquor.DU N ES DU SA H A R AChina; Green Tea blendCamellia Sinensis, MontrealDelicious gunpowder organic green tea married with mint.R A S PBER RY MI MO SAChina; Green Tea blendCamellia Sinensis, MontrealThis refreshing green tea is bold with vegetal notes,enhanced by the tangy f lavors of raspberry and orange.JA SMI N E PEA R L SChina; Scented Green TeaIn Pursuit of Tea, New YorkThis tea is intermingled with the night-blooming jasmineover a period of five to seven consecutive eveningsleaving a tea redolent of f loral sweetness.

M A DA ME L A M A RQU I SEChina; Scented Oolong TeaCamellia Sinensis, MontrealOolong tea with notes of vanilla and f lowerspleasantly scented with apricots.ROU GU IChina; OolongCamellia Sinensis, MontrealThe infusion of its large twists liberates warm notes of bark,spices and roasted nuts. Its lively and fruity (green apple) liquor evolvestowards a finish marked by the mildly spicy f lavor of Chinese cinnamon. 6.00 supplementDA RJEELI NG 1S T FLUSHCL A S SIC & CL ONA L , MUS C AT EL VA LLEYIndia; Black TeaCamellia Sinensis, MontrealThis second spring batch is a blend of leaves from young(clonal)and old (classic) tea plants carrying notes of grilled toast and macadamia nuts. 6.00 supplementC AC AO CH A IIndia; Black Tea BlendIn Pursuit of Tea, New YorkThis velvety chai marries black tea with sweet spices—including cardamom,cinnamon and ginger—and roasted cacao bean shells. The rich, creamynote of chocolate blends well with the malty Assam base.A S SA M , K ACHIBA R I V I LL AGEIndia; Black TeaIn Pursuit of Tea, New YorkThis Assam highlights the passion of the producer on his organic 7 1/2 acrefarm. The hand-picked leaves have a fruity, full aroma; the sweetf lavor is balanced, with notes of black currant, plum, and dried fruit.L A PSA NG S OUCHONGChina; Black TeaIn Pursuit of Tea, New YorkWood roasting results in a more subtle and refined f lavor; theseleaves are first withered over fire and rolled, then lightly smoked inbamboo trays over a pine wood fire.EA R L GR EYIndia; Black TeaCamellia Sinensis, MontrealFrom Dooars, in northern India, this quality black tea is scentedwith a natural f lavouring extracted from organic Italian bergamot.

KING LOUIS X VA French TeaatVersailles“Mélange Rouge” ChouquetteQuiche LorraineVanilla Scented SconeRose MadeleineRaspberry MacaronthéBest Enjoyed with Mélange Rouge65cha mpagnePaired with one Glass of Ruinart Rosé NV95S o C a lled L ouis the Beloved , K ing L ouis XV wa s the K ingWho I ssued a R oya l D ecree to E stablish a G la ssworks Factory inBaccar at, Fr a nce in 1764. H e E njoyed L ife at the Pa lace of Versailleswith H is M ore Fa mous M istress , M ada me de P ompadour , S upportedthe A rts a nd H osted E lega nt C elebr ationsFeaturing Tables A dor ned with Baccar at C rysta l P ieces .

PR INCE OF WA LESA n English TeaatWindsorS avoriesBrown Butter Quail Egg, Caviar, BliniFrench Onion Roll, Gruyere, Puffed PastryLobster Salad, Lemon Aioli, Sesame TuilleSalmon Cucumber, Cream Cheese. RadishJambon de Paris, Brie, PearsS weetsOrange Blossom MousseRed Moon Rooibos ReligieuseRaspberry Rose MacaronCaramelized Apple Tartlette TatinLemon Honey Vol au VentWar m H ousemade S coneswith Devonshire Cream and Seasonal GeléethéBest Enjoyed with Earl Grey90cha mpagnePaired with one Glass of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs115Paired with one Glass of Ruinart Champagne Rosé NV120Edward A lbert C hristia n G eorge A ndrew Patrick David ,Beca me The P rince of Wa les When H e Wa s S ixteen . H isA bdication O ver H is L ove A ffa ir with the A merica nWa llis S impson wa s I nter nationa l News . H is M ost P rominentC ommission From Baccar at wa s a n A rt D eco S et of G la sswareA ppropriately C a lled “Pour L e Yacht!”

SULTA N A BDÜLA ZI ZA Turkish TeaatD olmabahçe PalaceFor TwoS avoriesPistachio Financier, Roasted Fennel, OlivesDate Crisp, Parsnip, Duck ProsciuttoLamb Merguez, Feta Cheese, Filo PurseChicken Pastilla, AlmondsSunf lower Fennel SimitHummusBaba GhanoushApricot Saffron JamS weetLabneh, Rose Halva, Candied KumquatsthéBest Enjoyed with Dunes du Sahara300cha mpagnePaired with one/two Glass(es) of Ruinart Rosé NV330/360S ulta n A bdüla ziz Fell Under the S pell of Baccar at C rysta l’sM esmerizing Q ua lities When he F irst Tr aveled to the Uni versa l E x positionof 1867 in Paris . The D olmabahçe a nd Yildiz Pa laces in I sta nbul , theC a pita l of the For mer O ttoma n E mpire , are Forever Testimon y to hisVision a nd C onnection to the Wester n World . R ed , G old a ndTr a nsparent C a ndelabr a s D ot the C eremonia l H a ll of Yildiz Pa lace ,a C ha ndelier H a ngs in the C a liph ’s S ta irca se (nickna med the crysta lsta irca se for being made of crysta l) of D olmabahçe , M aking it theL argest C ollection of B ohemia n a nd Baccar at C rysta lC ha ndeliers in the World .

TSA R NICHOLA S IIA C aviar TeaatTsarskoye S eloP etrossia n C aviar For TwoTsar Imperial Ossetra Caviar, 30gClassic AccoutrementsThé “Ruschka” Infused BlinisLavender ShortbreadsEarl Grey Imperial CaramelPot of Darjeeling 1st Flushcha mpagneBest Paired with one Half Bottle of Krug Grand Cuvée NV400Paired with one Bottle of Krug Grand Cuvée NV600Nichola s II wa s the L a st Tsar of Russia . D uring a Visit to Paris , H eFell in L ove With the G littering World of Baccar at. H e C ommissionedS o M a n y P ieces That Baccar at C reated a S epar ate F ur nace in 1906 O nlyto F ulfill H is W ishes . H is U ltimate W ish Wa s to S how the M oder nit y ofRussia a nd to D emonstr ate his L ove for his Wife . From the Fa mousTsar Vodka G la ss to the C a ndelabr a du Tsar , S ome of Baccar at ’sM ost S pectacular C reations were for the Tsars .

For centuries, Baccarat has been privileged to create masterpieces for royal households throughout the world. Honoring that legacy we have imagined a tea service as it might have been enacted in palaces from St. Petersburg to Bangalore. Pairing our menus with world-renowned Mariage Frères teas to evoke distant lands we have