10 Secrets Every Man NEEDS To Know To Attract The Women

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10 Secrets Every ManNEEDS To Know To AttractThe Women He WantsIt’s Time To Stop Being “Mr. Nice” and Start Being“Mr. Holy Sh*t, I Want Him”By: Marni (Your Wing Girl)www.winggirlmethod.comDISCLAIMER: No responsibility can be accepted by Marni, The Wing Girl Method or herpublishers for the accuracy of information contained in this book, or any action taken or not takenbased on such information. You are responsible for your own behavior, and none of this book is tobe considered legal or personal advice.You may NOT copy, steal, or distribute all or any part of this book without permission.

Hey You!!So glad that you decided to become a member of The Wing Girl Method. DO NOTWORRY, you will not be charged for this membership. It’s FREE!My name is Marni and from here on out, I am going to be your personal WingGirl. I’m not just any Wing Girl. In fact, I was voted #1 Wing Girl in the world justlast year. My job is to tell you everything about women so that you can meet,attract, date, seduce and be with the women you want. I have successfully donethis for almost a decade. I have helped thousands of men all over the world geteverything they want with women and now it’s your turn “I AM NOT A PICK UP ARTIST”I want to be very clear with you. I am not a Pick Up Artist. I do not teachroutines, lines or any type of manipulation. In fact, I believe that many of the topPick Up Artists materials actually harm more men than they help. Why? Becausea lot of their techniques stress the goal of feeling superior to women, in order togain success with women. This creates an unequal dynamic causing insecurity tobe the driving force behind attraction. NO GOOD and certainly not healthy foranyone involved.My belief is that if you have the power to feel Superior to anyone eventually youwill resort back to feeling inferior. Both labels are just two different sides of acoin.The materials I provide will show you how to empower yourself by getting a clearunderstanding of how women work, what they want and why they do the thingsthey do. As well as help you gain a strong masculine character, whose presencewomen will be attracted to from miles away.How Is A WOMAN Going To Help MeGain A Strong Masculine Character?I am pretty sure you are asking yourself “How is SHE going to help me gain astrong masculine character”. Trust me I have heard it before which is why I wantto explain so we can eliminate this belief and move forward.BELIEF: Women Give Bad Advice To Men About What Women WantTRUTH: Most women give bad advice to men about what women want.

To be fair, many women do not actually comprehend what women want or whythey do the things they do. Most women will be able to tell you exactly what theyWISH they wanted, but very few are able to say what they genuinely want.In fact, about 5 months ago I put out an add asking for women with opinions onwhat women want from men. I got over 600 responses from women aroundthe world. Beautiful, intelligent women who I later discovered has absolutely noidea what it was they wanted, what they were attracted to or what they respondedto. I was shocked. But one thing I did learn is that women were very interested inbeing heard even. Save that note for later.For some women, it’s difficult to admit the behaviors they respond too. This iseither because they are embarrassed or because they really don’t have a clue butdesperately want to figure it out. Most women hold themselves on a socialpedestal and are very fearful of seemingly knocking themselves down.Now, there are some women out there who are different. Take me for example. Iam a woman who deeply understands what goes on inside my mind and I am ableto articulate WHAT, HOW and WHY I do the things I do and think the way Ithink.I am also a woman who is not embarrassed about how you will perceive me forrevealing the truths behind my actions.I am just like all the other women in this world and exactly like the women youwant to be with. I have been attracted to men, loved men, hated men, been hurtby men, got revenge on men, felt insecure, had sex with men, rejected men, beenwishy-washy, led a man on, flirted with men for fun and pleasure, teasedmen, broken up with men for no reason, avoided men, flaked on men, givenout my number with intention of answering the phone, had one night stands,been in long term relationships with men and placed men in the friend zonewhen they deserved a romantic chance. I have experienced every scenario youhave experienced but on the other end.It's not so much that I’m going to help you be a step ahead of her in the game - it'sso that you're actually really in the game and playing it 'with' her.With my help you are going to be the guy who has a woman who is into him, notbecause of what you do or what you have, but just because you are you.If you have any questions, concerns or comments feel free to email me directly [email protected]

The Top 10 SECRETSEvery Man Must Know About WomenSECRET#1: Looks Don't Matter To WomenTrust me I can hear the “Yeah Right” statements blasting through your mindright now. But it’s true and here’s why:Men make decisions based on facts and women make their decisions based onemotions/feelings. Therefore when meeting a new man, women will decide ifthey are attracted to them because of how that man makes them feel.Male Translation: LOOKS ARE NOT AS IMPORTANT TO WOMEN AS THEYARE TO MEN.Listen, when a man first approaches a woman she judges him entirely on hislooks and the how he presents himself. What else does she have to judge on? It’sonly been 5 seconds.But something interesting happens to a woman after she interacts with a manand it’s usually right after the first 5-10 seconds. She starts to FEEL him. Andfrom that feeling, she can automatically sense that mans character and value.A man’s looks start to blur and his appearance magically changes depending onhow he makes a woman feel. At The Wing Girl Method we call this ENERGY.Think about how women describe their friends to other possible suitors. Anyother woman that a female “feels” close to or cares about becomes attractive toher. Which is why you may constantly be set up with fat, hairy, sally! Notattractive to you but beautiful to your female friend. She valued this woman andbecause of how she feels about her, believes she is attractive.Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, good looking or plain, fat or thin, baldor hair, if you can master the art of projecting a quality energy that women canfeel, you can light up a woman's primal attraction circuitry like a Christmas tree!This is great news for you because amplifying your quality energy is a learnableskill that can take you from being a complete failure with women to being a rockstar.

SECRET #2: Women Reveal, Men ConcealI constantly find myself saying the following statement to the men I work with,“Don’t Throw Up On Women”Translation, do not immediately dump every bit your personal information onto awoman. Take time to get to know someone. Decide whether or not they worthy ofhearing information about you. You want to be sure you are sharing pertinentinformation about yourself with someone that actually values it.Throwing up information is what women do. Think about it. They bond byrevealing information to one another.When women meet for the first time they huddle in a corner and see how manytimes they can say “me too”. This brings them closer together and forms abonding connection for FRIENDSHIP. Meaning, NON-SEXUALcompanionship, hear what I am saying?There is a fine line between showing you understand a woman and showing thatyou are a woman.Example of Friendship Conversation:“Oh wow! I had the same thing in my past relationship. My ex was completelyselfish and had no regard for my opinions when making decisions. I rememberthis time when ”Example of Attractive/Leading Conversation:“I have had my ups and downs in relationships but each time I learn somethingnew and I gain more patience. (Make eye contact, soft smile.) So what are wegoing to order?”Little bit of info a lot of confidence and SEX APPEAL!As a man, if you reveal too much too soon you will wind up directly in the FriendZone.

SECRET #3: Women Have Baggage and InsecuritiesJust like men we have had experiences in our lives that lead us to who we aretoday. We may have been hurt, we may have been taken advantage of, we may beshy or we may not have learned how to appreciate ourselves.Just because a woman is attractive does not mean that she is confident. In fact itusually means just the opposite.YES it’s true that is easier for a woman to get sex than it is for a man. A womanmay be able to walk into a room and instantly get a man to agree to have sex withher, but she will not be able to find a good man with a genuine, authenticcharacter, that respects her.Understand that you are not the only one with anxious, eager thoughts runningthrough your head. Women experience exactly the same thing.TIP: If you can show a woman that you GET her insecurities and that you likeher in spite of them she will instantly melt.SECRET #4: Women Are GoodYou must believe that women are good because they are. You may have been hurtin the past. Women may have treated you poorly but you must not hold pastexperiences against all women. You also must get rid of any negative stereotypesyou have towards women because the more walls you hold up the more difficult itwill become to connect, form relationships and get the women you want.Just as women need to learn that men are good you must believe that women aregood. They are just different. And because they are different and you don'tunderstand their behaviors you may have negative feelings towards women. Theyare just different. You must eliminate all your past beliefs about women and placethem back to a place where you hold them as BEAUTIFUL inside and out in yourmind if you ever want to master seduction. Women have done no wrong; they arewonderful and amazing they are just different than you.

SECRET #5: Women Do Not Test Men For Sport,They Test Because They Feel InsecureContrary to popular belief women do not test men for sport. They test menbecause of their own insecurity. Do not panic if a woman asks you a questionwhere you feel she is testing you. Remember that this “test” is just a symptom ofan insecurity that is brewing inside her. Nothing to do with you, that is until youpanic!Secret #5.5: Women aim to be the perfect, idealistic woman. The woman whois fun, light and free of all insecurities. Our goal is to be viewed as the cool girlthat is DIFFERENT and more SPECIAL than other females.Because of this goal, we keep our lips sealed on needs, wants and frustrations. Inthe long run this always backfires on us because at a weak moment it will allcome bursting out of us, usually in an anxious, attacking manner.You men are the total opposite and in my opinion much smarter. Men state theirneeds at the time they feel them so that their needs can be met right away. Youguys are definitely onto something!Handle any situation that you feel as a “test” with calmness and grace andunderstand that the question is coming from a place of insecurity. If you can helpcalm her anxiety and let her know that she has not ruined her “REP”, then youwill be her hero.SECRET #6: You Will Never Go From Friend ToLover By Being PatientHave you ever heard the story about the wimpy guy who was in love with a girlfor 2 years?Well what happened was this. He focused so much attention on this girl, listenedto her complain about boyfriends, went shopping with her, was her shoulder tocry on and was there for her whenever she needed him. He was so focused onthis one girl that he totally ignored other potential women because he was sureone day she would come around.Well, turns about that she did! And he didn’t even have to say anything. One daythe girl turned to him and said “OMG, why hadn’t I ever noticed you before. Youare exactly the man I want and have always needed. I love you and want to havesex with you every day to make up for lost time.”

You want to know why you have never heard this story before? Because it didn’thappen and will never happen. That is not how women work and using this thissubtle form of manipulation tactic of back routing to attraction will always fail.Don’t ask to be a friend if what you want is to get busy. Ask to get busy.SECRET #7: Women Detest Bad BoysIt seems somebody started spreading a rumor to the men of the world thatwomen have absolutely no interest in being with a Nice Guy.I want to tell you, that is absolute rubbish. That's right I said it RUBBISH!!!!Think about that statement logically."Women Don't Want Nice Men They Want To Be With Bad Boys."Do you really think that women sit around and say to one another "Oh Sally, Ican't wait till one day I meet an a**hole who treats me poorly, is unreliable, neverreturns my phone calls and belittles me on a daily basis".I understand that there are some women out there who do crave the Bad Boys Idefined above but be warned that these are probably not the type of women youwould want to be with.These women are ridden with insecurity and baggage and will be a biggerheadache than they are worth.I totally understand how and where this rumor came from and how this wholemisunderstanding came to fruition.It’s because every day you see women you want, with other guys who you knoware jerks, and can't understand why they are with them. You also can'tunderstand why these women don't break away or want a better man. A betterman like you.So you start to believe the rumors.You start to believe that all women want to be with Bad Boys, Jerks and A**holes.I can tell you for a fact that women do not want to be with Bad Boys, Jerks andA**holes. They want to be with Nice Guys. But the right type of Nice Guy. NiceGuys with an edge.

SECRET #8: Women Do Not Want A Man Who 1. Wants to be mothered2. Is needy and dependent3. Has no back bone and can be walked all over4. Is not positive5. Cannot handle tension6. Is aggressive and abrasive7. Doesn’t know how to listen8. Can’t understand women9. Is not proactive10. Has no life outside of the women he datesSECRET #9: Women Want A MAN Who Is SelfAssured, Calm, Collected, Comfortable and DirectI want to go into greater detail on each of these characteristics so that you canunderstand why each of them is important to women.Self AssuredThis is man who is confident and believes he is worthy of great things.He is not worried about rejection, never focuses on the “right thing” to say andalways goes after what the wants. Not in an aggressive, jerky way, but in aconfident way.CalmA calm man is one that can handle tension and has emotional control. Thismeans that if a girl does not call him back he doesn't freak out. He doesn't replaythe interaction with the woman over and over and over again to realize where hemade mistakes.A calm man does not fall to pieces when confronted with a difficult situation. Forexample, when a woman throws out a “female test” his way. A man who panicsand gets emotional when faced with a “female test” is not properly handlingtension. Therefore he is failing as a man in a woman’s eyes.

CollectedCollected, means having your act together. You are not overly needy. You don'twrite 5 paragraph long intro emails and you do not feel the need to instantlyrespond to texts.You have a life. You have boundaries and you know what you want.ComfortableHave you ever been around someone that you know is comfortable in his or herown skin? It's intimidating right? It makes you more uncomfortable and it makesyou want do things for that person or with that person.You feel this way because you want to become this way. Everyone wants to becomfortable. Especially women.If women are with a man who exudes comfort, then they will feel secure, safe andtotally turned on.DirectHave you ever asked a woman what you are doing this weekend?This question has multiple answers.One could be: "I am going out with 5 other men who are not you."Instead of making the above statement, try being more direct by saying “I want totake you out this weekend.” This statement is clear, honest and leaves no roomfor interpretation.Gaining the ability to directly state your needs and what you want is by far one ofthe most attractive characteristics a man can possess.Being direct gets you what you want. Read the Case Study below on How ToProperly Ask Out A Girl and see how being direct will always get you what youwant.

CASE STUDY:How To PROPERLY Ask Out A GirlI have many guy friends. Guy friends who I love and think are the best guys inthe world. And guy friends who can still shock me when I see how terribly theyhandle themselves with women. Lucky for my guy friends, they have me to gettheir female advice from.I was on the phone the other night with one of my guy friends talking about girls,sex, attraction, love, past relationships and he told me about this girl he had beeninterested in a long time ago back at college that he happened to see by his officethat day. He said that he always regretted not asking her out in college and thathe wasn't going to let this opportunity pass by him again.So he did some recon work and got her email address. I told him to show me hisemail before sending it to her. Thank goodness he showed me because it wouldhave been disaster had he sent it.Our email correspondence is below along with my commentary on how to ask outa girl properly:Email from friend:Hey X,I hope you're enjoying your summer and BDM's treating you well.We never actually speak when we see each other, and I think we should changethat.Let me know if you want to grab a coffee or a drink some time.Y (My Friend)

My Response:Did you send this yet? Please say you didn't. Its sweet but it has no oomph to it toget a girl riled up. It can be stronger and more attractive. Seems a little soft.Again it's good but it can be better.Commentary: Woman are at their peak of attraction when they havethe opportunity to feel their most feminine. My friend’s email was notterrible, it was nice. But there was nothing to latch onto. Noexcitement but really sweet. You want to offer a woman somethingthat she basically has no choice but to say YES to. Not because she wasforced to say yes, but because she was intrigued and excited.Marni********Friends Response:I could just say:Hey X,Would you like to meet for a coffee one day?.But I put in the other filler and formality because she doesn't actually know me.The opening summer stuff is there as polite throat clearing before moving on tothe point.Y (My Friend)

My Response:Don't be polite. Also say what YOU want. Try it that way.Commentary: I find that when guys are trying to "be polite" they endup coming off as saps, wimps or suck ups. No good, not attractive anddoes not get the reaction you are looking for from a woman. The moremasculine and direct you can be with a woman the better. This doesnot mean be a jerk, an a**hole etc.*******Friends Response:X,Got the wave in the Path last week, but we never actually speak when we see eachother. Let's change that!Do you have time for a coffee or a drink this week?Y (My friend)*********My Response:So much better. Love the let's change that part but get rid of the exclamationpoint. Needs one more tweak, but getting there. Does it feel better to you?Try I WANT as part of what you say. I want to get to know you better or I want totake you out or I want to change that.Commentary: In the beginning stages of dating it's about YOU. WhatYOU want, what YOU are looking for. You do not know HER yet, sothe person to take care of is you. Therefore do not be ashamed or fearthat you are being too obvious with what you are asking for. BeingDIRECT AND HONEST will always get you the best results. YOU wantto date her. YOU want to sleep with her. YOU want to go for coffee. Sosay it. Say what you want :-)

Friends Response:Got the wave in the Path last week, but we never actually speak when we see eachother. I want to change that.Do you have time for a coffee or a drink this week?Y*******Marni's Response:Love this!!! Send :-)*******Friends Response:Subject: I Owe You OneThis is what she wrote back to me 10 minutes after I sent:Hey Y,yes the Path seems to be such a social place these days! I am always running intofamiliar faces. I'd be down for a coffee break this week - any day but Thursdayworks for me!*******Marni's Response:Yay!!!! Send me your response before you write back.*******

Friends Response:Ok great, let's do Friday. I had to run out of the office this afternoon and only justgot home. I'll tell you about it Friday, but it will likely make tomorrow super busyfor me.Are you able to get away 2:30ish Friday?- I feel bad because I did not get her email till just now which is 4 hours after shewrote. Should I just write tomorrow.*******Marni's Response:Nooo!!!!! I hope you didn't send that. You are pouncing, throwing up on her.You can tell her about your great day when you see her. No need now. Inresponse to your last comment, you have a life, you are busy, you work hard, andtherefore all your energy does not need to suddenly shift direction for this girl.You will get back to her when you get a chance to. Wait until tomorrow and writea direct email saying you will meet her at XYZ at this time. Done. Direct 's Sexy.Lots of words and fluff 's a future of her crying on your shoulder about otherguys. Get my point.MarniCommentary: My friend took my advice and they are now on their date.Listen, the first email my friend wrote to this girl may have gotten a response, itmay have even gotten him on a date. It was not a horrible email but it wasn'tattractive. It was nice and polite. My friend has a habit of caring too much howhe appears to women and goes over the top nice with the ones he likes. Thisemail exchange coupled with a confident, comfortable, genuine character atcoffee 's masculine, attractive, sexy to a woman. It gets him the response, thedate and the butterflies in the girl’s stomach.

Ability To LeadThis is the most important one of all.For Women: Feeling Feminine AttractionSo how do you get a woman to feel her most feminine? By leading. Leadingmeans, taking charge by pulling a woman into your world.For Example:You see a woman you like from across the room. You approach her and you:A) Say hi and wait for her to initiate conversation with you and then followHER conversationB) Introduce yourself, looking her straight in the eye with a slight smile andtell her she caught your eye. Then you LEAD the conversation in thedirection you please. Ask her questions about herself that require morethan a 1-word response and don’t dominate the conversation, LEAD it inthe right direction.Click Here to Get Step-By-Step Directions onHow To Successfully Approach, Talk Toand Attract WomenGetting a woman to feel like her most feminine self, will always guaranteeattraction!SECRET #10: I Give Great Advice To MenThis secret is really 12 secrets rolled into 1.I wanted to take this opportunity to really address some core questions/issuesyou may be experiencing with women. I know that at some point you have alsowanted to ask at least one of these questions.I have selected 13 emails that men from around the world have written to me andpasted them below along with my responses.

Emails From ClientsTable of Contents:1. When Should A Guy Approach A Woman?2. How Can I Tell She Likes Me?3. How Do I Deal With Ice Queens?4. Is She Using Me To Get Over Her Ex or Is She Into Me?5. What Should I Do When A Woman Flakes On Me?6. How Do I Ask A Woman On A Second Date?7. Is She Playing Games?8. Do I Need To Be Funny To Get The Girl?9. Do Money, Social Status and Possessions Matter To Women?10. Did I Ruin My Chances By Getting Too Cute Too Soon?11. Do I Need To Have A Full Conversation Before I Ask Her Out?12. How Do I Make Sure I Don’t Get Too Drunk On A Date?13. Is She A Gold Digger?When Should A Guy Approach A Woman?Marni,Late last night, I went grocery shopping. Upon going to checkout I saw thiswoman that I was extremely attracted to.While we checked out I decided to take a different path to my car only tofind out that she was parked near me. She was wearing biking gear andhad a bike in the back of her truck. I think this intimidated me a littlebecause I did not approach her. Reason being, I really thought I would bebothering her. I do this all the time and want to stop wasting greatopportunities.So my question to you is, when can I approach a woman?IanIan,The short answer to your question is ALWAYS. If you see a woman you

want, approach here. Remember, it’s about you first, her second.It sounds like there is a lot of pressure on your approaches and you may bethinking large picture instead of small picture.Large Picture: I’m going to approach this girl, she is going to be attracted tome, I’m going to get her number, we are going to date, have sex .Small Picture: That girl is cute, I want to talk to her and see if I like her.Having the small picture in mind before any approaches will make it a loteasier on you. If you don’t attach a large picture outcome to your actions,then you may not feel as much pressure to succeed.I want to comment on one more thing you said in your email where yousaid you thought you would be bothering her. I hear these “assumptions”from the men I work with all the time.Below are some of the assumptions I am constantly hearing from men.Assumptions gone wrong:- She's not my type- She won't be into me- I'm too short for her- I'm too fat/bald/skinny for her- She probably has a boyfriend- She's busy right now- She doesn’t want to be bothered- She's with her friends and doesn't want to be interruptedIt’s very interesting that these men know so much about a woman theyhave never spoken to before. What I find more interesting is that so manymen are mind readers These assumptions are really just fears disguised as intelligentjustifications. These are what I like to call conceived truths that stop usfrom getting what we want.Please do not fall victim. Approach every woman that peaks your interestand decide what category you want to put her in after you have some facts

to base it on :-)MarniHow Can I Tell She Likes Me?Hi can you help me with a situation. There is a girl at the place I work. Oureyes meet and she blushed.Since then their has been something between us but I don't know what. Ihave clocked out for her at the end of the day and she seems really happyfor me to do this, however she only allowed me to do this once.She has winked at me and she has checked me out .She has also looked atme when I enter the room. At the end of the day I say bye and she respondsbut she does not initiate anything. A) What is she doing? B) What can I do?Yours,DaveDaveAnswer to B: YOU CAN ASK HER OUT!!!!!Answer to A: She is living her life and being friendly to a co-worker.From the actions you describe, it sounds like you may be creating this“connection’ in your head. There is no indication that she is into you BUTthere is also no indication that she is not into you. See what I am saying?If you are waiting for her to pounce on you it's not going to happen. If youwant something YOU have to go for it. Especially when it comes towomen.Right now you are playing it safe with her. You are taking little steps to“test” if she likes you but unfortunately I don’t think those tests areregistering with her.

Again, if you want her, go after her. Be masculine, be a leader and tell heryou want to take her out.P.s. No more punching her card for her!MarniHow Do I Deal With Ice Queens?Hey there Marni, I was just recently introduced to your program and just finishedreading your Free "The Wing Girl Method Guide" Behind the Curtain, and mustsay that the information within helped clarify some concepts that I had alreadyabout woman.First I'd like to explain that I've been studying about Body Language, Mental andPhysical Attraction, Signs, and all that sort of thing from various sources forabout 3 years now, and found that I can always learn something new in the field,and enjoy reading everyone's perspective on this matter. I feel that I've becomepretty good at projecting my body language positively and reading a woman'sbody language to see if there is interest or not. I'm not saying I'm an expert oranything, in fact, I'm as obtuse when it comes to woman as anybody, hence whyI've been studying these programs to understand how read women correctly, andwhat to more or less do to get the desired result.I found it somewhat of a revelation that if a woman is too open to you too earlythat she likely isn't interested, which makes sense, since if she truly wasinterested, she'd probably be nervous and it would require the man to put her atease and help guide the interaction. Although I've had the odd experience thatseems to contradict the new found information and was hoping to get someclarity on my interpretations.For example, there was one woman I knew that was always over the top friendlywith me from the day I met her and I treated her the same way, I thought she wascool and all but I had no interest in trying to sleep with her, but there would bethe odd time we'd be out at a bar or whatever and she'd just latch on an dance orkiss me on the lips. Now I'm perfectly okay with being friendly with a girl, butonce it starts to get physical in the slightest I feel like it changes the relationshipto a degree, or at least brings to light a certain possibility that I didn't considerinitially. These situations didn't change my outlook on her at the time, aside fromthinking that if I were to bother pursuing a romantic altercation that I have achance of success, however the revelation of the "Too Open" principle kind ofthrows my world upside-down.

Now that I've gotten this 5 Paragraph opening ramble out of the way (Which Iknow now I shouldn't be doing, but figure is a moot point if I'm asking foradvice), I think my main question is about reading inte

wishy-washy, led a man on, flirted with men for fun and pleasure, teased men, broken up with men for no reason, avoided men, flaked on men, given out my number with intention of answering the phone, had one night stands, been in long term relationships with men and placed men in the friend zone when they deserved a romantic chance.