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THE VIRGIN GAMES CUSTOMER SERVICE CONNECTIONOur Technical Support Representatives are trained to answer your questionsVirgin Games has packed entertainment and excitement into every productand solve hardware/software problems and incompatibilities over the tele-in this catalog . In addition , each product comes with our commitment tophone. Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5customer support. Our customers have direct lines of communication toPM Pacific Standard Time. There is no charge for this service beyond normalcontact us about new orders, request hints, obtain replacements for defec-telephone charges. Customers will get the most benefit from this phone sup-tive products, or simply to ask a few questions:port by having their computers powered up and close at hand when calling .0RDRELENCustomers may order the hottest games directly with a VISA , CUSTOMERSERVICETo obtain replacement of defective products, disk size exchanges, back-upMastercard, or American Express by calling our Toll Free Order line atcopies, maps, manuals or hint books, contact Virgin Games' Customer1-800-VRGIN07 (874-4607) .Service department at (714) 833-1999.HNTLNEBULLETINBOARDSYSTEMAfter obtain ing Excalibur and Arthur's Shield items required to slay theFor those who own computers equipped with a modem and telecommunica-Shadowmaster in Vengeance of Excalibur, it can be quite frustrating to betions software, technical support and customer service can be brought intomissing the Citadel Scroll or Vincemus spell needed to complete the game -your home at 300/1200/2400 baud from the Virgin Games On-Line BBSbut not for long.(714) 833-3305. Callers should set their telecommunications package toFor hints and solutions to game levels and puzzles, players can turn to thereflect 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity.Virgin Games Hint Line at 1-900-28 VRGIN. The Hint Line supports computerentertainment and cartridge-based video games alike. There is a 75-cent perCustomers may also mail correspondence to the appropriate department:minute charge to obtain these valuable clues. Callers under eighteen years ofage must obtain permission from a parent or guardian before calling .TECHNICALSUPPORTTEAMFor solutions to problems installing or running our products, customers maywish to contact the Virgin Games Technical Support Team at (714) 833-1999.Virgin Games18061 Fitch AvenueIrvine , California92714When writ i ng , plea s e includ e a dayt i me phone number .

agic.YouworldsquallinganewHorror .Death.Saveapaper -Enteradventure.Love.mystery.openofofcar trouble.worlds .title.theSolvekingdom,awinaLive by your wits, tap thereserves.Discoverwhatyou'remade of, find out who you are .VirginfromGameshomeyourselfi nGear -everP C ,co- ,Segaor GameyoufartherdeeperthanW h e t h e rNes ,takesandinsidebefore .S u p e rN EGenesis - ,Boy ,thes ,Gamegamesof 1993 are more real, more fan tastic, wilder and faster. This isplayAndatthewithspeedCD - peechdramatic'veseenwhereweintoOncelive,may never go home

FEATURES:THE 7TH GUEST'" PC CD-ROMOld Man Stauf built a houseand filled it with his toysSix guests came one dark nightTheir screams the only noise The first InteractiveDrama in a terrifyinglyreal virtual environmentcomplete with liveactors.No one knows what happened nextThere's no one left to sayBut if you should see Old Man StaufGet on your knees and pray Old Man Staufs bizarrepuzzles to solve andgames to play.Anonymousenry Stauf's mansion has beenabandoned for as long as anyonedare remember . Stauf was amaster toymaker, a maker of amazingpuzzles-and this strange house was hisgreatest creation .HNow, the mansion stands empty, rotting ever since the children starteddying, ever since the six guests came.Now there are only the eerie lights andthe terrible sing-song rhymes of thechildren .And suddenly, you are in the house.You move from room to hauntedroom, step-by-terrifying-step, asscenes from that night of horror cometo life. Because Staufs game isn't over.And only you can end the nightmareand learn the secret ofThe 7th Guest."' .,· i .,. -.;: :::·l · ·. . - -. --· ;i/,.'/ . :: . 22 rooms to explore ina fully-realized 3-Dhaunted mansion withghastly surpriseslurking in every shadow. ' . -"This is the new standard in multimedia entertain·ment. This is the future . Bill Gates, Chalfman of Microsoft"Guest will completely stun you. PC ReviewOrder number:83001 CD Available Now83007 MAC CD ROM Available 2nd Quarter

DUNE'" PC CD-ROMust moments ago the Emperor ofthe known universe ordered theHouse of Atreides to journey to thedesolate planet of Arrakis to break thespice production monopoly of the brutal Harkonnens. As the cunning soldierPaul Atreides, you must seize thisopportunity to drive your long-standing nemesis, the Baron Harkonnen,from Dune.J'·--To succeed in your quest, you mustprove to the fierce native warriors whoslave for the Harkonnen that you arethe great leader foreseen in theirprophecies. 256 col or VGA graphics. High fidelity sound andmusic directly translatedfrom the criticallyacdaimed PC version:Winner of Best FantasyRole-Playing/AdventureGame by Compute: BestSound 1992 by VG & CE;and the Golden TriadAward by CGR. Synchronized speech oflive actors.Be warned-before you can proceedwith forever changing the fate ofmankind, you must uncover the twofaced traitors who threaten to annihilate you and all who follow the Houseof Atreides. .FEATURES: Adventure-packedstrategy game includesactual footage from theDavid Lynch cult filmand follows the surrealstoryline of the bestselling Frank Herbert epic. Texture mapped flyingsequences and multilanguage subtitles.Order number:83004 CD Available Znd Quarter20163 PC 5.25 Available Now90065 PC 3.5 Available Now30031 AMIGA Available Now

FEATURES:MONOPOL V! DELUXE PC CD-ROM Stroll the realBoardwalk with fullmotion video of actualMonopoly propertiesfilmed in Atlantic City,New Jersey. Dazzling animationsof all ten official tokens. Easy-as-pie interface.·A game activity logthat keeps track of allprevious moves.ore mercenary than your lawyer,shrewder than your accountant,greedier than the IRS and tougherthan your granny, get ready for themost challenging game of Monopolyyou've ever played with MONOPOLYDELUXE CD-ROM.MCombining 90's technical know-howwith plenty of good old-fashioned fun,the best-selling board game of all timeis back and better than ever. You'll getmore deluxe for your bucks with completely revamped levels of difficulty andgreatly enhanced graphics. Ability to play bytraditional or customdesigned rules.Full motion video of actual Monopolyproperties expands the fun of this classicgame of wheeling and dealing.Order number:CO Available 2nd QuarterPC 5.25 Available NowPC 3.5 Available NowWINDOWS" Available Now83011201739007550061

CONSPIRACY CD-ROMt's August 1991 and the KGB is themost feared and pervasive intelligence-gathering network in the world.But now it's under secret surveillance by you!IYour superior at Department P inMoscow has just given you your firstassignment, his initial attempt to testyour loyalty to the hardliners. But whocan you trust? Your Uncle Vanya, whoseems to know more about your parents'grisly death than he is letting on?FEATURES: Actual TV and videofootage of the crisis asit unfolded. Special On-Line helpfeature narrated bycelebrity film star. Movie-like storylinefilled with surprisingtwists and intrigue.Or your superiors, whose own hiddenagendas might even include the overthrow of Gorbachev?Questions lead to more questions butone thing is clear - the KGB reeks of corruption. Be advised comrade, you mustact quickly and shrewdly to uncover theconspirators before they uncover you.Order number:83012 CD Available 3rd Quarter

FEATURES: Over 100 brilliantlyrendered scenes withfluid animation.KVRANDIA PC CD-ROMFrom Westwood Studios, the developmentteam that created of Eye of the Beholder'"I and II, comes the first chapter in the Fables& Fiends Series: The Legend of Kyrandia.Some say that the court jesterMalcolm was mad to begin with.Others that it was his burning desireto possess the precious Kyragem thatslowly unhinged his mind and led him toslay the peaceful King William, the soleprotector of the powerful gemstone thatis the source of all magic in the land ofKyrandia.As Brandon , the rightful prince ofKyrandia, you must pursue the elusiveMalcolm to recover the Kyragem. Onlythen will you be able to reclaim thethrone and restore harmony to the land .The Legend of Kyrandia awaits you.·'.II · Elegant point-anclclick interface makesKyrandia simple tomaster and a joyto play. Intriguing charactersto interact with.·;- .- ,,.,;·. l:tEye of the Beholder I and II are tfkJemlNlcsof TSR. Inc. The f)"8 of the Beholdergames TSR. Inc and SSI are not connected or r 1tld lfl anr way to rhe K'(randiagamf!I V11gm Games. IncStudro:s, Inca WesMOOdOrder number:CO Available NowPC 5.25 Available NowPC 3.5 Available NowMAC Available Now83003201699007360012 Captivatingsoundtrack featuringlive actors' voices insynchronized speech.

}CURSE OF ENCHANTIA'" PC CD-ROMhe magical world of Enchantia isunder the curse of a powerful andmalevolent witch. To satisfy her desirefor eternal youth she requires a youngboy as a final ingredient for a rejuvenating potion.Tthis mysterious and perilous land inorder to free himself of this evil curseand return home safely.As Brad, you will have a myriad ofpuzzles to solve if you wish to make itto the lair of the evil witch for the finalfiery confrontation.( t - \ - :.'l .' ' . : ' ' -.,.i --FEATURES: A visual spectacularfeaturing over 150locations. Completely icondriven for ease of use. Atmospheric musicand sound effects. Packed with humorousanimated sequences andbizarre characters.Sucked into the bewitched land ofEnchantia from the mortal world, Brad,her chosen victim, must battle throughOrder number:83009 CD Available NowSCRABBLE ' DELUXE PC CD-ROMlirectly translated from the popularPC and WINDOWS N versions,SCRABBLE DELUXE CD-ROM isworthy of any Scrabble connoisseur'scollection.DPlay SCRABBLE DELUXE CD-ROM withfamily and friends, or against the master wordsmith of them all, your owncomputer.For the challenge of building up yourvocabulary and strategic skills or justfor the fun of it - enjoy the latest andgreatest version of the most popularword game around INew features that putthe deluxe in Scrabble: The Official ScrabblePlayer's Dictionary this on-screen gemappears in its onehundred thousandword entirety. Anagram andCrossword featuresshow you letter combinations you mightnot have thought of.Order number:83010 CD Available Now20150 PC 5.25 Available Now90048 PC 3.5 Available Now60004 MAC Available Now

Thousands of man-hoursin development has resulted in a richly interactivestoryline featuring:LANDS OF LORE TMMIGHT. MAJESTY. MAYHEM.The Dark Army encroaches . KingRichard falls. The good wizards scatter. And Scotia beckons you, laughing. Eight chapters with35 explorable levels. 51 vindictine monstersof surprising diversityand cunning.In her mad quest for power, Scotiahas ravaged the kingdom . She seeksthe throne, yet it eludes her. She'sgetting desperate. She's gettingmean. Modified combat,spell-casting, and 3-Dadventuring allowsmore time for exploringthe Lands.In the LANDS OF LORE, you are thechosen one. Can you stop Scotia? Doyou dare? Unique experiencedriven character development which empowersyou to determine yourdestiny. Spend more timeliving the adventure andless time selectingmundane character traits.Warriors become warriorsby engaging in combat.Magicians become sorcerers by casting spells.Take heed adventurer! Things are notalways as they appear. Over 20 megabytesof compressed art andspecial effects.Order number:20175 PC 5.25 Avai/abla 3rd Quartar90078 PC 3.5 Availabla 3rd Quartar83013 CD Availabla 4th Quartar

KYRANDIA II TMejoin the adventure in Kyrandia II,the long awaited second title inthe critically acclaimed Fables andFiends Series!RKyrandia has been cursed, andZanthia, the youngest and mostimpulsive of the Kyrandian Mystics,has been called upon to save theland. ,, , ' 'FEATURES:. Far-reaching landsinfused with mysteriesto decipher andpuzzles to solve .".· . . ,tc' '"-I ·'' t':::tl.'"'".- .:-'- .-., 'Aa. .' . . ' . .' . c· - .-. Fresh graphics andenticing animation. Extensive soundeffects and luxuriousmusical score. Demented andunexpected obstaclesand enemies.As Zanthia , the player will travelthrough swamps, farms, coastaltowns and previously unchartedlands of Kyrandia adventuring tothe center of the earth and beyond.Kyrandia II is massive! It is quitepossibly the largest adventuregame ever created. Hours of fun ,unforgettable characters, and ofcourse, the awesome graphicsexpected from Westwood Studios.Order number:20180 PC 5.25 Available 4th Quarter90085 PC 3.5 Available 4th Quarter83014 CD Available 1st Quarter1994

FEATURES:BENEATH A STEEL Sl Y Written by awardwinning top comic bookauthor Dave Gibbons.ack into the world's first computer-based animated comicbook adventure.J Virtual Theatre environmentlets you affect the worldand the people around youlike no other adventuregame. Change the courseof others' lives and eavesdrop on their conversations(which might even beabout you I).In the not too distant future, youhave two choices: live in the giantcity states controlled by six vastcorporations or reside in a wasteland known as THE GAP.As GAP DWELLER Robert Foster,your peaceful existence is decimated by the arrival of security forcesintent on taking you to the city. Thecamp - your home and your people-a re destroyed.-- - -- ;. , Why have you been brought to thissprawling metropolis controlled bya powerful council and an omniscient computer? Explorationyields unpleasant answers.The route to solving this sci -fimystery and freeing this city ofoppression is littered with logicalproblems to solve, security clearances to forge and military forcesto evade.·Over 100 different locations. Minimized menu-driveninterface is simplicity initself to use. Realistic character interaction and an incrediblyhigh level of artificialintelligence.Order number:20183 PC 5.25 Available 4th Quarter90088 PC 3.5 Available 4th Quarter

G FORCE'"omewhere in mid South America, amilitary coup has taken place. A special UN task force has just been dispatched to regain control of this area fromthe rebels. The force includes the newMiG-29M Soviet super fighter and you, arecent veteran of Soviet internal actions,are at the controls.Splay, you'll pull out the big guns with 23mmcannons, S-240 unguided rockets, heatseeking air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles.Constantly shifting events dictate the wayyou tackle various operations in a largescale war campaign. You'll need all of yourwits and skill to overcome the enemy on theground. and in the air!Anmed with a special helmet-mounted dis -FEATURES: Fly solo or link computersto dogfight with afriendby modem or with aserialcable.·Transparent cockpitdesigned with an authenticCRT instrument display. Quadruplex digital fly-by-wirecontrol system offers superioraerodynamics and enhancedmaneuverability.Order number:20179 PC 5.25 Available Now90084 PC 3.5 Available NowFOUR PLAY'"-FOURPLAY. .Roil those dice, up that ante and "shootthe moon " with FOUR PLAY forWindows'"! This classic compellationfeatures all of your favorite games of skilland chance with Hearts, High Roller, VideoPoker and Discard.HEARTS: Play this card-lovers' classic soloor against up to three devious computercontrolled opponents. Hearts features userdefined scoring, a log that records eachplayer's moves, interactive opponents thattalk back and uncoventional house rules.HIGH ROLLER: It's that favorite 5 dicegame! Play single or tournament gameswith up to three of your friends or againstthe ultimate dice master, your heartless PC.VIDEO POKER: Why trek all the way toVegas or Atlantic City when you can enjoythe same big payoffs in your own home?You decide your bankroll and the computerdoes the rest. Bet from 1-5 "Credits" andmatch your wits against the addictive VideoPoker machine.DISCARD: It's a classic solitaire game with atwist! Four tableaus and one stack of cardsguarantee that you'll never play the samegame twice!FEATURES: High level of artificialintelligence ensureshundreds of hours ofchallenging gameplay. Loads of options- everything from easy-to-learnPoker to brain;ackingDiscard.Order num ber:50068 WINDOWS"A vsilable 2nd Quarter

CLASSICSTHESE GREAT PRODUCTS STILL AVAILABLE.GAMESTITLEIBM 5.25/3.5WINDOWSMACCaesars Palace20139/900475005760010Club RaquetballN/AN/AClue Master Detective01846/90027Conan the 54N/AN/A3001640010N/ADouble Dragon Ill20176/90079N/AN/A30035N/AN/AFloor N/AN/A30033N/AHome Casino 7N/AN/A30029N/AN/AMagic MVP Johnson20147/90051N/AN/A30015N/A10013Magnetic 2.8N/A6000802000N/A01613Monopoly Deluxe20173/9007550061N/AN/AN/AN/AMonty Python20154/90057N/AN/A30019N/AN/A

TITLEIBM 01040007N/APool Shark20178/90081N/AN/A30036N/AN/AReach for the Skies2017 3233Scrabble 58N/AN/A30022N/AN/ASpirit of Excalibur20135/90043N/A600013000840006N/ASport of OT, The Computer Game20136/90044N/AN/ASuper Off 58/90059N/AN/A30023N/AN/AWar in the Middle Earth20075/90017N/AN/A200782007720086Warriors of 90046N/AN/A3001140008N/AVengeance of Excalibur20151/90056N/A600033001740011N/A

THE 7TH GUEST and INTERACTIVEDRAMA are trademarks of Virgin Games,Inc. and Trilobyte, Inc. C 1992 VirginGames, Inc. and Trilobyte, Inc. Allrights reserved.DUNE is a registered trademark of DinoDe Laurentiis Corporation and licensedby MCA/Universal Merchandising, Inc.«:11984 Dino De Laurentiis Corporation.All rights reserved. Developed by CryoEntertainment Systems. C 1993 VirginGames, Inc. All rights reserved.FABLES and FIENDS and THE LEGEND OFKYRANDIA are trademarks of WestwoodStudios, Inc. C 1993 Westwood Studios,Inc. All rights reserved.BENEATH THE STEEL SKY and C 1993Revolution Software, Ltd. Licensed toVirgin Games, Inc. All rights reserved.CONSPIRACY is a trademark of VirginGames, Inc C 1993 Virgin Games, Inc.All rights reserved.G FORCE is a trademark of Virgin Games,Inc. Campaign/G Force - Software, artwork and packaging. C 1992 DemarkGroup, Ltd. All rights reserved.FOUR PLAY is a trademark of VirginGames, Inc. C 1993 Virgin Games, Inc.All rights reserved.WINDOWS is a trademark of MicrosoftCorporation. Microsoft is a registeredCURSE OF ENCHANTIA and «:11993Virgin Games, Inc. and Core Design, Ltd.All rights reserved.MONOPOLY and RICH UNCLE PENNYBAGS design are registered trademarks of Tonka Corporation . All rightsreserved. MONOPOLY C 1935, 1992Parker Brothers, Inc. a division of TonkaCorporation. All rights reserved. Licensedto Virgin Games, Inc. Software C 1992Virgin Games, Inc.trademark of Microsoft Corporation.All other copyrights and trademarksrecognized. Virgin is a registered trademark of Virgin Enterprises, Ltd.Screenshots may be taken from anyversion currently available or in develop·ment, and may be subject to changewithout notice.SCRABBLE is a registered trademark ofthe Milton Bradley Company. C 1993Virgin Games, Inc. All rights r-rved.LANDS OF LORE is a trademark ofWestwood Studios, Inc. C 1993Westwood Studios, Inc. All rightsreserved.This catalog has been printed on recycledpaper. @

puzzles to solve and games to play. 22 rooms to explore in a fully-realized 3-D haunted mansion with ghastly surprises lurking in every shadow. "This is the new standard in multimedia entertain· ment. This is the future. Bill Gates, Chalfman of Microsoft "Guest will completely