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Flip Axle & Flexible StingerReplacement Parts, Service Manualand Operating InstructionsThe Standard for the Road Ahead!towmaster.com

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A forward from Towmaster Trailers to our valued customers and dealers.In this manual you will find service information and replacement parts for your currentTowmaster trailer. We have put forth our best effort to provide you with commonoperations and replacement part information. However, Towmaster Trailers buildsmany custom trailers for various customers and cannot guarantee that your trailersfeatures are outlined in this manual. If you encounter this problem please contactyour dealer. If they cannot be of assistance please feel free to call our PartsDepartment.To ensure a more productive call have your trailer’s VIN number (serial number)ready as that will be needed to locate your correct replacement parts and answeryour technical questions. The team here at Towmaster Trailers will make every effortto get you back up and running and keep your ownership as trouble free as possible.Page 3

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerLimited WarrantyManufacturer warranties each new product manufactured by us to be free from defects in material andworkmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery to the original purchaser. Warranty starts from thedate of sale as long we receive the filled-out warranty card. If we do not receive the warranty card, warrantystarts from the ship date of the trailer.Our obligation under this warranty is to replace, free of charge, at our factory or at the dealer’s place ofbusiness, any part proven defective within the time limit of this warranty.This warranty does not cover: (1) new products which have been operated in excess of rated capacities, (2)misuse or accidents, (3) vehicles which have been altered, modified or repaired in any manner not authorizedby our company, (4) second hand or used vehicle. In no way shall the manufacturer be held liable forconsequential damages such as rentals of substitute vehicles, loss of profits or other commercial losses.Further, new vehicle tires are warranted by their respective manufacturers and are not warranted by us.Manufacturer will handle disposition of warranties on all other purchased components such as axles,suspensions, wheels, and other purchased parts in conjunction with their respective manufacturers, and underthe terms of their respective warranty policies.The manufacturer must receive immediate notification of a defect and no allowance will be made for repairswithout manufacturer’s prior consent or approval. Manufacturer does not pre-authorize any dealership forwarranty work. You must call our warranty service department to receive an authorization number. If the workperformed is not preauthorized with a claim number, it may be deemed void. Defective parts must be returnedwithin thirty days of receipt of replacement parts or you may not be credited for the replacement parts.This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied by law or otherwise, and there is nowarranty of merchantability or fitness of purpose.Customer Registration RequiredFederal regulations require motor vehicle manufacturers to maintain a record of originalowners of their equipment. Our warranty registration fulfills this requirement. Please makeevery effort to complete this document and send it in.Manufacturer reserves the right to modify, without notice, specific designs and specifications as deemed advisable on thetrailers described herein without obligation in regards to trailers previously sold. The manufacturer also reserves the right todiscontinue any model or models without obligation in regards to trailers previously sold. Written warranty covers eachtrailer. No other warranty expressed or implied is made. Warranty on tires and brakes through original manufacturer. Alldimensions approximate.Page 4


Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerOPERATIONS1.1 Loading and Unloading1.1 Backing with Stinger1.2 Connect and Disconnect Flip Axle1.3 Connect and Disconnect StingerPage 6OPERATIONSOPERATIONS

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerOPERATIONS1) Pull out the stinger control valve when loading and unloading trailer. This will dump the air from the air bags onboth the stinger and the flip axle.2) Detach neck and load/unload trailer. Reattach neck and set deck height.3) Check that flip axle control valve is in the stinger use mode.4500334) Adjust pressure control valve, prior to pushing in the stinger control valve, to approximately the desired airpressure. When trailer is empty do not exceed 15psi of stinger bag pressure. If stinger axle load is greater thentrailer axle load loss of control may occur.5) Push stinger control valve in. Wait for the air bags to fill and pressure to stabilize. This will take some time.Readjust as needed.Backing with StingerWhen backing trailer have stinger and trailer aligned. Pullstinger control valve out. This will deflate air bags and liftthe pivot pin into lock position. When backing trailer withStinger attached the Stinger Pivot Pin must be engaged sothat the stinger does not pivot.Page 7OPERATIONSLoading and unloading trailer

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerCONNECT/ DISCONNECT FLIP AXLEOPERATIONSUsing flip axle on trailer. Danger: Stay Clear of all Pinch Points1)Position flip axle on trailer tailboard and align lower mount holes. Install lower pins.2)Pull out flip axle air dump valve.3)Connect electrical plug, glad-hands and common air line.4)(If equipped) set flip/stinger control valve to flip control.5)Push in flip axle dump valve and inflate suspension.6)Shim flip axle to obtain an axle clearance of 6.5” to 7.5”. Readjust as load and trailer height change.Flipping axle for non-use travel1)Pull out flip axle air dump valve.2)Remove shims.3)Install upper mount pins4)Disconnect electrical and air lines.5)Remove lower mount pins. Axle may shift support flip and stay clear.6)Attach chains to d-rings on back of flip. Lift and rotate flip axle on top of trailer by use of an overheadlifting source or min. capacity of 3,000lbs.The Flip Axle and trailer must be on level ground. Back the trailer into the Flip Axle. The Flip Axle will need tobe blocked up or a hoist will have to be used to hold the front of the Flip Axle for alignment. Once attached,store the Flip Axle by flipping it onto the rear of the trailer when not needed.Align the bottom attachment holes and insert and securethe bottom pins. Allow the top of the Flip Axle to float.Allow to floatAttach bottom pinsUse the shims to adjust the Flip Axle so that it rides leveldepending upon the trailer ride height and load carried. Start withthe 1/4” shim and adjust as needed.Should be parallelwhen loadedToo much shimPage 8Too little shim

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerCONNECT/ DISCONNECT FLIP AXLEOPERATIONSWhen you want to store the Flip Axle on the rear of the trailer, insert and secure the top pins and remove thebottom pins. Use a loader or hoist to lift the Flip Axle and place on the trailer. Use the D-rings provided.CONNECT/ DISCONNECT STINGERUsing flip axle with stinger Note*: Stinger will attach to the trailer in same procedure as the Flip Axle attached to thetrailer. Refer to Flip Axle attachment instructions.1)Position flip axle on rear of stinger. Align lower mount holes, install lower pins.2)Shim flip so top of stinger and flip are parallel.3)Connect electrical, glad-hands, orange and green lines.4)Attach stinger to trailer. Refer to Flip axle attachment instructions.5)Set flip/stinger control valve to stinger control.6)Push in flip axle air dump valve.Top Pins450031JacksBottom PinsPage 9

Titanium Series Flip Axle & Stinger2. Spring MaintenanceGrease PointsAir Tank Water TrapGlad HandsTire and AxleMAINTENANCEPage 10MAINTENANCEMAINTENANCE

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerAIR SPRING MAINTENANCEThe air spring is an expensive and vital component of the Flexible stinger.Proper maintenance and care of the air spring will greatly increase its life.Area surrounding the Air Spring:Check the area around the air spring to make sure that nothing could rub against itand that at themaximum diameter the air spring does not make contact with anything.The temperature ranges for the air spring are as follows:Standard construction: -34 to 134 FInspect Surface:Inspect the outer surface of the air spring. Check for uneven wear, cracks anddamaged areas. Replace the air spring if needed.Inspect Pneumatic Components:The air supply to the system plays a large role in the air springs' performance.Inspect, clean and replace if necessary any support products to the air springs,valves, regulators, air lines etc.Storage:When not using the stinger it should be stored, as best as possible, in a cool, dryplace with the air spring away from direct sunlight or ozone producing equipment.Page 11MAINTENANCECleaning:On a regular basis check the large air spring on the stinger (Daily in muddy ordirty conditions). Remove any rocks sand or other debris from the air springs.(Check between the convolutes of the spring) Use soap and water to clean airsprings. Do not use any organic solvents, petrochemical, open flames, abrasives,direct high pressure water or a direct pressurized steam cleaning system.

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerGREASE POINTSGrease points must be serviced before every days use. There are six grease zerks found uponthe stinger. Refer to Fig.1 for those locations. Three pumps of grease or until grease is seenprotruding from a relief area is the general rule of thumb. Multi- purpose Lithium based grease isrecommended.*- Location Of Grease ZerkFig. 1MAINTENANCEAIR TANK WATER TRAPThe Air Tank found on the flip axle must be relieved afterevery days use (Fig.2). There is a bleeder cable attachedto the frame on the drivers side in front of the wheels. Pullcable to release air/ water. Water condensation canaccumulate within the water lines and will cause manyproblems during cold weather operation.Fig. 2GLAD HANDSGlad Hands are the air supply hose ends. They must be clean at all times for properoperation of the air system. Properly place the Glad Hands in thier storage area whenever notin use. To properly clean a soiled Glad Hand remove the rubber and screen, wash with milddetergent and warm water, allow to dry throughly, and reinstall.TIRE and AXLETire and Axle information can be found in the manufactures manual located in the registrationtube where this manual was located. If any manual is missing refer to our website (found onback cover) to download the correct manual.Page 12

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerSCHEMATICSSCHEMATICSFlip Axle Air Schematic (Stinger Ready)Flip Axle Air Schematic (Not Stinger Ready)Stinger Air SchematicFlip Axle Electrical SchematicSCHEMATICS3. 13

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerFLIP AXLE AIR SCHEMATIC(Stinger Ready)SCHEMATICSItem123456789101112Part gency glad hand (red)Service glad hand (blue)Female quick connectMale quick connectAir tank, 1488ci.Valve pressure protectionRide height control valveControl valvePilot valveAir springAir chamber spring brake type 30Brake valve Sealco #110338Page 14

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerFLIP AXLE AIR SCHEMATICSCHEMATICS(Not Stinger Ready)Item1234567Part DescriptionEmergency glad hand (red)Service glad hand (blue)Male quick connectAir tank, 1488ci.Valve pressure protectionAir chamber spring brake type 30Brake valve Sealco #110338Page 15

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerSTINGER AIR SCHEMATICSCHEMATICSItem1234567Part DescriptionMale quick couplerControl valvePressure gaugeControl valveFemale quick couplerAir chamber type 30Air springPage 16

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerFLIP AXLE ELECTRICAL SCHEMATICFlip 60”- Pt# 1904255Stinger 240”- Pt# 1904254SCHEMATICSPt# 39-7048Harness ExtensionPage 17

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerREPLACEMENT PARTSStinger Replacement PartsFlip Axle Replacement PartsFlip Axle DecalsStinger Page 18

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerItem123456789101112131415161718Part -040612-514412-514629-4145DescriptionUpper deckA-frameUpper bag mountBoltFlange nutPivot shaftShaft end capBoltLower pinJack assm.Lock pin weld.Air chamberNutNutWasherPivot weld.Pivot pinAir springPage 19REPLACEMENTPARTSSTINGER REPLACEMENT PARTS

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerFLIP AXLE REPLACEMENT 18Part #Description37-0802Towmaster Mud Flap35-0080Air Tank 6.44 gal.37-0829Rubber Bumper06-5174Shim, 1/406-5172Shim, 3/806-5173Shim, ½06-5217Shim, 3/406-5264Shim, 137-6072Registration Holder37-31501/4” Lynch Pin w/chain12-5176Lower Pin39-7048Flip axle harness39-3001, 3003 Light and grommet oval39-3005, 3007 Light and grommet 2.5”39-6241License plate light39-0304, 0086 Light and grommet 2” LED.06-7003Link top12-6418PinPage 20

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerItem123Part #45-003345-421845-4216DescriptionFlip axle operationWarning add or remove shimAdjust shimsPage 21REPLACEMENTPARTSFLIP AXLE DECAL PLACEMENT

Titanium Series Flip Axle & StingerSTINGER DECAL PLACEMENTREPLACEMENTPARTSItem12345678910Part 45-0034190426745-0012DescriptionDanger pinch poinGrease pivot points before useStinger control valveWarning max pressurePressure to adjust weightLock pinInstructions to connect/ disconnectPressure weight chartLogo 28”Caution back-up instructionsPage 22

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Portions of this manual were used with the expressedauthority of Dexter Axle, but Dexter Axle is not responsiblefor the accuracy of the information contained herein.Towmaster, Inc., 61381 U.S. Highway 12, Litchfield, MN 55355800-462-4517Parts Dept. Fax: 320-693-5703www.towmaster.comPROUDLYEmployee OwnedEmployee PrideU.S.A. Made!Towmaster, Inc. offers a complete line of trailers from small pans and tilts to drop deck trailers to deck overmodels and large tilts and detachable gooseneck trailers. See your Towmaster Trailers dealer or visit ourwebsite to learn more. Manufacturer reserves the right to modify, without notice, specific designs andspecifications as deemed advisable on the trailers described herein without obligation in regards to trailerspreviously sold. The manufacturer also reserves the right to discontinue any model or models withoutobligation in regards to trailers previously sold. Written warranty covers each trailer. No other warrantyexpressed or implied is made. Warranty on tires and brakes through original manufacturer. Alldimensions approximate.47-9402 : 1/2009

2)Pull out flip axle air dump valve. 3)Connect electrical plug, glad-hands and common air line. 4)(If equipped) set flip/stinger control valve to flip control. 5)Push in flip axle dump valve and inflate suspension. 6)Shim flip axle to obtain an axle clearance of 6.5” to