Intellectual Property In The Mobile Games Market 2021

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Intellectual Propertyin the Mobile GamesMarket 2021—An Analysis of IPs in U.S. Mobile Gaming

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedTable of Contents03 - Introduction04 - IP Games in the United States08 - IP Types11 - Top Games by IP Type16 - IP Revenue by Genre20 - Conclusion

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedIntroductionThis report analyzes the relevance of Intellectual Property in the games market, delving into the performance of non-IP gamesvs. licensed titles, the most successful IP-based games, and IPperformance across genres.Using Sensor Tower’s Game Taxonomy IP classifications, this reportcontains information on licenses, IP types, operators, andcorporate parents.Inclusion CriteriaSensor Tower’s definition of Intellectual Property covers multiplatform IPs that are licensed to mobile game studios, originatingfrom films, books, television, toys, celebrities, sports, board games,video games, comics, and manga and have dedicated mobile games.Video game IPs that only have direct mobile ports or are internal tothe brand owners themselves have been excluded.3

IP Games:United States—An Overview of IP-Based Mobile Games in the U.S.

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedThree IP Games Rank Among the Top 10 by RevenueTop 20 grossing mobile games in 2020 on the U.S. App Store and Google PlayNo-IPRoblox.Candy Crush Saga.Coin Master.Pokémon GO.Gardenscapes.Homescapes.Clash of Clans.Slotomania.PUBG Mobile.Call of Duty: Mobile.Bingo Blitz.Toon Blast.Candy Crush Soda Saga.MARVEL Strike Force.Fishdom.Garena Free Fire.Jackpot Party.DoubleDown.Rise of Kingdoms.DBZ Dokkan Battle.During 2020, three out of the top 10 revenuegenerating mobile games in the United Statesused a license: Pokémon GO, PUBG Mobile, andCall of Duty: Mobile.An additional two licensed titles appeared in thetop 20, Marvel Strike Force and Dragon Ball Z:Dokkan Battle.Pokémon GO remained the most successfullicensed mobile game, generatingapproximately 480 million in U.S. playerspending in 2020.Two out of the top three mobile gamesutilizing an IP belonged to the Shooter genre. 0IP GamesIP Games 100M 200M 300M 400M 500M 600M 700M5 800M

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedIP vs. Non-IP Games: Revenue & Download GrowthTop 10 grossing IP and non-IP games by annual U.S. player spending and download growthRevenueNo-IP40%DownloadsIP GamesNo-IP60%35%33.8%33.8%50%The top 10 revenue generating games sawsimilar year-over-year growth of 33.8 percentfor both IP and non-IP titles in 2020.Installs for the top 10 grossing IP gamesincreased by 31.1 percent year-over-year in2020, compared to the 3.9 percent decline indownloads for the top 10 non-IP titles. IPgrowth was led by Call of Duty: Mobile.IP %10%10%-10%IP-based games continued to be launched in2021, with Crash Bandicoot: On the Rungenerating 23.6 million downloads in its firstweek. Other licensed titles on the horizoninclude Diablo Immortal and Apex Legends.-20%Note Regarding Downloads Growth Chart5%0%-10.2%-10.7%-6.1%-3.9%IP Games202019020292012018-10%20-5%18-5%200%While 2019 saw the launch of two major IPbased mobile games with Call of Duty: Mobileand Mario Kart Tour, which both broke 100million downloads within their first month,launching in Q3/Q4 meant that they did not rankin the top 10 by revenue that year.6On both charts the selection criteria is the top 10 games with andwithout an IP based on revenue. This approach was taken toavoid the population of Hypercasual titles.

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedIP Vs. Non-IP Games: Revenue & Download ShareOverall market share of IP games in the U.S. in 2020RevenueDownloadsNo IPIP17%23%The overall market share of IP has remainedstable for both revenue and downloads over thelast two years.The share of downloads and revenue for mobilegames is outsized from the number of IP-basedmobile games on the market. While only 9percent of games used an IP, these gamesaccounted for nearly a quarter of revenue.77%IP GamesIn 2020, 23 percent of overall U.S. mobilegame player spending was generated by IPbased titles. The market share of IP-basedgames for downloads was smaller, making up 17percent of all installs.83%7

IP Types:United States—A Look at the Most Popular IP Types in the U.S.

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedOne-Third of IP Game Revenue is from Video Game IPsU.S. market share and revenue growth by IP type in 2020RevenueRevenue GrowthVideogameMangaTelevisionComicsOtherVideo game IPs accounted for a third of theU.S. revenue generated by licensed mobilegames in 2020, more than double the sharefrom any other IP type.60%50%Other31%Videogame34%While Manga ranks as the No. 2 IP type by playerspending, it is the fastest-growing for revenuegrowth, increasing by 54 percent year-over-yearin 2020.40%Although IP may stem from mediums such asComics, which accounted for 10 percent ofrevenue in 2020, licenses such as Marvel are alsopopular across platforms such as TV and 10%0%IP Types36%MangaComicsVideogame9Other24%Television

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedShare of U.S. Revenue by IP Type and GameU.S. market share by IP type and game in 2020Game ofThrones Slots1%Star Trek: FleetCommand4%PropertyBrothers HomeDesign 1%Game of Thrones:Conquest4%PUBG Mobile7%Call of Duty:Mobile6%FireEmblemHeroes1%The SimsFreePlay1%IP TypesMarioKart Tour1%BlackDesertMobile1%The SimsMobile 1%MARVEL StrikeForce5%SimCityBuildIt1%AnimalCrossing0.5%FF BraveExvius0.5%GSN Casino1%WalkingDead: Roadto Survival1%The Wizardof Oz MagicMatch 31%DragonBallLegends2%Wheel ofFortune0.4%World Series ofPoker3%MARVELContest ofChampions4%MARVEL Future FightStar Wars:Galaxy of Heroes4%Dragon Ball The SevenZ Dokkan Deadly rder2%Yu-Gi-Oh!Duel Links1%0.5%0.5%0.5%0.5%0.5%WWEChampions20211%MLB TapSportsBaseball2%Madden NFL Madden MLB 9InningsNFL 21Mobile1%1%1%WWE SuperCard1%FIFA Soccer1%1%WillyWonkaSlots1%Wizard ofOz: CasinoSlots2%Yahtzee Bingo Blitz1%DisneySorcerer’s Arena1%10:WorldTour1%Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 1%10KimKardashian1%Video Game IPs from non-mobile platforms,such as Pokémon GO, PUBG Mobile, and Call ofDuty: Mobile, have successfully translated theircore experiences to mobile, in turn generatingsignificant revenue.Manga is dominated by Japanese IPs like DragonBall Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and The Seven Deadly Sins,which are popular with U.S. audiences.The Marvel IP accounts for the vast majority ofplayer spending in Comics-based mobile gamesTelevision licenses accounted for 12 percent ofplayer spending, double that of Film.IPs that perceived as the largest do notalways generate the greatest revenue.Note Regarding ChartPlease refer to the interactive chart in our blog post for moredetail. Games with less than 12 million in U.S. net revenue in2020 were excluded.

Top IP Games:United States—Top Grossing Games By IP Type

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedPokémon GO Leads Video Game IPs on MobileTop Grossing Games with IPs from Video Games in the U.S.20181Pokémon GO2Final Fantasy XV3Fire EmblemHeroes4Minecraft5NianticEpic ActionNintendoMicrosoftPUBG MobileTencent20191Pokémon GO2PUBG MobileNianticTencent3Final Fantasy XV4Minecraft5Call of Duty:MobileEpic ActionMicrosoftVideo game IPs accounted for 34 percent ofthe U.S. revenue generated by licensedmob g and 17 of installs in 2020. Video game IPs accounted for a thirdof the revenue generated by licensedmobile games in 2020. This wasfollowed by Manga at 13 percent, andTelevision at 12 percent. However,some of the top franchises, such asMarvel, extend beyond their originalmedium and into other sectors such asTV and film. With a shift in the marketinglandscape post-IDFA, popular IPscould become more important inbuilding awareness and acquiringplayers. Crash Bandicoot: On the Runlaunched in March 2021, accumulating23.6 million downloads in its first week. Other licensed titles on the horizoninclude Diablo Immortal, ApexLegends, and Battlefield. Theselaunches emphasize the current trendof strong growth seen among Shooterand RPG titles utilizing licensed IP. Genres with the highest percentage ofrevenue from licensed games areassociated with mid-core audiences:Action, RPG, and Shooter. Meanwhile,the Puzzle genre is one of the biggestmarkets in the U.S. but only 5 percentof its revenue comes from IP titles.Conclusion21

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedSensor lligenceMake strategicdecisions with theindustry’s mostaccurate estimates.Drive organic growthwith the leading AppStore Optimizationplatform.Develop winningUser acquisitioncampaigns withcrucial mobileadvertising insights.Benchmark appusage, engagement,and demographics.Evaluate which SDKsapps are using andmeasure SDKadoption acrossmarket segments.Access unfilteredmobile userengagement forfinancial analysis.22

2021 Sensor Tower Inc. - All Rights ReservedSensor TowerTerms of UseThis report and all original content contained within arewholly owned by Sensor Tower, Inc. 2021.LOOKING FOR MOREINSIGHTS?Modification, republication, distribution, or otherunauthorized usage violate this copyright, unless expresspermission has been granted.Download our latest StoreIntelligence Data Digest reporton the mobile market icons, images, and other branding assets are property oftheir respective publishers and are used expressly for thepurpose of editorial commentary.23

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Manga 13% Videogame 34% Videogame Manga Television Comics Other Revenue. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Manga Comics Videogame Other Television 24% 29% 36% 44% 54% Revenue Growth. IP Types. U.S. market share and revenue growth by IP type in 2020. One-Third of IP Game Revenue is from Video Game IPs