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HEAD [email protected] DAVISON STREET, RR3 WOLFVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA, B4P 2R3, CANADA - (902)542-7478& 50 CONNECTICUT ROAD, LORING COMMERCE CENTER, LIMESTONE, MAINE, 04750, USA - 201-880-0366Holiday Gift Suggestions2020 Classic Triumph Calendar - 218-01A twelve month supply of Bonnies, Trophys and T-birds. Makes a great gift.These calendars always sell out so grab yours quick!Printed on thick, photo-grade paper, these calendars also make great posters.2020 Norton Owners Club Classic Calendar - 218-02The 2019 NOC Classic Calendar is printed in full colour on A3 paper (297 x 420mm). It features 12 pages of classic Nortons and hasspace to write notes in for each day and also shows dates for the previous and following months.IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF PARTS AND ACCESSORIESFOR CLASSIC TRIUMPH, BSA AND NORTON MOTORCYCLESHELPING TO KEEP BRITISH MOTORCYCLES ON THE ROAD SINCE 1977!Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

We have Gift Certificates!The amount will be placed on thecustomer’s account for use at anytime and a copy of the certificatewill be emailed.To check the price on items in this brochure just click thelink below and follow User/HomeOr just give us a call.Our salespeople are happy to check prices and offersuggestions.Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

Cloth Patches252-1006 PATCH, FLAG, BRITISH, 3-3/4" X 2-1/8"252-2285 PATCH, BSA, LOGO, 10-1/4" X 3-7/8"252-2023 PATCH, BSA 4-1/2" X 2"252-1528 PATCH, BSA, WINGS, 1" X 3"252-1018/B BSA, CIRCLE, BLACK 3.5"252-01 PATCH, BSA, “HAPPINESS”, 4X3"Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

252-066983 - “NORTON", GENUINE - 4-7/8” X 2”252-066983/A - "NORTON", RED, GENUINE4-3/4” X 2-1/4”252-1116 PATCH, NORTON, SMALL 5-3/4" X 2"252-0016 PATCH, NORTON, RED LOGO, 3" BLACK252-1117 PATCH, NORTON, LOGO, FLAME, LARGE 10" X 3-3/4"252-2118 PATCH, NORTON, BLACK & WHTIE, 4X9"Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

252-0110 PATCH, TRI, LEAPING TIGER, 7"252-2119 PATCH, TRI, LOGO, WITH FLAG, LARGE, 9-1/4" X 3-3/4"252-0111 PATCH, TRI, LOGO, WITH FLAG, SMALL, 4-3/4" X 2"252-1400 PATCH, TRI, WINGS, SILVER, LARGE, 11-1/4" X 3-1/4"Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

252-1420 PATCH, TRIUMPH, WINGS, PURPLE, LARGE, 8" X 2-1/2"252-1738 PATCH, TRIUMPH, WINGS, PURPLE, SMALL, 5-1/2" X 1-3/4"252-1763 PATCH, TRI, EAGLE, BROWN, LARGE ,10" TALL X 7-1/2" WIDE252-1757 PATCH, TRI, EAGLE, BROWN, SMALL, 5" TALL X 3-3/4" WIDE252-1821 PATCH, TRI, OVAL, BLUE, 2X4"Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

We have very nice embroidered black adjustable baseball caps.Our traditional black shirts have the motorcycle logo silk-screenedon the front and our logo on the back. We have T’s, sweats and hoodiesin small, medium, large, extra large and XXL.Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

Belt Buckles256-BSA/01BSA Oval BuckleBlack Enamel, 3-1/2" x 2-1/2"256-BSA/02BSA Oval BuckleRed Enamel, 3-1/2" x 2-1/2"256-NORTON/01Norton Engine Buckle3-1/2" x 2-1/2"256-NORTON/02Norton Rectangular Buckle3-3/4" x 2-1/8"256-TRIUMPH/01Triumph Triangular Buckle3" x 3" x 3"256-TRIUMPH/02Triumph Oval Buckle"A Breed Apart"3-3/4" x 2-1/2"256-TRIUMPH/03Triumph Oval BuckleBlack Enamel3-3/4" x 2-1/2"256-TRIUMPH/04Triumph Rectanguler Buckle"A Way of Life", Red Enamel3-3/4" x 2-1/4"256-TRIUMPH/05Triumph Rectangular BuckleBrushed Silver, Red Enamel3-3/4" x 2-1/8"256-TRIUMPH/06Triumph Grill, Black Enamel3-1/2" x 1-3/4"256-TRIUMPH/08Triumph Rectangular Buckle"Built In Our Time, For All Time"3-3/4" x 2-1/4"256 T39[1].jpgCanada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.com256-BRITISH/01Union Jack Buckle3-1/8" x 2-1/8"USA tel: (201)880-0366

Halcyon GogglesHalcyon Mark 4 Silver Cross Goggles #241-01Made in the UK. A style brought out in the 1960’s formotorcycle riders with an interest in bigger bikes, the Mark4 Silver Cross goggles have angled lenses which areinserted into solid brass chrome-plated frames which arethen hand-stitched to a black leather facemask. They areoften worn on the top of a ‘jet’ helmet for effect. Thehead band now also comes fitted with triple silicon,elasticated non-slip strips for the perfect grip when wornover an open face crash helmet.Halcyon Mark 49 GogglesThe Halcyon Mark 49 goggle is handmade in the UK using onlythe finest quality materials and is finished to the highest possiblestandard.Unlike many other goggles on the market that are mass-producedusing molded plastic for the frames, Halcyon Mark 49 goggleframes continue to be made in brass which is then hand-polishedto a mirror-finish before being chrome-plated. The frames arehand-stitched to a quality padded black leather facemask.Mark 49 Brown Leather Goggles - BRASS#241-06The goggles’ elasticated headband has enough adjustment toallow them to fit over or under an open-face crash helmet, andthe unique attachment clips allow the goggles to fit comfortablyagainst the face, even when worn over a crash helmet, makingthem an ideal goggle to wear when riding a classic motorcycle.The goggles come with laminated glass lenses. Each lens ishoused in an independent frame which can be easily removedfrom the goggle to allow replacements to be fitted. The glasslenses can also be taken to your local opticians to haveprescription lenses bonded to the inner surface.Mark 49 Brown Leather Goggles - CHROME#241-09The head band now also comes fitted with triple silicon,elasticated non-slip strips for the perfect grip when worn overan open face crash helmet.Do not confuse our goggles with cheaper plastic lense versions –we have all our goggles made in England with tempered glass forsafety and long life, as well as with real leather against the face!Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

253 Series: Lapel Pins253-ARIEL/01Horseshoe Logo253-ARIEL/02Triangle “A”253-BRIT/01British Flag253-BSA/01Piled Arms Logo253-BSA/02Round With Wings253-BSA/03Piled Arms, Wings253-BSA/04Logo As Lettersvarious colours253-BSA/05BSA Silver Star253-BSA/06Logo & Arms Redvarious colours253-BSA/07Oval Logovarious colours253-BSA/08Jumbo, Red & Yellow253-BSA/09“TriBSA” Blue253-BSA/10Jumbo Silver Star253-BSA/11BSA Silver Star Blue253-BSA/12Silver Star Round253-BSA/14BSA Eagle253-BSA/15“TriBSA” Red253-BSA/16Logo & Arms, Red253-BSA/17Bantam253-BSA/18Super Rocket253-BSA/19Golden Flash253-BSA/22Goldstar Emblem253-BSA/03Logo, Wingsvarious colours253-MATCH/01Matchless “M”253-MATCH/02Matchless “M”253-MATCH/03Matchless WingsThese pins are made inEngland and most comewith the traditional“safety-pin” clasp.Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

253 Series: Lapel PinsThese arenice gifts!253-NOR/02Norton Logo Cutoutvarious colours253-NOR/03Norton Wingsvarious colours253-NOR/06Jumbo Flag, Red253-NOR/07JumboNorton/Triumph253-NOR/11Norton F1253-NOR/04Commando Logo253-NOR/05Norton Logo, Blue253-NOR/08SmallNorton/Triumph253-NOR/09Norton Eagle253-NOR/10Jumbo, Red Logo253-NOR/12Norton Commando253-NOR/14Norton Oblongvarious colours253-NOR/15Norton Logo253-EXCELSIOR/01Logo253-TRI/01Triumph Logo, Blue253-TRI/02Triumph Logo, Wings253-TRI/03Triumph With Globe253-TRI/04Rectangular Logo253-TRI/05Triumph Checker253-TRI/06TriumphJumbo Checker253-TRI/07TriumphJumbo Black253-TRI/08Triumph Bonneville253-TRI/09TriumphSmall Black253-TRI/10Triumph Eagle253-TRI/11Triumph Logo Cutoutvarious colours253-TRI/121990 Daytona253-TRI/13Triumph Patent Platevarious coloursCanada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.com253-NOR/16Norton "N"Commando253-TRI/17Triumph Wingsvariuos coloursUSA tel: (201)880-0366

253 Series: Lapel Pins253-RUDGE/01Rudge Logo253-Panther/01Panther Leaping253-TRITON/01Triton Logo253-VELO/01Velocette Logo253-VIN/01Vincent HRD253-VIN/02The o253-AJS/02LogoJust give us a callfor great gifts!253-ENF/01Enfield Cannon253-ENF/02Enfield Wings253-SUNBEAM/02Sunbeam go253-LEVIS/01Logo253-COTTON/01LogoLicense Plate Studs253-ARIEL/04ArielLicense Plate Stud253-BSA/21BSALicense Plate StudCanada tel: (902)542-7478253-MALTESE/01Maltese CrossLicense Plate Stud253-NOR/13NORTONLicense Plate Studwww.britcycle.com253-TRI/15TRIUMPHLicense Plate StudUSA tel: (201)880-0366

254 Series: Keytags254-01 AJS254-02 ARIEL254-04 BSA254-05 MATCH254-07 NORTON254-08 NORTON254-09 BSA254-10 TRIUMPH254-13 BSA254-16 UNION JACK254-17 VELO254-18 VINCENT254-19 VELOKeytags are Made in England! Real leather!Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366


Parts Books & Shop Manuals on CD & DVD!BCS Part # 150-11BCS Part # 150-21BCS Part # 150-31The BSA CD covers A7, A10, A50,A65, A75 Rocket 3, B31, B32, B33, B34,all Bantams, C10, C11, B25, C25, B44,B50.The Norton CD covers Commandoplus Models 7, 19, 50, 88, 99, C15, G15,P11, ES2, Inter 30 & 40, Manx 30 & 40and the Rotary models.The Triumph CD covers virtually allpost-war models to a large extent.DVD’s and CD’s Currently Available from S ELECTRICSDVD,BSA PTS.BOOKS&SHOPMANUALS,5TH EDITIONCD,BSA 1914-30,PARTS CATALOGUESCD,BSA 1940,1947-52,PARTS CATALOGUESCD,BSA 1930-39, PARTS CATALOGUESCD,BSA SERVICE SHEETS 1946-1963DVD,NORTON PTS. BOOKS &SHOPMANUALS,5TH EDITIONDVD,TRIUMPH PTS BOOKS& MANUALS,5TH EDITIONCD,TRIUMPH 101-BASIC CARE,MAINTENANCECD,ARIEL PARTS BOOKS & OWNERS MANUALSCD,ENF.SINGLE PTS.BOOKS&MANUALS,30’S-60’SCD,ENF.TWINS,PTS. BOOKS AND MANUALSCD,ENFIELD BULLET SERVICE MANUAL,DELUXCD,AJS/MATCHLESS,PTS. BOOKS & SHOPMANUALSDVD,MC MEMORIES IN MOTION (VIDEO, NICHOLSON)All CDs contain lots of other interesting material, photos, articles, etc. and come in a CDcase with insert. Unfortunately, these CDs are by no means a totally completecompendium of ALL parts and service manuals available for these bikes. Please peruse thelists, and if what you want is not there, we may have it listed in our selection of printedbooks.Please see our websitefor the complete content list for each CDwww.britcycle.comCanada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

"Factory" Parts Books for Triumph, BSA and Norton MotorcyclesWe have over 23,000 part numbers listed on our computer, most of which are found in the parts books originally issued by Triumph,BSA and Norton for the use of their dealers. We now provide a very large range of these books for your personal use. If your bike is apost World War II Triumph, BSA, or Norton we can usually help: If you provide us with the serial number of your bike we can set youup with the parts book for your specific year and model motorcycle. Some pre-World War II parts books are also available, as well asbooks for some other British marques. Parts books are excellent guides to assembly when used with a workshop manual. In mostcases, exploded diagrams show all the parts and the way they are fitted together. Parts books give a part number for each part, whichwill enable you to order by part number. Having the number for the part you want will ensure that you don’t spend needless time on thephone explaining what you need and still get the wrong part due to communication difficulties. If you call with part numbers we cangive you instant price and availability. You won’t have to spend time writing letters and waiting and waiting for answers. These booksare usually seventy to ninety pages long and measure 8-l/2”x 11”. Some are new-old-stock, some are newly printed in England, andsome are reprinted by us if otherwise unobtainable. The books we reprint are spiral bound with a good stiff cover for easy reference.We highly recommend that you purchase the parts book and workshop manual for the motorcycle that you are working on. Please seethe 216-series in the Price Guide section for the current list of parts books.Workshop Manuals for British MotorcyclesIf you are restoring or repairing a British bike we can help with a workshop manual. We carry a complete line of Haynes manuals forTriumph, BSA and Norton, and a very large selection of "factory" workshop manuals, currently being reprinted in England. Somemanuals we reprint ourselves if they are otherwise unobtainable. We also stock some manuals for other British motorcycles.Thesemanuals contain virtually all the information on repair that you will need or want to know: Assembly and dismantling instructions,specs, wiring diagrams, tuning and setup information, service tool pictures, etc.Workshop manuals go hand-in-hand with parts books.We highly recommend that you have both before you start your project. Every Haynes motorcycle manual is based on a completeteardown and rebuild, and contains hundreds of photos with step-by-step instructions, comprehensive routine maintenance andtroubleshooting information, and detailed wiring diagrams. The unique nature of Haynes manuals - with each one written andphotographed from the “hands-on” experience gained by a complete teardown and rebuild of the bike - continues to set Haynesmanuals apart from all others.Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

Modern Motorcycle Mechanics by J.B. NicholsonBook Number 214-01Seventh Edition ReprintThis new reprint edition is slightly larger than the original seventh, making it easier to read. Measures 6-1/4” x 9-3/8””A Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcycles”IF YOU ONLY OWN ONE MOTORCYCLE BOOK, THIS IS THE ONE WE CALL “THE BIBLE” WRITTEN BY ONE OF THE MOSTKNOWLEDGEABLE MEN INVOLVED IN BRITISH MOTORCYCLES, BERNIE NICHOLSON!The masterpiece of motorcycle mechanics publications. For those operating or restoring any of the English makes or early Americanmotorcycles, Modern Motorcycle Mechanics is the best source for technical details, specifications and general servicing information.A world-class reference on motorcycle design, operating, maintenance and overhaul. This book will save you many times its cover costin repair savings.7th Edition Reprint Features760 PAGES - Full of valuable, interesting and easy to understand information on what you want to know aboutmotorcycles.360 ILLUSTRATIONS - Of models of special interest including latest models and classics, also servicing details. Theservicing illustrations clearly show what you need to know for adjusting, dismantling and assembling work on servicingoperations.MOTORCYCLE DESIGN - The most informative review of American, European and Japanese motorcycle designever published - Current designs and future trends analyzed.SERVICING - There are seventeen individual servicing chapters covering American, British and Japanese makes thatare in general use on this continent.SPECIAL CHAPTERS - Covering “Trouble Tracing”, “Machine Shop Methods”, “Clearances and MetricMeasurement Equivalents”, and “Speed Tuning”.NEW CHAPTERS - “Technical Terms - Definitions”, “Motorcycle Business Considerations and Mechanics Training”,“Outstanding Motorcycles of four decades reviewed”.Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

BCS Book #214-10:The Chopper BibleAlong with the advent of the Classic restoration, custom bike building has made a comeback.If you are building a "Chopper" or customizing your Triumph we can help!Before you start, we recommend that you purchase "The Triumph Chopper Guide". This 125 page reprint of an early70's "Chopper Bible" covers virtually everything you will need or want to know about building the bike you want.The pictures may not be very clear but the information is great!Triumph Chopper GuideContents1970 Triumph500 cc ChopperHow To Buy A TriumphDesigning Your TriumphStripping Your triumphWhat to Cut Off The Swingarm FrameWhat To Cut Off The Rigid FrameSpecificationsRaking The NeckStruts And HardtailsThe Soft TailAttaching The Gas TankSissy BarsFenders And Fork StopsFrame MoldingPaintingTriumph Hub - Harley RimSlugs Can Kill YouExtending Your Front LegsCanada tel: (902)542-7478Springers, Girders And Trick StuffDisassembling The EngineReassembling The EngineThe Triumph TransmissionTriumph Head WorkPistonsCamsClutch RepairAmal CarbsJettingDressing Up The Triumph EngineTriumph ElectricsPolishingChromingTuningTriumph Speed SecretsBig Bore Kitswww.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

Roy Bacon’s Restoration Series213-6355 Triumph Twin RestorationBy Roy Bacon. The best and most complete guide available for restoring all pre-1972 production twins.Detailed coverage of everything from major renovation to general maintenance including restoration,development, how to recognize parts and improve specs. Essential for every Triumph toolbox. Sftbd., 7 1/4"x11", 240 pgs, 200 ill.213-669 BSA Twin RestorationBy Roy Bacon. The only comprehensive guide to the classic BSA twins. This guide is essential to renovatingand restoring all post-war models. Also includes development history, general maintenance, how to recognizeparts and improve specs. Sftbd., 8"x 10 3/4", 240 pgs, 270 ill.213-7084 Norton Twin RestorationBy Roy Bacon. A must for all Norton fans and owners. Complete history and renovation information on allNorton twins produced from 1948-1977. Includes detailed chapters on engines, gearboxes, clutches, carbs,frames and parts. also provides original colours, specs, production data and how to improve the bikes. The bestsource for information and repairs on these classics. Sftbd., 7 3/4"x 10 1/2", 256 pgs, 250 ill.213-7092 BSA Singles RestorationBy Roy Bacon. Packed with hard-to-find valuable information. An expert details the history of BSA from 1945to 1973 and covers the nuts and bolts of restoration, maintenance, specs, improvements and finding parts. Amust for the BSA enthusiast. Sftbd., 8"x 10 1/2", 320 pgs, 250 ill.213-7556 Matchless and AJS RestorationBy Roy Bacon. Very often the difference between a Matchless and an AJS was little more than badging andpaint work. At other times the differences were absolutely critical. Expert cycle restorer Bacon provides all theneeded information needed to tackle any AMC restoration. Rich in anecdotes for the enthusiast. Sftbd., 8"x 101/2", 304 pgs, 250 ill.Lots more books - click on the link below:http://www.britcycle.com/Products/books on british motorcycles.htmNote: Unfortunately not all books on the linked pages are currently available.Canada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

Wrenches, 8 piece, Whitworth Combination, RolsonPart Number 221-22/ERMirror polished, Chrome vanadium steel, Heat treated, Precision nmachinedsizes: 1/8 WW, 3/16" WW, 1/4" WW, 5/16" WW, 3/8" WW, 7/16" WW, 1/2" WW, and 9/16"221-25/A - KOKEN SOCKET SET, BSW, 6 PIECE, 12 POINT221-25/C - KOKEN SOCKET SET, BSW, 8 PIECE, 6 POINT, DEEP221-25/D - KOKEN SOCKET SET, BSW, 8 PIECE, 6 POINT221-25/E - KOKEN SOCKET SET, BA, 9 PIECE, 6 POINTLots of tools available - click the links below:General tools: ry Service Tools: a tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

Remember, we have Gift Certificates!The amount will be placed on the customer’s accountfor use at any time and a copy of the certificate willbe emailed.Mirrors, 8mm, Rectangular, 5" Stem,Black, Left/Right, Pair #561-09Perfect for T140V etc, pre1979 models. Mirror Width (glass only): 4-1/4 in. Mirror Height (glass only): 3-1/4 in. Stem Length: 5 in. Stem Offset: 1 in.-4 in. Thread Size: 8mm right hand threads Glass Tint: tinted Glass Type: FlatWe stock too many mirrors to list here! Please click the link for more:http://www.britcycle.com/products/Handlebar mirrors/handlebar mirrors.htmCanada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

LED Taillight Conversion KitBring your classic British cycle’s lighting into the 21st Century while retaining the originallook with one of our LED taillight conversions! Many times brighter than the originaltungsten bulb, these have multiple light emitting diodes for extremely low power draw withhigh reliability and light output. These custom designed printed circuit boards with diodessecurely attached are a direct upgrade for the original bullet nose or square Lucas styletailight – a few minutes work will transform the old taillight and improve the visibility ofyour motorcycle.Unconditionally guaranteed by us against failure for 12 months from date of purchase!Drive safely after dark!The 391-53973/A LED Taillight Conversion Kit is specifically designed for your BritBike made from 1966-78 with Positive Earth or 1979-83 with Negative Ground. The uniquelyshaped LED Board will fit both the popular 391-53973 (L679) or 391-56513 (L914) Lucasstyle taillights for a simple “Plug and Play” conversion. Some assembly .htmThanks to all our customers and friends as we enter our 43rd year,with same ownership, same phone number, and the same old fashionedbusiness philosophy of personal service.Best wishes for 2020,Mark and the British Cycle Supply Co staffCanada tel: (902)542-7478www.britcycle.comUSA tel: (201)880-0366

256 series: coffee mugs 259-01/enf coffee mug, royal enfield white on red 259-01/tri/l coffee mug, triumph daytona logos on black 259-01/vin/b coffee mug, vincent gold hrd on black 259-01/velo/a coffee mug, velocette gold logo on black 259-01/tri/h coffee mug, triumph meriden, black on grey