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No. 1 - 2015Official Magazine of theWorldwideRosicrucian Order Established in 1915 by the SupremeGrand Lodge of AMORC, RosicrucianPark, San Jose, CA 95191.Copyright 2015 by the SupremeGrand Lodge of AMORC. All rightsreserved. Republication of any portionof Rosicrucian Digest is prohibitedwithout prior written permission of thepublisher.ROSICRUCIAN DIGEST (ISSN#0035–8339) is published bi-annuallyfor 12.00 per year, single copies 6.00,by the Grand Lodge of the EnglishLanguage Jurisdiction, AMORC, at1342 Naglee Ave., San Jose, CA95191. POSTMASTER: Send addressc h a n g e s t o RO S I C RU C I A NDIGEST at 1342 Naglee Ave., SanJose, CA 95191–0001.Printed on 100% recycled post-consumerfiber using soy-based ink.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage iiVol. 93 - No. 1The Mission1The Founding5The Egregore13Rosicrucian Park40Rosicrucian Artists54Rosicrucian Writers59Rosicrucian Musicians64The Future67What’s Next?70

The MissionPage 1

RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsCopyright 1915 and 2015 AMORC.Page 2

The mission ofthe Rosicrucian Order, AMORCis to perpetuate the Rosicrucian teachingsand to contributeto the evolution of consciousness.Page 3

RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsThe Appearance of Clemence Isaure (Golden Isis) to the Troubadours, by Henri Martin.Page 4

The FoundingPage 5

RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 Years1927.Page 6

While there, H. Spencer Lewis wasinitiated into the Rosicrucian Tradition,in an old chateau outside of Toulouse andon another plane of awareness. Followinghis initiation, he met with the Imperatorof the Rosicrucians of France and otherRosicrucians, including the Grand Masterof the Rose-Croix of Toulouse, who askedhim if he would accept the responsibilityof restoring the Rosicrucian Tradition inAmerica.He accepted.In the spring of 1908, while in a deepmeditative state, H. Spencer Lewis, thentwenty-four years old, had a profoundmystical experience in which a spiritualmaster instructed him to seek out theRosicrucians. Following many tests and trials,in the summer of 1909 he was eventually ledto the Rosicrucians in southern France.H. Spencer Lewis was permitted toconsult a collection of books and manuscripts in which the principles and majorlaws of the Order were represented. Hewas also allowed to copy the symbols anddiagrams of the various Rosicrucian ceremonies. These would later become thebasis for the Rosicrucian monographs,along with the wisdom gained through H.Spencer Lewis’s later mystical experiencesand insights.H. Spencer Lewis was also shown symbolic aprons, an altar cloth, and variousarchival documents so that he could takenote of the symbols belonging to the different degrees of the Order.Page 7

H. Spencer and Martha Lewis on their honeymoon, 1914.At the conclusion of this meeting, H.Spencer Lewis was informed that he wasnow in possession of all the necessary instructions, but that other inner experiences were yet to come. He was also told thatno Lodge should be opened in Americauntil 1915.Following this experience, H. SpencerLewis wrote to his wife,Mollie, “ all my hopeson this trip have beenrealized, but not without many tests and trials . . . At last I am inthe R C, thank God,but the Oaths and vowsare severe. How manyin America will I find tokeep them with me.”Over the nextfew years, H. Spencer Lewis prepared forthe reemergence ofthe Rosicrucian Orderin America. In 1913,Mollie went throughtransitionfollowingcomplications from aRosicrucianruptured appendix andDigestAMORCnow, in addition to his100 YearsPage 8Martha Lewis.many other responsibilities, H. SpencerLewis was the single parent of two youngchildren – Vivian, then six years old, andRalph, then ten years old.In 1914, H. Spencer Lewis met Martha Morfier. A few months later they weremarried. Martha was so indispensible to

the founding of the Rosicrucian Order,AMORC that when the time came to initiate its first candidate, Martha was unanimously chosen for that honor.She stayed closely involved with all aspects of the organization throughout H.Spencer Lewis’s lifeand then later whenher stepson, RalphLewis, succeededhim as Imperator.Her wisdom, focus, and generosityof resources and ofspirit greatly contributed to the success of AMORCin ways that mostmembers are unaware of.When H. Spencer Lewis agreedto re-establish theRosicrucian Order,AMORC in America he was specifically instructed to doso in the year 1915 May Banks-Stacey.and was told thatfrom time to time he would meet otherswho would add certain papers and devicesuntil his working tools were complete.Mrs. May Banks-Stacey was the personwho most fulfilled this special mission. Shehad been introduced to the RosicrucianTradition in India, while traveling therewith her son, an Army captain, and fromthere she was initiated into the Rosicrucian tradition in Egypt.Mrs. Banks-Stacey, who had previously met H. Spencer Lewis at the New YorkInstitute for Psychical Research, where hewas the President, contacted him in the fallof 1914. Then on his birthday, November25, 1914, she placed in his hands papersand a “mystical jewel” that had officiallybeen transmitted to her.H. Spencer Lewis stated that it waswhile May Banks-Stacey was in Egyptthat the Rosicrucians there gave her thisjewel (today on display in the RosicrucianResearch Library) and some sealed documents that she was to keep until anotherperson came alongand presented herwith an exact copyof one of the sealsand called upon herassistance to establish the RosicrucianOrder in America.The documentswere some that theRosicrucians of Francehad explained to H.Spencer Lewis inEurope in 1909 andwhich were promisedto come to him bya special messengerat the time that heneeded them most.H. Spencer Lewis and May BanksStacey decided topool their effortsand on December 20, 1914 they published an announcement in the New YorkSunday Herald inviting people interestedin Rosicrucianism to join them.May Banks-Stacey’s contributionswere so essential that H. Spencer Lewis always referred to her as the co-founder ofthe Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.Within a short time they met ThorKiimalehto, who soon became one of H.Spencer Lewis’s closest friends and later aGrand Master of the Order in America.In February 1915, nine fratres and sorores, including H. Spencer and MarthaLewis, May Banks-Stacey, and Thor Kiimalehto became the organizing committee of the Supreme Council for America.Following years of intense preparation, thePage 9

Then, in late 1927, H. Spencer Lewismoved the headquarters of the RosicrucianOrder, AMORC to San Jose, California,and began to establish what would becomeRosicrucian Park. Even when RosicrucianPark included just one small plot of landwith the previous Administration Buildingand small temple, the Order’s letterheadstated: Rosicrucian Park. As H. SpencerLewis did on many occasions, he actedin the present in the belief of what wouldmanifest in the future.This is the story of the founding of theRosicrucian Order, AMORC.Thor Kiimalehto.Rosicrucian Order, AMORC was foundedon April 1, 1915. H. Spencer Lewis wasunanimously elected to serve as the Imperator and Grand Master General.The Order was based in New York Cityuntil 1918 when H. Spencer Lewis traveled to San Francisco. While there, he hadanother mystical experience involving thesame spiritual master who had contactedhim in 1908, which inspired him to movethe headquarters of the Order to San Francisco. He stated that moving to California, more than San Francisco, was the realobjective as he had experienced some realizations of the Order’s connections withnearby Carmel and the Rosicrucians whohad landed there with the Sebastián Vizcaíno map-making expedition in 1602.Later research has substantiated much ofwhat H. Spencer Lewis experienced in hismeditative state.In 1925, the headquarters of the RosiRosicrucian crucian Order was briefly moved to TamDigestpa, Florida.AMORC100 YearsPage 10The Rosicrucian Tradition andteachings have been perpetuated byindividuals since the publication of thefirst Rosicrucian manifesto, the FamaFraternitatis, in 1614, and through thelong traditional lineage of the westernesoteric tradition, since the time of themost ancient Mystery Schools thousandsof years ago.Some of these mystics gave their livesin order to perpetuate this wisdom. Manywere persecuted or harassed. Most weretried and tested until found worthy ofinstruction.In 1915, this wisdom – theRosicrucian Tradition – was destined tobe perpetuated in North America and fromthere throughout the world by someone.H. Spencer Lewis, and those serving withhim, fulfilled their destinies, their CosmicMissions, by perpetuating the RosicrucianTradition and we continue this missionwith our participation as Rosicrucianstoday.Let us ever be aware of the sacred lightwith which we are entrusted.

The Directors and Administrators of the Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC with Imperator ChristianBernard. From left to right: Ilkka Laaksonen (General Administrator, Finnish Administration), Héliode Moraes e Marques (SGL Director and Grand Master of the Portuguese Language Jurisdiction), Iakovos Giannakopoulos (General Administrator, Greek Administration), Atsushi Honjo (SGL Director andGrand Master of the Japanese Language Jurisdiction), Sven Johansson (SGL Vice President and GrandMaster of the English Grand Lodge for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), Marie Metzler (GeneralAdministrator, Polish Administration), Kenneth Idiodi (SGL Director and Grand Administrator for theEnglish speaking West African Administration, including Nigeria), Klaas-Jan Bakker (SGL Director andGrand Master of the Dutch Grand Lodge), Maximilian Neff (SGL Board Treasurer and Grand Master ofthe German Grand Lodge), Imperator Christian Bernard, Akos Ekes (General Administrator, Hungarian Administration), Paul Panikian (SGL Director and Grand Master of the English Grand Lodge forAustralia, Asia, and New Zealand), Julie Scott (SGL Board Secretary and Grand Master of the EnglishGrand Lodge for the Americas), Claudio Mazzucco (SGL Director and Grand Master of the Italian GrandLodge), Serge Toussaint (SGL Director and Grand Master of the French Grand Lodge), Hugo Casas (SGLDirector and Grand Master of the Spanish Grand Lodge for Europe, Africa, and Asia), Live Söderlund(SGL Director and Grand Master of the Scandinavian Grand Lodge), Roland Brisson (SGL Director andGrand Master of the Spanish Grand Lodge for the Americas), Michal Eben (SGL Director and GrandMaster of the Czech and Slovakian Grand Lodge), Vladimir Koptelov (General Administrator, RussianAdministration). Photo taken at the Rosicrucian Domain in Lachute, Quebec, Canada, 2014, at the Annual Supreme Grand Lodge Board of Directors meeting.Page 11

RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 12

The EgregorePage 13

RosicrucianDigestAMORCYearsLewis.H.100SpencerPage 14

TThe Egregorehe Rosicrucian egregore is the cosmicenergy field to which all Rosicrucianshave access because of our affiliationwith AMORC.Whenever a Rosicrucian studies amonograph, conducts a mystical experiment, prays, meditates, participates in thework of the Council of Solace, devotestime to Cosmic Communion, or createsan inspiring work of science, art, or literature, he or she radiates into space positivethoughts and emotions which benefit allother members and humanity in general.Likewise, those who unite at Conventionsand in the affiliated bodies during Convocations and Temple Degree Initiations, alsoset especially positive forces into motion.To this combination of individual and collective influences is added the energy thatthe Imperator and the Grand Masters constantly generate in the accomplishment oftheir respective functions.The egregore of the Order extendsbeyond the usual limits of space/time toinclude the mystics, philosophers, andtraditions of the past, including those inthe Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt andGreece who so richly contributed to ourRosicrucian teachings today; our Gnostic,Kabbalist, and Alchemist forebears; theRosicrucians of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; and all members of theRosicrucian Order, AMORC from 1915to today, around the world – those whomwe know and those whom we will nevermeet.The egregore also includes the Rosicrucians to come, including those who havenot even been born yet.The next pages honor some of themany people, events, and ideas that havecontributed to the Rosicrucian Egregoreover the past 100 years.Page 15

Oath dated May 1915, signedRosicrucianDigest by Harvey Spencer Lewis, ThorKiimalehto, May Banks Stacey,AMORCMartha Lewis, and other members.100 YearsPage 16

H. Spencer Lewis inCarmel, California in1918. Note the map in hishands from which he foundthe clues as to the locationof the buried records leftby the mystics who cameto the Pacific Coast withVizcaino in 1602. In wason this trip that H. SpencerLewis decided to move theheadquarters of the Orderto California – first to SanFrancisco, then later to SanJose.Page 17

Ralph M. Lewis working from the headquarters of the Order in San Francisco, 1924.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 Years1929 AMORC Convention at Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, California.Page 18

Rosicrucian Initiatic Journey to Egypt, 1929.Page 19

RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 20

1931 advertisementPage 21

RosicrucianDigestAMORCFUDOSI100Years Manifesto, 1934.Page 22

Cecil Poole, Secretary of the Supreme Grand Lodge, and RalphLewis in front of the pylons being constructed at RosicrucianPark.Imperator H. Spencer Lewis depositing the time capsule in thesphinx in front of the newly constructed Rose Croix UniversityInternational building.Rosicrucian Planetarium Dedication, from the San Jose Mercury News, 1936.Page 23

Frater Ralph M. Lewis in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt, 1936.View of Rosicrucian Park down Naglee Avenue, San Jose, California, 1938.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsRosicrucian Research Lab, 1938.Page 24

From the Suffolk Citizen (New York) newspaper, March 1940.The Rosicrucian Orchestra performing in Francis Bacon Auditorium,Rosicrucian Park, 1940s.Rosicrucian member, 1944.Page 25

Alchemy class in Alchemy Lab at Rosicrucian Park, 1946.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsRCUI Class at Rosicrucian Park with RCUI Instructor Erwin Watermayer, 1947.Page 26

San Jose Mercury News, July 17, 1949. Top photograph shows Diana Boveé Sayler working on one of the murals in the Grand Temple, withCecil Poole watching.Page 27

1950s.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 28Rosicrucian members on a day trip to the Redwood Forest.

Imperator Ralph and Gladys Lewis with Rosicrucian members in the Caribbean.Olive Asher, Inspector-General for Minneapolis (later TMO Administrator for the Grand Heptad), Lonnie Edwards, MD,Master, Nefertiti Lodge (later author of Spiritual Laws that Govern the Universe and Humanity and current Vice President of theBoard of Directors of the English Grand Lodge), and Joseph Weed, Grand Councilor for the North Atlantic states (later authorof the Rosicrucian book, Wisdom of the Mystic Masters), 1963.Page 29

1964 advertisementRosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsImperator Ralph M. Lewis and San Jose Mayor Joseph Pace at the opening of theRosicrucian Egyptian Museum, 1966.Page 30

Frater Edward Lee was on his way to a convention in Nigeria when Imperator Ralph M. Lewis asked him if he wouldstop in the Great Pyramid to record what would become the very well known “Vowel Sounds in the Great Pyramid”recording, 1972.Page 31

Frater Christian Bernard, then Grand Master ofthe French Grand Lodge, presents an inscribedkey to the Gladys Lewis Auditorium in Paris toImperator Ralph Lewis, on February 14, 1981, inhonor of Ralph Lewis’s birthday and his 60th year ofmembership in the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 32

2004.Frater Christian Bernard installed as Imperator, 1990.Page 33

AMORC’s international, trans-disciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal, launched in 2004, Cultural Center of New York City, dedicated by Imperator Christian Bernard, March 2013.Rosicrucian DigestIn 2014, the English Grand Lodgecompleted its series of seventeen issues ofthe Rosicrucian Digest featuring the mostimportant traditions that have contributedto Rosicrucianism today, beginning withmysterious Atlantis and culminating withthe Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 34

The fourth Rosicrucian Manifesto, 2001.MANIFESTOAppellatioFraternitatis Rosae Crucis1614 - 2014Salutem Punctis Trianguli!In 1614, the Rosicrucians came out of anonymity by publishing theFama Fraternitatis. Four centuries later, we, the deputies of the SupremeCouncil of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, are calling to men andwomen of good will, so that they might join us to work towards reconcilinghumanity with itself, nature, and the Divine. This is why we place thisAppellatio under the auspices of spirituality, humanism, and ecology SpiritualityHumanismR CEcologySo Mote It Be!The fifth Rosicrucian manifesto, 2014.Page 35

Launched in 2008, connects Rosicrucian Members from throughout the world.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsLaunched in 2009, AMORC’s Facebook page now has over 249,000 followers.Page 36

Launched in 2009, AMORC’s Twitter page now has over 7,000 followers.Launched in 2015, AMORC’s Instagram page is a place for guests to Rosicrucian Park to share their images of the beautiful gardensand museum collection.Page 37

The Board of Directors of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. President, Grand Master JulieScott, Vice President Lonnie Edwards, M.D., Treasurer Julian Johnson, Secretary Karen Wark.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 38

Letter from United States President Barack Obama congratulating the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC on 100 years of service.Page 39

Rosicrucian ParkAkhnaton ShrineThe Akhnaton Shrine commemorates the lives of AMORC’s founder and ImperatorH. Spencer Lewis (1883 – 1939), Imperator Ralph M. Lewis (1904 – 1987), and otherdevoted members and officers of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. Rosicrucian membersvisit this shrine to meditate and honor the memories of these dedicated Rosicrucians.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 40

Alchemy ExhibitIn anticipation of the opening of the new Alchemy Museum at Rosicrucian Park, thenew Alchemy Exhibit (curated by Frater Dennis Hauck) features a journey through theseven stages of the Alchemical process, a meditation chamber, and a full-size reproduction of an Alchemist’s workshop.Alchemy GardenThe new Alchemy Garden at Rosicrucian Park features four elemental gardens, eachrepresenting one of the primary elements of Alchemy - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Eachelemental garden culminates in a raised planter at the center of the garden, formed in theshape of the Alchemical symbol that represents that garden’s element. Each planter contains plants associated with the respective element, for use in the Alchemy Laboratory.All of the plants throughout the garden are native to northern California or aredrought tolerant and represent characteristics of the respective alchemical elements, byshowing the appropriate colors, characteristics, or ecological habitat associations. Forexample, native plants that are ecologically adapted to fire are in the Fire Garden, alongwith plants with red flowers, bark, berries, etc.Alchemy is one of the mystical traditions that greatly contributed to the RosicrucianTradition and is studied by Rosicrucian students.Page 41

Grand TempleRosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsThis beautiful and inspiring building is modeled after the great Temple of Hathor atDendera in ancient Egypt. The Grand Temple was dedicated on July 17, 1949 with waterfrom sacred rivers around the world and continues to be the spiritual and mystical homefor Rosicrucians throughout the world.Page 42

Peace PoleObeliskThis obelisk is a three-quarter size replica of the original which stood before theHouse of the Sun at Heliopolis – the Biblical city of “On” – in 2300 BCE. Obelisksrepresented a connection with the Divineto the ancient Egyptians. The hieroglyphssay in part: Horus, the one born of life,King of the North and South, Kheper-KaRa.This beautiful hand-crafted monument displays “May Peace Prevail onEarth” in twelve languages. There are tensof thousands of Peace Poles planted in 180countries around the world - all dedicatedas monuments to Peace.Each year the United Nations celebrates September 21 as the InternationalDay of Peace. Peacebuilders everywhereperform a powerful act of planetary acupuncture on this date by sending energythrough all the Peace Poles around theplanet for a Global Attunement of Peace.At Rosicrucian Park we also celebratethe Rosicrucian Day of Peace on the fourthSunday of June. All are welcome.Page 43

Pythagoras StatuePythagoras (ca. 570 to 490 BCE) isone of the most important philosophers inthe history of the Western world.He deeply influenced astronomy,cosmology, mathematics, and philosophy– especially the Rosicrucian Tradition. ThePythagorean Way of Life serves as a modelof moral and ethical values that deeplyresonate with the Rosicrucian Tradition.His study of the universe was inspiredby his desire to feel a closer connectionwith the Divine. This inquiry, initiatedRosicrucian 2,500 years ago, can rightly be called theDigestbeginning of the scientific inquiry thatAMORCcontinues to today.100 YearsPage 44This statue is an authorized reproduction of the original created by NicholasIkaris, which stands at the harbor of Pythagorio, Samos, Greece – the birthplaceof Pythagoras.As with the Magician or Magus cardin the tarot and Hermes Trismegistusin the Hermetic Tradition (As above, sobelow), Pythagoras stands with his rightarm extended upward and his left armdown at his side, holding a right triangle.Pythagoras gazes upward toward theCosmos, a term that he coined to describethe great, harmonious whole. Cosmosmeans: Something beautiful to look at.

Rosicrucian Egyptian MuseumArchitecturally inspired by the Temple of Amon at Karnak, the Rosicrucian EgyptianMuseum houses the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts on display in WesternNorth America, including objects from pre-dynastic times through Egypt’s early Islamicera, as well as Assyrian and Babylonian artifacts.The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum continues to enrich the community with manycultural and educational activities.HISTORYThe Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum began with one small artifact (see RC1 on nextpage), a Sekhmet (lion goddess) statue, which stood on the desk of H. Spencer Lewis, thefounder of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.In the 1920s AMORC supported the excavations of the Egypt Exploration Societyin Tel-el-Amarna (Akhetaten), the city of the Pharaoh Akhnaton. In gratitude, the EgyptExploration Society donated several artifacts from their finds to AMORC.H. Spencer Lewis encouraged members to add to this collection, which they did.In 1927 H. Spencer Lewis conceived of a public collection. He had glass cases builtfor the artifacts on the second floor of AMORC’s Administration building.In 1929 AMORC sponsored an initiatic journey through Egypt, led by H. SpencerLewis. This trip generated much enthusiasm, which resulted in additional donations ofartifacts and funds for the Museum.By 1932 the collection had outgrown its second-floor home, so an additional building was constructed – the Rosicrucian Egyptian Oriental Museum.Ralph M. Lewis, H. Spencer Lewis’s son and successor as Imperator of AMORC,directed the growth of the Museum over the next few decades.Page 45

By the early 1960s the Museum’s collection had grown tomore than 2,000 artifacts. A fully modern and larger museumfacility was now needed.In 1965 Ralph Lewis personally led the research team thatexplored many tombs and temples in Egypt, on which the newMuseum building was modeled.In November 1966 the new Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum opened.Today the Museum, with over 4,000 artifacts, houses thelargest collection of authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts ondisplay in Western North America.The Museum hosts more than 100,000 guests per year,including 26,000 school children.The Museum highly values collaborative research and inrecent years has worked on projects with: Stanford University,UCLA, NASA Ames Bio-computation Lab, the British Museum, National Geographic, the History Channel, and others.The Museum’s future looks promising with new exhibits,tours, and workshops, continuing research and scholarship,and a perennial commitment to education and service.1930.This incense burner was used during rituals in an ancient Egyptian temple.Sekmet statue – RC1 –the first artifact in thecollection that wouldbecome the RosicrucianEgyptian Museum.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 46

Akhnaton ring – This ring,on display in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum,once belonged to the Pharaoh Akhnaton, early in hisreign, before he changed hisname.SheritExtensive research has beenconducted on this child mummy,without removing one piece oflinen, through a partnership withStanford University Hospital,NASA Bio-computational Lab,and Silicon Graphics. Analysis ofthe CT scans indicates that thislittle girl was between four anda half and six years old and washealthy until she died suddenly,possibly from meningitis or dysentery. Today she is affectionately known as “Sherit,” ancientEgyptian for “Little One.”Page 47

Rosicrucian LabyrinthThe Rosicrucian Labyrinth is based on the design of the Chartres Labyrinth, whichhas inspired spiritual wayfarers for at least 800 years. Labyrinths around the world havebeen effective meditation tools for millennia.The paths of the Rosicrucian Labyrinth are surrounded by native plants, which createthe outline of the labyrinth design. The paths were built sufficiently wide so that guestsin wheelchairs can easily navigate the turns. An oak grove, sacred in many of the ancientmystery traditions, surrounds the Labyrinth.This beautiful Labyrinth, accessible to all and nestled within a sacred grove, providesthe opportunity for the hundreds of thousands of members and guests who visit Rosicrucian Park each year to experience its tranquility in new and profound ways. It alsodemonstrates the benefits of living in harmony with our environment and our naturalresources – a principle at the core of the Rosicrucian teachings and a practice especiallyimportant at this time in humanity’s history.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 48

Rosicrucian Peace GardenWhat you see before you is a manifestation of the love Rosicrucians feelfor this place that we call Rosicrucian Park and the commitment we feeltoward the ideals of Peace and Tolerance.-Grand Master Julie Scott, Rosicrucian Peace Garden dedication speech, 2004This beautiful educational garden, authentic to the Eighteenth Dynasty of ancientEgypt, is based on examples of gardens from the remains of the city of Akhetaton, nowcalled Amarna. The ancient Egyptians would relax in a garden like this next to theirhome—a garden full of medicinal plants and beautiful and fragrant flowers.Thoughtful attention was given to every detail in the Rosicrucian Peace Garden,creating a truly educational and inspirational experience for guests at Rosicrucian Park.Rosicrucians and friends around the world celebrate the Rosicrucian Day of Peaceon the fourth Sunday of June each year.I contribute to Peace when I respect Nature andpreserve it for generations to come.Page 49

Rosicrucian PlanetariumThis building of Moorish design (honoring the important contributions of the Arabastronomers) was the fifth planetarium built in the United States and the first to housean American-made star projector, designed and constructed by H. Spencer Lewis. Todaycomplimentary space shows are presented daily.Right: H. Spencer Lewis demonstratingthe new star projector that he had personally made by hand. From The SanJose News, 1936.RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsPage 50

Rosicrucian Research LibraryThe collection of the Rosicrucian Research Library began in the early 1900s. Thecurrent building, envisioned by Ralph M. Lewis, was designed by his brother, architectEarle Lewis, and was constructed in 1939.Dedicated to the pursuit of Rosicrucian knowledge, the Rosicrucian Research Librarycontains a remarkable collection of books and other research materials on most esotericsubjects, as well as cultural, scientific, and other fascinating material.Rosicrucian members, visiting scholars, students, and interested members of thepublic are welcome to study here.The new Rare Books Room displays some of the Library’s most important works,including the Rosicrucian Manifestos of the early 1600s, rare books by Jacob Boehme,Michael Maier, Robert Fludd, Francis Bacon, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, and otherexceptional works.Fama Fraternitatis, Confessio Fraternitatis, Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.The Rosicrucian Manifestos. 1616. Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, handcolored by Imperator H. Spencer Lewis. Of Errors and Truth by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, 1775. Rosicrucian Reflections by Imperator Christian Bernard. First edition, signed, 2012.Page 51

Rosicrucian Park has been organic since the year 2000 and since 2005 more than5,000 native plants have been planted, replacing water-hungry lawns, resulting in asavings of more than 10 million gallons of water per year!RosicrucianDigestAMORC100 YearsGrand Master Julie Scott receives a proclamation from San Jose mayor, Ron Gonzalez, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.Page 52

Alchemist Dennis Hauck, Ph.D., FRC, leading members and guests on a tour of thenew Alchemy Exhibit at Rosicrucian Park at the Exhibit Opening, June 2015.Grand Master Julie Scott and members at the Dedication of the new RosicrucianLabyrinth, June 2015.Page 53

Spreading the Li

Order, AMORC to San Jose, California, and began to establish what would become Rosicrucian Park. Even when Rosicrucian Park included just one small plot of land with the previous Administration Building and small temple, the Order’s letterhead stated: Rosicrucian Park. As H. Spencer Lewis did on many occasions, he acted