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FEBRUARY 8, 2015DIABLO-BOWMEN.ORGDiablo BowmenArchery ClubFEB 2015CLUB SHOOTEVERY SECONDSATURDAY900 SHOOTEVERY LASTSATURDAYARCHERYPresident’s MessageBy Pat Miller, President ([email protected])Hello Members of Diablo Bowmen,Thank you all for the tremendous amount of help with our Winter Hunt work party and Shoot. Wereceived many compliments from archers that attended the shoot, stating how much fun they hadand how well the course was set up. For that, I would like to thank Cleon Winter, for all the time he!1

FEBRUARY 8, 2015spent laying out and the 5 days he spent setting up. Cleon prettymuch had all the targets set, so with all the man power we had onthe work day, we were able to make progress on the Dixon round.DIABLO-BOWMEN.ORGWinter Hunt 2015The Shoot Sunday seemed to run smoothly. Weather wasperfect!!! The Cook Shack whipped up some delicious breakfastburritos. Lunch served 2 entrees. Gavin’s Specialty burger calledthe “Caribbean” with sautéed onions, jack cheese, tomatoes servedon a sesame seed bun. Or, you could order the 1/3 lb “Santa Fe”dog. Prime cut with red/green bell peppers served on a freshbaked sour dough roll. What a hit. Gavin & crew you definitelyshould open a restaurant. OK, so I slightly embellished theentrees.We have many new members that are using the range andattending our work parties. As you meet them, please introduceyourself and welcome them.The outdoor tournament season is right around the corner.Kicking it off with Yuba Sutter the 15th of February. This is a funcourse to shoot- especially the crocodile across the lake. As usual,March is loaded with shoots.Outreach ProgramBy Kent Swindell, Membership ChairWe started off 2015 with a mother and her daughter on Jan 4thand the Doris Eaton School in Walnut Creek. On Jan. 11th, wehad 13 girl scouts and 5 adults. On Jan. 31st, we had boy scouttroop #247. There are 18 boys and 5 adults.I want to thank Anton and Ellen Pritz for giving me a hand withthe girl scouts from Doris Eaton School. Without them, it wouldhave been next to impossible to handle. If you would like to helpwith scouts (boys or girls) or other organizations contact me at925-798-3345.Winter Hunt 2015By Cleon Winter, Board MemberThe Winter Hunt has come and gone and I would like to thankthose who help me put it on. There is a long list, so thank you all.The 900 Round is coming up February 28. Let me know if youcan help with the setup. See you at the 900. RSVP by calling meat 925-628-9951 or emailing me at [email protected]!2

FEBRUARY 8, 2015DIABLO-BOWMEN.ORGShooters’ CornerBy Bill Potts, Vice PresidentState Indoor Shoot: Seven members from our club(Dave Mchuron, Carol Jorgensen, Bill Jorgensen, GeorgeMerjano, Nicholas Merjano, Jacob Massey and Bill Potts)participated in the State indoor championships. The shootis 45 arrows with 450 points the maximum score. JacobMassey shot very well with a 446 in the Freestyle classand a 447 in the BHFS class, way to go Jacob. We wererepresented in the Longbow, Recurve, Barebow, BHFSand Freestyle classes. After talking to all of theparticipants from our club, everyone had fun shooting.The scores will be posted soon on the CBHSAA website,we will see if we have any competitive scores from ourmembers. Great job to our members for going out andparticipating in the State tournament.2014 Club Shoot ChampionsM A BHFS Jon MossF A BHFS Prolet MiteveM S BHFS Gavin CoxM SS BHFS Anton PirtzM MS BB Dave McHuronM S FS Pat MillerM S Trad Bill JorgensenF A Trad Erin PelkeyVegas Shoot: I will be attending the "Vegas Shoot" thisyear for my first time along with club members George and Nicholas Merjano (and several RedwoodBowmen members). We will write an article for the next newsletter about our experience. This is thebiggest and most prestigious indoor shoot in the world and is on a lot of shooters' "bucket list".NCFAA Regional Tournament: The first leg of the 2015 NCFAA regional tournament is on March1st and is the indoor "Flint" round at Northwoods Bowmen. The regional is a competition consistingof four different shooting rounds (indoor, 3D,900 and field) between all of the members from theclubs in our region (Northern California Field Archery Association), which is a sub unit of "CBHSAA"our state organization. Pre-registration is required for the indoor and 900 rounds at this year'stournament. This is a great tournament for people who have never shot in competition, all of theshooters are friendly and helpful. We will be hosting the field round at our range on October 11th,2015. FYI-To qualify for winner's belt buckle, you must be an NFAA member.Regional Tournament contact infoDawnel [email protected] Diablo Club Shoot: Saturday, February 14Next Diablo 900 Round Shoot: February 28thAttention Turkey HunterA Turkey hunting seminar will be given byScott Allder on March 7th . He will bediscussing turkey hunting, habitat, calling,equipment set up, etc. Seminar will be afterclub meeting on patio outside the clubhouse.!3

FEBRUARY 8, 2015DIABLO-BOWMEN.ORGWinners of the Winter HuntBy Bill Potts, Vice President!4

FEBRUARY 8, 2015Upcoming EventsDIABLO-BOWMEN.ORGDiablo Bowmen Officers2015PresidentPat MillerVice PresidentBill PottsPast PresidentAngel Yarnell2/15/2015 Yuba Sutter Bowhunters (32nd Annual Shoot) San Diego Archers (Hunter Round)SecretarySharla RushTreasurerDave McHuron2/21/2015Mojave Archers (Lucky 7 Combo Novelty & 3-D)Range ManagerBill JorgensenTwo Year Board MemberBrian Slattengren2/22/2015 Pasadena Roving Archers (21 or Bust) Riverside Archers (Team Toughman)One Year Board MemberCleon Winter2/28 Diablo Bowmen (900 Shoot) El Dorado Hills Bowmen (Open Shoot)HistorianKathy BuddingMembership ChairKent Swindell3/1/2015Northwoods Bowmen's Club (NCFAA RegionalIndoor)Webmaster / NewsletterIvan Bueno2/14/2015 Diablo Bowmen (Club Shoot) Yuba Sutter Bowhunters (11th Annual Jess OrhtMem.)3/1/2015 San Diego Archers (Iron Turkey Challenge) Verdugo Hills Archers (Wildwoods 3D Invitational)3/7/2015 Diablo Bowmen (Work Party, Meeting) Bowhunters Unlimited (Al Hartford/Fred BearLegacy Shoot)3/7 & 8/2015 Straight Arrow Bowhunters (Spring Warm Up) Woodlake Antelope Archers (Broken Arrow) Yahi Bowmen (Spring Fling)3/8/2015Mojave Archers (Shivering Indian 3-D)3/14/2015 Orestimba Field Archers (Twin Rivers Shoot) Diablo Bowmen (Club Shoot)3/15/2015 Black Mtn. Bowmen (Golden Arrow) Ishi Archery Club (Spring Fling)Dan Wright Riverside Archers (St. Patty’s Day 3D) San Diego Archers (Field Round) Yolo Bowmen (Oasis Shoot)3/21-22/15Lodi Bowmen (Cartoon Classic)3/21/15Santa Ynez Valley Bow Club (Archers Challenge)3/22/15 Bear State Bowhunters (3D Annual Bear Ass Shoot) Cherry Valley Bowhunters (Bighorn Canyon RanchShoot)3/28/15 West Point Rod & Gun (Rain Dance) Diablo Bowmen (900 Shoot)3/29/2015Mojave Archers (Mojave Traditional Shoot)3/29/2015Madera Field Archers (Annual Bounty Hunt)!5

FEBRUARY 8, 2015DIABLO-BOWMEN.ORGMore Winter Hunt PhotosMore photos on ourFacebook page:facebook.com/diabloarchery!6

Yuba Sutter Bowhunters (11th Annual Jess Orht Mem.) 2/15/2015 Yuba Sutter Bowhunters (32nd Annual Shoot) San Diego Archers (Hunter Round) 2/21/2015 Mojave Archers (Lucky 7 Combo Novelty & 3-D) 2/22/2015 Pasadena Roving Archers (21 or Bust) Riverside Archers (Team Toughman)