2021 North Carolina County Health Rankings

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North Carolina2021 State Level Data and Ranks

County Health Rankings 20212021 County Health Rankings for North Carolina: Measures and National/State ResultsMeasureHEALTH OUTCOMESPremature death*Poor or fair healthPoor physical health daysPoor mental health daysLow birthweight*HEALTH FACTORSHEALTH BEHAVIORSAdult smokingAdult obesityFood environment indexPhysical inactivityAccess to exerciseopportunitiesExcessive drinkingAlcohol-impaired drivingdeathsSexually transmittedinfectionsTeen births*CLINICAL CAREUninsuredPrimary care physiciansDentistsMental health providersPreventable hospitalstays*Mammographyscreening*Flu s of potential life lost before age 75 per 100,000 population (age-adjusted).Percentage of adults reporting fair or poor health (age-adjusted).Average number of physically unhealthy days reported in past 30 days (ageadjusted).Average number of mentally unhealthy days reported in past 30 days (ageadjusted).Percentage of live births with low birthweight ( 2,500 . of adults who are current smokers (age-adjusted).Percentage of the adult population (age 20 and older) that reports a body massindex (BMI) greater than or equal to 30 kg/m2.Index of factors that contribute to a healthy food environment, from 0 (worst) to10 (best).Percentage of adults age 20 and over reporting no leisure-time physical activity.Percentage of population with adequate access to locations for physical %23%74%15%6%42%100%Percentage of adults reporting binge or heavy drinking (age-adjusted).Percentage of driving deaths with alcohol involvement.19%27%18%28%14%0%22%50%Number of newly diagnosed chlamydia cases per 100,000 r of births per 1,000 female population ages 15-19.Percentage of population under age 65 without health insurance.Ratio of population to primary care physicians.Ratio of population to dentists.Ratio of population to mental health providers.Rate of hospital stays for ambulatory-care sensitive conditions per 100,000Medicare enrollees.Percentage of female Medicare enrollees ages 65-74 that received an annualmammography screening.Percentage of fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare enrollees that had an annual fluvaccination.SOCIAL & ECONOMIC FACTORSHigh school completionPercentage of adults ages 25 and over with a high school diploma or equivalent.Some collegePercentage of adults ages 25-44 with some post-secondary education.UnemploymentPercentage of population ages 16 and older unemployed but seeking work.Children in poverty*Percentage of people under age 18 in poverty.Income inequalityRatio of household income at the 80th percentile to income at the 20thpercentile.Children in single-parent Percentage of children that live in a household headed by single parent.householdsSocial associationsNumber of membership associations per 10,000 population.Violent crimeNumber of reported violent crime offenses per 100,000 population.Injury deaths*Number of deaths due to injury per 100,000 population.PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTAir pollution - particulate Average daily density of fine particulate matter in micrograms per cubic metermatter(PM2.5).Drinking water violations Indicator of the presence of health-related drinking water violations. 'Yes'indicates the presence of a violation, 'No' indicates no violation.Severe housing problems Percentage of households with at least 1 of 4 housing problems: overcrowding,high housing costs, lack of kitchen facilities, or lack of plumbing facilities.Driving alone to work*Percentage of the workforce that drives alone to work.Long commute - drivingAmong workers who commute in their car alone, the percentage that commutealonemore th

North Carolina . 2021 State Level Data and Ranks . County Health Rankings 2021 . . Poor or fair health Percentage of adults reporting fair or poor health (age-adjusted). 17% 18% 14% 31% . Diet and Exerci