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Learn It!PositivityWhen we feel anxiety, stress or any othernegative emotion, experiencing positiveemotions can help our bodies return tonormal physiological functioning. Accordingto the Mayo Clinic, positive emotions resultin improved sleep. Studies even have alsoshown that positivity improves your immunesystem.Quote Reflection: ‘If you have a stonein your shoe, it hurts and you’ll fix theproblem.’ Martin Seligman.Get Crafty!Grab some pens andpaper to draw thisfox.Music Time‘Bright Side of Life’by RebelutionMindful MomentsHeadspaceThe Impatient YogiWe know positivity has many benefits, butwhy is this so hard at times? What are thebarriers to positive thinking?Create an individual flowchart thatconsiders negative situations or emotionsthat you might encounter and put into placeinterventions you can use to boost yourpositive emotions, using the ‘HappinessEnhancing’ sheet provided (see below).Watch It!BarbaraFredrickson:The PositivityRatio’Quotable Quote‘Everything can be taken awayfrom a man but one thing: the lastof the human freedoms - to chooseone’s attitude in any given set ofcircumstances.’– Viktor Frankl –B Institute of Positive Education5-minuteMeditation

Wash Your Hands1. Wet your hands.2. Use soap.3. Rub the soap all over your handswhile you sing the alphabet songtwice.4. Rinse your hands in running water.5. Dry your hands with paper towel.Saying Hello!Instead of a hug, have funsaying hello to your friendsin a different way. Institute of Positive Education1.2.3. 1 Institute of Positive Education 1Three Good Things ThatHappened This Week:Hand ShakeEnergy: LowEquipment: NoneDuration: 1 minuteSleep TrackerHow many hours of sleep did you get?Sun Mon Tue Wed ThuFriSatIncrease students’ focus by engaging in an activity that requiresconcentration and coordination.Students stand with their arms extended in front of them and theirpalms facing away from their body, as if gesturing for someone tostop.Students simultaneously move their right hand left-to-right and theirleft hand up and down, then swap.Challenge: Students see how quickly they can complete thesemovements or call out ‘swap!’ at random intervals.Reflection: My Week2 Institute of Positive Education Institute of Positive Education C

POSITIVITY FLOWCHART EXAMPLEMY DAYUnkind words spokenFeeling isolated oraloneFeeling anxious aboutexamsAcknowledge and accept the feelingRepeat a positiveaffirmationWrite someone else apositive noteText a friend or sendthem a SnapCreate a studytimetableDo a body scanmeditationBoostingself-esteem and selfworthFocus is taken off‘the self’. Feelinggood about helpingothersInstant connectionwith others to yourboost moodFeeling moreorganised andin control of thesituationCalm heart rate andnerves; re-set yourfocusD Institute of Positive Education

HAPPINESS ENHANCING STRATEGIESThis list of strategies below is inspired by Sonja Lyubomirsky’s book ‘The How of Happiness’ (2010).Lyubomirsky states that ‘happiness strategies introduce you to the concept of intentional activities, mindful actions thatyou can use to achieve a happier life.’These strategies can include:1Counting your blessings2Cultivating optimism3Avoiding over-thinking and social comparison4Practicing acts of kindness5Nurturing relationships6Doing more activities that truly engage you7Replaying and savouring life’s joys8Committing to your goals9Developing strategies for coping10 Learning to forgive11 Practicing religion and spirituality12 Taking care of your body Institute of Positive Education E

Barbara Fredrickson: The Positivity Ratio’ Music Time ‘Bright Side of Life’ by Rebelution Quotable Quote ‘Everything can be taken away from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms - to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.’ – Viktor Frankl –