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Selection ofMajor Reference Works-20%Promo code:WILEYMRWIMPORTANT:Delivery time - 5 to 6 weeksTo use a 20% discount, please refer the promo code WILEYMRW.Offer is valid until 20.02.2022Net prices, without 5% VAT.To place an order or to get more information, please contact:Sales Representative or Customer Service via [email protected] Books Sp. z o.o.Plac Bankowy 400-095 WarszawaNIP 526-00-12-190Tel. 48 22 654 06 [email protected] us on Facebook! prices will be convertedinto PLN according to theexchange rate of the NationalBank of Poland on the day ofsale.

*Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022.Wiley Selection of Major Reference WorksThe Wiley BlackwellEncyclopedia of Gender andSexuality Studies, 5 VolumeSetHandbook of Spectroscopy,2nd, Completely Revised andEnlarged EditionEncyclopedia of SpecialEducation: A Reference forthe Education of Children,Adolescents, and AdultsNaplesWiley-Blackwell5/6/2016ISBN: 9781405196949SOCIAL SCIENCEGauglitzWiley-VCH4/23/2014ISBN: 9783527321506SCIENCEReynoldsWiley3/18/2014ISBN: 9780470642160EDUCATION 650.00* 520.00 515.00* 412.00 680.00* 544.00Provides an invaluable resource for students and scholars in theoverlapping areas of gender, feminist, queer, masculinity, disciplinary impact of these fields.Provides a straightforward introduction to spectroscopy,showing what it can do and how it does it, together with a clear,integrated and objective account of the wealth of informationthat may be derived from spectra.The only encyclopedia or comprehensive reference devoted tospecial education. Includes over 200 more entries than previousedition, with increased attention given to those topics that havegrown in importance since the publication of the third editionRead full description full description full description of MarineNatural Products, 2nd,Greatly Enlarged EditionHandbook of Liquid Crystals,8 Volume Set, 2nd EditionRNA Regulation, 2 VolumeSetKornprobstWiley-Blackwell4/23/2014ISBN: 9783527334292SCIENCEGoodby 1 615.00* 1 292.00Wiley-VCH2/12/2014ISBN: 014ISBN: 9783527331567SCIENCE 670.00* 536.00One of the largest resources on marine natural products. Itcontains an exhaustive and systematic listing of more than 9,000formulae and 10,000 references with around 650 relevantwebsites. The unique approach of classifying the compounds bybiological species together with their background informationmakes this particularly useful for marine biologists, andcontributed significantly to the overwhelming success of theprevious edition.Much more than a slight revision, this second edition of thesuccessful "Handbook of Liquid Crystals" is completelyrestructured and streamlined, with updated as well ascompletely new topics, 100% more content and a new team ofeditors and authors. 260.00* 208.00A comprehensive overview of the different functions of thevarious forms of RNA in living organisms, with each contributorcarefully selected and an internationally recognized expert onhis or her field.Read full description full description full description L BOOKSDIGITAL RESOURCES

*Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022.Wiley Selection of Major Reference WorksHandbook of MechanicalNanostructuring, 2 VolumeSetThe Encyclopedia of AncientBattles, 3 Volume SetThe Encyclopedia of BritishLiterature: 1660 - 1789, 3Volume SetAliofkhazraeiWiley-VCH4/8/2015ISBN: 17ISBN: N: 9781444330205LITERARY CRITICISM 300.00* 240.00Providing in-depth information on how to obtain highperformance materials by controlling their nanostructures, thisready reference covers both the bottom-up and the top-downapproaches to the synthesis and processing of nanostructuredmaterials. 364.00* 291.20Focused on battle narratives of the classical world on land and atsea, this three-volume reference covers Archaic Greece in theeighth century BC to the rise of Islam in the seventh century AD.Read full description 400.50* 320.40Provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the poetry,drama, fiction, and literary and cultural criticism produced fromthe Restoration of the English monarchy to the onset of theFrench RevolutionRead full description full description Wiley BlackwellEncyclopedia of Race,Ethnicity and NationalismHandbook of TherapeuticAntibodies, 2nd EditionThe Encyclopedia of PoliticalThoughtStoneWiley-Blackwell3/18/2016ISBN: 9781405189781SOCIAL SCIENCEDbelWiley-Blackwell9/10/2014ISBN: 9783527329373SCIENCEGibbons 1 028.00* 822.40Wiley-Blackwell9/26/2014ISBN: 9781405191296PHILOSOPHY 650.00* 520.00 605.00* 484.00Arranged over five volumes and containing some 700 entries,this comprehensive and authoritative encyclopedia addressessome of the most vital and practical issues of the twenty firstcenturyStill the most comprehensive reference source on thedevelopment, production and therapeutic application ofantibodies, this second edition is thoroughly updated and nowhas 30% more content.Read full description full description over 900 A-Z entries, including brief definitions,biographies, and major topics, written by a team of 700contributors from around the world. Explores key theories andtheorists, including non-western perspectives, in tracing theevolution of political thought from antiquity to the present dayRead full description L BOOKSDIGITAL RESOURCES

*Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022.Wiley Selection of Major Reference WorksHandbook of Clean EnergySystems, 6 Volume SetComputational MolecularScienceWiley Encyclopedia ofManagement, 3rd EditionYan 1 136.75* 909.40Wiley6/5/2015ISBN: 9781118388587SCIENCESchreiner 1 375.00* 1 100.00Wiley4/18/2014ISBN: 9780470723074SCIENCECooper 1 499.00* 1 199.20Wiley9/26/2014ISBN: 9781119972518BUSINESS & ECONOMICSBrings together an international team of experts to present acomprehensive overview of the latest research, developmentsand practical applications throughout all areas of clean energysystems. Consolidating information which is currently scatteredacross a wide variety of literature sources, the handbook coversa broad range of topics in this interdisciplinary research fieldincluding both fossil and renewable energy systems.Capturing the interdisciplinary flavour of the field, authorsaddress key topics from differing perspectives such as chemistry,biology and materials science. In order to make the materialaccessible to students, practitioners and researchers alike thecontent is presented at different depths and levels in a range ofarticle typesNow in its third edition, this multi-volume Encyclopedia ofManagement, has been revised and updated to chart the majordevelopments that have occurred in: digital technologies; ethicsand governance-related issues; innovation; emerging markets;organizational networks; and new avenues of sustainablebusiness growth.Read full description full description full description of PolymerScience and Technology, 15Volume Set, 4th EditionThe Handbook ofEvolutionary Psychology, 2Volume Set, 2nd EditionSynthetic Biology, 2 VolumeSetMark 3 762.00* 3 009.60Wiley4/23/2014ISBN: 9781118633892TECHNOLOGYBussWiley11/27/2015ISBN: 15ISBN: 9783527334827SCIENCE 300.00* 240.00Written and peer reviewed by experts from around the globe,Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology provides up-to-date coverage of traditional topics of continuing interest toprofessionals, researchers, educators, and students, includingpolymeric materials, polymerization reactions, processing andfinishing, properties, and morphology.The field's leading resource, providing comprehensive coverageof the latest findings and theoretical developments. Now in itssecond edition, this two-volume set features expandeddiscussion on culture, neuroscience, and human development,with a broader scope that extends beyond the individual andinto family dynamics, groups dynamics, societies, and cultures.Read full description full description 245.00* 196.00These two volumes contain a selection of updated articles fromthe acclaimed Meyers Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biologyand Molecular Medicine, the most authoritative resource in celland molecular biology, combined with new articles by "foundingfathers" in the field.Read full description BOOKSDIGITAL RESOURCES

*Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022.Wiley Selection of Major Reference WorksTranslational Medicine:Cancer, 2 Volume SetThe InternationalEncyclopedia of HumanSexuality, 3 Volume SetApplied Superconductivity:Handbook on Devices andApplicationsMeyersWiley-Blackwell4/20/2016ISBN: 15ISBN: 9781405190060SOCIAL SCIENCESeidelWiley-VCH2/4/2015ISBN: 9783527412099TECHNOLOGY 340.00* 272.00The two volumes contain selected articles from the prestigiousonline Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and MolecularMedicine, fully updated and enriched with numerous newcontributions from many eminent scientists.Read full description 364.00* 291.20A comprehensive A-Z reference with over 500 entries thatdefine sexuality from a broad biocultural perspective and showthe diversity of human sexual behavior and belief systems.Contains entries ranging from short definitions of scientific,clinical, cultural, and colloquial terms to extended explorationsof major concepts 450.00* 360.00This wide-ranging presentation of applied superconductivity,from fundamentals and materials right up to the details of manyapplications, is an essential reference for physicists andengineers in academic research as well as in industry.Read full description full description's Energy:Resources, Processes,Products, 3 Volume SetThe Encyclopedia of Empire,4 Volume SetDevelopmentalPsychopathology, 4 Volumes,Set, 3rd EditionWiley-VCHWiley-VCH4/15/2015ISBN: /2016ISBN: 9781118440643HISTORYCicchettiWiley4/26/2016ISBN: 9781118121795PSYCHOLOGY 430.00* 344.00This three-volume handbook contains a wealth of informationon energy sources, energy generation and storage, fossil andrenewable fuels as well as the associated processing technology.Fossil as well as renewable fuels, nuclear technology, powergeneration and storage technologies are treated side by side,providing a unique overview of the entire global energyindustry. 519.00* 415.20 800.00* 640.00Provides exceptional in-depth, comparative coverage of empiresthroughout human history and across the globe. Features over400 peer-reviewed entries, including both short definitionalentries as well as discursive, essay-style articles on major topicsand themesThe field's most complete and authoritative reference, updatedand expanded Developmental Psychopathology is the mostcomplete and up to date reference in the field, withcontributions by leading researchers and clinicians from a broadarray of disciplines, specialties, and perspectives.Read full description full description full description L BOOKSDIGITAL RESOURCES

*Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022.Wiley Selection of Major Reference WorksHandbook of Solid StateChemistry, 6 Volume SetEncyclopedia of AutomotiveEngineeringSmart Grid Handbook, 3Volume SetDronskowski 1 325.00* 1 060.00Wiley-VCH9/6/2017ISBN: 9783527325870TECHNOLOGYCrolla 1 706.75* 1 365.40Wiley2/27/2015ISBN: 9780470974025TECHNOLOGYLiuWiley7/15/2016ISBN: 9781118755488SCIENCEClearly structured, in six volumes it collates the knowledgeavailable on solid state chemistry, starting from the synthesis,and modern methods of structure determination.Understanding and measuring the physical properties of bulksolids and the theoretical basis of modern computationaltreatments of solids are given ample space, as are such moderntrends as nanoparticles, surface properties and heterogeneouscatalysis. 306.75* 245.40Through extensive cross-referencing and search functionality itprovides a gateway to detailed but scattered information onbest industry practice, engendering a better understanding ofinterrelated concepts and techniques that cut across specializedareas of engineering.Comprehensive, cross-disciplinary coverage of Smart Grid issuesfrom global expert researchers and practitioners. This definitivereference meets the need for a large scale, high quality workreference in Smart Grid engineering which is pivotal in thedevelopment of a low-carbon energy infrastructure.Read full description full description full description's Polymers andPlastics: Products andProcesses, 4 Volume SetThe Wiley BlackwellEncyclopedia of FamilyStudies, 4 Volume SetMass Spectral and GC Data ofDrugs, Poisons, Pesticides,Pollutants, and TheirMetabolites, 5th EditionWiley-VCHWiley-VCH3/16/2016ISBN: 9783527338238SCIENCEShehan 627.00* 501.60Wiley-Blackwell2/12/2016ISBN: 9780470658451FAMILY & RELATIONSHPMaurerWiley-VCH10/19/2016ISBN: 9783527342877SCIENCE 555.00* 444.00Your personal Ullmann's: Chemical and physical characteristics,production processes and production figures, main applications,toxicology and safety information are all to be found here in onesingle resource - bringing the vast knowledge of the Ullmann'sEncyclopedia to the desks of industrial chemists and chemicalengineers.Presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary collection of the keyconcepts, trends, and processes relating to the study of familiesand family patterns throughout the world. Offers more than 550entries arranged A-Z Includes contributions from hundreds offamily scholars in various academic disciplines from around theworldRead full description full description 830.00* 664.002,000 data sets have been added for a total of 10,430 spectra ofpotentially harmful substances, including 7,800 frommetabolites. In two hardbound volumes, the printed atlascontains a comprehensive listing of full reference mass spectrain order or molecular mass with the structural formula, exactmass, GC retention times and other experimental data that arerelevant to the analytical toxicologist.Read full description L BOOKSDIGITAL RESOURCES

*Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022.Wiley Selection of Major Reference WorksAnalytical SeparationScience, 5 Volume SetEncyclopedia of PhysicalOrganic Chemistry, 6 VolumeSetThe Wiley BlackwellEncyclopedia of SocialTheory, 5 Volume SetAndersonWiley-VCH1/20/2016ISBN: 9783527333745SCIENCEWang 1 584.00* 1 267.20Wiley1/31/2017ISBN: 7ISBN: 9781118430866SOCIAL SCIENCE 765.00* 612.00 618.75* 495.00This new comprehensive 5 volume set on separation scienceprovides a much needed research-level text for both academicusers and researchers who are working with and developing themost current methods, as well as serving as a valuable resourcefor graduate and post-graduate students.Offers a comprehensive and easy reference to physical organicchemistry (POC) methodology and techniques. It puts POC, aclassical and fundamental discipline of chemistry, into thecontext of modern and dynamic fields like biochemicalprocesses, materials science, and molecular electronics.Presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary compendium oforiginal entries focusing on the origins, evolution, and globaldevelopment of contemporary social theory. Presents acomprehensive, interdisciplinary overview and analysis of allaspects of social theoryRead full description full description full description ofComputational Mechanics, 6Volume Set, 2nd EditionInternational Encyclopedia ofGeography: People, the Earth,Environment and Technology,15 Volume SetThe Encyclopedia ofArchaeological Sciences, 4Volume SetStein 1 621.25* 1 297.00Wiley11/17/2017ISBN: 9781119003793MATHEMATICSRichardson 2 074.75* 1 659.80Wiley-Blackwell3/17/2017ISBN: 9780470659632SCIENCELpez VarelaWiley-Blackwell11/16/2018ISBN: 9780470674611SOCIAL SCIENCECompletely updated and extended second edition ofEncyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, Second Edition has,once again, been prepared under the guidance of three of theworld's foremost experts in the field.Read full description the definitive reference work for this broad anddynamic field, arises from an unprecedented collaborationbetween Wiley and the American Association of Geographers(AAG) to review and define the concepts, research, andtechniques in geography and interrelated fields.Read full description 665.00* 532.00An advanced resource on the emerging trends and foundationaltheories of archaeological science, offering students andscholars a reliable reference on the most current techniques andpractices. Provides an authoritative and comprehensiveoverview of the scientific concepts and techniques that haveshaped the contemporary discipline of archaeology.Read full description L BOOKSDIGITAL RESOURCES

*Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022.Wiley Selection of Major Reference WorksThe Encyclopedia ofCorrectionsKerleyWiley-Blackwell8/25/2017ISBN: 9781118845424SOCIAL SCIENCE 312.00* 249.60A comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative two volumereference work for the fields of corrections and criminal justicefeaturing over 280 detailed scholarly entries. Providescomprehensive coverage of key topics in corrections, includinghistory, trends and types of punishment, correctional theory,policy, and lawThe Encyclopedia ofDiplomacy, 4 Volume SetThe Encyclopedia of JuvenileDelinquency and JusticeMartelWiley-Blackwell4/27/2018ISBN: 17ISBN: 9781118520321SOCIAL SCIENCE 598.00* 478.40The Encyclopedia of Diplomacy is a complete and authoritative 4-volume compendium of the most important events, people andterms associated with diplomacy and international relationsfrom ancient times to the present, from a global perspective.Read full description full description 312.00* 249.60A compendium of more than 300 contributions written byleading scholars from the fields of criminal justice, justicesciences, social work, and sociology. It covers the latestresearch, policies, and practices regarding young offenders, theprocessing of juveniles within the court system, and variousapproaches to treating and eliminating juvenile crime.Read full description InternationalEncyclopedia ofAnthropology, 12 Volume SetThe InternationalEncyclopedia of BiologicalAnthropology, 3 Volume SetThe InternationalEncyclopedia ofCommunication ResearchMethods, 3 Volume SetCallan 1 695.00* 1 356.00Wiley-Blackwell8/10/2018ISBN: 9780470657225SOCIAL SCIENCETrevathanWiley-Blackwell9/11/2018ISBN: 9781118584422SOCIAL SCIENCEMatthesWiley-Blackwell11/14/2017ISBN: 9781118901762REFERENCE 395.00* 316.00The most complete reference resource for the field ofanthropology and interrelated areas, providing an authoritativeand expert overview of the concepts, research, and techniquesthat together define the lAnthropology features over 450 entries contributed by aninternational team of scholars, and presents an extensive andinvaluable survey of this fascinating field.Read full description full description 493.00* 394.40Covers all communication research methods, from datacollection to data analysis, from qualitative to quantitative, siological measures, implicit association tests, and theanalysis of big data)Read full description L BOOKSDIGITAL RESOURCES

*Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022.Wiley Selection of Major Reference WorksThe InternationalEncyclopedia of InterculturalCommunication, 3 VolumeSetThe InternationalEncyclopedia of MediaEffects, 4 Volume SetThe InternationalEncyclopedia ofOrganizationalCommunication, 4 VolumeKimWiley-Blackwell12/22/2017ISBN: 9781118783948SOCIAL SCIENCERosslerWiley-Blackwell1/31/2017ISBN: 9781118784044SOCIAL SCIENCEScottWiley-Blackwell1/31/2017ISBN: 9781118955604SOCIAL SCIENCE 493.00* 394.40Employs a broadly-based taxonomy of interculturalcommunication (ICC) that consists of six organizing themes.Those themes are the traditional ICC core theme-known as"intercultural communication"-and five associated themesrecognized as "cross-cultural communication," "culturalcommunication," "intergroup communication," "interculturaltraining," and "critical intercultural communication." 627.00* 501.60Presents a comprehensive collection of the most up-to-dateresearch on the uses and impacts of media throughout theworld. Provides the definitive resource on the most recentfindings of media effects researchRead full description 627.00* 501.60Offers a comprehensive collection of entries contributed byinternational experts on the origin, evolution, and current stateof knowledge of all facets of contemporary organizationalcommunication. Represents the definitive internationalreference resource on a topic of increasing relevance, in a newseries of sub-disciplinary international encyclopediasRead full description full description InternationalEncyclopedia of Primatology,3 Volume SetUllmann's Food and Feed, 3Volume SetFuentesWiley-Blackwell4/21/2017ISBN: 9780470673379SOCIAL SCIENCEWiley-VCHWiley-VCH2/22/2017ISBN: 9783527339907TECHNOLOGY 469.00* 375.20Represents the first comprehensive encyclopedic referencefocusing on the behaviour, biology, ecology, evolution, genetics,and taxonomy of human and non-human primates. Representsthe first comprehensive encyclopedic reference relating toprimatologyRead full description 430.00* 344.00A compilation of 58 carefully selected, topical articles from theUllmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, this threevolume handbook provides a wealth of information oneconomically important basic foodstuffs, raw materials,additives, and processed foods, including a section on animalfeed.Read full description L BOOKSDIGITAL RESOURCES

Wiley Selection of Major Reference Works Net prices. Offer is valid until 20.02.2022. Whelehan Wiley-Blackwell 5/12/2015 ISBN: 9781405190060 SOCIAL SCIENCE The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, 3 Volume Set A comprehensive A-Z reference with over entries that defin