Contemplations For Theurgy Of Eros

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anted us,and especially for the opportunity to adore thee.I beseech thee to appear before mewhenever I invoke thee by the nameon which we have agreed.I thank thee. Farewell!”See the spirit of Love bid you farewell and return to the statue, which becomes inanimate.You turn your back on it and leave the temple.That is the end of the exercise. You may open your eyes.Finis6

IV.Invocation of Divine Beloved & Beautification of Soul (6 min.)6Close your eyes and we’ll begin again with three deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.In your mind return to the temple of Love and invoke your Ideal Beloved in the way that theyhave taught you. Do it now in your mind. (pause)Imagine them in their temple in all their divine beauty and splendor. (pause)Feel your all-consuming love and devotion for them. They represent all that you desire, yourhighest aspirations. (pause)You want to please your Ideal Beloved and have them love you as much as you love them.Therefore you want to make yourself beautiful for them, and especially to make your soulbeautiful.We may pray, as Ficino prayed:Grant, O Gods, that my soul may be beautiful,and that those things that pertain to my bodymay not impair the beauty of my soul,and that I may think only the wise are wealthy.What things do you think are attractive to your Beloved, and what about you is unattractive?Do they seem disappointed when you have been angry? Unfair? Unsympathetic? Intolerant?Petty? Dishonest? Pessimistic? Greedy? Selfish? Aggressive? Abusive? Arrogant?Or whatever you understand to be the less attractive attributes of your behavior. (pause)Now commit to beautify yourself spiritually for your Beloved’s sake. What will please them?What dragons must you conquer? Which innocents should you rescue? Are these challengesoutside of you? Or within?What behavior will make your Beloved smile, and love you in return, and grant you theirdivine aid in your struggles?Is it courage? Self-esteem? Independence? Wisdom? Self-control? Patience? Tolerance?Compassion? Fairness? Friendliness? Being more helpful and loving? Being more optimistic?Ask your Beloved what will please them. (pause)This contemplation does not correspond directly to an exercise in The Wisdom of Hypatia, but it correspondsto the discussion on pp. 226–228.67

As the heroes and heroines of old swore to defend the honor of their beloveds and to wintheir respect and love through deeds of valor, make a vow now to your Beloved to defeatthese dragons and rescue your own soul. Do it now! (pause)Call on your divine Beloved to accompany you through life as your understandingcompanion, your Soul Guide, inspiring you to good deeds and a beautiful life. (pause)Ask your Beloved to give you a word or token of their love by which you can invoke them. Itmay be a gem, a flower, a talisman, or another gift. (pause)Remember the token you’ve received, and imagine it whenever there is need, and yourBeloved will be there. Know that whenever you need their aid they will be beside you.Fulfill your Beloved’s expectations. Don’t disappoint them! By so doing, the wings of yoursoul will grow strong so they can lift you up to the Gods. (pause)Now thank your Beloved for their guidance, aid, and love. (pause)Bid your Beloved farewell for now. (pause)Return your attention to this room, and when you are back, open your eyes.FinisV.Union with Divine Beloved and Love of the Good (7 min.)7The remaining stages of the Ascent by Love are more difficult than the preceding, since theyare at the level of the nous, and you cannot strive to bring them about, for sequential mentalactivity — that is, thinking — will drop you back to the level of the soul, where thinking takesplace.To approach toward union with The Ineffable One, you must make yourself as much like it asis possible for a human being. That is, you must make yourself unified, simple, changeless,and filled with love and beauty.Begin by making yourself comfortable, for we want to minimize disturbances from the body.(pause)Close

Contemplations for Theurgy of Eros Bruce MacLennan PantheaCon 2019 These are the contemplations (theôriai) . This clear air is a symbol of the World Soul, for in many languages the same word means soul