Diesel Engine Basics - Kubota Diesel Motors

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Diesel Engine Basics

4 Stroke Cycle EngineIntakeCompressionCombustionExhaust

AIR HEATS WHEN COMPRESSEDTemperature( F )Compression Temperature & Auto Ignition Temperature1112932A: Diesel Fuel Auto IgnitionTemperature752B: Air TemperatureInitial 32 FC: Air TemperatureInitial 100 F57239221232Compression Pressure ( psi )1471145213284355426498569

Combustion Pressures1280psi850psi420psi-40-20A:Fuel Injection TimingB:End of InjectionTDC201:Ignition Delay Period2:Pre-flame403:Diffuse Combustion4:After Burning

Kubota Engine Review

ENGINE MODEL IDENTIFICATION How to read the model name–Ex.: V1505-E–V Number of CylindersE Eine; 1 cylinder engineZ Zwei; 2 cylinder engineD Drei; 3 cylinder engineV Vier; 4 cylinder engineF Funf; 5 cylinder engineS Sechs; 6 cylinder engine

ENGINE MODEL IDENTIFICATION How to read the model number Ex: V1505-E– 1505 Approximate Displacement (cc.)662 656 cc722 719 cc1105 1123 cc1505 1498cc1903 1857 cc2203 2197 cc3300 3318cc

ENGINE MODEL IDENTIFICATION How to read the model number Series of engines:- NSM: Z482, D662, D722 (68 mm stroke)- 03 Series: D1703, V2203 (92.4 mm stroke)- 05 Series: D905, V1205 (73.6 mm stroke)- 05 Series: D1105, V1505 (78.4 mm stroke)

ENGINE MODEL IDENTIFICATION How to read the model number Ex: V1505-E–E for Environmental / Ecological [Clean Engine] Being Regulated–––––– U.S.A.: CARB; ULGE Reg. Below 25HP:EPA; SI Reg. Below 25HP:EPA; Non-road CI Reg. 19 to 37kW:EPA; Non-road CI Reg. 37 to 75kWJAPAN: MOC; Tunnel Construction 7.5 to 260kWEU: Non-road CI Reg. Exc. Ag.Tractor 37 to 75kWUnder Consideration–JAPAN: EA; Special Vehicles 19 kW & Above

INTERCHANGEABILITY New Super Mini Series(68 mm stroke)– Z482/D662/D72205 Series(73.6/78.4 mm stroke)– D905/D1005/V1205/V1305. D1105/V150503 Series(92.4 mm stroke)– D1403/D1703/V1903/V2003-T/V2203Note:All engine parts will not be interchangeable within anengine stroke family, but approximately 88% will beinterchangeable. This benefit allows for parts to be stockedfor many popular engines, with lower investment expense.

HOW to Read Serial NumberThe SERIAL NUMBER is an identified number for the engine.It is marked after the model number.New Serial No. has been applied since January , 1998.It indicates month & year of manufacture as follows.year of manufactureYear 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009Code W XY123456789month of manufactureSerial No.0001 99990001 9999(actually 10000 19998)JanFebMar AprMay JunJulAug SepACEGJLNQBDFHKMPROctNovDecSUWYTVXZe.g. D722-WA0001 “ W ” indicates 1998 and “A ” indicates January.So ,WA indicates that the engine was manufactured on January , 1998.

Power Curves

PowerCurvesHp (t x rpm) / 5252Torque (hp x 5252) / rpm

Typical Kubota EngineInjectionPump InBlockTwo Types ofOil PumpMounting forKubota EnginesHigh MountedCamshaftLarge Main BearingCases for TunnelBlock Design

“Tunnel” type CrankcaseWater JacketCylinder LinerMain Journal

V3300 - SplitCrankcase1) Crankcase 12) Crankcase 23) Oil Pan

CrankshaftCrankshaftMain Bearingsolid typeMain Bearingsplit typeCrankshaft SleeveThrust Bearing

Cylinder HeadValve GuideNozzleIntakeCylinder HeadHead GasketExhaust

DI and IDIcombustion types

DI03 series

IDI70mm and 82mmfamilies

E-TVCSCombustionChamberThree VortexFan-shapedConcaveValve RecessNozzleGlow Plug

V3300 - 3 Valves per Cylinder 2 Intake Valves perCylinder 2 Intake Ports per Cylinderfor reduced turbulence inports Significant increase incombustion efficiency

V3300 - Modified E-TVCS

Piston & Piston RingFan-ShapedConcaveValveRecessTop RingSecondRingScuffResistanceGroovesOil Ring

Valve MechanismValve SpringIn/Ex ValveRocker ArmPush RodTappetCamshaft

IDI70mm and 82mm familiescombustion chamber capsReplacement caps70mm stroke series15261-03142(D650 15281-03142)82mm stroke series15521-03143D1402, V1902, S280015291-03143Z751, Z851, D1101, D1301D1102, D1302, V1502,V1702, S2200, S2600

Engine Overhaul MarksConnecting Rod:Numbers must lineup, and must beinstalled towardinjection pump sideMain Bearing Cases:Marked “Flywheel” onflywheel side of casePistons: Indentation on pistonmust be toward injectionpump side of engine.

– Z482/D662/D722 05 Series(73.6/78 . Typical Kubota Engine High Mounted Injection Camshaft Pump In Block Two Types of Oil Pump Mounting for Kubota Engines Large Main Bearing Cases for Tunnel Block Design. Cylinder Liner M