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AT10 Series (1-Phase)Microprocessor Controlled SCR Battery ChargerThe world's premium microprocessorcontrolled digital SCR battery chargerThe AT10 is the world's easiest operation float battery charger. It has over 20 years ofproven reliability and has become the industry's "gold standard " for all stationarybattery charging applications. We are so confident in our product thatwe've backed the AT10 with our unrivaled5 Year Standard Warranty.CSA C22.2 · NRTL/C · UL 1012/UL 1564 compliantSeismic qualifiedABS · CE certification available upon requestN56 W16665 Ridgewood Dr. Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 USACall: 1-800-554-2243 or email: [email protected]

What is the AT10?Combining the performance and accuracy of a microprocessor with the reliability of SCR power conversiontechnology makes the AT10 Series the standard in stationary battery chargers. AT10s are easy to install, operateand maintain. The AT10 is packed with the most standard features and best warranty in the industry.What are the most common applications for the AT10?Utility & CommunicationsPower GenerationSubstationsMicrowave Relay SitesSwitchgearManufacturingEmergency DC PowerDC Operated BreakersAlarm SystemsCommercialAlarm SystemsUninterrupted Power SystemsDC Control SystemsTransportationSignal SystemsSwitchgearAlarm SystemsPAGE 2

SPECIFICATIONS &STANDARD FEATURESSPECIFICATIONSAC InputEnvironmental Group 1 (6-25 Adc) Voltage:120/208/240Vac Multi-tap 60Hz480Vac 60Hz220Vac, 380/416Vac 50/60Hz550-600 Vac 50/60Hz Group 2 (30-100 Adc) Voltage:120, 208, 240 or 480Vac 60Hz220Vac, 380 or 416Vac 50/60Hz550-600 Vac 50/60Hz Input Voltage Tolerance: 10%, -12% Input Frequency Tolerance: 5% Efficiency:85-90% typical for 130Vdc at 50-100% load Operating Ambient Temperature 0 F to 122 F (-18 C to 50 C) w/o derating Operating Altitude 3300 feet (1000 meters) above sea level w/o derating Relative Humidity 0% to 95% (without condensation) Audible Noise Less than 65 dBA at any point 5ft (1.5m) from anyvertical surface of enclosure Made in the United States of America Third party agency approvals:DC Output Voltage Ratings:12, 24, 48, or 130Vdc nominal Current Ratings:GROUPI: 6, 12, 16, 20, 25AdcGROUPII: 30, 40, 50, 75, 100Adc Continuous Rating:110% rated current at maximum equalizevoltage at 50ºC Current Limit Adjustment Range:50% to 110% rated output Voltage Regulation: 0.25% for line, load and temp. variations Electrical Noise:32dBrnc Ripple:12/24/48Vdc Unfiltered on battery 1% Vrms Filtered on battery 30mVrms Filtered off battery 1% Vrms Battery Eliminator 30mVrmsCSA C22.2 · NRTL/C · UL 1012/UL 1564 compliantSeismic qualifiedABS or CE certification available upon request.STANDARD FEATURES 5 Year Product Warranty Universal main control boardoperates in any AT Series charger Alarm assembly with local LEDsand summary relay contact for ACFailure, DC Failure, High Vdc, LowVdc, Positive( ) and Negative(-)ground fault High DC voltage shutdown Forced load share duringparallel operation Float/equalize selector switchwith indicating lights Manual equalize timer (0-255 hr.)with indicating lights AC line failure automaticequalize timer (0-255 hr.) withindicating light AC On indicating light 1% Digital LED meter forVdc, Adc, timer hours andalarm settings NEMA 1 cabinet AC input and DC outputcircuit breakers Membrane front panel Front panel controls can bedisabled for security A redundant analog circuit forLVDC alarm, independentof the microprocessor Redundant control loops forhigher reliability Local or remote voltage sensewith redundancy to protectagainst remote sense failure Self-diagnostics Input & output MOV surge suppressors Reverse polarity protection via freewheeling diodes CU-AL I/O compression lugs Switchboard wire, UL VW-1 Enclosure pre-treated using a5-stage iron phosphate processwith baked epoxy powder coatingin ANSI 61 gray130Vdc Unfiltered on battery 2% Vrms Filtered on battery 100mVrms Filtered off battery 2% Vrms Battery Eliminator 100mVrms Surge Withstand Capability:Meets IEEE-472, ANSI C37.90aAC ONMETERMODEMODECHRGMTHDEQLZRESETDC VOLTSDC AMPERESEQLZ HRSREMAININGFLOATEQLZMANUAL TIMERMANUAL EQLZAUTO EQLZ TIMERLAMP TESTEDITADJUST ENTERPAGE 3AT30SERIESAdvanced TechnologyBATTERY CHARGERRECTIFIERHIGH DCVOLTAGELOW DCVOLTAGEDC OUTPUTFAILUREAC OUTPUTFAILUREPOS GNDNEG GNDSpecifications subject to change.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR AT10OPTIONS THAT LET YOU DESIGN YOUR CHARGER EXACTLY HOW YOU NEED IT!SUMMARY OF OPTIONS DC output filtering: perNEMA PE5 1996, standardand battery eliminator Medium & High AIC Breakers Auxiliary alarm relay board Copper ground bus AC lightning arrestor Fungus proofing (tropicalization) Static proofing Battery temperature compensation Fan control contactor Communications kit: DNP3Level 2 or MODBUS protocols Ethernet interface for comm. kit NEMA 4/12 type enclosure w/fan Relay rack mounting brackets Wall mounting Floor mounting stand NEMA Type 2 Drip Shield Barrier type alarm terminal block Forced equal load sharing cable End of discharge alarm Battery discharge alarm Zero-center grounddetection meter Analog AC voltmeter Analog AC ammeter Cabinet heater assembly CE marking upon request ABS certification upon request Custom drawing packagew/ optional CAD and PDF files AT-DC distribution panelORDERINGFilteringSTANDARDOutput filtering is essential whenever there is need for low ac rippleand low noise on the dc bus for critical loads. The standard dcoutput filtering limits ripple to no more than 30mV RMS on 12, 24& 48Vdc units, and 100mV RMS on 130Vdc units, measured at thebattery terminals. This feature meets the specifications of NEMAstandard PE5-1996, and is recommended for all long-life stationarybattery installations.FACTORYINSTALLATIONYESBATTERY ELIMINATORFactory Installation useSpecification Tables onpages 10 & 11ORDERINGField Installation use Part NumberAn additional "battery eliminator" feature is also available, meetingthe specifications of NEMA standard PE5-1996 with no batteryconnected, measured at the dc output terminals. This feature isrecommended for sites where the battery may occasionally bedisconnected from the dc bus for maintenance. Additional filteringis essential to limit ac ripple and noise for critical dc loads.AVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONYESGroup I: EJ1072-9#Group II: EJ5023-9#Contact manufacturer forspecific part number.ORDERINGMedium & High AIC BreakerThis feature provides thermal-magnetic circuit breakers withhigher Ampere Interrupting Capacity ratings than the standard ATbreakers. See the tables on Page 10 and 11 for Group I and Group IImedium and high AIC breaker ratings. For AT10 Group 1, ac and dcbreakers must be ordered together, and are supplied in a separatepenthouse enclosure. For Group II, ac and dc breakers can beordered separately and are mounted in the standard cabinet.FACTORYINSTALLATIONYESFactory Installation useSpecification Tables onpages 10 & 11AVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONNONONOT AVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONORDERINGAuxiliary Alarm Relay BoardThe AT10 features six industry-standard alarms, each with individualLED indicators on the front panel, accessible to the user via one (1)Summary Alarm contact on the Main Control Board. The AuxiliaryAlarm Relay Board is a separate user-accessed pc board with two (2)form-C relays for each of the six (6) alarms. In AT10 Group I ratings,the board is supplied in an additional penthouse enclosure. In AT10Group II ratings, it is supplied within the standard enclosure.PAGE 4FACTORYYESFactory Installation useSpecification Tables onpages 10 & 11AVAILABLE FORField Installation use Part NumberINSTALLATIONFIELD INSTALLATIONYESGROUP I: EI0213-0#Contact manufacturer forspecific part number.GROUP II: EI0213-02

CUSTOMIZE YOUR AT10OPTIONS THAT LET YOU DESIGN YOUR CHARGER EXACTLY HOW YOU NEED IT!ORDERINGCopper Ground BusThis option provides a convenient means to tie the AT10 to the sitebuilding ground. A copper ground bus bar is provided at the I/Oterminal, with an extra CU-AL compression box lug.FACTORYINSTALLATIONYESAVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONYESFactory Installation useSpecification Tables onpages 10 & 11Field Installation use Part NumberGROUP I: EI0195-00GROUP II: EI0195-02ORDERINGAC Lightning ArrestorThis options features an industrial-grade surge arrestorin polycarbonate housing, rated for 20,000 Amperes. It isrecommended for installations with risk of frequent AC surges, suchas high elevations or severe weather.FACTORYINSTALLATIONYESAVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONYESFactory Installation useSpecification Tables onpages 10 & 11Field Installation use Part NumberGROUP I: EJ1074-00GROUP II: EJ1074-01ORDERINGFungus ProofingFACTORYThis treatment is also referred to as "tropicalization". It coatselectrical components and internal wiring connections with afungus-resistant, non-conductive film (approx. 1 mil thickness).User termination points are not coated, nor are relay contacts, andany electrical connectors where the spray would interfere withfunctionality. The application is fully cured at time of shipment.INSTALLATIONYESFactory Installation useSpecification Tables onpages 10 & 11AVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONNONONOT AVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONORDERINGStatic ProofingFACTORYUsed in "arid" environments, this treatment coats electricalcomponents and connections with a static-resistant, nonconductive film (approx. 1 mil thickness). User termination pointsare not coated, nor are relay contacts, and any electrical connectorswhere the spray would interfere with functionality. The applicationis fully cured at time of shipment.INSTALLATIONYESSpecify thisFactoryInstallationoptionusing the &on pages 10 &1111AVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONNOT AVAILABLE FORNOFIELD INSTALLATIONORDERINGTemperature CompensationSupplied in a kit, this option adjusts the AT10 dc output voltageup or down, in response to battery temperature fluctuations.Temperature is measured by an epoxy-enclosed thermistor. Thisprobe is mounted on or near the battery, and connected by a cableto the Main Control PC Board. It is compatible with both leadacid and nickel-cadmium batteries, and recommended for VRLAbatteries. Cable lengths of 25, 50, 100, and 200 ft are available.PAGE 5FACTORYINSTALLATIONNOAVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONYESCAN BE ORDERED WITH CHARGERBUT MUST BE FIELD INSTALLEDField Installation use Part Number25ft: EJ5033-0050ft: EJ5033-01100ft: EJ5033-02150ft: EJ5033-03Specifications subject to change.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR AT10OPTIONS THAT LET YOU DESIGN YOUR CHARGER EXACTLY HOW YOU NEED IT!ORDERINGCommunications KitThis option allows full remote monitoring of the AT10 and controlof the front panel features, using MODBUS or DNP3 Level 2protocols. Standard serial (RS-232 & RS-485) connections areprovided for use with local SCADA systems.Ethernet and Fiber Optics Modem interfaces are also availableoptions for use with the AT Communications Kit.FACTORYINSTALLATIONYESAVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONYESFactory Installation usePart Number when ordering12Vdc: EJ5037-0124Vdc: EJ5037-0248Vdc: EJ5037-03130Vdc: EJ5037-04Field Installation use Part Number12Vdc: EJ5037-1124Vdc: EJ5037-1248Vdc: EJ5037-13130Vdc: EJ5037-14ORDERINGEthernet GatewayFACTORYEnable Serial Modbus/DNP3 devices to communicate withan Ethernet host. Get 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T connectivityover DNP/IP or Modbus TCP/IP with the combination of theCommunication Kit and Ethernet Gateway option.INSTALLATIONYESAVAILABLE FORMust be ordered with the Communications Kit option (above)!FIELD INSTALLATIONYESFactory and Field Installation usePart Number when ordering12Vdc Modbus: EJ5226-0024Vdc Modbus: EJ5226-0148Vdc Modbus: EJ5226-02130Vdc Modbus: EJ5226-0312Vdc DNP: EJ5226-1024Vdc DNP: EJ5226-1148Vdc DNP: EJ5226-12130Vdc DNP: EJ5226-13ORDERINGMechanical Lock For Front DoorThe AT10 front panel controls can be disabled by setting a jumperon the back of the Main Control PC board. For installations whereextra security is required, the front instrument panel, or door,can be physically locked closed. This option provides a lockingprovision on the enclosure, a padlock, and two (2) keys. A fullyinstalled door key lock is also available.FACTORYINSTALLATIONFactory & Field Installation useYESPart Number when orderingAVAILABLE FORPadlock 586/594: EI0215-00Padlock 5017/5018: EI0215-01Keylock 586/594: EI0215-10Keylock 5017/5018: EI0215-11FIELD INSTALLATIONYESORDERINGFan Control ContactorLead-acid batteries produce hydrogen gas. This small wallmounted external accessory provides a relay contactor to activatea battery installation vent or exhaust fan. Available in 10A or 20Amodels, the accessory is factory-set to provide relay closure whenthe AT10 enters into Equalize mode.FACTORYINSTALLATIONCAN BE ORDERED WITH CHARGERNOBUT MUST BE FIELD INSTALLEDAVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONYESField Installation use Part Number10 Amp Rating: EJ5017-0#20 Amp Rating: EJ5017-1#Contact manufacturer forspecific part numberORDERINGORDERINGBarrier Type Alarm Terminal BlockThis option features a separate molded phenolic terminal block,wired directly to the Auxiliary Alarm Relay PC Board. It allows theuser to connect remote alarm wiring with ring or fork type lugs.The terminals are rated for 20A at 150 Vac/Vdc, and accept wiresizes #16 to #14 AWG.FACTORYFactory Installation useINSTALLATIONPart Number when orderingYES1 FORM C: EJ5130-012 FORM C: EJ5130-02AVAILABLE FORField Installation use Part NumberFIELD INSTALLATION1 FORM C: EJ5130-012 FORM C: EJ5130-02YESPAGE 6Specifications subject to change.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR AT10OPTIONS THAT LET YOU DESIGN YOUR CHARGER EXACTLY HOW YOU NEED IT!ORDERINGNEMA 4 or 12 CabinetWith this accessory, a fully assembled standard AT10 NEMA-1vented enclosure is installed within another gasketed, sealedcabinet. The combined assembly meets the NEMA Type 4 (Type 12optional) enclosure specification. 120Vac fan, filters, and viewingwindow included.FACTORYINSTALLATIONCONTACT SBSYESAVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONCONTACT SBSYESORDERINGRelay Rack Mounting BracketsThese accessories are provided when the AT10 enclosure is to beinstalled on a standard EIA relay rack. Smaller AT10 models maybe installed on 19in racks, and all AT10s may be installed on 23inor 24in relay racks. All hardware is included for assembling thebrackets to the AT10. Relay rack mounting hardware is usersupplied.FACTORYINSTALLATIONYESFactory & Field Installation usePart Number when orderingStyle-586 (19/23/24in): EI0193-00Style-594 (23/24in): EI0193-00AVAILABLE FORStyle-5017 (19in) : EI0193-01FIELD INSTALLATIONStyle-5017 (23/24in): EI0193-02YESStyle-5018 (19/23/24in): EI0193-03ORDERINGFloor Mounting BracketsThis accessory is provided with smaller wall-mounted AT10chargers when a vertical mounting surface is not available. Theassembly mounts the AT10 approximately 44in / 1.12m from thefloor. The kit features mounting brackets, assembly hardware tosecure the AT10 to the brackets, and user instructions with a drillingpattern. Floor mounting anchor bolts are user-supplied.FACTORYFactory Installation useINSTALLATIONPart Number when orderingYESEI0192-00AVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONYESField Installation use Part NumberEI0192-00ORDERINGNEMA Type 2 Drip ShieldStandard AT10 battery chargers are supplied in NEMA Type 1vented enclosures. The optional drip shield prevents overheadwater and small falling particles from entering the top ventedpanels, protecting internal equipment from damage. Thecombined standard enclosure and drip shield meets the NEMAType 2 specification.FACTORYINSTALLATIONYESFactory & Field Installation usePart Number when orderingAVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONYESSTYLE 586: EI0191-00STYLE 594: EI0191-00STYLE 5017: EI0191-01STYLE 5018: EI0191-02ORDERINGSUPPLEMENTAL PRODUCTAT-DC Distribution PanelThis product augments your AT10 with a customized dcdistribution panel for user-specified loads. The AT-DC isconfigurable to various combinations of main and branch breakers.The AT-DC panel is supplied from the factory, mounted to the baseof Group I AT10 cabinets and pre-wired to the charger's dc outputterminals. For additional product details, including applicable 3rdparty agency approvals, refer to the AT-DC literature (JF5032-00).PAGE 7FACTORYINSTALLATIONYESFactory & Field Installation usePart Number when orderingEJ5110-##AVAILABLE FORFIELD INSTALLATIONRefer to document (JF5032-00)for model specific part number.YESSpecifications subject to change.

AT10 SERIESSPECIFICATION CHARTDC OutputRatingVoltsFloat Adjust12VdcGROUP I11.0-14.5VdcEqualizeAdjust11.7-16Vdc*Float Adjust12VdcGROUP II24VdcGROUP I22.0-29.5VdcEqualizeAdjust23.4-32Vdc*Float Adjust24VdcGROUP II48VdcGROUP I44.0-58.0VdcEqualizeAdjust46.8-61Vdc*Float dcGROUP II130VdcGROUP I130VdcGROUP IIAC Input Ampere RatingBased on maximum rms value of the inputcurrent delivered to the chargerunder all operating conditionswithin manufacturer's specificationsBattery Charger AC CircuitBreaker Ampere Rating(standard AIC t Cabinet ShippingBreaker StyleWeightslbs.(kg)RatingHeatLossWatts 8586594594594594501750185018501883 (38)87 (40)92 (42)118 (54)100 (46)184 (84)189 (86)194 (88)199 (91)225 (103)99 (45)109 (50)115 (53)119 (54)136 (62)259 (118)267 (122)342 (156)355 (162)360 (164)105 (48)120 (55)155 (71)170 (78)180 (82)217 (99)225 (103)250 (114)433 (197)450 (205)130 (59)155 (71)215 (98)225 (103)265 (120)285 (130)340 (155)375 (171)482 (219)31 (105)58 (199)77 (262)95 (326)119 (404)142 (483)188 (641)234 (798)350 (1192)465 (1587)40 (136)75 (255)98 (334)121 (413)150 (512)179 (612)237 (810)295 (1008)441 (1503)586 (1999)60 (203)107 (365)139 (473)170 (581)210 (717)250 (852)329 (1122)408 (1392)606 (2068)804 (2743)99 (337)167 (571)213 (727)259 (883)316 (1078)373 (1273)484 (1664)602 (2054)888 (3030)*Regulation at max. equalize voltages may not meet 0.25%PAGE 8Specifications subject to change.

ZEISOTWOHREGRAHCYOUR(simplified(formula)Cabinet Style 586Ah x 1.Rt)Charger L ContinuousOutput RatingAH Ampere hours removedR Recharge factor (1 Pb) or (3 NiCd)L Additional standing loadt Recharge time in hoursGROUP16-25AdcCabinet Style 594Cabinet Style 5017GROUP230-100AdcCabinet Style 5018*NOTE:Dimensionsshown are forreference only;for installationand mountingplease refer to usermanual. Standarddrawings alsoavailable from SBS.PAGE 9Specifications subject to change.

Circuit BreakerAC & DC RatingsGROUP1(6-25 Adc)MainTransformerSTANDARDInput: 10kAIC - 240Vac10kAIC - 480VacOutput: 10kAIC -125Vdc*Main InductorMicroprocessorControl BoardMEDIUMInput: 25kAIC - 240Vac18kAIC - 480Vac18kAIC - 600VacOutput: 10kAIC - 250VdcI/O AssemblyRectifier AssemblyFilter AssemblyHIGHInput: 65kAIC - 240Vac25kAIC - 480Vac18kAIC - 600VacOutput: 20kAIC - 250VdcOutputCircuit BreakerInputCircuit Breaker*For chargers 16Adc and larger; consultfactory for other ratings.GROUP I (6-25 Adc) - SPECIFICATION TABLEABSAMPLEAT10YOUR CODEAT1001DESCRIPTIONABCDENominal DCOutput VoltageNominal DCOutput CurrentDC OutputFilteringAC UFE1202082404802203804166000D6EE2FEATUREAT10 cUnfilteredFilteredBatt. Eliminator120V 60Hz208V 60Hz240V 60Hz480V 60Hz220V 50/60Hz380V 50/60Hz416V 50/60Hz550-600V 50/60HzF40SGADESCRIPTIONFCircuitBreaker RatingGAuxiliary AlarmRelay BoardHCopperGround BusJAC LightningArrestorKFungus ProofingLStatic dard AICMedium AICHigh AICInstalledNot SuppliedInstalledNot SuppliedInstalledNot SuppliedAppliedNot SuppliedAppliedNot SuppliedThis ordering code is unique for AT10 chargers rated 6-25A output.PAGE 10Specifications subject to change.

GROUP2(30-100 Adc)Rectifier AssemblyMicroprocessorControl BoardMain InductorCircuit BreakerAC & DC RatingsSTANDARDInput: 5kAIC - 120/208/240/480VacOutput: 5kAIC - 125VdcMEDIUMInput: 25kAIC - 120/208/240/480Vac18kAIC - 600VacOutput: 10kAIC - 250VdcI/O AssemblyInputCircuit BreakerOutputCircuit BreakerHIGHInput: 65kAIC - 120/208/240/480Vac25kAIC - 600VacOutput: 20kAIC - 250VdcMainTransformerGROUP II (30-100 Adc)- SPECIFICATION TABLEABSAMPLEAT10YOUR CODEAT1013C0DESCRIPTIONABNominal DCOutput VoltageCNominal DCOutput CurrentDDC OutputFilteringEAC InputVoltage**Group 2 inputscannot be retappedin 2404802203804166005D0FE4FEATUREAT10 AdcUnfilteredFilteredBatt. Eliminator120V 60Hz208V 60Hz240V 60Hz480V 60Hz220V 50/60Hz380V 50/60Hz416V 50/60Hz550-600V 50/60HzThis ordering code is unique for AT10 chargers rated 30-100A output.80FGHJKLMNPSFSXAXXXXDESCRIPTIONFAC InputCircuit BreakerRatingGAC Input FusesHDC OutputCircuit BreakerRatingJDC Output FusesKAuxiliary AlarmRelay BoardLCopperGround BusMAC LightningArrestorNFungus ProofingPStatic ProofingPAGE 11CODESMH0FXSMH0FXAXGXLXFXSXFEATUREStandard AICMedium AICHigh AICNo BreakerInstalledNot SuppliedStandard AICMedium AICHigh AICNo BreakerInstalledNot SuppliedInstalledNot SuppliedInstalledNot SuppliedInstalledNot SuppliedAppliedNot SuppliedAppliedNot SuppliedSpecifications subject to change.

OUR UNRIVALEDPRODUCT WARRANTYStandard Warranty(applies only to products delivered within the United States and Canada)All charger products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanshipfor a period of five (5) years from date of manufacture. During the term of the warrantyperiod: parts, assemblies, or components deemed to be defective will be repaired orreplaced at our option, free of charge. All costs related to removal, reinstallation andtransportation will be paid by the purchaser/customer and/or operator of the product.Evaluation, repair and/or replacement of any defective part(s) are FOB manufacturer’sfactory.This warranty does not cover products or parts that are damaged from improper use orabuse, as determined by the manufacturer. Accessory items or additional items carryonly their respective manufacturer’s warranty. Consumable items (such as fuses andelectrolytic capacitors), which wear out under normal use are specifically not coveredby this standard warranty. Any consequential damage due to diagnosis or repair by anyparty other than the manufacturer's authorized personnel is not coveredunder this warranty.NOTE: Requests for returns or claims must be submitted to our Factory Service Centerfor Return Material Authorization (RMA) instructions and assignment. Returns thatdo not follow this procedure will not be honored.Extended warranty coverage available by request.Other Products Available:AT30 Microprocessor Battery ChargerAT Series Options & AccessoriesAT Series Communications ModuleAT-DC Series Distribution PanelSCR/SCRF Series Utility Battery ChargerMobile DCPower SystemStorage Battery Systems, LLC800-554-2243UniversalMaintenance Charger UMC Universal Maintenance ChargerSingle Cell ChargerMobile DC Power SystemThe EPIC Series ConsoleBest Battery SelectorAT30 MicroprocessorBattery ChargerThe EPICSeries ConsoleN56 W16665 Ridgewood Drive Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 USA [email protected] reserves the right to change specifications and designs without notice.Illustrations, data, dimensions and weights given in this brochure are for guidance only and cannot be held binding on the company.Rev. 06-13

PAGE 2 Combining the performance and accuracy of a microprocessor with the reliability of SCR power conversion technology makes the AT10 Series the standard in stationary battery chargers. AT10s are easy to install, operate and maintain. The AT10 is packed with the