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Classification :Ref eren ce:EC10-014D at e:NTB10-083July 8, 20102005 - 2006 ALTIMA WITH QR25DE ENGINE AND50 STATE EMISSIONS; MIL ON WITH DTC P0420APPLIED VEHICLE: 2005-2006 Altima (L31)APPLIED ENGINE:QR25DE* Engine Only* 50 State emission specification ONLYIF YOU CONFIRM:DTC P0420 (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold) is stored in the ECM.ACTION:Determine if this bulletin applies by checking the ECM Part Number. You will do this by performing Step A in the SERVICE PROCEDURE, starting onPage 2.If this bulletin applies, reprogram the ECM and perform P0420 DTC Confirmation. You will perform Step B and C in the SERVICE PROCEDURE, starting on Page 4.If this bulletin does not apply, refer back to ASIST and the Electronic Service Manual (ESM)for further diagnostic and repair information.IMPORTANT: The purpose of ACTION (above) is to give you a quick idea of the work you will beperforming. You MUST closely follow the entire Service Procedure as it contains information that isessential to successfully completing this repair.Nissan Bulletins are intended for use by qualified technicians, not 'do-it-yourselfers'. Qualified technicians areproperly trained individuals who have the equipment, tools, safety instruction, and know-how to do a jobproperly and safely. NOTE: If you believe that a described condition may apply to a particular vehicle, DONOT assume that it does. See your Nissan dealer to determine if this applies to your vehicle.1/10

CLAIMS INFORMATIONSubmit a Primary Part (PP) type line claim using the following claims coding:DESCRIPTIONPFPOP CODESYMDIAFRTReprogram ECM and PerformP0420 DTC Confirmation (catalystoperation/efficiency)(1)DX31AAHD320.8 (2)(1) Reference the final CONSULT-II print-out and use the indicated new ECM P/N as thePFP.(2) FRT allows adequate time to access DTC codes, reprogram the ECM, and perform DTCP0420 Confirmation. No other diagnostic procedures subsequently required – Do NOTclaim any Diagnostic Op Codes with this claim.SERVICE PROCEDUREStep A: Check and Compare the Current ECM Part Number (P/N)1. With CONSULT-II (C-II) “ON”, print the ECM P/N as follows:START(Nissan) ENGINE ECM PART NUMBER COPY Figure 1 is an example of the ECM P/Nprintout.You will use the ECM P/N to see if thisbulletin applies.Leave C-II connected to the vehicle at thistime.ECM PART NUMBER23710-XXXXXCALIBID ECM XXXXXMODEBACKLIGHTCOPYTP050001Figure 12/10NTB10-083

2. Compare your vehicle's ECM P/N to those shown under Current ECM P/N in Chart A,below: Use the ECM P/N printout (see example on Page 2, Figure 1):NOTE:¾ Some States may have both ULEV (50-State emissions) and CAL SULEV(California emissions) level vehicles.¾ It is best to refer to Current ECM P/Ns (below) to determine the vehicleconfiguration.Chart AM/Y2005200520062006ConfigurationA/TA/T ASCDA/TA/T ASCDCurrent ECM P/Ns23710 – 9J500, 9J501, 9J502, 9J50A, 9J50B, 9J50C23710 – 9J505, 9J506, 9J507, 9J51A, 9J51B, 9J51C23710 – ZD80A, ZD80B, ZD80C, ZD80D, ZD80E, ZD88A23710-ZD81A, -ZD81B, -ZD81C, -ZD81D, ZD81E, ZD89A¾ If your vehicle’s ECM P/N matches one of the Current ECM P/Ns in the chartabove, this bulletin applies. Continue with this procedure and perform Step Band C.¾ If your vehicle’s ECM P/N does not match one of the Current ECM P/Ns in thechart above, this bulletin does not apply. Refer back to ASIST for furtherdiagnostic and repair information.3/10NTB10-083

Step B: Reprogram the ECMECM Reprogramming OverviewThere are four basic steps:Step 1: Download reprogramming data (transfer it) from ASIST into C-II.Step 2: “Preparation” steps before reprogramming.Step 3: Reprogram the ECM.Step 4: ECM reprogramming “Wrap-up”.If you are familiar with ECM reprogramming: Review Step 1 though Step 4, starting on page 5. Use them as a “Quick Reference” for ECM reprogramming.If you are not familiar with ECM Reprogramming, click here. This will link you to the “ECM Reprogramming for Nissan Vehicles” GeneralProcedure.CAUTION: Connect a battery charger to the vehicle battery.If the 12V battery voltage drops during reprogramming, the ECM may bedamaged. Make sure CONSULT-II is connected to the A.C power supply.If the CONSULT-II battery voltage drops during ECM reprogramming, theECM may be damaged. Be sure to turn OFF all vehicle electrical loads.If a vehicle electrical load remains ON, the ECM may be damaged.4/10NTB10-083

Step One: Download Reprogramming Data (Transfer) Data From ASIST IntoCONSULT-IIVehicle /ModelConfiguration* Click the "Add" 000UsedSpace1 File(s) selectedVehicle Configuration #116MB1A) To 23710-XXXXX Engine #1, Trans #1, etc1B) To 23710-XXXXX Engine #1, Trans #1, etc.To: 23710-XXXXXVehicle Configuration #2Select #2A) To 23710-XXXXX Engine #1, Trans #1, etc.2B) To 23710-XXXXX Engine #1, Trans #1, etc.Vehicle Configuration #3To 23710-XXXXX Engine #1, Trans #1, laces 23710-XXXXX, -XXXXXFrontier8MBRemoveMoreMoreSearch by Code(per bulletin only)KeyPadBackUpShow meMainMenuContinueThis illustration is for example only, your vehicle may be different.TP030621gFigure 51. Select vehicle model and model year (Example: Altima 2005).2. Select the correct Reprogramming Data:a. Locate the specific “Vehicle Configuration” (Example: A/T, ASCD).NOTE: Vehicle Configuration may include items such as engine type, transmissiontype, and vehicle options such as ASCD, TCS, ABS, etc.b. Select (click on) the “To” number for your Vehicle Configuration for theReprogramming Data. (Write the “To” number on the repair order.)NOTE: The “To” number will read: 23710-XXXXX.3. Click on the “Add” button. This will add the selected data to the “File(s) Selected” list.4. Click on “Continue” and follow the on-screen directions to perform “data transfer”(download) from ASIST into C-II.5/10NTB10-083

Step Two: Preparation Steps Before Reprogramming1. Connect a battery charger to the vehicle's battery. Set the charger to a low charge rate (trickle charge).Do Not Connect A/C Power SupplyCAUTION: For number 2 below, andnumber 3 on the next page, DO NOTconnect the C-II AC power supply.Consult-II A/CPower SupplyTP040090Figure 6NISSAN2. Press SUB MODE (see Figure 7) then:ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNITREPROGRAMMINGa. From the listed items, find and selectBATTERY CHARGEAER02C-2INITIATE ECU REPROGRAMSUB MODELIGHTCOPYTP030620aFigure 76/10NTB10-083

Battery Charging3. Check the C-II “Charger Input” reading(see Figure 8).CONSULT-IIBatteryVoltageElapsedDischargeCharge Time00:01.0200.00:0000:01.02Battery VoltageCharger Input8.32 12.15NOTE:0% “Battery Voltage” is the voltage levelof the CONSULT-II battery.01020 3040 5060 7080 90 100StartChargingMODECheck ChargerInput withoutAC powersupplyconnected.Discharge &ChargeBACKLIGHTCOPYTP030625Figure 8CAUTION: If the “Charger Input” is below 12 volts: MUST BEABOVE12.00 VOLTS!100%Battery Charge - IDLE"Charger Input" is the voltage level ofthe vehicle’s battery. (It must be above12 volts.)VehicleBatteryVoltageA list of items to check is contained in the “ECM Reprogramming for NissanVehicles” General Procedure. Click here to link to it.Step Three: Reprogram The ECM7/10NTB10-083

Step Four: ECM Reprogramming “Wrap-up”1. Turn the ignition switch "OFF" and C-II “OFF”.2. Wait more than 10 seconds, and then:a. Turn the ignition switch "ON" for 2 seconds, and thenb. Turn the ignition switch "OFF" again for 10 seconds (see Figure 9). This will reset ECM “self learned” Data.Ignitionkey "ON"Ignitionkey "OFF"About 2 Sec.About 2 Sec.10 Sec.10 Sec.TP030626aFigure 93. Start the engine and check the idle speed. If idle speed is too low, perform “Idle Air Volume Learning” (IAVL). See theappropriate ESM for this procedure.NOTE: If the engine will not idle, hold the engine RPM at about 2000, then slowlybring it down to an idle. IAVL can now be performed.4. Confirm the engine is operating normally.5. Make sure the MIL is OFF. If it’s still ON, use C-II with the Diagnostic (red/white) Card to erase any DTCs thatmay have stored during the reprogramming procedure.6. Go to Step C on the next page.8/10NTB10-083

Step C: Perform P0420 DTC Confirmation Using CONSULT IIIMPORTANT: Before starting the DTC Confirmation procedure, erase all DTCs.Regardless if there are no DTCs, press the ERASE button on C-II. This will reset all SRTsto “INCMP” (incomplete).NOTE: If the DTC Confirmation Procedure has been previously conducted, always turn theignition switch OFF and wait at least 10 seconds before conducting the next test.TESTING CONDITION: Do NOT hold engine speed for more than the specified times givenbelow.1. Turn the ignition switch ON.2. With C-II, select “DATA MONITOR” mode.3. Start the engine and then warm it up to operating temperature.4. Turn the ignition switch OFF and wait for 10 seconds.5. Start the engine and keep the engine speed between 3,500 and 4,000 RPM for at leastone (1) minute under no load.6. Let the engine idle for one (1) minute.750727. Make sure that “COOLAN TEMP/S”indicates more than 70 C (158 F).See Figure 2 for example.8. Open the engine hood.Figure 29. Select “DTC & SRT CONFIRMATION”,and then “WORK SUPPORT” mode. SeeFigure 3 for example.10. Rev the engine to 2,500 – 3,500 RPM,hold it for three (3) consecutive minutes,and then release the accelerator pedalcompletely.11. Wait five (5) seconds at idle.Figure 39/10NTB10-083

12. Rev the engine up to 2,000 to 3,000RPM and maintain it until “INCMP” of“CATALYST” changes to “CMPLT” (it willtake approximately five (5) minutes).13. If “INCMP” changes to “CMPLT” (seeFigure 4 for example): Inspection and repairs in this bulletinare complete. Do NOT replace the catalyticconverter.Figure 414. If “INCMP” does not change to “CMPLT”(see Figure 5 for example): Stop the engine and let it cool downto less than 70 C (158 F), and thenretest starting on Page 9, Step 1.Figure 515. If “INCMP” still does not change to “CMPLT”: Replace the catalytic converter (exhaust manifold assembly).¾ Refer to the ESM for catalytic converter replacement.¾ Refer to the Nissan Warranty Flat Rate Manual for claims coding.¾ Refer to your Electronic Parts Catalog for correct parts selection.10/10NTB10-083

Oct 03, 2011 · 1. With CONSULT-II (C-II) “ON”, print the ECM P/N as follows: START(Nissan) ENGINE ECM PART NUMBER COPY Figure 1 is an example of the ECM P/N printout. You will use the ECM P/N to see if this bulletin applies. Leave C-II connected to the vehicle at this time. MODE ECM P