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USER GUIDESAFERPAY MODULEFORMAGENTO 2.0–2.4.1Status:Author:Document date:Classification:Version: SIX Payment ServicesReleasedPIT Solutions and SIX Payment Services14 May 2020Public1.0.5V1.0.51 41


ABOUT DOCUMENTVersionNo.V1.0.0Prepared byVersion ChangesDeepthi Joseph &Prepared initial documentShanty Justus,versionDate31.03.2020PIT Solutions Pvt LtdV1.0.1Soumia George,Added Amasty RecurringPIT Solutions Pvt LtdPayment module and09.04.2020limitations with the RecurringmoduleShanty Justus,V1.0.2PSD2 Changes06.05.2020Proofread and public release14.05.2020Deepthi Joseph &iDEAL Preselection for bank06.10.2020Shanty Justus,account, Saferpay Field forPIT Solutions Pvt Ltd"Save card", Redirect URL inPayment Serviceslightbox for checkout withPIT Solutions PvtLtd.Erich Zeiler-RauschV1.0.3Worldline/SIXPayment ServicesV1.0.4Saferpay Fields andTransaction Interface SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.53 41

V1.0.5Shanty Justus,Compatible with MagentoDeepthi Josephversion 2.4.1 and AmastyPIT Solutions Pvt LtdSubscriptions & RecurringPayment ServicesPayments Version 1.6.3,23.12.2020Added Klarna paymentmethod. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.54 41

ABOUT SAFERPAYSaferpay is the easy, flexible, secure and the comprehensive e-payment solutionfrom SIX Payment Services for easier and more secure payment in your onlineshop.Worldline is European market leader in payment technology. More than 11,000payment experts ensure future-oriented innovations and services in over 30countries. With 45 years of experience, Worldline is an innovative pan-Europeancompany that covers the entire value chain of cashless payment transactions withits highly secure payment and transaction services.SIX Payment Services has been part of Worldline since the end of 2018, makingit Europe's largest technology partner for banks and merchants. The tailor-madesolutions from SIX Payment Services include a broad portfolio of paymentterminals and the acceptance and processing of national and internationalpayments with credit, debit and prepaid cards as well as the smartphone. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.55 41

ABOUT MAGENTO MODULEThis module is implemented to integrate Saferpay Payment methods inMagento. It supports the following payment methods of Saferpay to work withdefault Magento 2 checkout.1] VISA2] MASTERCARD3] MAESTRO4] AMERICAN EXPRESS5] BANCONTACT6] DINERS/DISCOVER7] JCB8] BONUS CARD9] SEPA ELV10] MYONE11] MASTERPASS12] UNIONPAY13] PAYPAL14] TWINT15] PAYDIREKT16] IDEAL17] EPRZELEWY18] POSTFINANCE CARD19] POSTFINANCE EFINANCE20] APPLE PAY21] ALIPAY22] CREDITCARD (SAFERPAY FIELDS)23] SOFORT24] GIROPAY25] EPS SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.56 41

26] BILLPAY PURCHASE ON RECEIPT27] BILLPAY DIRECT DEBIT28] KLARNA PAYMENTSThis module supports all the features of online payment methods like invoicecapturing, refunding & cancellation. All these payment operations done in theMagento backend will be synced to Saferpay account also.REQUIRMENTSTo install and configure Saferpay module in Magento, the following is required: Magento installation with version between 2.0.2 to 2.4.1 The license for the Saferpay module. A valid Saferpay account with at least one active Saferpay terminalthrough which payments can be carried out API credentials like Terminal ID, Customer ID, JSON Username andJSON Password for the Saferpay Live- and/or Test environment Valid acceptance agreement for payment methods.INSTALLATIONTo install Saferpay module follow the steps below.Step 1: Download Saferpay module extension and unzip it. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.57 41

Step 2: Access your web server directories and upload the content of the folderinto the root directoryStep 3: Run the following commands to complete the installation.1. Enable the modulephp bin/magento module:enable --clear-static-content Saferpay PaymentService2. Update of the databasephp bin/magento setup:upgrade3. Generate and pre-compile classesphp bin/magento setup:di:compile4. Deploy static filesphp bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [locale][locale] should be replaced by ISO-639 language codes for which to outputstatic view files.CONFIGURATIONSaferpay module configuration includes two section1. General configuration2. Payment method specific configurationGENERAL CONFIGURATIONConfigure general module settings from Stores Configuration Sales Saferpay TabThe following configuration options are available in General section SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.58 41

1. Environment: It defines the Saferpay Operation mode. The dropdown will allowmerchant to quickly switch between live and test environment. By default, testmode is selected2. Test Customer ID/Live Customer ID3. Test Terminal ID4. Test JSON Username5. Test JSON API Password6. Test Hosted Field Api Key7. Test Hosted Field Api URL6, 7: the details can be obtained fromSaferpay backend - Settings - Saferpay Field Access Tokens8. Test Hosted Field JS URLThis is the Saferpay Fields Javascript library url. Do not edit this if are unaware ofthe functionality9. Test Base URLThese fields already have default values of api base url. Do not edit this if areunaware of the functionality SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.59 41

SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.510 41

Fields from 2 to 9 may vary based on the operation mode opted. Data is availablefrom Saferpay Backoffice. To get access information for live environment youhave to request an offer here. To get access information to test account pleasefollow this link.To get JSON API username and password you have to login to Saferpaymanagement interface and go to Settings - JSON API basic authentication. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.511 41

Please refer mercedeveloper/integration.html for more information10.Licence: Choose the Saferpay licence you own.Saferpay has two licenses: Saferpay eCommerce Saferpay BusinessIn case you are using Saferpay Business without the correspondinglicense, the API will throw an error.11. Liability Shift BehaviourThis field determines how to handle the transactions when Liability Check for cardFails. When using this functionality, the liability shifts to the authorizing bank and SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.512 41

the store owner receives no claim for any chargeback if a fraudulent card is usedon their website.It has two options Manual Capture: Transactions with false LiabilityShift are not captured, butit gets authorized. Later the merchant can capture, or cancel the order ashe wish. Autocancel: Transactions with false LiabilityShift are cancelledautomatically.12. Check extra level of AuthenticationRecommended for high risk businesses (Jewellery, Electronics, etc.) to stick tothe highest level of security.13. Recurring SCA challenge for PSD2 ComplianceSaferpay module is compatible with Amasty recurring module. This field isapplicable only for orders with subscription products. It ensures the PSD2compliance of the recurring payments done through Saferpay while Amastyextension is enabled.14. Re-enter CVC value when using saved cards for paymentThis option is used to provide additional security when the customer uses savedcards for the checkout. While this option is enabled, it asks the cardholder to reenter his CVC if he uses saved card for checkout, and hence the transactionwould be fully secure and PCI compliant SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.513 41

15. Merchant emailEmail addresses (Merchant email) to which a confirmation email need to be sendafter successful payment authorizations. (Applicable only for payment pageauthorization)16.Order DescriptionA human readable description provided by the merchant that will be displayed inPayment Page.17.CSS URLEnter a valid CSS URL which is included in the payment page. This file must behosted on an SSL/TLS secured web server (the url must start with https://)Example: https://merchanthost/merchant.css.Refer for more details18.Payment Page ThemeChoose the theme to customize the appearance of Saferpay payment pages. Perdefault a lightweight responsive styling will be applied.19.Saferpay ConfigurationSaferpay Payment Page configurations is used to configure design and otherdetails inside hosted pages. The configuration can be created from SaferpayBackoffice ('Settings PaymentPage Configuration'). The configuration markedas 'default' will be used as the standard setting if none SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.514 41

20. Enable LogAll the error details regarding a transaction will be logged to custom log if thisoption is enabled. Refer Log section for more information21. Email Template on cancellation of orderThere may be possibilities for cancelling authorized transaction due to failed 3Dscheck. During such scenarios this template is used to send email to customersnotifying them about payment cancellation.PAYMENT METHOD SPECIFICSCredit Cards - Refer asterpass - Refer Masterpass is a Wallet-Solution introduced by Mastercard.Please refer INT – Refer - Refer y - Refer Postcard /PostFinance - htmlSOFORT - SOFORT is a third party means of payment by Klarna Group. larna Payments - Klarna Payments is a 3rd party payment method, that is split intothree ways of payment: Pay Now, Pay Later and Slice It/Financing. ts.htmleps - Refer - Refer al - Refer ELV - Refer y - Refer Alipay - Refer SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.515 41

Bancontact - Refer ple Pay - Refer ENT METHOD SPECIFIC CONFIGURATIONIndividual payment methods which come under Saferpay can be configured fromSystem Configuration Sales Payment Methods section. Not all payment willbe in your contract so be careful while enabling payment methods.Saferpay specific configuration are explained in detail.1. EnabledEnable or Disable payment methods2. TitleThe title displayed to the customer on the store front during checkout.3. DescriptionDescription for the payment4. Payment from Applicable CountriesBy default, it is set to All Allowed Countries.5. Payment from Specific CountriesIf you wish to accept payment from specific countries, you can select thecountries in Payment from Specific Countries.6. Accepted CurrenciesChoose the currencies that can be processed with this payment. If no currency isselected payment will not be available even though it is enabled individually. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.516 41

Some payments like Klarna may have country and currency restrictions. So becareful in choosing countries and ensure that these countries are activated inyour Klarna payment settings in saferpay account also.For Klarna to work properly, currency code should be in-line with country codeRefer - encies-locales/7. Use Base CurrencyDefines whether Magento base currency should be used for processing thetransaction. If this is enabled, only the payment methods that supports basecurrency will be listed during checkout. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.517 41

SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.518 41

SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.519 41

8. Authorisation MethodAuthorisation Method defines how the payment method is displayed andprocessed. Some payments support multiple authorisation methods while otherssupport single. Payment page – During the order processing the user is redirected fromthe Magento shop to the Saferpay payment gateway to process thepayment. On successful completion of the payment the user will beredirected back to the Magento shop. The Saferpay Payment PageInterface is intended for a simplified and universal integration of thepayment process by using the PaymentPage payment form. The SaferpayPayment Page can be used both with a Saferpay eCommerce license andwith a Saferpay business license. All Saferpay supported paymentmethods can be processes with the Payment Page Interface. Transaction Interface - During the order processing the user is served withSaferpay payment forms opened in a lightbox within the Magento shop.The Transaction Interface is an extension to Payment Page Interface. Itoffers the Hosted Entry Form (HEF) to process card payments seamlessly.This interface can also be used in combination with Secure Card Data tostore/tokenize payment data during the payment process. The TransactionInterface is only for holders of a business licence on the live system Saferpay Fields - Saferpay fields will be hosted on Saferpay-side and willoffer you a level of flexibility and the possibilities, similar to using your ownform. The data is captured by a fully PCI-certified system.9. Capture TypeThis indicated how payment provider should behave when order is created. Thereare two options: Autocapture: It will automatically capture the amount in the order. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.520 41

Manual capture: The payment will be authorized, but merchant will haveto capture manually form shop Backend10. Invoice GenerationThis field determines when to generate invoice for the payments made throughSaferpay if the capture type is set to Manual.For automatic Captures invoice will be generated instantly after payment in paidstate. Manual: Invoice should be generated manually by merchant from MagentoBackend. Automatic: Invoice will be generated automatically upon paymentauthorize in pending state.11. Send Invoice EmailIf “send invoice” is enabled, invoice email is sent automatically after invoicecapture.12. Pre-Authorize TransactionWhen set to true the transaction is processed as pre-authorization otherwise asfinal authorization. If pre-authorisation is selected, the capture of the payment isprevented even though the capture type is “Autocapture “.13. Show Payment IconWhen enabled, the payment brand icon will be shown in checkout page and orderemail. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.521 41

14. Display Payment IDThis field determines whether transaction Id of the payment should be displayedin order confirmation page and order email.15. Send Customer AddressThis option will send customer address to Saferpay.16. Display card holder name on SaferpayThis parameter let you customize the holder name field on the card entry form.Per default, a mandatory holder name field is shown.17. Register alias and use during checkoutBy enabling this, the customer can register cards and use it for future payments.Card details will be stored in Saferpay. This option is available only forTransaction Interface Authorisation method.18. Send Customer confirmation email from SaferpayConfirmation email will be sent to the customer after successful authorizationsfrom Saferpay (Applicable only for payment page authorization)19. Minimum Order TotalUsing this field merchant can set a minimum order limit. If the grand total of theorder is less than the Minimum Order Total value, the payment cannot beprocessed through the payment method. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.522 41

20. Maximum Order TotalYou can specify the maximum amount for the transaction that can be processedthrough this payment method.21. Sort OrderThis option is for sorting the payment methods to display in the checkout page.Once you have configured Saferpay payment method, review all the settingscarefully. If everything is fine, click Save Config button at the top right corner.22. Payment BrandsThis configuration is available only for Credit Card and Apple Pay payments. Itenables the merchant to choose the payment brands which will be accepted bythese payments. By default, all brands are selected.The selected brands will be accepted only if it supports the currency opted forSaferpay transactions. SIX Payment ServicesV1.0.523 41

23. Saferpay Fields CSS URLConfiguration specific to Credit Card payment. It defines the url to an externalCSS, to be applied to Saferpay Fields if the merchant wants to customize theexisting design.24. Pre-Select issuer bank accountiDEAL Payment allows the customers to pre-select the issu

ABOUT MAGENTO MODULE This module is implemented to integrate Saferpay Payment methods in Magento. It supports the following payment methods of Saferpay to work with default Magento 2 checkout. 1] VISA 2] MASTERCARD 3] MAESTRO 4] AMERICAN EXPRESS 5] BANCONTACT 6] DINERS/DISCOVER 7] JCB 8] BONUS CARD 9] SEPA ELV 10] MYONE 11] MASTERPASS 12] UNIONPAY