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Celebrating Over 40 Yearsof Training Excellence ITIL In4mation:What’s New In ITIL 4January

ITILITILIn4mation:What’s New in ITIL 4?IntroductionWhen it comes to ITIL and IT Service Management, Pink continues to stand out!After 25 years and four versions of ITIL, Pink Elephant is still the one everyone looks tofirst.Over the years, no other organization has been as deeply entrenched and influential inITIL as Pink Elephant (we don’t call ourselves “the ITIL experts” for nothing!). And,once again we are in the thick of things with ITIL 4. Pink Elephant has been workingvery closely with AXELOS to ensure that when ITIL 4 launches in February 2019, PinkElephant will be all over it at Pink19!We’re proud to say that since the very first ITIL book was published in the mid-80s,we've been providing input, authoring books, developing courses, and leading the way.NO OTHER organization has been as deeply entrenched and influential in ITIL as Pinkand we are equally passionate about the development and release of ITIL 4.ITIL 4 builds on what you already know. Used by thousands of organizations aroundthe world, ITIL is globally accepted as the best practice standard for IT ServiceManagement. With ITIL, organizations can: Align IT services with business priorities to achieve strategic objectivesIncrease value to the service portfolio while reducing costs and riskIncrease the competencies, capabilities, and productivity of IT staff and betterutilize the skills and experience of staffImprove user and customer satisfaction with IT as well as the end-userperception and brand imageFramework integration. No longer is it possible to say that one particular set ofpractices on its own is better than another. ITIL 4 provides a holistic end-to-end picturethat integrates frameworks such as Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps.Read on to find out more about how ITIL 4 differs from ITIL v3.pinkelephant.comPage 2

ITILITILIn4mation:What’s New in ITIL 4?The ITIL Service Value SystemCore to ITIL v3 was a set of 26 processes and functions arranged in a five-step ServiceLifecycle consisting of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, ServiceOperation, and Continual Service Improvement.ITIL 4 has taken a different approach, with a Service Value System (SVS) thatdemonstrates how opportunity/demand is turned into value. It consists of a set ofguiding principles, governance, service value chain activities, a set of 34 practices, andcontinual improvement.Figure 1: The ITIL Service Value System. Image credit: AXELOSpinkelephant.comPage 3

ITILITILIn4mation:What’s New in ITIL 4?The ITIL Service Value ChainThe central element of the Service Value System is the Service Value Chain, an operatingmodel that outlines the key activities required to respond to demand and facilitate businessvalue through the creation and management of products and services.Figure 2: The Service Value Chain. Image credit: AXELOS.Why the need for this model? The Service Value Chain is designed to be more flexible than ITILv3’s Service Lifecycle, and includes Service Value Streams within it that may interact across thedifferent Service Value Chain activities as necessary.pinkelephant.comPage 4

ITILITILIn4mation:What’s New in ITIL 4?Four Dimensions of Service ManagementITIL 4 defines four dimensions of Service Management that collectively are critical to theeffective and efficient facilitation of value for customers and other stakeholders in theform of products and services. These are: Organizations and peoplePartners and suppliersInformation and technologyValue streams and processesThese four dimensions represent perspectives that are relevant to the whole ServiceValue System and all IT services being managed, including the entirety of the ServiceValue Chain and all practices.New ITIL practicesPreviously, ITIL v3 referred to a set of 26 processes and functions. In ITIL 4, theseterms are replaced with practices, which are defined as a set of organizationalresources designed for performing work or accomplishing an objective.ITIL 4 has grouped practices into three categories: General Management practices: adopted/adapted for service managementfrom general business management domainsService Management practices: developed in service management and ITSMindustriesTechnical Management practices: adapted from technology domains forservice management purposes by expanding or shifting their focus fromtechnology services to IT servicespinkelephant.comPage 5

ITILITILIn4mation:What’s New in ITIL 4?While all ITIL practices have been refreshed in ITIL 4 to reflect IT ServiceManagement’s evolution, the most visible changes have been outlined in the tablebelow:New practicesGeneral Management Practices: Continual Improvement Organizational ChangeManagement Workforce and TalentManagement Architecture Management Measurement and Reporting Project Management Business Analysis Risk ManagementUpdated processes andfunctionsProcesses no longer aunique practice Relationship ManagementCapacity and PerformanceManagementMonitoring and EventManagementChange ControlService ConfigurationManagementDemand ManagementDesign CoordinationTransition Planning andSupportTechnical ManagementPractices: Deployment Management(separated from ReleaseManagement) Infrastructure and PlatformManagement Software Development andManagementTable 1: Changes in practices in ITIL 4These changes have been combined with the new practices to provide IT professionalswith the most complete picture available to be able to best drive business value.pinkelephant.comPage 6

ITILITILIn4mation:What’s New in ITIL 4?ITIL 4’s 34 practices are:General ManagementPractices Architecture Management Continual Improvement Information SecurityManagement Knowledge Management Measurement and Reporting Portfolio Management Organizational ChangeManagement Project Management Relationship Management Risk Management Service FinancialManagement Strategy Management Supplier Management Workforce and TalentManagementService ManagementPractices Availability Management Business Analysis Capacity and PerformanceManagement Change Control Incident Management IT Asset Management Monitoring and EventManagement Problem Management Release Management Service CatalogManagement Service ConfigurationManagement Service ContinuityManagement Service Design Service Desk Service Level Management Service RequestManagement Service Validation andTestingTechnical ManagementPractices Deployment Management Infrastructure and PlatformManagement Software Development andManagementTable 2: ITIL 4’s new practicespinkelephant.comPage 7

ITILITILIn4mation:What’s New in ITIL 4?The New ITIL 4 Certification SchemeThe new scheme has been streamlined and is now simpler and clearer to help ITprofessionals decide which course to take according to how they want to further theircareers. The new scheme also does away with ITIL v3’s “credit system.” There are atotal of seven certification courses, divided between two designation schemes: ITILManaging Professional and ITIL Strategic Leader.Figure 3: The ITIL 4 certification scheme. Image credit: AXELOS.How is ITIL v3 different from ITIL 4?As can be surmised from the above information, there is still a lot from ITIL v3 that isincluded in ITIL 4, confirming that ITIL v3 certifications continue to remain relevant andmeaningful. But exactly what does this mean for ITIL v3 certification holders?With the remainder of the ITIL 4 courses scheduled to be introduced in late 2019, the“Managing Professional” transition course (bridging course) will be available to thoseindividuals who have acquired 17 credits in the ITIL v3 certification scheme.While the ITIL 4 Foundation course is going to be the only available ITIL 4 course untillate 2019 when the Practices courses are expected to be launched, all v3 courses andexams will continue to be available through this whole period and well into 2020. Thesepinkelephant.comPage 8

ITILITILIn4mation:What’s New in ITIL 4?are just some of the important reasons why IT professionals are encouraged to continueto participate in the v3 certification program.Want To Learn More About ITIL 4? Register now for one of Pink’s ITIL 4 courses and be one of the first ITprofessionals on the planet to be ITIL 4 educated and certified. Visit our websiteto see our ITIL 4 Foundation course schedule!Bring us onsite for an ITIL 4 Overview – a half day session profiling the mainconcepts of ITIL 4’s Service Value System.Register for Pink’s Integrated Service Management Certification Course – theONLY course in the industry that gives you guidance on how to bring togetherITIL, Lean, Agile, and DevOps. ITIL 4 replicates many concepts originallydocumented in this Pink course!Attend Pink19 – the world’s largest gathering of ITSM professionals. The multitrack event covers today’s most relevant and meaningful subjects, with an entiretrack devoted to ITIL (including ITIL 4) and IT Service Management. Numeroussessions are profiled, including case studies from successful IT practitioners andindustry experts.About Pink ElephantWe Lead The Way!A premier global training, consulting, and conference service provider, Pink Elephanthas an undisputed reputation for leading the way. We’re proud of our pioneering andinnovative spirit, which has enabled us to introduce and spearhead many revolutionaryconcepts and programs since our inception forty years ago.Contact [email protected] ITIL is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.pinkelephant.comPage 9

Register now for one of Pink’s ITIL 4 courses and be one of the first IT professionals on the planet to be ITIL 4 educated and certified. Visit our website to see our ITIL 4 Foundation course schedule! Bring us onsite for an ITIL 4 Overview – a half day session profiling the main concepts of ITIL 4’s Service Value System.