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International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationLIST OF PARTICIPANTSAFGHANISTANMs Nina DODD - [email protected] Khaled ABBAS – [email protected] Laura GUALDI - European [email protected] Christophe DE JAEGHER – [email protected] Susanne MALLAUN - European [email protected] Gagik GEVORGYAN Member, State Council on [email protected] DIANA MARTIROSOVA –National Statistical [email protected] Derek HEADEY – [email protected] Amanda MCCLELLAND - Concern [email protected] Dominique ROBERFROID – [email protected] Lieselot GERMONPREZ – Belgium [email protected] Pascal DJOHOSSOU - The Hunger [email protected] José Ramón CAMPERO MARAÑÒN - AlianzaBoliviana de la Sociedad Civil para el RAZILMr Yashar PASHA – State Statistical Committeeof the Republic of [email protected] Anne Walleser KEPPLE - State University ofCampinas (UNICAMP)[email protected] Nesar AHMED - Bangladesh [email protected] Flavio BELLOMI - FAO [email protected] Diane La Verne LINDSEY - Helen [email protected] Amy OSTRANDER - Save the C[email protected] Jillian WAID - Helen Keller [email protected] Júnia Valéria QUIROGA DA CUNHA - Ministry ofSocial Development and the Fight Against [email protected] Alexandro RODRIGUES PINTO - Brazilian sMinistry of Social Development and Hunger [email protected] FASOMr Yves KAMELI - IRD [email protected] Lindsey HORTON – WFP [email protected] Alissa PRIES - Helen Keller [email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationMr Aminuzzaman TALUKDER - Hellen [email protected] RICAMrs Greta PREDELLA – Embassy of Costa [email protected] Douglas Ronald BROWN - World VisionInternationaldouglas [email protected] Orlando GUZMAN – Embassy of Costa [email protected] Marco GOMES - Center for Global Health Policy &Innovation Research Academic [email protected] Silvia María ALVAREZ ROSSELL - CubanEmbassyembajador [email protected] Marie RUEL – [email protected] Ernesto DOMÍNGUEZ - Cuban Embassyembajador [email protected] VERDEH.E José Eduardo BARBOSAPermanent Representative Cape [email protected] Jieying BI - Agricultural Information Institute ofChinese Academy of Agricultural Sciencesyinger [email protected] Luis Alberto MARÍN LLANES - Cuban [email protected] MARGRETHE HOLM ANDERSEN - DANIDA –Ministry of Foreign [email protected] Vagn MIKKELSEN – [email protected] Fengying NIE – Agricultural Information Institute of ECUADORChinese Academy of Agricultural [email protected] Jorge SAMANIEGO EGUIGUREN – FAOMr Chuang NIE (Chinese Representation)[email protected] Edwin Alejandro BUENHOMBRE MORENO School of Public Administration – [email protected]@fao.orgMs Alexandra Catalina VACA ESPIN - MinisterioCoordinador de Desarrollo [email protected]é Antonio CARRANZA – Ecuador [email protected] Rubiela GAMBOA BASTIDAS - GovernmentMs Fatima HACHEM - FAOInstitution: Social Integration Office at the Mayor [email protected] Bogotá- [email protected] SALVADORMs Eneried JARAMILLO ACHAGUA - SocialIntegration Office at the Mayor Office of [email protected] Nancy del Carmen MONTOYA ORTIZ - SocialIntegration Office at the Mayor Office of [email protected] Farley ROJAS JOVEN - Social Integration Office atthe Mayor Office of [email protected] Lidia GARCIA GARCIA – [email protected] Mauricio Alejandro MOLINA - National Universityof Taiwanmau [email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationETHIOPIAMr François FONTENEAU – [email protected] Eleni JENBERIEMr Abreha Ghebrai ASEFFAEthiopian [email protected] UNIONMr Alessandro [email protected] Cristina [email protected] Sumantla Devi VARMAN - FIJI Mr Antoine HAUVILLE – Independant [email protected] JEAN-PIERRE KALALA BANGA BANGA - ClefNouvelle France-Afrique de lutte contre les [email protected] Guillaume LAMARRE - University MontpellierSupAgroguillaume [email protected] Yves MARTIN-PREVEL - IRD [email protected] SYLVIE [email protected] Julien MOREL - Action Contre la [email protected] Riitta FREESE - University of [email protected] Paolo PROSPERI - Mediterranean AgronomicInstitute of [email protected] Marja MUTANEN - University of [email protected] Francisca RAMIREZ- COPELOSFRANCEMr Ibrahima Gouro BOCOUM - [email protected] Pierre-Marie BOSC - CIRAD & WAW Ex[email protected] Louise BOURKOU - Clef NouvelleFrance-Afrique de lutte contre les [email protected] Alain DEREVIERFrench Permanent [email protected] Patrick DIMANIN - University [email protected] Adrien DOCKX - University Montpellier [email protected] Marie-Claude DOP – IRD [email protected] Stéphane DOYON - Médecins Sans Frontiè[email protected] Cristina SIMON PALACIOS - UniversityMontpellier [email protected] Sandrine WATTIEZ - University [email protected] Thijs WISSINK - Independent [email protected] Fafanding FATAJO - Dept. of [email protected] Kakha NADIRADZE - Association for FarmersRights Defense, [email protected] Vasil TSAKADZE - National Statistics Office [email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationGERMANYMs Barbara ABBENTHEREN - GIZ, [email protected] Chiara ALTARE - Centre for Research on theEpidemiology of Disasters, Université catholique [email protected] Hans Konrad BIESALSKIUniversitat [email protected] Hartwig DE HAEN –[email protected] Ute Marianne GOLA - Institute for Nutrition [email protected] Eva HERRMANN – German [email protected] Deden Dinar ISKANDAR - Center forDevelopment Research, University of [email protected] Ute LATZKE - deMs Nicole Maria PAGANINI - NGO VILLAMilagrosa [email protected] Evita Hanie PANGARIBOWO - Center forDevelopment Research, University of [email protected] Ines REINHARD - GIZ, Government [email protected] Sarah ROSSMANN - Independent [email protected] Claudia TRENTMANN - Comit GmbH [email protected] Ursula WÜST - Deutsche [email protected] Manfred ZELLER - Universitat [email protected] N. A KOUTRAKOU – Greece [email protected] Antonia TRICHOPOULOUHellenic Health [email protected] Luis CABRERA – [email protected] Ricardo SIBRIAN - Sistema de la Integracion deCentro [email protected] Eric NDAYISHIMIYE - Danish Refugee [email protected] Maryse Emilie HOLLY - Congressional [email protected] SEES. E. Luigi [email protected] Samson Oluwatobi AWOPEJU - Corvinus Universityof [email protected] BAJRANG BAJRANG LAL - National ProductivityCouncil / Govt of [email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationMr Siddharth KRISHNASWAMY – [email protected] Shobhan K. [email protected] Elisabetta AURINO - Universita'degli Studi [email protected] Terri BALLARD – [email protected] (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF)Mr Farhad MIRZAEI - Animal Science ResearchInstitute of [email protected] Seyed Morteza [email protected] Dr Hassan JANABI - [email protected] YILMAZSOYEmbassy of [email protected] Keum Young JEONG - Dublin Institute [email protected] Gudrun STALLKAMP - Concern [email protected] Jarlath O'Connor – Ireland [email protected] Marina ADRIANOPOLI – [email protected] Sabrina AGUIARI - University of Bologna [email protected] Shukri AHMED – [email protected] Dario AMODEO – [email protected] Gustavo ANRIQUEZ – [email protected] Antonella APUZZO DI PORTANOVA – [email protected] Erich BATTISTIN - University of Padova andIRVAPPer[email protected] Samir BEJAOUI - UN High Level Task Force onGlobal Food Security – Coordination [email protected] Winnie [email protected] Patrizia Olivia BELOTTI – [email protected] Camelia Adriana BUCATARIU - SapienzaUniversity [email protected] Francesco BURCHI - Universita'degli StudiRoma [email protected] Carlo CAFIERO – [email protected] Karel CALLENS – [email protected] Vito CISTULLI – [email protected] Daniele CUFARI - University of Tor VergataMr Giorgio D'AMORE - Independent [email protected] Daisy Ida D'ELIAMs Fortuna D'ERRICO – [email protected] Claudio DAMINATO – [email protected] Pasquale DE MURO - Roma Tre [email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationMs Ana Paula DE LA O CAMPOS – [email protected] Charlotte DUFOUR – [email protected] Aurélie DUSSOSSOY – [email protected] Stefano GAVOTTI – [email protected] Pietro GENNARI – [email protected] José GRAZIANO da SILVADirector General of [email protected] Stefano MARGUCCIOItalian [email protected] Denise MELVIN – [email protected] Claudio MISCIAPermanent Representative of [email protected] Susana MORENO ROMERO – [email protected] Thierry NEGRE - JRC – MARS Unit / [email protected] Andrea SALTELLI - European Commission, JointResearch Center, Institute for the Protection and Securityof the [email protected] Shahla SHAPOURI – [email protected] George-André SIMON - University of Roma [email protected] Kostas STAMOULIS – [email protected] Linda STEPHEN - Independent [email protected] Francesco TIMPANO - Univerista’ Cattolica delSacro [email protected] MARÍA DEL PILAR VALLEDOR ÁLVAREZUniversidad ReyJuan [email protected] José VALLS BEDEAU – [email protected] Mohamed Salih Mohamed YASSINUniversity of [email protected] Alberto ZEZZA – World [email protected] Tharcisse NKUNZIMANA – [email protected] Stefano PANZIERI - ROMA TRE [email protected] Osamu KOYAMA - Japan InternationalResearch Center for Agriculture [email protected] Elena PENCO – [email protected] DUBAYAH – Jordan [email protected] Jessica RANERI - Bioversity [email protected] Abegail REYES - Universita Roma 3 MasteralDegree in Human development and Food [email protected] Degan ALI ABDURAHMAN - Horn [email protected] Maurici ROSALES – [email protected] Peter HAILEY – [email protected] Illia ROSENTHAL - Independent [email protected] Jacqueline Kwamboka KUNG'UMicronutrient [email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationMs Bilha MAINA –[email protected] Maingi MBWIRIA - Kenya Promotions& Marketing [email protected] Stephen MCDOWELLMs Grainne MOLONEY - FSNAU, [email protected] Mary NYAMONGOAfrican Institute of Health and [email protected] Maria Marina RINI – Italian DevelopmentCooperation Office in [email protected] Chesterman Mwambo KUMWENDA – [email protected] Amir HAMZAHEmbassy of [email protected] - MALÍMr Mahamadou TANIMOUNE – [email protected] BAH KONIPO - Malian [email protected] Lilly SCHOFIELD - Concern Worldwidelilly[email protected] Ricardo APARICIO - [email protected] Hannan SULIEMAN – [email protected] Erika LOPEZ MARCO – University of the [email protected] Zoltan TIBA - FSNAU, [email protected] Paolo TOSELLI – European Union – SomaliaDelegation in [email protected] Pablo Gerardo PARAS GARCIA –Data Opinion Publica y [email protected] Alan ROMERO – Mexican [email protected] OF KOREANETHERLANDSMr Kim CHALMIRI- Permanent [email protected] Palesa LESOLIGovernment –Food and Nutrition Coordinating [email protected] THATO MASILOANEGovernment – Office of the Prime [email protected] MASEKONYELA SEBOTSAGovernment – Food and Nutrition Coordinating [email protected] Malikopo Patricia RAKOOTJELesotho [email protected] THOMAS JAN ACHTERBOSCHWageningen Ur – Lei (research organization)[email protected] Ferencz BODNAR - Policy and OperationsEvaluation Department (IOB) - Ministry of [email protected] Toluwanimi John FADESERE - Van HallLarenstein University of Applied [email protected] Oluwaseun Olubukola FAKEYE - Van HallLarenstein University of Applied [email protected] Anatole MAJYAMBERE - Van HallLarestein [email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationMr Maarten NUBE - Center for World Food Studies,VU-University, [email protected] Hans Peter MELBY – [email protected] Okenna OBI-NJOKU - Wageningen [email protected] Khadim HUSSAIN – Independent [email protected] Adewale Adeleke ODUNAYA - Van Hall LarensteinUniversity of Applied [email protected] Julio Enrique MINEUR DE WITTEHonorable Cámara de Diputados de la RepúblicaMs Olubunmi Bashirat OLABIRAN - Van Halldel ParaguayLarenstein University of Applied mMs Marianne VAN DORP - Wageningen [email protected] ZEALANDMr John GIBSON - University of [email protected] Sofia GUIOMAR - National Institute ofHealth (Govermental institution) andUniversity of [email protected] OF MOLDOVANIGERMr Harouna IBRAHIMA - Ministere del'agriculutre/Direction des [email protected] Ben Adebanjo AWE - Barnabas Trust [email protected] Oyebola Adebola ELEMIDE - Federal Collegeof [email protected] Adetunji Olajide FALANA - Ministry of [email protected] Friday Nwalo NWEKE - Ebonyi State [email protected] David OJO - National Horticulture Research [email protected] Michael Adedotun OKE - Agric Link MultipurposeCooperative Society [email protected] Yaya OLANIRAN (Permanent Representative)[email protected] Marie GAARDER – [email protected] Ala NEGRUTA - National Bureau ofStatistics of the Republic of [email protected] Galina OBREJA - National Centerfor Public [email protected] Sergiu TIRIGAN - Ministry of Agriculture& Food [email protected] Jacob Ray JOHNSON - Action Aid [email protected] Ibrahim HAGI ABDULKADIRSomalian [email protected] AFRICAMr Stephen DEVEREUX - Institute ofDevelopment Studies, University of [email protected] Peter JACOBS - Economic Performance &Development (EPD) Human SciencesResearch Council (HSRC)[email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationMs Annie Petronella LANDMAN - The SiyakhanaInitiative for Ecological Health and Food Security,The University of the [email protected] Matthew John MANDERSON - The SiyakhanaInitiative for Ecological Health and Food Security,The University of the [email protected] Mokeka Pange MOSISIUniversity of Kwa Zulu [email protected] Agnès DHUR – [email protected] Stewart GILLESPIE – [email protected] Kenneth HARTTGEN - ETH Zü[email protected] Yingsi LAI - Swiss Tropical and PublicHealth Institute, University of [email protected] Julien JACOB - Acción Contra el [email protected] Stefano MARTA - Consultant - Catholic Universityof Milan and [email protected] ; [email protected] James Peter WIRTH – [email protected] Marzella WUSTEFELD - UN SystemStanding Committee on [email protected] Antonio MARTINEZ-PIQUERASAMP Consulting / [email protected] Cristian OPAZO MORALESEuropean [email protected] Olugbenga Philip SOLADOYEUniversitat Autonoma [email protected] Jacqueline Raquel VELAZCO PORTOCARREROUniversity of [email protected] LANKAMs Gothami INDIKADAHENAPermanent Representative of Sri [email protected] Ammar AWAD – Syrian [email protected] David DAWE – [email protected] Suriyan VICHITLEKARN - [email protected] Piyawat NAIGOWIT – Thailand [email protected] Nigist Biru ABEBE – [email protected] Lucy MYLES – [email protected] Sunday KOMOLAFE - Linkoping [email protected] Emmanuel Gbenga OLAGUNJULinkoping [email protected] ARAB EMIRATESMr Ali [email protected] KINGDOMMs Séverine Gaellle Lise FRISON - London Scoolof Hygiene and Tropical [email protected]

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security InformationMs Frances KIMMINS - International [email protected] Clemens BREISINGER - IFPRI, DevelopmentStrategy and Governance [email protected] Simon LEVINE - Humanitarian Policy Group,Overseas Development [email protected] Gero CARLETTO - World [email protected] Edoardo MASSET - [email protected] Monique CENTRONE STEFANIStony Brook University, Department of [email protected] Anne-Marie MAYER - Concern [email protected] Jennifer COATES – Tufts [email protected] Alison NORRIS – Valid [email protected] Brooke COLAIEZZI - Tufts University,Friedman School of Nutrition Science and [email protected] John Leonard PARKERThe Economist [email protected] Rachel SLATEROverseas Development [email protected] Gabrielle SMITH - Concern [email protected] Howard WHITEInternational Initiative for Impact Evaluation – [email protected] STATES OF AMERICAMr Talip KILIC - World [email protected] Sally ABBOTT - USAID - Office of HealthInfectious Disease and

International Scientific Symposium on Food & Nutrition Security Information GERMANY Ms Barbara ABBENTHEREN - GIZ, Government Institution [email protected] Ms Chiara ALTARE - Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, Université catholique de Louvain [email protected] GUATEMALA Mr Hans Konrad BIESALSKI