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kcehclle1cke2h0cckep2hlcls 210202120 elplsep20s022 002 202P RE S E N TE D BYYB DETNESERPYB DETNESERPA STUDY GUIDE TO HONE YOUR SPELLING SKILLS

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to the 2020-2021Spellcheck!The study guide focuses on 442 wordsdivided by grade levels, first through eighth. Acomplete list of all the words and sentencesare included, along with an activity for eachgrade level. Answer keys to the exercises areposted on STLtoday.com/bee.The official dictionary of the Scripps NationalSpelling Bee is the Merriam WebsterUnabridged, Merriam Webster’s CollegiateDictionary, eleventh edition or on online atwww.m-w.com.TABLE OF CONTENTSAbout this Study Guide.3First Grade Definition Match.4Second Grade Word Scramble.5Third Grade Word Search.6Fourth Grade Crossword Puzzle.8Fifth Grade Definition Match.9Sixth Grade Word Scramble. 10Seventh Grade Word Search. 11BUZZ ABOUT THE BEEWe know this school year has presentedchallenges for teachers, students andparents. Whether students are learning inthe classroom or remotely, Scripps NationalSpelling Bee has created a new online testingplatform that will allow schools to conductclassroom- and school-level competitions viaa virtual spelling exam, if needed. No matterhow the school chooses to determine itsspelling bee champion, all school championsfrom enrolled schools will move forward in theSt. Louis Post-Dispatch Regional Spelling Beepresented by Lindenwood University.Eighth Grade Crossword Puzzle. 12Eighth Grade Word Search. 14Word Lists By Level. 15Study Words Used in Sentences. 17The words are typical of those that may beused in classroom- and school-level spellingbees this year and are taken directly from theStudy List. Words used and definitions givenin the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2021 SpellingBee may be selected from those that appearin the this edition of SpellCheck AND wordlists provided by the Scripps NationalSpelling Bee.STLtoday.com/beeAt this time, we are finalizing details regardingthe testing format, rules and dates for theSt. Louis Post-Dispatch Regional Spelling Bee.Once completed, an update will be sent toall participating schools for distributionto their winner.We are proud to continue offering theSt. Louis Post-Dispatch Regional Spelling Beeand look forward to providing this wonderfulopportunity to all students.Keep up with the latestSt. Louis Post-Dispatch Regional Spelling Beeinformation at STLtoday.com/bee

DEFINITION MATCHING FOR first gradeUse the definitions to correctly match the spelling word from the word bank below.1. an elastic andjellylike substance.2. a chain of connectedrailroad cars.3. to wear something withdelight or satisfaction.4. having large amounts ofwealth.5. a snakelike fish with smoothskin.6. people who enthusiasticallysupport a sport or activity.7. a circular roof or ceiling thatis vaulted.8. above average in height.9. improved in well-being.10. to strike something with anobject in order to move it.11. the edible, oily seed of aplant that ripens to have seed pods each withone to three seeds inside.12. a sweet baked good that isusually covered with icing.13. a snack.14. twelve o’clock : the part ofthe day when the sun is highest.15. sticky and gluey.16. to cause sharpmental suffering.17. a line of light coming out ofa bright object.18. the darker partof twilight.19. household devices thatconsist of rags or yarn attached to a handleand that are used to clean floors.20. kind thoughts : gratitude.21. a touch of something.22. the covering of a fruit.23. an object in the sky thatgives off light you can generally only see atnight.24. started an actionor activity.25. arose and came into fulldevelopment.26. excellent in character ornature.27. the period of light betweensunrise and sunset.28. to disturb the peace of :to cause emotional distress.29. a male who is alsoa parent.30. a sweet thick food madefrom fruit and sugar.31. cups with handles used fordrinking beverages.32. an event with games, rides,and other attractions.33. the main meal of the day,eaten in the evening.34. members of the rodentfamily that are larger than mice, sometimeslive near humans, and are often consideredundesirable pests that can carry disease.35. gave food to.36. used as a form of addressshowing respect to a person of greater age orauthority.37. a hollow sound thatis deep.38. to move the hands orsomething held in the hands in order tocommunicate.39. an item of luggage withrigid construction that is generally too big tobe carried by one person.40. feeling ready to rest.41. holding themaximum amount.42. extremely big.43. having certainqualities from the time of birth.44. given to or characterized bymaking leaps.45. a little bit wet.46. – used to indicate a startingpoint when expressing how far one place is inrelation to another.47. an intuitive feeling that isstrong.48. being one of two or moreindividuals that make up a group.49. a place protectedfrom the sun.50. the curved bony rodsfound in pairs that occur usually between theneck and the abdomen in mammals and thatprotect the organs.WORD straintrunkupsetwave

WORD SCRAMBLE FOR secoND gradeUnscramble the words below using the spelling words from the word bank below.The first letter of each word is given.1. OREFREVF18. RFFSEUS35. OTCSC2. FZREEEF19. ODBEULD36. KLESES3. CHOSRCS20. CWAHTW37. BOLETTB4. TOMROM21. AYHOA38. RMTSAS5. INKAGTLT22. AERDMD39. DATESRS6. YOMENM23. WENIHW40. DPELPOPP7. OHUCCC24. SNABEB41. AETDDRD8. BIBNLEN25. LHICDC42. YGNARA9. SSRNATDS26. ESPACS43. ISKICEKDS10. ARHPCETC27. RSCESPINP44. SUTFFS11. SHCSEC28. PPIERP45. AELTSL12. MSYILS29. RHEAH46. ITTELLL13. UQKSEAS30. RSIPTNS47. LETFF14. ERIFDNF31. WAEA48. SURMMES15. PPOALTL32. ARFAA49. ARLLCFUEYC16. EIMVOM33. WBOLB50. LWDOUW17. KWNONK34. TWSEASWORD mersweattalkingwatchwhinewould

WORD SEARCH FOR thIRD gradeFind each spelling word from the word bank in the puzzle.7%;'2(800*(69:7/7 ;46%(5WORD edcrankyDecemberdiseaseduoeitherelse2,23 / 22 ))5 *'./& ;08 478 %5(&9& 258// .9 /5(/ 0,6,:,:/9,.&2 ,787,'*932% ('1.,,(:271/5 , 218:/3,&785()6/0 (/23/ :./5((37 : %(1 9%( ,32%(6(6366 ;*,9158(,(62* &, 7/jottedpatrolpercentpicturepocketpreparepresence / 5.&/)5)/(7'4 .&7&(,(66/5&:&4321 (:*7;( ) '7//0 3 752//2.58)7/43* . '016,* (';/63(,7 (5.36'*(). 5(6&8(2 5(0(0%(54,65 59 77 *6&:4 0/;39665 :'%projectpurplequickenrazzrelyrememberrepress .(/8',.2 ( 6668, 323 '82 %03%(1%32''(& 2),/ 3, *5&6&(6) 81&57 &6()05892/.(,35(' /;'0%(//(502(7;7(1063&/9;*,:: ;6 86rescuesandwichshamblessheensighedsizzleslither &7 5'77) (16 /%6:,5/('& ,%1;',6( 6( ;(1): /27(&91*05& 4 7& /,1* & &7135(3 5(/093*1*.0

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CROSSWORD FOR FOURTH gradeComplete the crossword by filling in the correct spelling word that fits each clue.DOWN ACROSS1. to determine the place of with exceptional accuracy.2. to yank or pick out.4. fractured pieces of rock and other materials producedby the deterioration or demolitionof a building.7. to cover loosely with a cloth.8. to fling something with great effort.12. became shiny like glass in appearance.13. a hairstyle where all the hair is pulled back andmeant to look like the long hairs on the end ofa horse.14. a hard, protective head covering.15. a brief acknowledgment or citation.18. a statement in writing giving the details of an event.20. an individual piece of a type of sweet good that ismade of baked dough.22. to play a stringed musical instrument.24. a type of 10-armed sea animal having a highly developed head, prehensile suckers or hooks, and theability to swim rapidly by means of shooting a jet ofwater.27. a coming together of people in a group for a specificpurpose.28. plants related to onions that are used to add flavor tofood.29. a North American country that stretches from thenorthern border of the United States to the Arctic,from the Atlantic to the Pacific.30. people who journey from one place to another forknowledge or enjoyment.34. delivered by word of mouth.35. information gained over time.37. a device that makes a digital copy ofan image or document.1. extremely luxurious or exquisite.3. a bed that typically rocks and is designed for useby a baby.5. to move in wave-like surges.6. something that is built over a low spot or obstaclein order to travel over it.9. a loud noise as of solid objects colliding.10. the sound of air being expelled from the lungs inthe expression of an emotion (such as joy).11. strips of cloth with messages or signspainted on them.14 to float over something.16. — used for a thin circular object made of plasticthat is thrown between two or more people.17. a large, shaggy cowlike mammal with short hornsand a hump.19. too many to be tallied : a great number.20. markedly extravagant, lavish, or effortless :exceptional of its kind.21. to move in a wobbly or unsteady way.23. a country in southern North America.25. involving risk: requiring caution.26. an opening in a wall or door that usually containsa sheet of glass and that allows light and air inand permits viewing.28. clothes worn over others to protect them,generally consisting of shirts and loose trousersjoined together.30. the sport of performing the gymnastic skills ofturning and rolling.31. remnants of things that have been demolished.32. the lengthy projecting nose of any of severalmammals, such as the pig.33. a haven, unseen shelter, or safe harbor.36. grave in demeanor, personality, or appearance.40. unable to stay still: jumpy or fidgety.ACROSS CONTINUED38. regains strength or comes back in anathletic contest.39. a long cloth first worn as a garment by citizensof ancient Rome.41. approaching.42. a flat stone tile used for roofing and siding.43. not sturdy : weak.44. a flying insect that emits intermittent light.

DEFINITION MATCHING FOR FIFTH gradeUse the definitions to correctly match the spelling word from the word bank below.1. to whine softly.2. a chain worn around thewrist for ornamentation.3. internally : privately toone’s self.4. the ease with which aperson or thing can move.20. to journey back and forthbetween locations often or regularly.36. occurring earlieror before.21. a warm drink of chocolatepowder and water or milk.37. commanding attention dueto magnificence, stature, size,or scope.22. substances that nourish orpromote growth or development.23. just barely.5. a small swirl of air or watermoving against the main current.24. a carrying device used totransport the dead, sick, or injured.6. having the long sharp teethof certain predatory animals, or being shapedlike such teeth.25. places wherewild animals live.38. not easy to understand.39. not observedor recognized.40. a plan or course of actionthat two or more people have decided upon.41. spotted or speckled.7. a tree branch.26. having a blend of traits fromtwo different traditions or cultures.42. to cause low,distinct sounds by moving.8. in a spiritless, languidmanner.27. a strong yellow condimentmade of crushed seeds made into a paste.9. warned about a danger.28. stern, harsh, and withoutpity or softness.43. a skilled cook who leadsa kitchen, its staff, and its operations in arestaurant or other business.10. an instance of many thingshappening at once.11. to shineto sparkle.12. to charge with a wrong.13. sleepy.14. to speak with contemptor ridicule.15. contrary : utterly different.16. a device that is used tomake music.17. in a manner indicatingabsolute happiness.18. rough or crude inform or design.19. people who agitate and organize to achieve particular political goals.29. a list of events or activitiesmarked with when each will take place.30. fairy creatures, generallyugly and threatening.31. to speak in a hasty orconfused fashion.32. to get someone to agree orbelieve by arguing a point.33. expressing gratitude :wanting to give thanks.44. a line or groove left in aflexible material through folding.45. very large aquatic mammalsthat look like fish.46. to guide in an incorrectdirection or into a mistaken belief or action :to deceive.47. written translations offoreign language dialogue projected at thebottom of the screen of a motion picture.48. a portion broken offfrom a whole.34. a movement of the bodythat communicates an idea.35. a group of troops arrangedin a particular order.49. to fall back or retire froma position.50. to beseech.WORD noticedwhaleswhimper


WORD SEARCH FOR SEVENTH gradeFind each spelling word from the word bank in the puzzle. /85& ,1*&2.9,1(9,7 %/( WORD ssuadedivulgeembellishes68 2'&30/:46(*%15%/,* ey.0529,(69,1685 1&(&::1334&(7*/&9*(%7&%.;(5(2 55,0 / / :(8/675,)(0( 5%0 (&)1/ (7 ,/:(:1&4/0'3 (.7371*1(,21%;**2;('21';( xicatingleach (,393 5& 0(173911,5.,21, & .,,172;,& 7,1*73 57 716*;8&(1*5266('29)6378 4,'*)287/ 1',6 2 8 &3 (375200 5 , ' (&6 )6/53:.7,682*,' 2,2 9*08/.;230 shparchmentpillage 4371,/5%;5%:(3 9. &1(17,, 55&7:,7 6(5/ 1 12'3 &0 1% 2 5(7,7,/3& *1 ,2/.&3( 338,:; ,5/)86))6)70:&5/).52*6)712&6,7 (20) ,)//2*):25 (*7(0656.6' rummagesscallion)4 3/(%)&75,1 ,/8 7 3/8 4)(' 1&*882 %&9(4;(3(5 &6( :2'197'63/7 8 *)56',8 &9049,(,,/,, &6& //,21/ 858*)521'69121/ 5800 *(6(stealthilystrifesubstantialtroughwardenwrath (%/8*(*0*(41(18%',668 '(

CROSSWORD FOR EIGHTH gradeComplete the crossword by filling in the correct spelling word that fits each clue. DOWN ACROSS6. someone who is in charge of the operations and directionof an institution, place, department, or organization.9. beyond reasonable limits : extravagant.10. a cause of great suffering.11. a residential building that resembles a type of Swisshouse featuring decorative carved beams, balconies, anda sizeable roof overhang.13. relating to the German priest Martin andhis teachings.14. distinctive clothing, such as that worn by people in acertain job.15. a man who belongs to a religious society founded by St.Ignatius Loyola in 1534.16. a doctor who specializes in treating behavioral, mental,or emotional issues and disorders.21. a person who belongs to or is part of a localchurch community.24. all of a bird’s feathers.25. someone who permanently leaves a party, cause, ordoctrine, often in favor of another.27. an outward breath.29. a city in British Columbia, Canada.32. people who tell the future by looking at how the positionof the stars in the sky supposedly affects people’s livesand events on Earth.33. a gray or brownish insect-eating bird with a hooked billthat often uses thorns to impale its prey.a state of conflict or lack of agreement.in an agile, powerful manner.gossip.religious, pious.foolish.the receipt of property upon the owner’s death.having the qualities of a person who betrays another.to bring into reality as if by magic.affected by a mood disorder that causesexperiences of depression and mania that alternate.16. to put forward for consideration.17. characterized by din: noisy.18. a specter or ghost.19. producing a negative or neutral first impression.20. an army.22. the supreme god in Norse mythology.23. people who transport other people by driving cars

used in classroom- and school-level spelling bees this year and are taken directly from the Study List. Words used and definitions given in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2021 Spelling Bee may be selected from those that appear in the this edition of SpellCheck AND word lists provided by the Scripps National Spelling Bee.