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The Daily Practice of the Secret Attainment of theUnsurpassed Extremely Secret Vajrakilaya“The Essence of the Play of Concerned Activity”

This manner of practice, up to the profound recitation is basedon that which was written by Chagmed Rinpoche. After that,envisioning that persons unskilled in Sadhana, such as villageNgakpas, may mistakenly assemble the practice, from thequintessence of the Terma text itself, and from ChagmedRinpoche’s own words according to Ratna Lingpa’s tradition,this daily practice for the secret attainment was purely composedat the Palpung mountain retreat “Dewikoti” by Padma GarwangTsal.In the pure gold of the demon taming Queen’s speechRests this turquoise cluster of secret attainmentWorn as a beautiful necklace by the youthful Vidyadharas.May the Supreme Doctrine blossom anew.May all beings be auspicious!Guru Ngadrama StatueOf Guru PadmasambhavaSamye Monastery, in Tibet118

The Prayer For Good FortuneOM May there be the good fortune of the originally purespontaneously vast DharmakayaAH May there be the good fortune to remain in the selforiginating, luminous Sambhogakaya,HUNG May there be the good fortune of various Nirmanakayamanifestations to tame sentient beings.HRIH Remain in the skillful means of the compassion ofloving kindness.(reciting this, throw flowers)OM CHÖ KU KA DAG LHÜN JAM TA SHI NIAH LONG KU RANG JUNG ÖD SAL NGANG DU SHOGHUNG TRÜL KU NA TSOG DRO DÜL TA SHI NIHRIH TAB KHEI THUG JEI NYING JE-I NGANG DU SHOGGURU PADMASAMBHAVA GURU YOGARefugeMyself and all sentient beings, boundless as space, take refugein the precious lama, inseparable from the Buddha.In all buddhas, dharma, and sangha we take refuge.In the gatherings of lamas, yidams, and dakinis we take refuge.In the clear light of shunyata and dharmakaya, inseparable frommy mind, I take refuge.MA NAMKHA DANG NYAMPE SEMCHEN TAMCHE LAMASANGYE RINPOCHE LA KYAPSO CHEWOSANGYE CHO DANG GENDUN NAM LA KYAPSO CHEWOLAMA YIDAM KHANDROI TSOG LA KYAPSO CHEWORANG SEM TONG SEL CHOKYI GU LA KYAPSO CHEWORoot LamasIn the Palace of Unexcelled Dharmadhatu,The Essence of all the Buddhas of the three timesWho bring about the direct introduction to one’s own mind,the DharmakayaThe Root Lamas, to you I pray.OG MIN CHÖ KYI YING KYI PHO TRANG NATÜ SUM SANGYE KUN KYI NGO WO NYIDRANG SEM CHÖ KUR NGÖN SUM TÖN DZED PETSA WE LAMA NAM LA SOL WA DEP172

Seven-Line PrayerThe Dissolution StageHUNG In the northwest of the country of Oddiyana,In the heart of a lotus flower,Endowed with the most marvelous attainments,You are renowned as the “Lotus Born”,Surrounded by many hosts of dakinis.Following in your footsteps,I pray to you to come and bless me with your grace.GURU PEME SIDDHI HUNGThe assembly of deities of all-embracing kindnessNaturally dissolve into the expanse of five-coloured light.The five lights, as the luminosity of complete enjoyment,The vessel and contents (dissolve into) the expanse of theDharmakaya.HUNG ORGYEN YUL GYI NUM CHANG TSAMPEMA GESAR DONGBO LAYA TSEN CHOG GI NGO DRUB NYEPEMA JUNGNE SHE SU DRAKKHOR DU KHANDRO MANG POKORKYE KYI JE SU DAK DRUP KYICHIN GYI LAP CHIR SHEK SU SOLGURU PEME SIDDHI HUNGThe MantraOM AH HUNG BENZA GURU PEME SIDDHI HUNGOM AH HUNG purify obscurations arising from the threemental poisons: desire/attachment, aversion, and ignorance BENZA purifies obscurations which stem from anger GURU purifies obscurations which stem from pride PEMA purifies obscurations which stem from desire/attachmentSIDDHI purifies obscurations which stem from envy/jealousy HUNG in a general way purifies obscurations, which stem fromall emotional afflictions3THUG JE KÜN KYAB LHA TSOG NAMRANG SHIN ÖD NGAI LONG DU THIMÖD NGA LONG CHÖD DZOG SAL WANÖD CHÜD CHÖ KUI LONG DU-OThe DedicationBy the body, speech and mind of myself and others,Whatever of the two accumulations have been amassedin the three times,I dedicate to the perfected transformation, the great purity,May the result of the indivisible nature be obtained!DAG SHEN LÜ NGAG YID SUM GYIDÜ SUM TSOG NYI CHI SAG PAGYUR DZOG YANG DAG CHEN POR NGONGO WO NYI MED DRE THOB SHOG16

OM BENZAR KILIKILAYA DZA HUNG BAM HO KA TAM KA YEI DZAYEI BIDZA YEI AH DZI TEI AH PA RA DZI TEI MA RA SE NA PRAMAR TA NA YEI SARWA BIGNAN BAM HUNG PHATWhen one needs to accomplish the visualization in front, fromthe beginning instantly visualize the deity in front of you.Perform the emanation and reabsorption of the light raysseparately. The mantra chain emerges from one’s mouth enteringinto the mouth of the visualization in front. Descending to thenavel and/or secret center it circles between the two. Finally,consider that white, yellow, red and green light rays radiate andvisualize the accomplishment of the four concerned activitiesrespectively. At the end of the session, perform the dissolutioninto emptiness as usual.The Offering and Praise to Repair MistakesMay the great and glorious Vajrakilaya and his assembly ofdeities come hereOuter, inner and secret offerings are made.Praise is rendered to your body, speech, mind, noble qualitiesand concerned activities!I confess all transgressions, mistakes, deteriorations and brokenvows caused by carelessness.Through your loving kindness and compassion bestow spiritualattainment.PAL CHEN PHUR BÜ LHA TSOG SHEGCHI NANG SANG WAY CHÖD PA BULKU SUNG THUG YÖN TRINLEY TÖDBAG MED GAL TRUL NYAM CHAG SHAGTHUG JE TSER GONG NGÖ DRUB TSOL15The Four ThoughtsI. Fortunate Human Rebirth, Difficult to ObtainIt is exceedingly difficult to obtain human life with(the eight) freedoms and (ten) endowments.When I have got the chance to fulfill the aim of humanity,If I do not take advantage of it,How can I get this opportunity afterwards.II. The Impermanence of LifeThe three worlds are Impermanent as the clouds of autumn.The births and deaths of beings are like watching a dance.The speed of human lives is like lightning in the sky;It passes swiftly as a stream down a steep mountain.III. Karma: Cause and ResultIf, when his time comes, even a king should die,His wealth and his friends and relatives shall not follow him;Wherever men go, wherever they remain,Karma like a shadow will follow them.IV. The Suffering of SamsaraDue to ignorance, craving and becomingAre the realms of men, gods and the three inferior spheres;The five realms will revolve foolishlyLike the turning of a potters’ wheel.4

TAL JOR DI NI SHINTU NYE PAR KAKYE WÜ TON DRUP THOP PAR KYUR WA LAKAL TE DI LA PHEN PA MA DRUP NACHEE DI YANG TAK JOR WAR KA LA GYURSID SUM MI TAK TÖN KE TRIN TANG DRADRO WE KYE CHI KAR LA TA TANG TSHUNGKYE WÜ TSHE DRO NAMKHE LOK DRA TERI ZAR BAB CHU ZHINTU NYUR GYOK DROMantra VisualizationFrom the root syllable and mantra chain in one’s heart, lightrays emanate to the ten directions to call upon the promise ofthe deities of the Three Roots. The blessings of their body,speech and mind in the form of:white OMred AH,and blue HUNGSED SID MA RIG WANG KEE KYE WO NAMMI TANG LHA TANG NGEN SONG NAM SUM PODRO WA NGA PO TAKTU MI KHE KHORPERNA DZAKHEN KHORLO KHORWA ZHINdescend like rain to dissolve unobstructedly into one’s threeplaces. Again, believe that all the power of the blessings of thecompassion of all the Victorious Ones, the boundless hosts ofVajrakilaya Deities large and small, descends like snowflakes,dissolving into oneself. The deities within one’s body and themale and female deities in one’s channels and places are like anopened pod of sesame seeds. From all the deities in the mandala,consider that the sound of the mantra vibrates similar to thesound of a disturbed beehive. (Recite the root mantra.)Buddha of the Three TimesOM BENZAR KILIKILAYA SARWA BIGNAN BAM HUNG PHATGuru Rinpoche, the Buddha of past, present, and future,Guru of Great Bliss, the source of all siddhis,Wrathful One Who Subdues All Negativity, who removesall obstaclesGrant your blessings we pray!Through them, may all obstacles – outer, inner, and secret –Be quelled, and may all our aspirations be fulfilled.This is the root mantra recitation. Then from the mantra chainlight rays and a second chain emanate. From the mouth of theYab it enters the mouth of the consort; limitless Dakas andDakinis in the consort’s four chakras are awakened by the selforiginating sound of the mantra. From the secret place of theconsort it (the mantra chain) enters the vajra of the Yab.Throughout one’s channels and places the deities proclaim thesound of the mantra; the mantra chain dissolves into the heart.Recite the accomplishing mantra, which is joined together withthe activity engagement.TÜ KYEE NYEN NE GYALPO DRO KYUR NALONGCHOD DZA TANG NYEN SHE JE MI DRANGKYE WU TAK NI KAR NE KAR DRO YANGLE NI TRIPMA ZHINTU JESU DRANGDU SUM SANGYE GURU RINPOCHENGO DRUP KUN DAK DEWA CHENPO SHYAPBAR CHEY KUN SAL DUD DUL DRAKPO TSALSOLWA DEPSO CHINGYI LAP DU SOLCHI NANG SANGWEY BAR CHEY SHYIWA DANGSAMPA LHUN GYI DRUP PAR CHIN GYI LOP514

HUNG PAL CHEN DORJE SHÖN NU TRO WOI GYALCHÖ YING NAM DAG KHOR LO GYE DEB YUMTAB SHE KU LEI TRÜL PAI TRO WO CHURANG SHIN YING LEI SHAR WAI TRO MO CHUTRUL PA LEI LA NGAG PAI TRA TAB TSOGZA SÖD CHE WA TAG GYI GO WO CHENKYIL KHOR CHOG SHI KYONG WAI GO MA SHISÖD PAI LEI DZED PHUR SUNG CHU NYI DANGSEI CHAG DUNG GI KYE BU LA SOG TEPHUR PAI SUNG MAR SHAL SHEI DAM CHEN TSOGKHOR DANG CHEI LA CHAG TSAL TÖD PAR GYIKHYED KYI THUG JEI THUG DAM DÜ LA BABNGÖN CHÖD DRAG POI TRIN LEI DRUB PAR DZÖDThe Profound RecitationHUNG Great, glorious Dorje Shonnu with your entourageof sons,Khorlo Gye Deb enacting your wrathful dance from the greatexpanseThe sound of emptiness, the melodious murmuring of the mantrareverberating like thunder.Until the sphere of your commitment is accomplished, I shallengage in practice!Merit Field DissolutionFrom all the objects of refuge, arise blessings, a continuousstream of nectar,Clear white, in the form of boundless rays of light,Dissolving into oneself and others, purifying the obscurationsof the three gates and thenInstantaneously, (oneself and others) melt into light and dissolveinto objects of refuge.All the retinue of the object of refuge gradually melt and aregathered into the central figure.The central figure becomes the conceptionless expanse of theDharmadhatu.KYAP YUL NAM LE CHIN LAP DUDTSII GYUNKAR SAL ÖD ZER NAM PAR PAG MED JUNGDAG SHEN LA THIM GO SUM DRIB JANG NEKAD CHIG ÖD SHU KYAP YUL NAM LA THIMKYAP YUL KHOR NAM RIM SHU TSO WOR DUTSO WO MI MIG CHÖ YING LONG DU OHUNG PAL CHEN DORJE SHÖN NU SEI KHOR CHEIKHOR LO GYE DEB LONG NEI TRO GAR DZEDDRAG TONG NGAG KYI DZAB YANG DRUG DRA DROGTHUG DAM YING NEI MA DRUB BAR DU DRUB136

DAILY PRACTICE OF VAJRAKILAYAConfessionNonconceptual primordial wisdom DharmakayaAccomplishing the Kilaya of cyclic existence,Paying homage and carrying concerned activity as the pathI shall make the vision of the past teachers extremely clear.OM In the all-embracing, primordially pure, natural expanseThe characteristics of confession and what is to be confessedare liberated in their own place.However, all errors of ignorant dualityI confess to all the self-originating manifestations of gathereddeities.SAMAYA AH AHFirst Refuge and BodhicittaNAMO In the Lama, Precious (Jewels), Meditational DeitiesAnd the ocean-like assembly of Victorious Ones,Myself and all sentient beingsTake refuge, respectfully, with our three doors.Alas! For myself to liberate all beingsInto the mandala of the activity Kilaya,To stir samsara from its very depthsI generate the four immeasurables. (Recite 3 times)NAMO LAMA KÖN CHOG YIDAM LHAGYAL WA GYA TSOI TSOG CHEI LADAG DANG DRO WA SEM CHEN NAMGO SUM GÜ PEI KYAB SU CHIKYE MA DAG GI DRO KÜN DRAL CHAI CHIRTRINLEI PHUR PAI KYIL KHOR DUKHOR WA DONG NEI TRUG PAI CHIRTSED MED SHI RU SEM KYED DO7OM DAL KHYAB KA DAG YANG DAG LHUN JAM LASHAG DANG SHAG CHAI TSEN MA RANG SAR DROLÖN KYANG MA RIG ZUNG DZIN TRUL SID NARANG JUNG TRUL PAI LHA TSOG NAM LA SHAGSAMAYA AH AHThe PraisesHUNG King of wrath, glorious, great Dorje Shonnu,Consort Khorlo Gyedeb of the perfectly pure Dharmakaya,The ten wrathful ones, manifest from the presence of wisdomand method,The ten wrathful mothers, arisen from the natural sphere,The host of protector emanations charged with (Buddha) activity,The Zasods with fangs and tiger heads and others,The four female doorkeepers, guarding the four directions of themandala,The twelve Kilaya guardians, engaged in the action of liberating,Sei Chag Dung Gi Kye Bu and others,To the Vajrakilaya protectors of the commitment and theassembly of oathbound protectors,To your entire assembly and retinue I prostrate and render praise.The time for fulfilling your loving commitment has come:Enact and accomplish your wrathful concerned activity!12

HUNG The great medicine prepared with the eight rootsand a thousand branches,The supremely secret rakta, delusion in the sphere of space,Is offered together with the great torma essence of supremesubstance.MAHA PENTSA AMRITA RAKTA BALINGTA KHA HIHUNG ignorance, the nature of flesh, piled like a mountain,Desire, a wave-tossed ocean of blood,Together with anger, a heap of bones,Is offered to Dorje Sinpo and his entire assembly!OM AH HUNGHUNG LHEN CHIG KYE JOR CHI NANG SANG KÖD PAICHÖD PA NAM MANG NGÖ JOR YID TRÜL PARANG JUNG TRÜL PAI LHA LA CHÖD PA BÜLNYI MED LANG DOR MED PAR SHE SU SÖLOM BENZAR ARGHAM PADYAM PUPE DHUPE ALOKE GANDHENIVEDYA SHABDA PRATITSA SWAHAHUNG TSA GYED YEN LAG TONG JAR MED CHEN DANGNYÖN MONG KHA YING SANG WAI RAKTA CHOGCHÜD CHEN DZE CHOG TOR MAR CHEI TE BÜLMAHA PENTSA AMRITA RAKTA BALINGTA KHA HIHUNG TI MUG SHA YI RANG SHIN RI TAR NYILDÖD CHAG TRAG GI GYA TSO BA LONG TRUGSHE DANG RÜ PAI PHUNG POR CHEI PA NAMDORJE SINPO KHOR DANG CHEI LA BÜLDelineating the BoundariesHUNG In the natural, spontaneously arisen great palaceNot even the name of obstructing hindrances exists.Thus fully realizing, they are originally cleared,The mandala of the boundaries is spontaneously, naturallyaccomplished.HUNG RANG SHIN LHUN DRUB SHAL YEI CHEN PO LAGEG DANG LOG PAR DREN PAI MING YANG MEDDE TAR YE NEI SAL WAR RAB TOG PAITSAM KYI KYIL KHOR RANG SHIN LHUN GYI DRUBThe InvocationHUNG From the unborn, completely pure nature of theDharmadhatu.Showing the miracle of birth (as) a blazing body,Dorje Shonnu together with your entire assembly,From the Dharmadhatu come here to this place!To accomplish existence as Vajrakilaya andTo bestow empowerment and spiritual attainments withoutexceptionWrathful wisdom king with your entourage having come here,Display the auspicious signs and symbols, andTo bestow the spiritual attainment of Kilaya,Wrathful wisdom King, come forward now with your entireassembly!DZA HUNG BAM HO BENZAR SAMAYA DZA SAMAYA TITHRALHANOM AH HUNG118

HUNG KYE MED NAM DAG CHÖ KYI YING NYID LEIKYE WAI CHÖ TRUL BAR WAI KUR TON PADORJE SHÖN NU KHOR DANG CHEI PA YANGCHÖ KYI YING NEI NEI DIR SHEG SU SOLSID PA DORJE PHUR BU DRUB PA DANGWANG DANG NGÖ DRUB MA LÜ TSÖL WAI CHIRYE SHE TRO GYAL KHOR CHE SHEG NEI KYANGTAG DANG TSEN MA ZANG PO TEN PA DANGKI LA YA YI NGÖ DRUB TSÖL WAI CHIRYE SHE TRO GYAL KHOR CHE SHEG SU SÖLBlessing The OfferingsOriginally self-arising perfectly pure supreme amrita,Rakta essence of the six realms liberated into the sphere of truth,Great torma, the arising of the base of phenomenal existence,The three great inexhaustible essences, OM AH HUNG.OM BENZAR ARGHAM PADYAM PUPE DHUPE ALOKE GANDHENIVEDYA SHABDA AH HUNGDZA HUNG BAM HO BENZAR SAMAYA DZA SAMAYA TITHRALHANDÖD NEI RANG JUNG NAM DAG DÜD TSI CHOGGYÜD DRUG YING SU DRAL WAI MAR CHEN PONANG SID SHIR SHENG MAHA BALINGTANAM SUD DZED MED CHUD CHEN OM AH HUNGProstrationsOM BENZAR ARGHAM PADYAM PUPE DHUPE ALOKE GANDHENIVEDYA SHABDA AH HUNGHUNG To liberate the negativity of the three realmsof existence and to vanquish clinging to pride,To Dorje Sinpo and the entire assembly,With single pointed devotion I bow down.ATI PU HO PRATITSA HOHUNG SID SUM DUG PA DRAL WA DANGNGA GYAL SHEN PA SHOM PAI CHIRDORJE SIN POI TSOG CHEI LATSE CHIG GÜ PAI CHAG TSAL LOThe Outer, Inner and Secret OfferingsHUNG The arrangement of outer, inner and secret coemergentenjoymentsMany countless offerings both actual and mind-emanated,I offer to the spontaneous self-emanated deity:In the nonduality, (which is) without acceptance or rejectionplease partake of this.OM BENZAR ARGHAM PADYAM PUPE DHUPE ALOKE GANDHENIVEDYA SHABDA PRATITSA SWAHAATI PU HO PRATITSA HO910

Guru Ngadrama Statue Of Guru Padmasambhava Samye Monastery, in Tibet 18 1 This manner of practice, up to the profound recitation is based on that which was written by Chagmed Rinpoche. After that, envisioning that persons unskilled in Sadhana, such as village Ngakpas, may mistakenly assemble the practice, from the