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5Blessed is She. Blessed are WE.I always figured there are two types of women (andprobably people) in the world: The Doers and theDone-To’s. I strive, sometimes way too hard, to bepart of that first category. I teach it to my daughtersand sometimes preach it to my mom and often discussits necessity with my Gen-X, type-A friends.But as I grow older, I can clearly see that all typescome with sub-categories. Let’s look at the matriarch of our Christian faith, for one example. We canhardly say Mary the mother of Jesus was a Doer. Infact, in a worldly view, she was practically a victim,having an unwanted pregnancy and possible scandalbestowed upon her. Today’s Roe vs. Wade activistsmight say she had her right to choose taken awayfrom her. Mary- blessed, peaceful Mary- went with theflow, so to speak. She accepted God’s call and His giftand became the ultimate Done-To. We can hardly say,though, that she was passive or weak.I wish I could be more like her.The striking thing about Mary’s story, aboutthe stories of many of the great women ofour faith – some chronicled on the pages ofthis month’s magazine – is that regardlessof the category she fell into, she was usedand she was blessed.God – for all His mysteries – is pretty simple that way. He wants to bless us and useus.Consider one of the first stories we readabout Mary. In the first chapter of Luke, shegoes to visit her older cousin Elizabeth. Wedon’t get much detail about Elizabeth, but Isee her as a Doer. She gets a miracle pregnancy and rejoices in it. She’s proud and –the Bible says it – loud! And when she seesher little cousin, likewise brimming with themiracle of life, she “exclaims.” And she callsMary out, and she tells her something really wonderful:“Blessed is she who has believed that whatthe Lord has said to her will be accomplished!”(Luke 1:45)So perhaps Mary’s “only” great accomplishment upuntil this point in her life was the seemingly-simple actof believing-and-receiving. If that act had not involvedcarrying the manifest Son of God, we’d probably dismiss Mary as a plain old Jane Christian, aDone-To, not worthy of a second thought.GWe’d let herbe our Facebook friendbut have herin our ‘hide’filter.I’m grateful God chosesomeone likeMary, someone so unlikeme. And I amglad His wordgives us thisKelly Capriotti Burton,glimpse intoEditor-in-Chiefher meetingwith Elizabeth. I recently heard a teaching about itat the (wonderful, amazing, spirit-refreshing) moms’group that I attend, and I could look around the roomat all the different women there and see how Godkeeps building upon Mary and Elizabeth’s relationshipof affectionate contrasts.See, just across the room was my friendMartha. When I am rising at 8am makingcoffee with my eyes half-closed and settling with my Princesses in front of Mickey’sClubhouse until we get it together, Marthahas already been up for hours, nursing hersweet newborn daughter and likely playingsome kind of game of chase with her adorable and active two pre-school age sons.Martha is content and super-gifted at beinga full-time, stay-at-home mom, whereas Iam so restless I’m always looking for otherthings to do (be it with my kids at my side).We often chide with each other about ourdifferent takes on a parallel life. She is ablessing to me, as I hope I am to her.When our speaker began to ask questions, Martha was the one who pointed outElizabeth’s very important role in Mary’s very important life, how much it must have meant to a youngand very nervous Mary to have her older, wiser cousinspeak confidence and blessings over Mary’s life andsituation.After the meeting, I walked immediately to Marthaand reminded her about a very specific timeshe played Elizabeth to my Mary. And Ihugged her tightly.Greenish meod,forall Hismysteries,is prettysimple. Hewants toless us&se us.bucontinues

6As women, we spend a lot of energy sometimes fretting about what Sister So-in-So does better than wedo, or why she got blessed with something we didn’t.Can I tell you, I am learning through experience andsome serious butt-kicking that God gifted us with exactly the gifts He wants us to have for the call Hehas placed on our lives. When I am at home, I amsurrounded by friends who seem to do it all betterthan I do – nursing their babies, losing their pregnancyweight, sewing costumes (or buttons), using coupons,having – Lord help me- craft time. When I’m on theroad with my singing husband, I am surrounded byfriends who seem to do a whole different set of thingsI can’t do – they sing like rock stars or angels, theydress like glamour girls, and they don’t seem to worryabout how their kids will destroy a pew or a studiosound board this week.But at the end of those days that feel like utter failures, God sends the whispered confirmation – throughmy husband, my kids, friends like Martha,or the very words of His book:He tells me I am blessed!Sisters, I repent of the Doer versus DoneTo mentality. The way God really divides us seems tobe ‘those who will carry the symbols of His glory’ and‘those who hold up and encourage the carriers.’ (AndI believe those roles can be switched and meshed atany time).If you’re a part in some way of gospel music, youknow women who write, produce, and/or sing songs.They might ride in shiny buses and grace the covers ofmagazines. You might know women who work behindthe scenes, staying up half the night to design a CDcover or a website after they’ve worked a full day orcleaning those grimy buses once they return home.You might know women who sacrifice their weekendseither leaving their families to go on the road or waving goodbye to their husbands and taking care of theirhomes on their own.As is our mission at SGN Scoops, we bring you a bitof all those this month:All of them are believing in what the Lord has saidwill be accomplished.Blessed are they!

7Southern Gospel has many wonderful Godly women involved in every facet of our powerful music, both theartists onstage and those dedicated women working to promote it. Our editor, Kelly Burton, is a beautiful example of behind-the-scenes commitment to spread the good news of the gospel. She is a blessing to all wholove gospel music, and her influence is strong and growing stronger. By Lou Wills HildrethMLaBreeska Hemphill,ost of you know LaBreeskaHemphill, one of the great ladiesof Southern Gospel. In the yearswe spent in Nashville, Howard andI spent many hours in the home ofJoel and LaBreeska. At that time, theHemphills were one of the foremostfamily groups, singing with their children Joey, Trent, and Candy, andwere already recipients of six DoveAwards. Joel Hemphill’s songs werepopular the world over, and he hadreceived more than 10 nominationsas the GMA Songwriter Of The year.With all the fame, Joel and LaBreeskaHemphill remained consistent in theirlove for people and their “calling” asministers of the gospel.LaBreeska ‘s mother, Gussie Mae,was a sister of Howard, Rusty, andSam Goodman. She grew up aroundthe church and was traveling with theGoodmans when she met and marriedJoel in 1957. Joel pastored a churchfor years in Louisiana, and LaBreeskawas a devoted pastor’s wife. Whenthey moved to Nashville, she traveled,sang, kept a warm atmosphere in theirhome, and is loved by all who comeunder the umbrella of her ministry.Now, Joey, Trent, and Candy haveLaBreeska Hemphill with Lou Wills Hildreth at Lou’s Induction into thefamilies of their own and all are shinGMA Hall Of Fame in 2005.Photo property of Lou Wills Hildrething examples of their Christian upbringing. LaBreeska and Joel are stilltraveling, singing and ministering worldwide.LaBreeska has recently written her second book entitled “My Daddy Played The Guitar” about her journey inSouthern Gospel Music. Order it at Trumpet Call Books, P. O. Box 656, Joelton, TN 37080Read it and learn why this Godly woman is a shining light in the world of Southern Gospel.a great lady ofSouthern Gospel

8Every Love SongYou’ve Ever HeardHas Lied To Youmake me unhappy, as long as weboth live.”I ask you: who could possibly liveup to any one of those expectations, let alone all of them? We’reall human. We’re all bound to failsometimes. But these songs endlessly set people in the mentality that the other person has tobehave flawlessly at all times, orotherwise, you have sufficient reason to walk awayfrom them.And by “flawless,” of course, I mean “always waitingon you hand and foot, and never disagreeing with you.”That’s not so much “flawless” as it is being a droolingsycophant. At any rate, the other person has heard allthe same songs and expects you to be the mindlessslave. Is it any wonder that most relationships—andabout half of all marriages—goup in flames?Another thing that I noticedover the years: Lots of singerssing songs about how someone is absolutely perfect, thensometime thereafter, theycome out with a song about anasty breakup, talking abouthow their ex is the worst, mosthateful person that ever lived.One wonders why the singerwould ever go out with sucha person in the first place.Here’s the thing: What if themuse of the first song is actually the target of the secondsong? What if the singer hadall these unrealistic hopes andexpectations in the first song,and the second song is abouthow everything blew up in thesinger’s face?If so, that should give the listener pause. People tendto accept songs as reflections of real life, but most lovesongs are unsustainable lies. But no one ever makesthe connections between how euphoric and (later)how miserable the singers are—not even, seemingly,the singers themselves.Therein, perhaps, lies the real tragedy: The deceivers are as deceived as anyone else, so the same cyclekeeps repeating itself endlessly.A main reason why the romantic expectations listedBy Tom HolsteI recently passed by the magazine rack at my localstore, and I noticed that the cover story was aboutan actress who had recently broken up with her boyfriend.I found the article deeply (unintentionally) ironic,since after the same actress had split from her husband the previous year and found the new guy, thissame magazine said in a cover story at the time: “Howshe finally found true love!”Really, magazine folks? You really have the nerve to say that?She dumps her husband like ahot potato, doesn’t even careabout the child that’s gettinghurt in the process, and hooksup with a new guy faster thananyone can blink—and that’s“true love”? Methinks they donot even remotely understandwhat that phrase means.I’ m not actually here to pickon that actress. I certainly don’tknow all the ins and outs of hersituation. My issue is with thementality behind so many ofthese breakups. And it’s a mentality from the spirit of this age,not from above. And nowherecan you hear it better than inlove songs.Don’t get me wrong, I’m notsaying that you can’t ever listen to secular radio. I’m asking for people to listenwith discernment—something that doesn’t seem toapply to people’s behavior all that much.Think about the types of phrases that you hear inmany love songs: “You’re all that I need, and so muchmore”; “You’re perfect in every way”; “My soul belongs in your hands”; “Now that I have you, I’ll neverneed anything again”; “You are the be-all and endall of life”; “You’re my salvation” (yes, I have actuallyheard that in songs before!); and “I know you’ll neverSeriously?

above can never be fulfilled by a person is becauseonly Jesus can ever fulfill every one of them. Non-believers are trying (in vain) to fill the God-shaped holein their lives with other people (and things) that can’tkeep them happy. Meanwhile, believers should knowbetter, but we (yes, myself included) get sucked intothe same way of thinking.Another reason why so many romances fail is that thequestion people ask is always, “What can this persondo for me? How will he or she make me endlesslyhappy?” When one is more heavily focused on lovingoneself than on loving the other person in the relationship, the relationship is inherently doomed. Thequestion should be, “What can I do to make the otherperson happy?”I’m not saying that no one should ever listen tolove songs, or that all songs should be aboutGod explicitly. But I would like to hear a better quality of love song someday—a type ofsong that reflects the way love is described in1 Corinthians 13.If you get along with someone until you have yourfirst big argument, then toss the other person asidelike yesterday’s tuna, that’s not love. Simple physicalattraction isn’t love either. The gushy feeling you havetowards your mate (as nice as it is) isn’t love. Love is acommitment. Love is what happens on the day whenthe other person is driving you crazy, and instead ofwalking out, you say, “I’m sticking with you, and we’regoing to work this out, because I made a promise.”Until a person has crossed that threshold, I would saythat he or she doesn’t even know what love is.Love is the father running to embrace his waywardson, and when the boy tries to ask to be the servant,the father gets the best garments and kills the fattedcalf for him. Love died for us when we were at ourabsolute sinful worst, as far as away from God as possible. Love cheers for us when we’re running down thefield kicking the soccer ball, shouting, “Yeah! Go for it!That’s my kid!” Love picks up when we fall in the mud,no matter how many times, cleans us off, tells us thatHe’s still on our side, kisses us and sends us back outonto the field again.I know all of these things not because I’ve been fortunate enough to have a female romance in my life.I know these things because the great Romancer hasshown me Himself.

10Rhonda Frye’s Faith Boost Why Do We Do It?The time is now 7:00. I’m sitting on the front row of to set our minds on the reality of heaven. Setting ourFirst Baptist Church waiting for the pastor to welcome minds on heaven can also mean using our imaginame to the platform. As soon as the introductions too. We can’t truly desire somethingtion is given, I energetically run up the stairs,we can’t imagine, but we can begin by imaggrab the microphone, smile and begin to sing.ining what scripture actually says about ourLittle do “THEY” know I’ve just broken a nail,eternal home.ripped my panty-hose, lost an earring, swatScripture indicates we will have the opted my child, and exchanged words with myportunity to meet and fellowship with otherhusband. Nor do they know my feet are killChristians in heaven. I love to get lost ining me because they are squashed into spiked,thought imagining conversations I will havepointed toe shoes, and I’ve unbuttoned mysome day. Like everyone else, I imagine“almost too-tight” skirt. I’m sure they aremyself talking to heroes such as: David,clueless as I try to push thoughts like: haveEsther, Joseph and Moses. I want to hearwouldthey noticed my bad hair day and the extrathe details of all the great familiar Biblelovefindseven holiday pounds I gained? It’s not alstories. Maybe unlike everyone else, IanIsraeliteways like this, but thank goodness only Godwant to talk to common people and hearmomandaskknows how weary I am and the reason I’mtheir versions as well. I would love findasking this one particular night “Why am I her if shean Israelite mom and ask her if she had ahere?” and saying, “I want to go home!” No had a hardhard time keeping her kids hands out ofsooner than I get the word “home” out in my time keepthe walls of water as the scurried throughmind that my Father reminds me “home” is ing her kidsthe Red Sea on dry ground. I want toexactly the reason I am my personal guardian angels andhands outAs Christian artists, there are many good of the wallsfind out what really happened in all myreasons why we sing, but probably all could of water as“close call” situations. I want to ask Mobe traced back to the words found in Johnhow all the Israelites heard him speakthe scurried ses14:1-3. “Do not let your hearts be troubled.without a microphone. My list of peoplethrough theTrust in God; trust also in me. In my FaI want to meet and questions I have forRedSeaonther’s house are many rooms if it were notthem is at least ten miles long. I’m I would have told you. I am going theretainly looking forward to the day of hearto prepare a place for you. And if I go anding “the rest of the story.”prepare a place for you, I will come back and take youScripture promises heart-warming reunions withto be with me that you may be where I am.” Although loved ones and indicates relationships will continue.the Bible doesn’t tell us everything about our eternal It’s amazing to think about being together for eterhome, it gives glimpses to energize and motivate us to nity with loved ones in a perfect environment. Praisetake others with us. The problem is, because of situ- God, the curse of sin will be lifted. No tears, violence,ations and circumstances we easily get distracted and jealousy, greed, injustice or hatred. No pollution, delose our focus, joy and goal.struction, sickness or good-byes. The list of “no-moWhen we find ourselves burned out or discouraged res” could go on and on and should make us all lookit could possibly be a good time to evaluate what we’re forward to the reality. The “will be list” is enough todwelling on in our minds. Col 3:1-2 says: “Since you make us start shouting now! God’s music will be unhave been raised to new life with Christ, set your leashed, unrestrained as we’ve never heard before.sights on the REALITIES of heaven where Christ sits The celebrations, feasting, joyous laughter and thein the place of honor at God’s right hand. Think about corporate worship will be more glorious than we couldthe things of heaven not the things of earth.” We are ever dream, hope for or imagine. Words can’t ad-I

11equately describe what the Lord is preparing for thosewho have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.John 14:3 tells us what is going to be the very bestpart! Yes, we’re going home to be WITH HIM! Beingin God’s presence is going to be the most amazingpart of all. How many times do we leave an awesomechurch service and wish it didn’t have to end becauseof life responsibilities? In heaven, there will not be anydistractions and we will be able to soak up the beautiful presence of God continually. Dwelling with Godmeans we will have encounters with Him. I often letmy mind wander about my very first encounter withJesus face to face. It’s been said the eyes are the window to the soul. Can you fathom what it will be like forperfect eyes to lock and gaze deeply into His? Wow,what purity and perfect love! I can hardly wait. I alsolove to think about touching Jesus. It almost seems irreverent to think of touching holiness, but I rememberhow touchable and approachable Jesus was on earth.He led people by the hand, picked up children and Hedid not stop the worshiping woman from kissing Hisfeet. Considering His history on earth, excited is an understatement as to how I feel about taking His handsIt is the Lord’s desire- and ours here at SGN ScoopsDigital- that you become one of His followers. Godhas promised eternity in Heaven with Him for allthose who accept Him as their Personal Savior. It’s aseasy as “ABC”:A: Admit that you are a sinner.Romans 3:23- For all have sinned, and come shortof the glory of God.B: Believe that, because of your sin, you deserveto spend eternity in Hell. However, Jesus shed Hisblood and died on the cross of Calvary to pay thedebt for our sin. He then rose from the dead threedays later, proving His victory over death, Hell, andthe grave. He offers this as a free gift to anyone whowill accept it in faith.Romans 5:8- But God commendeth His love toward us,in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.Romans 6:23- For the wages of sin is death; but the giftof God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.C: Call upon Jesus and ask Him to come into yourheart, forgive your sins,and make you one of Hischildren.into mine, losing track of time while I attempt to get“thank you” out of my mouth.Our eternal home is why we keeping singing whenthe times get tough. This earth is not home to anyone.Sooner or later, we all will end up in our final destination. I agree with Randy Alcorn - author, teacherand expert on the subject of heaven. “Heaven is not adefault destination.” Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:14,“Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads tolife and only a few find it.” Unless our sin problemis resolved, heaven will not be our final destination.It’s not God’s will for anyone to miss heaven andperish, but it is His will for everyone to come to Himthrough repentance and faith therefore obtaining eternal life with Him in Heaven. Until then, “Take a newgrip with your tired hands and strengthen your weakknees.”(Hebrews 12:12) and “Look straight ahead andfix your eyes on what lies before you.” (Proverbs 4:25) And remember, it will be worth it all when wesee Jesus. Life’s trials will seem so small when we seeChrist. One glimpse of His dear face all sorrow willerase, so bravely run the race till we see Christ. – Esther Kerr RusthoiRomans 10:9- That if thou shalt confess with thymouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thineheart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thoushalt be saved.Romans 10:13- For whosoever shall call upon thename of the Lord shall be saved.If you would like to accept God’s free gift of salvation, then all you have to do is pray and ask Him.Your prayer might sound something like this:Dear Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I knowthat I deserve Hell because of it. However, I believethat you died on the cross and rose again in threedays to pay for my sin. I ask you to come into myheart, cleanse my sin, and make me one of your children. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.Please remember that simply saying a prayerdoesn’t save you. You must believe this in yourheart as well.If you have any questions about salvation, or if youjust prayed to receive Christ, please e-mail us [email protected] We’d love to rejoice withyou! God bless you!

12There are probably few music lovers on earth that with charting songs and continues that success witharen’t familiar with “The Lighthouse,” written by Ronny his latest, “Favor” project.Hinson and made popular by the Hinson’s. The historyThe late Kenny Hinson passed his gift on to son,of this Southern Gospel powerhouse is a story within Weston, who formed Weston Hinson & By Faith.itself. Phenomenal success with hit songs and sold- Weston’s group is winning fans quickly, and their muout crowds followed the group, beginning in the late sic is being embraced everywhere. Larry Hinson is now60’s and covering several decades. The fan base of the “Dr.” Larry Hinson and Pastor of SouthPoint ChurchOriginal Hinson’s not only included concert-goers, but in Millersville, Tennessee. Ronny Hinson is still writingincluded a vast number of Gospel groups who aspired to his award-winning songs, and as usually blessing thebe more like these songwriting songbirds. The Hinson masses. Yvonne Hinson-Johnson has never lost hersound generated mega business within the industry, gift to sing and bless hearts with her amazing groups rushed to record theThe siblings present a sweetchart-busting songs written bymessage a message of hopethe siblings, and especially byand encouragement.Ronny. The uniqueness of theAs the heritage of the Hinson’sHinson style included their abilflowed from the older generaity to quickly set the audiencetion, Eric Hinson realized thatat ease, with the quick wit ofhis desire to continue the legacysiblings; Larry, Ronny, Kenny,had only magnified. AlthoughBy Evie Hawkinsand Yvonne. Several perhe went through severalsonnel changes took placeyears of trials and disduring this exciting time forcouragement, he felt thethe Hinson’s. Nephew, Ericoverwhelming call back toHinson, who had been travthe road and back to hiseling extensively with hisplace: the music ministry.father’s ministry since ageAt the Branson Gos14, went on the road withpel Music Convention,the Hinson’s in the earlyJune ’09, Eric enlisted his80’s. He replaced Larry, asfriend, Rod Burton to joinBaritone, when Larry felthim onstage and many ofthe call into the ministry.the Hinson classics wereChris Hawkins-Freeman reperformed. The blend ofplaced Yvonne for severaltheir voices and the overyears and stole the heartswhelming response of theof fans, before marryingcrowd gave way to theDarryl Freeman and startingbirth of the new, excitinga successful family group,group; Hinson Revival.The Freemans. Bo Hinson,Hinson Revival is a trioRonny’s son, also traveledthat includes three amazfor a time with the group,ing and successful somaking fans happy and making dad proud.loists: Eric and April Hinson, and Rod Burton. AprilThis writer, who well-remembers sadness and dis- Nichols-Hinson has traveled and sang professionallyappointment on the announcement of the original all her life with her family’s ministry out of Springfield,group’s retirement, also remembers the exciting “One Missouri, and more recently, as an international soloMore Hallelujah Tour,” but as the tour began to wind artist and speaker at women’s conferences. She hasdown, yet another wave of heart-wrenching emotions been featured as a regular at Silver Dollar City andhovered over the group’s dedicated fan-base. All good quickly reaches fans with her sweet, humble spirit.things must come to an end or do they?Eric has several projects that include Hinson classicsEric and Bo had both proven that talent could pos- and popular original material, including his, “Homesibly be a blessing bestowed on entire families; that less Man.” Eric’s strong vocal similarity to his belovedgifts can be passed down through bloodlines. Bo uncle, Kenny, has drawn to his corner many classicformed the New Hinsons and Eric was front-line withcontinued the group for several years. Bo realized much successHinson Revival:New Beginningfor Old Tradition

13HinsonRevival madeits publicdebut onthe stage ofBranson Liveat the LittleOpry thisJanuary.Hinson fans, as well as many newones. Eric’s testimony is one of humility, and its theme makes a statement of renewed strength and second chances.Rod Burton is a native of Harlan,Kentucky and has been travelingand singing Gospel music most ofhis life. He and wife, Kelly Capriotti-Burton own YMR Music Productions, the parent company of theBranson Gospel Music Convention.Rod has seen much success withhis projects and especially his latestcharting song, “Take a Stand.” Hisministry is one of Grace and restoration.Individually, Eric, April, and Rod,will continue their powerful soloministries. As Hinson Revival takesto the stage across the country, theywill start their program with someindividual solos from each member,showcasing the variety and ver

I can’t do – they sing like rock stars or angels, they dress like glamour girls, and they don’t seem to worry about how their kids will destroy a pew or a studio sound board this week. But at the end of those days that feel like utter fail-ures, God sends the whispered confirm