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High School OrchestraMonday 5/18/2020History- Read Classical Packet- Complete listenings and quizMonday 5/25/2020MEMORIAL DAYMonday 6/1/2020History- Read 20th Century Packet- Complete listenings and quizScale Review - Practice the Bflat Major scale.Learning in Place 4:Tuesday 5/19/2020Scale Review - Practice the GMajor Scale. StringEnsemble/Concert Orchestra 2 octaves. Chamber Orchestra- 3 octavesTuesday 5/26/2020History- Read Romantic Packet- Complete listenings and quizTuesday 6/2/2020Scale Review - Practice the gmelodic minor scale.May 18-June 5, 2020Wednesday 5/20/2020Scale Review - Practice the DMajor Scale.Suggested Pacing Guide:Thursday 4/21/2020Scale Review - Practice the AMajor Scale.Wednesday 5/27/2020 Thursday 5/28/2020Scale Review - Review the Eflat scale.Sight ReadingWednesday 6/3/2020Scale Review - Practice the FMajor scaleSight ReadingScale Review- Practice the G, D, and AMajor Scales.Sight ReadingSight Reading - Complete sightreading example based onyour levelScale Review - Practice the Aflat Major Scale.Friday 5/22/2020Friday 5/29/2020Scale Review - Review the cminor scale.Sight ReadingThursday 6/4/2020Scale Review - Practice the dmelodic minor scale.Friday 6/5/2020Review and practice allpreviously assigned scales.Sight Reading

TheCLASSICALClassical Era ERATHE1775175018201800MUSICThe l'lassica/ era, from about I 7'i0 to the c-tLrly 18()(J's, w:L'i a time of great con trasts. \Vhile pa11ioL-; fought for tl1e rights of the conunon people in the Amelicm1 andFrench revolutions, composers were employed to l'11tc11:tin wealthy nobles :u1d aristo crat-;. Music beaune simpler and more cleg:ull, with melodics often flowing overaccompaniment patterns in reguhu· 4-h:u· plmL'ies. Like the m·chitecture of ,u1cicntClassical Greece, music w,L'i llt togetlwr in ''huikting block.-;" hy bahu1ciJ1g one phnL'ieag,linst ,motl1e1; or one entire section ag.tinst :u1otl1er.11ie pim10 replaced tlw hmvsichord m1d b1·L.une the most popuhu· insu·umelll forthe coucerto (solo) with orchestra accompm1imen1. The string qu:u1et becune thefavorite fonn of chamber (small group) music, ,utd orchestra concc11s featured - ')'lll J;houies (longer compositions with 4 cont11L'iting pa11s or 111011eme11ts). 'lhward theend of this era, Beethoven's ch.mging musical style led tl1e ,my UH.' more emo tional ,md personal expression of l{omm1lic music. (' . -.-.- ,,' Franz Josef Haydn (1732-1809), Gloria from Heilegmesse*, Achieved is Thy Glorious Work* Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), Ave Verum Corpus*, Gloria in Excelsis* from Twelfm Mass f;J ,a Angelorum* Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), Ode To Joy, theme from Violin Co"ce·:o 5r Symphony, 9th Symphony ,uusicfe,1111111/ ilt Esst'11li1d lle/nlu/r, 177517S018201800ART&LITERATUREWm. Wordsworth, author ( Lyrcial Ballads) Samuel Johnson, author (Dictionary) Voltaire, author (Candide) Gainsborough, artist (The Blue Boy) Goya, artist (Witch's Sabbath) Encyclopedia Britannica, first edition17S0177SJane Austin, author( Pride and Prejudice)18001820WORLD EVENTS Ben Franklin discovers electricity (1751) American Revolution (1775-1783) French Revolution (1789-17?4) Napoleon cro'.'.ned mperor of France (1804) Lewis and Clark explore northwest (1804) Metronome invented (1815) First steamship crossesAtlantic (1819)

CLASSICAL ERA1750-1820Typical Characteristics of Classical MusicNAMEDATE Balanced phrases (phrases usually the same length)Obvious cadences (stopping points in the music/musical punctuation)Tuneful, singable melodiesAccompaniments underneath the melodies had regularly recurring accents.Sy mphony, solo concerto, string quartet and sonata were popular instrumental forms.All were works with multiple movements.Dynamic contrasts became subtler, not as sudde

Scale Review - Review the E - flat scale. Friday 5/29/2020. Scale Review - Review the c minor scale. Sight Reading. Monday 6/1/2020. History - Read 20th Century Packet - Complete listenings and quiz. Scale Review - Practice the B - flat Major scale. Tuesday 6/2/2020. Scale Review - Practice the g melodic minor scale. Wednes