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School of Library and Information ScienceSchool Library InternshipApplication PacketInternship applications must be in theSLIS Student Services Office by:March 1 or Fall InternshipsOctober 1 for Spring Internships1

Internships in School Libraries.1. The internship in School Libraries is a faculty supervised 135-hour field experience designed to affordschool library candidates an opportunity to apply theories and techniques learned throughprevious course work to the requirements and expectations of actual practice under the directionof a qualified cooperating school librarian in an approved K-12 school library.Current certification as a classroom teacher is a prerequisite for additional certification in the areaof school library media. Candidates seeking initial certification should complete four requirededucation courses as outlined in the Checklist of Certification Requirements for School LibraryCandidates (revised 2016), as well as the FBI background check as part of the application forcertification.2. Those seeking initial certification must have a cleared status on their FBI background checks beforethey can be enrolled in SLIS 794. The deadline for applications for SC certification in order to be eligiblefor fall internships is April 15 of the preceding spring semester. The deadline for applications forcertification in order to be eligible for spring internships is November 1 of the preceding fall semester.For more information, contact:Lauren Sanborn, Licensure [email protected] College of EducationOffice of Student Affairs, Wardlaw 113Columbia, SC 292083. The internship focuses on professional practices rather than clerical level tasks. The candidateshould observe and participate in all major areas of library operations and services. The internshipshould involve a wide variety of tasks, special activities, opportunities, observations, and challengesas outlined in the Internship Guidelines. The internship experience provides candidates withopportunities to demonstrate proficiency in various professional skills, to extend skills expertise, or insome cases, to address skills deficiencies. Part of each candidate's responsibility is to reflect and selfevaluate to identify skills that need to be improved and knowledge or expertise that need to beacquired or practiced.4. The internship (3-hour) is completed during a fall or spring semester. Fall internships usually begin the lastweek of August or early September and culminate the first week in November with end of programportfolios due November 15th. Spring internships usually begin the middle of January and culminate the firstweek in April with end-of-program portfolios due April 15th.The 3-credit internship is a non-paid, part-time position and is recommended to not exceed an average oftwo-three full days per week. Actual schedules, however, are determined through mutual agreement amongthe faculty supervisor/internship coordinator, the on site cooperating schoool librarian and the candidate.The time to be spent on site for a 3-graduate hour internship is a minimum of 135 hours when K-12 studentsare engaged in academic classes all day (approximately 20 full days) and the library is not closed or haslimited services due to testing or other events. Additional time is required for site visits to other schoollibraries, participation in professional conferences, professional development opportunities, professionalmeetings, and contributions to 794 course wikis, and a mandatory Saturday initial onsite orientation inColumbia, SC (for in-state students). Out-of-state students will participate in a virtual orientation.5. Candidates planning to complete 6 credit hours of SLIS (for initial certification) must complete one3-credit hour internship in a semester, followed by a second internship in a subsequent semester.6. The Internship is a pass/fail course and all candidates are expected to work at a level of professionalcommitment that is marked by outstanding excellence. Candidates are expected tosuccessfully complete all activities and assignments as outlined in the Internship Guidelines.2

Application and Registration Instructions.1. Obtain a School Library Internship Packet online at: /pdfs forms/slm internship packet.por from the Student Services Office, Davis College, Room 102 (803)777-3887.2. Contact your faculty advisor to discuss your progress toward completion of your program of studybefore applying for an internship.3. Complete the Internship Contract page by completing the top portion including name, phone number, socialsecurity number, semester, year, and number of credit hours, i.e. 3. The department is SLIS. The coursenumber is 794. IMPORTANT: Print your complete mailing address in the upper right hand corner of thecontract. Print the name of your advisor in the upper left hand corner. One copy will be mailed to you atthis address. Make sure that you sign and date the contract. All other signatures will be obtained by SLISStudent Services.4. Complete the Request for Internship in School Libraries form.5. Return the Contract and the Request for Internship Application in School Libraries form to SLIS Student Services, via eor fax: [email protected] or fax 803-777-0457.Remember to adhere to the deadlines -- by March 1 for Fall internships and by October 1 for Springinternships. Applications are dated as they are received and placements are initiated in the orderapplications are received.6. After your internship application is received and dated by SLIS Student Services, you will receive a e-mailfrom SLIS Student Services.7. When applications have been processed, they will be sent to the internship coordinator of school libraryfield experiences (Shana Watson). The Coordinator will review your file to determine if you are eligible for placement.reviewing your file, the Coordinator will contact you directly to discuss your internship application.8. If it is determined that you are eligible, the internship coordinator of school library field experienceswill make all arrangements for the internship, including the assignment of a school and acooperating school librarian (site supervisor/mentor). The candidate should make no overtures orarrangements for an internship prior to approval. If you have special circumstances that should benoted when your assignment is made, please address them in writing on your Request for Internship inSchool Libraries form and in pre-placement discussions with the faculty coordinator of school libraryfield experiences.Applicants for spring internships are usually placed by early December and applicants for fall internshipsare usually placed by early May. Candidates are not placed in internship schools without mutualconsent between the candidate and the internship coordinator of school library field experiences.9. In no case should the candidate complete an internship under the supervision of an individual whois related through family or prior friendship or employed at the same institution. For example, if acandidate is employed as a teacher in a school, that candidate is to complete the internshipexperience in an environment in which he or she is not employed. It is considered a conflict ofinterest for3

the supervisor to be a co-employee with the candidate or related to the candidate's currentemployer. Also, a candidate should not complete an internship in a school where his or her childrenare in current attendance.Note: Candidates who hold a teaching license must do the internship at the level other than thecertification level. For example, if the candidate has certification in Elementary Education, theinternship placement will be at the middle or high school level. This requirement is due to the factthat School Library Certification is for K-12.10. Candidates do not register themselves for an internship. When all arrangements are complete, theschedule code number and section number will be assigned and the internship contract will be signedby the Director of the School of Library and Information Science. A candidate will then be registeredfor an internship by the SLIS Student Services Office.11. Check your class schedule using VIP to confirm your enrollment in SLIS 794. Pay your tuitionbefore the deadline. Otherwise your enrollment will be cancelled for non-payment.12. After your internship placement, you will be expected to contact the approved Site Supervisor(practicing school librarian/mentor) and make an appointment to schedule your internship days asadvised by the faculty coordinator of school library field experiences. Submit your internshipschedule for approval to the faculty coordinator of school library field experiences no later than thefirst day of classes at the beginning of the semester.13. The faculty coordinator of school library field experiences serves as the faculty supervisor whowill be overseeing and grading your internship progress. Submit all required documents in a timelyfashion and contact the faculty coordinator of school library field experiences immediately with anyquestions or concerns.4

School of Library and Information ScienceREQUEST FOR INTERNSHIP IN SCHOOL LIBRARIESPlease complete this form and attach it to the Internship Contract required of all University of South Carolina students applying for various types ofInternships. Submit both forms to the SLIS Student Services office by the deadlines for school library internships: by October 1for spring internships and by March 1 for fall internships. If you have any questions, contact SLIS Student Services (803) 7773887 or (800) 304-3153. Be sure to print legibly.Full Name: Date:Non-USC E-mail Address: Home/Evening Telephone: Area Code( )Street/Mailing Address:City: State: Zip: Preferred First Name:Name of Undergraduate Institution: Year Graduated: Major:Prior Graduate Degrees? (Institution, degree, year earned):Prior Work Experience:Place of Current Employment (Include school and district if applicable):Current Job Title/Description: Work/Day Telephone: Area Code ( )Semester and date for which you wish to apply for an Internship: Fall: Year: or Spring: Year:Grade Level Preference for Internship: Elementary: Middle: High School:Currently Certified as a classroom teacher in SC? Yes No Currently Certified in another state? Yes State:Copy of Certificate on file in SLIS Student Services office? Yes No Areas of Certification:If not currently certified, what Education courses have you completed and/or currently enrolled? Indicate semester and year.Reading-Writing (Literacy) (As of fall 2016 program entry):Curriculum Development: Psychology of Learning:Introduction to Exceptional Children:If you have completed education courses not listed above or at another university, explain on the back of this sheet. Note: Prior written approval fromthe student's advisor for education courses taken at institutions other than USC-Columbia must be part of the student's file in the SLIS StudentServices Office.Currently enrolled in what degree program? MLIS: Speciaist: Certificate: Other (Explain): Intended Graduation Date:SLIS courses you have completed with semester/year completed:Date of Portfolio-In-Progress Submission:SLIS 701: SLIS 742:SLIS 702: SLIS 761:Shana WatsonSLIS 703: SLIS 756:Name of Advisor:SLIS 705: SLIS 757:SLIS 706: SLIS 720:SLIS 707: Other:SLIS courses in which you are currently enrolled:Do you plan to take 720 during same semester as the Internship or prior to the internship?School districts, counties, locations, and maximum driving range possible for your internship placement:Please write about any previous or current experiences working in libraries, in schools, and with children. Use the back of this page or attach a separatepage if necessary.Describe any special needs, requirements, or circumstances that the Internship Coordinator should know about you or your situation. Use the back ofthis page or attach a separate page if necessary.5

University of South CarolinaInternship ContractALL REQUIRED SIGNATURES MUST BE OBTAINED PRIOR TO REGISTRATION.Student's Name:Phone Number:USC ID:Major:Course Number:SLIS794DepartmentCourse NumberTerm:SectionSchedule CodeCreditsYear:Instructor:To be completed by the instructor who will supervise the study:Location:On site supervisor: (see internship placement information)Description of Internship: (Conditions, duties, hours, etc.)(See internship placement document)Objectives: Learning objectives will be developed in consultation with siteand faculty supervisors using SLIS internship guidelines.Textbooks, Readings, or other resources to be used:As needed- assigned by site and faculty supervisors.Method of Evaluation:Objectives based formal evaluation by site and facultysupervisors at midpoint and end of term.Evaluation by faculty supervisor of assignmentsdescribed in SLIS 794 guidelines.Instructor's SignatureI understand that completion of this form does not constitute registration, and that I must register for this course in the usual manner. Studentis to present white copy to the Office of the Registrar to complete registration.Student's SignatureDateAdvisor's SignatureDateDepartment Chairperson/ Area HeadDate

Internships. Submit both forms to the SLIS Student Services office by the deadlines for school library internships: by October 1 for spring internships and by March 1 for fall internships. If you have any questions, contact SLIS Student Services (803) 777- 3887 or (800) 304-3153. Be sure to print legibly.