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Oracle Platinum ServicesPoliciesEffective Date: 18-April-2022Oracle Platinum Services Policies- April 18, 2022Page 1 of 11

TABLE OF CONTENTS1.OverviewUse of Services332.Initiating Oracle Platinum Services33.Oracle Platinum Services44.Oracle Platinum Services Response Times Targets75.Your Obligations76.Remote Services87.Oracle Fault Monitoring Tools98.Network Access99.Change Management910.Global Customer Support Security Practices1011.Termination of Oracle Platinum Services1012.Contact Information11Oracle Platinum Services Policies- April 18, 2022Page 2 of 11

1. OVERVIEWUnless otherwise stated, these Oracle Platinum Services Policies apply to technical support services forCertified Platinum Configurations, as defined below."You" and "your" refers to the individual or entity that is eligible to receive Oracle Platinum Services fromOracle or an Oracle-authorized distributor.A “Certified Platinum Configuration” is a combination of the hardware systems, integrated software,operating system and programs as described here: platinum-configs-1652888.pdf.A “gateway” is the computing platform, consisting of the Oracle Advanced Support Gateway available on MyOracle Support and a physical or virtual hardware platform, which hosts Oracle’s fault monitoring tools (e.g.,Auto Service Request, Oracle Enterprise Manager).To receive Oracle Platinum Services as provided by Oracle Support Services (“OSS”) and described in the“Oracle Platinum Services” section below, you must: (i) have a Certified Platinum Configuration running theprogram releases unaltered, (ii) be current on a technical support services contract for Software UpdateLicense & Support, as described here: f, and OraclePremier Support for Systems, as described here: ystems-support-policies-069182.pdf, (iii) properly license all programs in the Certified PlatinumConfiguration, (iv) enable continuous connection to the Certified Platinum Configuration, as specified byOracle, (v) acquire a gateway that meets the minimum gateway specifications as describedhere: 01/html/E40642/gnbny.html, (vi) permit Oracle to deploy itsVirtual Private Network (“VPN”) on the gateway, (vii) provide network access to deploy the gateway, VPN, andOracle fault monitoring tools, and (viii) provide Oracle with valid administrative level privileges and access tothe Certified Platinum Configuration. Oracle Platinum Services are in addition to Software Update License &Support and Oracle Premier Support Systems, as described above.These Oracle Platinum Service Policies are subject to change at Oracle’s discretion; however Oracle policychanges will not result in a material reduction in the level of the technical support services provided for aCertified Platinum Configuration during the technical support services period for which fees for technicalsupport services have been paid.To view a comparison of these Oracle Platinum Services Policies and the previous version of the OraclePlatinum Services Policies, please refer to the attached Statement of Changes (PDF).Use of ServicesServices may not be delivered to or accessed by or on behalf of individuals or entities in Venezuela or theRussian Federation, including, without limitation, the Government of Venezuela and the Government of theRussian Federation, nor may the Services or any output from the Services be used for the benefit of any suchindividuals or entities.2. INITIATING ORACLE PLATINUM SERVICESIn preparation for the Oracle Platinum Services, Oracle will work with you to prepare a plan: (i) for the transferof relevant information to Oracle regarding the Certified Platinum Configuration, (ii) for the deployment ofOracle fault monitoring tools into your Certified Platinum Configuration, (iii) that describes the pre-requisitesfor the Oracle Platinum Services that you must meet before Oracle can commence Oracle Platinum Services,and (iv) that identifies the tasks to be executed by Oracle and you to facilitate the delivery of the OraclePlatinum Services.Oracle Platinum Services Support Policies- April 18, 2022Page 3 of 11

With respect to initiating the Oracle Platinum Services, Oracle will:1.Conduct meetings and/or organize efforts with you to determine the following:oCertified Platinum Configuration, including current version levels, patch levels andconfiguration.o The network architecture in which the Certified Platinum Configuration is deployed, includingconnectivity to external networks and the internet.o The appropriate location for the deployment of the gateway and VPN within your CertifiedPlatinum Configuration.2. Participate in technical discussions with you on issues related to the Oracle Platinum Services.3. Provide instruction to you on Oracle’s notification process, service request process, configuration, andchange management processes that are integral to the delivery of the Oracle Platinum Services.4. Provide instruction to you on the use and functionality of the Portal, as defined below.5. Provide instruction to you on the Oracle installation of the gateway, VPN, and Oracle fault monitoringtools required by Oracle to monitor, restore, and/or patch the Certified Platinum Configuration.6. Describe the remote patch installation processes that will occur once the Oracle Platinum Services areinitiated.7. Describe the necessary pre-requisites that are required before the Oracle Platinum Services can beinitiated.8. Perform a one-time high level assessment of your Certified Platinum Configuration patch profile andprovide you a patch assessment report of Oracle’s findings. The assessment may cover the followingtopics: Reviewing the Certified Platinum Configuration patch inventory to determine what patches have beeninstalled; Reviewing recommended patches to identify possible conflicts between the recommended patchesand the installed patchesOracle will remotely review the report with you. Oracle will provide you with any recommended patchset(s). You will be responsible for approving any patches to be installed, implementing the recommendedpatch set(s), and installing the most current patch set for your Certified Platinum Configuration prior toOracle performing your first remote patch installation.In support of the initiation of the Oracle Platinum Services, you will:1.2.Provide technical resources to participate in the meetings and discussions with Oracle, described above.Provide your configuration documents, technical architecture documents, inventory information andother appropriate documentation related to the Certified Platinum Configuration, within either: (i) fivedays of the order for the gateway or (ii) five days from determination of eligibility for the Oracle PlatinumServices.3. Provide Oracle with any other necessary documentation, information, and data required for Oracle toinitiate the Oracle Platinum Services.4. Read, review and understand all documentation, information, instructions and resources provided to youas part of the initiation of Oracle Platinum Services.3. ORACLE PLATINUM SERVICESOracle Platinum Services consist of the following:Customer Specific Portal: Oracle will provide you with a customer specific web portal (“Portal”) to track thestatus of the Oracle Platinum Services, which may consist of one or more of the following items:a)b)c)d)Orientation session materials;Contact and account information;Escalation procedures;Useful links (e.g., Oracle’s technical support policies);Oracle Platinum Services Support Policies- April 18, 2022Page 4 of 11

e)f)g)h)Reports (see below);Certified Platinum Configuration information;Overall service status; orService request change management status and patch management status.Oracle will provide you with a password to access your Portal. Access to the Portal is subject to the My OracleTerms of Use posted on My Oracle Support. It is your responsibility to provide and maintain currentnotification contact information in the Portal.Event and Certified Platinum Configuration Reporting: Oracle may provide you the following reportswhich will be made available via the Portal:1.Event Reports. Oracle may provide event reports to assist you in identifying patterns that may helppredict or identify improperly tuned components of the Certified Platinum Configuration. Oracle willdetermine the specific performance indicator data that will be collected for these reports. Event reports areupdated once per hour, 24 hours per day. Event reports contain the most recent 30 days of data collected,and are organized by date, and event type.2. Certified Platinum Configuration Reports. Oracle may provide Certified Platinum Configuration reportswhich will include a list of targets, associated versions, and patch history. Any such reports will be based ondata provided or received during the performance of the Oracle Platinum Services.Fault Monitoring Services: Oracle will monitor the Certified Platinum Configuration 24 hours per day, 7 daysa week (“24x7”) to identify events that represent faults in the proper functioning of the Certified PlatinumConfiguration. Each detected event that results from an immediate material reduction in the quality ofperformance of the Certified Platinum Configuration is referred to as a “fault.” Oracle will determine whetheran event constitutes a fault.For each detected fault, Oracle will:a) Gather additional information pertaining to the fault.b) Categorize the fault based upon the definitions of Severity in Oracle’s technical support policies, whichare available at ml.c) Create a service request in the Portal for faults assigned as Severity 1 or Severity 2. For all other Severitylevels, Oracle will post the fault to the Portal, but will not create a service request. You may, at your discretion,create a service request in My Oracle Support.d) Notify you of all Severity 1 and Severity 2 service requests using the e-mail information of your designatedcontact in the Portal.Oracle will provide the following fault monitoring services and Oracle will determine the tasks and criteriaused to monitor the Certified Platinum Configuration:1.Hardware System and Integrated Software Monitoring. Oracle will monitor the hardware system andintegrated software for faults in the proper functioning of the hardware system and integrated software.2. Operating System Monitoring. Oracle will monitor the operating system(s) for faults in the properfunctioning of the operating system.3. Software Monitoring. Oracle will monitor the certified Oracle Platinum Services program releases forfaults. Software monitoring services consist of: (i) monitoring the fault generated by the certified OraclePlatinum Services program release, and (ii) capturing key configuration parameters using Oracle faultmonitoring tools.4. Oracle Database Monitoring. Oracle will monitor the Oracle database for faults in the proper functioningof the Oracle database. Oracle database monitoring consists of: (i) monitoring the event informationOracle Platinum Services Support Policies- April 18, 2022Page 5 of 11

provided by the Oracle database as recorded to log files and detected by custom tuned monitors, and (ii)capturing key database configuration parameters using Oracle fault monitoring tools.Remote Patch Installation: Except as otherwise specified in this section, Oracle will remotely installapplicable infrastructure updates and/or database patch bundles for the Certified Platinum Configuration upto four times a year as described below. You will be responsible (i) for contacting Oracle to schedule theremote patch installation and (ii) for approving any patch to be installed. The exact timing of each patchinstallation will be mutually agreed prior to installation and documented in the Portal. A list of CertifiedPlatinum Configurations, the components and programs that will be patched, and the scope of the remotepatching installations is available at arterly-patchingscope-1652890.pdf.You must update the software or hardware components (including, but not limited to compute nodes, cellnodes, infiniband switches, and ZFS storage devices) to the latest quarterly release of the patch bundle forthe Certified Platinum Configuration within six months of its availability, and you may not be more than twopatch bundle releases behind the latest release eligible for Oracle Platinum Services, as described ified-platinum-configs-1652888.pdf.Except for the patch installation services stated above, you are responsible for installation of all upgrades andpatches to your Certified Platinum Configuration. Remote patch installations do not include Oracle Databaseversion upgrades (e.g., 18.x to 19.x) and Grid Infrastructure upgrades are not normally included in the remotepatch installations described in this Policy.If you are running SAP applications with the Oracle database, remote patch installation services are limitedto: InfiniBand switches, cell nodes, compute nodes, Oracle ZFS Storage appliances and non-SAP GridInfrastructure homes and their corresponding Oracle homes and databases.Remote patch installations include the following services:1.Support Activity Reviews - once a quarter, Oracle will review with one of your technical contact(s) (viatelephone) all Certified Platinum Configuration patch installation activities for that quarter, including servicerequests logged by your technical contact(s), status reports, and outstanding actions to complete; and willprovide an assessment of your patch plans.2.Remote Patch Installation – Oracle will remotely perform the patch installation using either of theapproaches listed below or a combination of the listed approaches depending on the patch.a.Oracle will remotely perform the patch installation while your Certified Platinum Configuration isonline. Patches will be installed on each application, server, storage server, or storage array. Patches will beinstalled one server at a time in a rolling fashion.b.Oracle will remotely perform the patch installation while your Certified Platinum Configuration isoffline. In order to complete the patch installation, the Certified Platinum Configuration may need to beshutdown, the hardware system may have to be rebooted and the Certified Platinum Configuration may haveto be brought back up.While planning a remote patch installation, the parties will discuss the approach(es) Oracle is going to use toperform the remote patch installation and the expected impact to your Certified Platinum Configurationduring the timing and performance of the remote patch installation.Dedicated Escalation Hotline and Escalation Managers: You will follow the service request escalationprocess documented on My Oracle Support (i.e., “How to Escalate a Service Request (“SR”) with OracleSupport Services [ID 199389.1]) and you will be routed to a dedicated hotline and dedicated escalationmanagers specializing in the Certified Platinum Configuration.Oracle Platinum Services Support Policies- April 18, 2022Page 6 of 11

4. ORACLE PLATINUM SERVICES RESPONSE TIMES TARGETSConsistent with the Severity definitions specified in Oracle’s then current technical support policies, thefollowing response times will be provided for the Certified Platinum Configuration:1)2)3)Oracle will endeavor to provide you with notification of Oracle detected faults that may result in aconfirmed Severity 1 and Severity 2 service request. Notification by e-mail of detected faults will be withinfive minutes of Oracle’s detection of the fault. Such notification time-frames start upon the detection ofthe fault by the Oracle fault monitoring tools, and end when Oracle makes its first attempt to contactyour notification contacts via e-mail.Within 15 minutes after fault notification has been made, the fault will be validated and analyzed byOracle, and a service request will be opened at the appropriate Severity Level (Severity 1 or Severity 2).Severity level designation is automatically determined from the type of fault event captured by theOracle fault monitoring tools. Upon completion of analysis, Oracle may decide to upgrade or downgradethe severity level of the service request based upon the Severity definitions in Oracle’s then tml.For Severity 1 service requests, within 15 minutes after the service request has been opened, Oracle willuse commercially reasonable efforts to provide an action plan to restore the affected component orfunctionality. If, within 15 minutes of providing the plan, there is no progress towards the restoration ofthe Certified Platinum Configuration, OSS will escalate the service request to Oracle Engineering. Uponescalation, Oracle will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a modified action plan forrestoration of the Certified Platinum Configuration within 30 minutes. The modified action plan will bedeveloped in conjunction with Oracle Engineering and may include a joint debugging session betweenyou and Oracle. Upon restoration of the affected component or functionality, the response timesspecified in this section no longer apply and the service request will follow Oracle’s Severity definitions,as specified in Oracle’s then current technical support policies.In the event you log a Severity 1 service request for the Certified Platinum Configuration, the responsetimes in item (3) above are only available if such service request(s) is/are logged in English. Servicerequests submitted in any language other than English will follow Oracle’s Severity definitions, asspecified in Oracle’s then current technical support policies, which are available html.5. YOUR OBLIGATIONSOracle will not be responsible for any deficiency in performing the Oracle Platinum Services if such deficiencyresults from your failure to provide full cooperation during the implementation and post-implementationphases of Oracle Platinum Services. You acknowledge that Oracle’s ability to perform the Oracle PlatinumServices is contingent upon your continuous fulfilment of your obligations stated in these Oracle PlatinumServices Policies, the technical support policies identified in the “Overview” section and the following:a.Provide Oracle with the serial number and/or other identification and entitlement information forthe Certified Platinum Configuration in the manner specified by Oracle.b.Maintain the properly configured Certified Platinum Configuration to support the OraclePlatinum Services.c.Continue to provide Oracle with valid administrative level privileges and access to the CertifiedPlatinum Configuration.d.Assist Oracle with the installation of the gateway, VPN, and Oracle fault monitoring tools asrequired for delivery of the Oracle Platinum Services, including:Oracle Platinum Services Support Policies- April 18, 2022Page 7 of 11

i.Allowing Oracle to install and utilize the Oracle fault monitoring and diagnostic tools onthe Certified Platinum Configuration; andii.Providing Oracle with login accounts for the Certified Platinum Configuration to enableOracle to install and configure the Oracle fault monitoring tools, periodically patch, restore service, andmaintain the Oracle fault monitoring tools. This includes allowing Oracle to restore the functionality ofthe Oracle fault monitoring tools if they fail to operate.e.Ensure the gateway (i) has sufficient rack and floor space, AC electrical power and internetconnectivity, (ii) is correctly located within your local-area network and wide-area networkenvironment(s) (as agreed to with Oracle) and attached to your network, (iii) is supported at yourexpense, to physically rack, stack, and power-up, (iv) is positioned such that the Certified PlatinumConfiguration can be logically routed to it using layer 3 internet protocol (“IP”), and (v) is only used bypersons authorized by Oracle in support of the Oracle Platinum Services.f.Upon Oracle’s request, you must provide the network addresses and implement a firewallpolicy that allows Oracle to deploy and configure the Oracle fault monitoring tools.g.Provide Oracle with two IP addresses and associated net-mask for the gateway and its(Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM), and configure your security (i.e., firewall) posture to allowoutbound connectivity on pre-defined ports from the gateway.h.Provide on-site troubleshooting in the event that Oracle is not able to remotely connect to thegateway.i.Except for the remote patch installations performed by Oracle as described under the OraclePlatinum Services, you must install patches, upgrades, updates, and/or fixes as recommended by Oracleto maintain the stability of the Certified Platinum Configuration.j.Provide one or more non-production patching environments for each production environmentrelated to the Oracle Platinum Services, where the Oracle Platinum Services include making any changesto such production environments. Such non-production environment(s) shall be configured andmaintained as per the agreed upon change management process to support delivery of the OraclePlatinum Services.k.Work with Oracle to establish processes and procedures for and assign staff members who areproperly trained and suitably experienced in their area of responsibility (e.g., a database administrator),to support Oracle in the delivery and maintenance of Oracle Platinum Services.l.Maintain Internet connectivity with availability of 99.5% or better as measured on a monthly basis.m.In the event that you log a manual service request for the Certified Platinum Configuration, youwill: (i) log any such service request utilizing the qualified customer support identifier and serial numberfor the Certified Platinum Configuration and (ii) gather and provide any diagnostic informationrequested by OSS to assist in the resolution of the service request.n.All applicable components and programs that are included in a Certified Platinum Configurationmust be configured for high availability (e.g., for Exadata - use RAC or RAC One Node and/or Dataguard).In the event you do not meet the requirements or fail to fulfill an obligation stated in these Oracle PlatinumSupport Policies, you will no longer be eligible to receive Oracle Platinum Services, and Oracle, at its solediscretion, may discontinue providing the Oracle Platinum Services.6. REMOTE SERVICESGenerally, the Oracle Platinum Services will be provided remotely, primarily using electronic communication,which may include tools, scripts, software, and utilities that monitor, collect, and report on various aspects ofthe Certified Platinum Configuration. Common internet protocols and applications, such as snmp, ssh, sftp,e-mail, and web browsers, may be employed in connection with the remote delivery of the Oracle PlatinumServices.Oracle Platinum Services Support Policies- April 18, 2022Page 8 of 11

7. ORACLE FAULT MONITORING TOOLSThe Oracle fault monitoring tools provided as part of the Oracle Platinum Services are subject to the termsspecified in the Tools Used to Perform Support Services sections of the Oracle Software Technical SupportPolicies located at: f and the Oracle Hardware andSystems Support Policies located at: systemssupport-policies-069182.pdf.For purposes of these Oracle Platinum Services Policies, Oracle may collect and maintain the followinginformation with respect to the Oracle Platinum Services provided hereunder:a. Hardware system specifications (e.g., make, model, serial number, number of CPUs, size of disk, size ofRAM);b. Physical rack specifications (e.g., cage, rack, floor);c. Operating system specifications (e.g., version);d. Web server, application, or database specifications (e.g., name, version, applied patches); ande. Information about locations, customers, and users.All Certified Platinum Configuration details will be stored in My Oracle Support. The extent to which you haveaccess to My Oracle Support and the data contained therein may be limited at Oracle’s sole discretion.8. NETWORK ACCESSOracle utilizes the gateway to connect to the Certified Platinum Configuration to deliver the Oracle PlatinumServices. You agree that Oracle may access your systems using a VPN. You are responsible for the installationand configuration of the VPN and the gateway, as per Oracle specifications and instructions.You are responsible for ensuring that your network and systems comply with specifications that Oracleprovides and that all components monitored and patched by Oracle within the Certified PlatinumConfiguration are accessible through the VPN connection. You agree to open ports and adjust firewall rulesto allow network traffic to pass between the gateway and Oracle.Oracle is not responsible for network connections or for issues, problems, or conditions arising from or relatedto network connections, such as bandwidth issues, excessive latency, network outages, and/or any otherconditions that are caused by an internet service provider, or the network connection. If the established VPNfails to allow Oracle access to perform the Oracle Platinum Services, you agree that Oracle is no longerobligated to deliver the Oracle Platinum Services.9. CHANGE MANAGEMENTIf you make any changes to the Certified Platinum Configuration that will impact the Oracle fault monitoringtools installed on the Certified Platinum Configuration, you must notify Oracle of the impending change. Ifthe change involves a planned outage, you must notify Oracle of the impending change by entering a changerequest via the change management function within the Portal. The Portal allows you to selectively disablemonitoring temporarily during key system changes initiated by you, to prevent automatic generation ofservice requests due to faults caused by the change. In some cases, permanent changes might need to bereversed if you wish to maintain the Certified Platinum Configuration environment and allow properfunctioning of Oracle fault monitoring tools.During remote patch installation, Oracle will use the change management process available in the Portal togovern the proposed introduction of the change to the Certified Platinum Configuration. Oracle will enter achange request in the Portal during patching.The process for entering a change request is as follows:Oracle Platinum Services Support Policies- April 18, 2022Page 9 of 11

1.2.A proposed change to the Certified Platinum Configuration that will involve a planned outage must berequested via the change management section within the Portal. The change request must include thefollowing items:a. Change owner;b. Designated implementer;c. Contact information;d. Change summary;e. Description of change;f. Reason for change;g. Specify “Change priority” as “Planned” and “Change category” as “Major”;h. Affected component(s) of the Certified Platinum Configuration; andi. Schedule start/stop and duration.Prior to being implemented, the change request must be agreed upon in writing by you and Oracle.Oracle understands that from time to time, you may disable monitoring on the Certified PlatinumConfiguration while you carry out maintenance or Oracle executes patching. During these time periods,Oracle will attempt to maintain Oracle Platinum Services. However, if monitoring is disabled for longer than:either (i) 24 hours, or (ii) a mutually agreed period of time, or (iii) the VPN is disabled by you, then Oraclereserves the right to discontinue providing Oracle Platinum Services.10. GLOBAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT SECURITY PRACTICESOracle is deeply committed to the security of its technical support services. In providing standard technicalsupport services, Oracle will adhere to the Global Customer Support Security Practices, which are available mer-support-security-practices-069170.pdf. The GlobalCustomer Support Security Practices are subject to change at Oracle’s discretion; however, Oracle will notmaterially reduce the level of security specified in the Global Customer Support Security Practices located er-support-security-practices-069170.pdf during theperiod for which fees for technical support have been paid. To view changes that have been made, pleaserefer to the attached Statement of Changes (PDF).Please note that global customer support services and systems are not designed to accommodate specialsecurity controls that may be required to store or process certain types of sensitive data. Please ensure thatyou do not submit any health, payment card or other sensitive data that requires protections greater thanthose specified in the Global Customer Support Security Practices. Information on how to remove ticle?cmd show&type NOT&id 1227943.1.11. TERMINATION OF ORACLE PLATINUM SERVICESYou may terminate Oracle Platinum Services at any time by submitting the appropriate service request in theCustomer Specific Support Portal. In the event you (i) terminate the Oracle Platinum Services or (ii) are nolonger eligible to receive Oracle Platinum Services, then a date upon which the Oracle Platinum Services willterminate will be determined (the “Termination Date”). Prior to the Termination Date, the followingdecommission activities will take place:At least 14 calendar days prior to the Termination Date, Oracle will cease triage, management and supportactivities on newly created service requests that are not Severity 1 or Severity 2.On the Termination Date, Oracle will:1. Enter a service r

Services may not be delivered to or accessed by or on behalf of individuals or entities in Venezuela or the Russian Federation, including, without limitation, the Government of Venezuela and the Government of the Russian Federation, nor may the Services or any output from the Services be used for the benefit of any such individuals or entities. 2.