History Of The 42nd Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Confederate States .

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HISTORY OF THE 42D REG T GA,BYTHE\V. L.CALHOUN,VOLS,, INF Y, C, S, A,HISTORIAN.people of the South believed that the United States Government was acompact between Sovereign States, embodied in the fundamental law known as the Constitution, and that it was the duty of the States, as well as the people, to sacredlyobserve and keep its requirements. For years they realized the unwelcome fact thatthe North, either through a spirit of envy and hatred, or of aggrandizement, hadviolated its terms and was seeking to oppress the South and destroy its institutionsFor this, and for thedirectly in conflict with the provisions of the Constitution.preservation of the Constitution, they took up arms, not as traitors, not to destroy,but to preserve the Government a principle which is not dead, but must live if theAmerican GovernmentisSeeing no hope for the South in the Unionmaintained.they resolved to"Nailto themast her holyflag,Set every thread-bare sail,And give her to the God of Storms,Thelightning and thegale."The splendid victory at Manassas hadyear.but, not having been followed up, its effect was lost, and, early in 1862,apparent that the whole strength of the South must be put forth. CallsThe war had progressed about onebeenitwonbecame;made, and the men who constituted the 42d regiment Georgia VolunWith the exception of one company that commanded by CaptainW. L. Calhoun, and organized in Atlanta they were mostly young farmers. ThereA and B from Gwinnett C fromwere ten companies in the regiment, as followsMiltonD from DeKalb E and F from Newton G and H from Walton and Iand K from Fu ton county. The regiment was organized on the 4th of March, 1862,at Camp McDonald, by the election of Robert J. Henderson, Colonel; R. F. Maddox,Lieut. Col.; William H. Hulsey, MajorHugh M. Wylie, Adjutant B. W. Adams,for troops wereteers responded.:;;;;;;;Q. M.; Joseph R. Simmons, Commissary; John S. Wilson, Surgeon; John A. Dunn,Ass t Surgeon; Egbert B. Rosser, Serg t Major T. D. Goodson, Color Serg t; W. G.Col. Henderson was madeCockerell, Musician, and J. J. Frederick, Teamster.Brigadier General. Lieut. Col. Maddox was transferred and made Colonel 2d Ga.;Regiment State troops. Capt. L. P. Thomas was promoted to Lieut. Colonel. Adjutant Hugh M. Wylie, the bravest of the brave, was killed at Nashville, Tenn., andwas succeeded by J. S. Stubbs and W. M. Durham. E. B. Rosser, Serg t Major,was transferred and succeeded by Jas. H. Griffin. Moses Richardson was also Ass tSurgeon, and W. F. Edwards, the last Color Bearer. It was one of the largest regiments in the service, and was always kept well recruited. While in the camp ofthe men.organization there was a great deal of sickness, and many deaths amongVery soon, however, it was ordered to Cumberland Gap, where its active service beganand continued until the Confederate Flag went down in defeat, but not in dishonor.

The regiment wasandlastlyHendersonsfirst in Raine s Brigade, afterwards Barton s, then Stovall s,of Stevenson s division Hood s and Stewart s corps.It fought22 battlesTazewell, Cumberland Gap, Chickasaw Bayou, Baker s Creek, Vicksburg,Missionary Ridge, Rocky Face, Resaca, New Hope, Pumpkin Vine, Kennesavv, Atlanta, July 20, 1864; Atlanta, July 22, 1864; Atlanta, July 28, 1864; Jonesboro,Franklin, Nashville, Edisto River, Binaker s Bridge, Oraugeburg, Winston, and Beutonville.The most conspicuous service rendered in the engagements was at Baker sCreek, where, with unflinching courage, it brought up the rear of our retreatingarmy across the Big Black at Vicksburg, where, in the trendies, for forty-sevendays and nights half starved and poorly armed it resisted the assaults of the enemy;;Resaca, where, by a fierce assault on theenemy s works, it lost about 130 killed andChurch, where Capt. Summers so distinguished himself incommand of the skirmishers Atlanta (July 22d). where in a brilliant charge itcaptured DeGress battery; Franklin, where the regiment again protected the retreatof the army, at which timeCapt. Weaver and others were killed.wounded;New Hope;It is impossible to enumerate themany times and places, when and where, the42d exhibited heroic conduct, or themany instances of the noble conduct of individuals.It is sufficient tosay that it was noted for its discipline and steadiness, and onno occasion during the entire war was it ever thrown into disorder. Much of thisowing to the efficiency of its commanders Gen. Henderson and Col. Thomas, andother brave officers and more to thepatriotism and bravery of the men. S. K. Huff,Color Sergeant, was killed in the battle of Resaca whileThe flagcrossing a fence.fell on the fence, J. B. Graham and JamesBoyd were near him, and J. W. Swordsjust in their rear, who, discovering that the regiment was retiring, called to them tobring out the colors; Graham and Boyd moved forward for thisandpurpose,Boydthem and brought them out, and carried them until delivered to W. F. Edwards at Atlanta, Ga. The remnant of the same oldflag which they followed in sosiezedmanywaives over. the survivors at each re-union. Among the wounded in theResaca were Gen. Henderson, Major Hulsey, Capt. Calhoun,Capt. Hill,Surgeon Wilson, and many others shown in the reports of the companies.battlesbattle ofFollowing will be found brief, and, from the lapse of time, only partial reportsof the different companies.Doubtless some of the names of members and many ofthe killed and wounded areunintentially omitted:


COMPANYCaptain L. P. Thomas.1st Lieut. Darling McDaniel, killedbyA.falling tree in 1864.2d Lieut. Noah R. Brogdon, died at Cumberland Gap.3d Lieut, ,/ohn U. Medlock.1st Sergt. Ben. F. Gholston, killed in battle Jonesboro. 1864.3d Sergt. John Sexton, died at Bean s station.3d Sergt. J. R. Noel, wounded at Baker s Creek, 1863.4th Sergt. Irwin Smith, killed at Resaea, 1864.1st Corpl. F. M. Wilson, killed at Resaea, 1864.2d Corpl. Thomas Mitchell, died at Dalton.3d Corpl. Marion Wilson, died in prison.4th Corpl. William Davis, died in Gwiunett county, 1887.5th Corpl. Lafayette McDonald.6th Corpl. A. M. Bramlett.Allen, J.O., killed by Indians in Tex. ,78 Burdett, Geo. W., died at BeanArnold, J. H., died in Alabama, 1886.Caldwell, C. C.Arnold, J. A., killed at Lebanon Church, Cole, W. H.in 1864.Cole, A. A.Arnold, JohnThomas, died in hospital, 1864.Richmond, 65 Craig, W. A.at Bean s Sta62 Carr, W. M., wounded at Resaea, 1864,died 1862, Lenoir s Sta.and died in prison.Cole,Armstrong, Wiley, diedArmstrong, Hillier, diedBarnett, Jno. R.,in,Brogdon, Dan. J.Brogdon, 8. G., woundedBell. Finnat Resaea,64.Culver,Braziel, T. B., died in Texas, 1886.Barnett, D. J., died at Lenoir s Sta., 62.WeldonBrown, Geo., diedat Morristown, 1862.Brooks, P. M., killed at New Hope, 64.Bolton, A. M.Bolton, D.S.,woundedatPumpkin Vine1864Bolton, D. B.Brooks, J. M., died,Brooks,,unknown where.killed at Resaea, 1864.Baker, C. G.Baker. J. F.Baxter, J. T.Bennett,Tom,Carr, Allen, died at Vicksburg, 1863.Culver, J. H., wounded at New HopeChurch, 1864.Braziel, A. D.Barnett,s Station.woundedMatt,Church andatNew Hopedied, 1864.Cole, D. C,, died at Knoxville, Tenn., 62Defur, W. L.Davis, B. W.,woundedat Bentonville,N. C., 1865,Davis, W. M., died at home, 1862.Davis, J. M. F., died 1863, unknown.Davis, Geo., died at home, 1862.Davis, Sanford, died in 1862, unknown.Doss, Jefferson, died at home, 1862.Doss,Wm.,Everett,died at Beaus Station,1863Wm.Fergersou, A. J.Flowers, J. M.died at Vicksburg, 1863.Bostick, James, died at home, 1863.Bostick, John, died at home, 1863.Bagwell, Larkin, wounded at ChickasawBayou 1863, died at Vicksburg, 63.Flowers, JackFurgerson, R. P., wounded at Jonesboro,1864.Furgerson, F. M.Garner, Andrew, died in Texas.

7.1. F., died in Texas, 1881.Garner, Duvid T.Garner, Wm. M., died since the war.Ginn, Jasper, died since the war.W., died at home, 1862.Goza, Hampton, died at Leuoir sGrogan, W. M.Gn liter, H. M.Goza,J.Sta.,W.Johnson,Phillips,ThomasFiltered, Jack, died atPitman,63 Pitman,Beans Station.S. C.J.M.Richardson, MosesRoberts, J. W.,woundedChickasawatBayou, 1863.Roberts, J. H.F.wounded at Resaca,wounded at Resaca,Roberts, Wilson,woundedin 1864.Jones, GeorgeJones, T. A died 1868,,unknown.Jones, Robert, killed at Resaca, 1864.Jones, William, died at Beau s Sta., 63.Ingram, WilliamKing, A. J.King, J. 0.Kenely,I.BensonPruitt,Gohlston, H. F,Hausen, J T.Jones, G. H.,W.Pruett,Garner,Reynolds,J. H.,64.64.Ross, 0. E., died in hospital, 1864.Scales, Joe, died at Jackson, Miss., 1863Simmons,J. R,, promoted toCapt & A.C.SSingleton, L. E.Singleton, J. M., died in prison, 1864.Smith,Smith,Dan,died,unknown.J. C., died atStevenson, H,home, 1887.died at home, 1874.Kirby, Scott, killed at New Hope, 1864. Stevenson, Geo., died at home, 1862.Martin, Moses, wounded at Bentouville, 65 Stevenson, Marion, died at home, 1862.Martin, A. P.Stevenson, Thompson, died in 1864, unMartin, M. J.known.Martin, J. M.J.,Shelnutt, Cynes, died on thefrom Vicksburg, 1863.Martin,Matthews, Jack, died since the war.Mahaft ey, -Stidderth,Medlock, Tom, diedTeague, R. H.Morgan, J. W., diedon in 1864.home, 1865.atinRockEmanuel, woundedsaw Bayou, 1863.way homeatChickaIsland pris- Townley, Wiley J.Townley,Jeff.Monday, R. H., wounded New Hope, 64 Whitworth, J. BMonday, James, died at home, 1863.Worsham, W. B.Newborn, A. M., died at Bean s Sta., 62. Waits, Maxwell M., wounded at Kinston,Newborn, J. V.N. C., 1865.Nunnally, S. L., died in Alabama.Waldrop, W. R., killed at Dalton, 1864,Noel, G. W., died in hospital, 1864.Wilson, Hiram, wounded at Resaca, 64.Parks, Amos, died at home, 1868.Whaley, Russell,Berry, Wm., died, unknown.Wiggins, Jasper, killed at Vicksburg, 63,143 officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates.Ofthe above, J. R. Simmons, was made RegimentalCommissary, with the rankof Captain; G. H. Jones, Q. M. Serg t, was detailed and served inQuartermaster sDepartment till close of the war. J. T. Baxter was first made Commissary Sergeantthen Ordnance Sergeant of the regiment, was captured atcarriedMissionary Ridge,Rock Island prison, where he remained till after the close of the war. Capt. Jos.R. Simmons acted most of the time as BrigadeCommissary, and was tendered thetorank of Major by Gen. Raines, but refusedregiment.itbecause he desired to stay with his

8COMPANYB.B. P. Weaver, killed in battle atFranklin, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1864.Andrew Ford, resigned at Cumberland Gap, Tenn. died since war.2d Lieut. W. H.Williams, elected to 1st Lieut. Aug. 20, 1862.1st Lieut.W.Donaldson, elected to 2d Lieut. Aug. 20, 1862, died sincethe war, jaw-bone shot out.4th Lieut. W. T. Smith, elected to 3d Lieut.Aug. 20, 1862.Nt Serir. S. Bryant, died ofdropsy since the war.:*dLieut.2dSerirt.I>.Garner.3d Sergt. W.4ih Sergt.1stCorpl.2d Corpl.3d Corpl.W.Russell, died in Laurenceville,W. s. Siarr, diedThomas McCart.inGwinnett co.,Nov. 14,1863.Walton county, 1887.J. C.Crow, died in Magnolia, Mis.s. Feb. 10, 1863.M. Henry, killed at Resaca, May 15, 1864.4th Corpl. Joseph A. Hannah.J.Austin, John A.W.Arnold,Dutton. Geo. W., discharged for disabilityT.Andrews, Elesley, diedFreeman, LeroyFreeman, Geo. W., diedJuly 2 4, 1863Texas since war. Freeman, James P.insince the war.Gwinnettco.atMontgomery,Alat>Aderhold, Isaac died inAderhold, AsaFlarity.Brownlee, John C.Brownlee, Milton, woundedatResacainthe wrist.Bailey,Green, Charles, captured in Atlanta, diedin prisonBrand, Danl.died since the warm n co ty.3rand,James M.Franklin, John M.inGwin- Gresham, WilliamGaddis, David J., diedRansominGwinnetco. ofdropsy 1887William H., died, unknown.Hollius, Worth Berry, killed at ResacaJames W., wounded in the foot Harris,Milton, died in Mississippi of dis-Bennett,afM;i-i<"-ease, Sept. 22, 1863Bennett. Josiah S.Haney, JohnBennett, John G., killed atVicksburg,Jan. 7, 1863.Beaver,A. P.F. M.Henry M.John A., diedBuchanan,Bracewell,Betts,JulyatNewnan,Ga.,10, 1864.(lower, JohnCain J()lin S.W.Cannon, EliasCollins, ElbertTenn., 1862.22J.,died in Gwinnett co.,1863Haney, Geo. W.Haney, Stephen L., died in Alabama, 87Huett, A. A.Hutchins, William P.Herring, James G. R., died at Covington,Qa., June 6, 1864Johnson, Henry T., died of fever at Bean sStation. 1862Jones, William R., died from wound in>Crews, William E.,died at Bean.Septs Station,battle at Tazewell, 1862Jackson, William J., died at Fort Dela-ware Aug.31, 1863

9Jenkins, A.S., killed in battleNew HopeChurch, 1884King, Charles, died at Vicksburg, April7, 1863Kennerley, John E.Kirans,P., died at Laurenceville,June 2, 1863W.Long, JesseDaltonL.,woundedin thehandatW.S.,died of fever at Danville,Ky., 1862Peden. S W.Peters, Daniel JGa.,JuneParr. VV. JPhillips,,W.,15,diedGwinnettinco.1864died of disease, Atlanta, 62P., died in Gwinnett co.,Ga., Sept.6,1863Robinson, Henry W., died at Vicksburg,Liddell, D. J.Miss., April liLiddell, D. M., died in prisonLanier, F. M., died in Montgomery July26, 1863Rollins, John, killed in battle at Chicka-saw Bayou, Dec. 29, 186 H. P., died at Vicksburg,Rollins, O.Langley, MilesMiss.,Peden,J.,Marchdied at Vicksburg,186315,Mangham, SidneyP., dischargedMartin, S. N., died at Vicksburg, Miss.,June 30, 1863Miss., July 19, 1863Richards, William C., killed in battle atChickasaw Bayou, Dec. 29, 1862Starr, Silas A.Martin, S. C.Martin, D. M., died at St. Clair, Ala.,Aug. 20, 1863Smith, G. I.Smith, Geo. C., died at Vicksburg, Miss.,July 30, 1863Smith, R. PMills, R. A., died in Miss, of diseaseStapp, Jesse W.,Mathews, E. J.,died ofdisease, record lostatwoundedin the thighNew HopeMassey, W. S.Moore, W. V., died in Atlanta of smallpox, Jan. 20, 1864Tallent, James, died since the warWhite, James, died at Vicksburg, JulyMcGuffy, James L.McGuffy, Charles E.McDaniel, D M., died of feverWilson, C. W., died of brain fever, 1862Wilson, Thos. O., died of fever at Readville, Tenn., 1862Wilson, Geo. W., died at LauderdaleatMor-ristown, 1862Nash, John T., diedinGwinnett county,Aug. 18, 1864Nash, James B.Nichols, Wilson D.O Kelly, F. C., died of consumption inGwinuett co., wounded in the foot.Spring, 1863Worthy, ThomasWilliams, James T.Wilson, John W., diedMiss.,MarchRECRUITS Co. B, 1862 ANDAustin,W. M.Bennett, J. W.,in thehandfR.Brownlee, Thomas, died at Vicksburg,Miss., March 24, 1864Brownlee, WarrenClower, D. M.Collins,John15,atVicksburg,18631863.Flarity, TaylorwoundedBrewer, J. W., left and supposed to bedead Oct. 26 1862Britt, C.7,1863B., died of fever Nov.20, 62Freeman, James, killedFreeman, H. F.Freeman, J. R., recordatBentonville/65lostGarner, JosephHale, M. M.Hale, J. R., died at Jackson, Miss., Feb.12, 1863Henry John W., woundedBeau s Station, Tennin thekneeat

10Kenerly, T. JeffLancaster, JesseSteel.Martin, J. F.Smith, G. F.Smith. J. T.Mills, J. A.Mills, J. B.W.B.Moore, D. P.Peters, J. M., wounded in thearmatNewHopePhillips, B. F., died at Knoxville,27, 1862, of measlesJuneStapp. J. T., died ofwarwoundssinceStarr, B. A., died at Covington, Ga., offever, June 28. 1864127 totalNewThomason, T. M.Weaver, II. C.Williams, N. T. woundedOrleans,Aug.Resaca,boneWorthy, H. A.numberA. STARR, Orderly Sergeant.aitof thigh resected, lived five years andsix months, died from effects of woundof musterW.SatThomas, W. P., died at Vicksburg.Miss.,June 2. 1863Thomas, B. C., wounded in the arm atBaker s CreekMills, J. T.Mills,D. M., died186711,roll.H. WILLIAMS,1stLieutenant.

11COMPANYC.W. Paris, resigned December, 1863.Singleton A. Maxwell, promoted to Captain Dec. 1863, and killedat Atlanta.Captain Henry1st Lieut.2d Lieut. Russell Garrison, died from disease.3d Lieut. James M. McCollum, died from disease.1st Sergt. Francis M. Dunbar, 2d Lieut. Jan. 8, 1865.2d Sergt, John Cain.3d Sergt, Thos. A. Pannell, 2d Sergt. in 1862 and4th Sergt. Andrew J. Wills, 3d Sergt. 1862Feb. 1863.1st Sergt.Wm. P. Jameson, 4th Sergt. 1862, and 2d Sergt. and woundedResaca 1863Corpl. Russell C. Emerson.5th Sergt.1st2d Corpl. John W. Allen.3d Corpl. John B. Taylor, wounded and captured at Baker16 1863, and died from wound.sCreek onatMay4th Corpl. William Fitch.Allen, John G.Thomas, detailedAndrews, Matthew L.Andrews, MarionAllen,toDavenport, Cyrusguard prisoners Dilda, IsaacEason, James M.Elbe,Bennett, WashingtonFitch, WilliamBurton, Calvin, regular wagoner"Bird, John, died with diseaseFitch Fain, killed at VicksburgFowler, Washington, killed at BakerCreekBarren, Thomas, killed at New HopeBarron, James, wagoner April 1863Fowler, John M.Burnett, GilesM.Burnett, Spencer W.,woundedFields, Jack, died from diseaseGreen, James M., wounded at Atlanta onat ResacaJuly 22Bazewell, John EnochBrice, Daniel, died July 26, 1863, atOrleansBowen, Elbert, diedatAtlantaBowenGilbert,NewHope, Jackson, woundedatCumberlandGapHughes, EdwardBrewer, David, detailed to guard prisoners Harman, M. C. wounded at ResacaBennett, Daniel N.Harris, Van G.Brooks, H. W., wounded at AtlantaHarris, David F.,Comer, LindsayClark, Gazaway, diedCamp, E.Harris,atVicksburgS.Clark, Sterling, died from diseaseHenry F.Cagle,Chaffin,John F.Dickard, A. C.woundedatJameson, Geo. W., diedJ.Cook, ThomasJohn W.Jones, J. W.,Rocky FaceatNewOrleans.August 18, 1863Jones, Henry F., dischargedJemeson, Wm., wounded at ResacaKent, Frank H.Kent, William, died from disease

12Lanier, Jasper Solomon, diedMarch28,1863, at Jackson, MissLanier, Isaac NewtonLee,Rainey, SanfordRainey, H. A.JamesLangley, Jackson, died MayLauderdale Springs11, 1863, atLangley, Isaac T., 4th Sergt. July 1863Lawson, JohnMausell, James W.Mauldin, Chas., died with diseaseMann, CharlesMadison, O. N.Morris, William RileyMann, George, killed at New HopeMann, Robert, wounded at New HopeMcFarland, GeorgeNorton, Elias M., 1st Corpl. July 1863Nash, F. H., regimental postmasterNewton, William, wounded at AtlantaOliver W. A., died from diseaseOliver, David, diedfrom diseasePerkins, John A., 1st Corporal 1862, 3dSergeant 1863Phillips,Phillips,Phillips,Ambrose, died from diseaseAlman, died from diseaseAlbert, died from diseasePhillips, Marlon, dischargedRoddy, JamesW.Roddy, William T.Roddy, A. E.Rainwater, P. E., died from diseaseS. Y.Roddy, S. C., woundedRoddy, Alex.Rainwater,atGoldsboroSpencer, Jackson, died from diseaseSmith, Coftrell, died from diseaseSpencer, MilesScoles, Simeon,Waddy, died from diseasewounded at CumberlandRiverTrammel!, M. H., woundedelected 2d Lieut, in 1862atResaca,Thomason, G. B.Thomason, Joseph M.Thomason, George 8., died with diseaseTaylor, John B., killed at Baker s CreekThompson, JohnVaughn, Henry W.Vaughn, RobertWills, William, 2d Corporal 1863Webb, ThomasWebb, Newton, killed by bushwhackersin KentuckyWilliams, Sinkler E.Wyly, William

13COMPANYD.Captain Nathan Clay, resigned, and since the war died.1st Lieut. Wm. C. White, resigned.3d Lieut. James H. Young, killed at Chickasaw Bayou, 18623d Lieut, Marshall J. Wright, died at Knoxville 1862.1st Sergt. Nathan Turner, died at Vicksburg 1862.2d Sergt Josiah M. Fowler.3d Sergt. Thomas J. Jackson.4th Sergt, Galen J. McWilliams.5th Sergt, Robert Hollingsworth, died.1st Corpl. Franklin W. Kendrick.2d Corpl. David McWilliams, discharged.3d Corpl. Robert J. Parker.4th Corpl. James H. Jordan.Adkins, William T.Argo, Charles W.Armstrong, Lawson M.Armstrong, Benjamin F.Armstrong, James I.Ayers, Benton B., killedAdams, HenryAdcock, James A.Adcock, A.Clay,James W.Garden, Benjamin F.Chewning, David, diedCobb, James H.Campbell, Oliver P., killedClay, J. N.Collier, J.J.Ayers, R. T.Collier,Brown, John W. diedBrown, John F.Brown, William A.?Bishop, Elijah, diedBishop, John, diedBurgess, Albert C.Blackstock, GeorgeBlackstock, T. T., killedBlackstock,Cagle, Robert M., died at VicksburgCrockett, Joel J.J. B.,diedBurgess, Henry H., promoted 2d Lieut.March 1863Bishop, N. T.M., diedW.Campbell,T.,woundedH.H. P.8.Crowley, J.Clay, Jesse W., diedClay, ClevelandDarby, James W., killedEllison, William, diedEdes, Samuel T., killed at VicksburgFargason, William C.Ford, Bennet F.Farris, EzekielW.W.Green, James T.Harris,Georgekilled or lostHarris, Elbert F.Clarke, Elijah H., promoted to 1st Lieut. Hamby, Andy C.then to CaptainHolcombe, Henry C.Clotfelter, D. F.Henry, Francis J.Brown, Denson,Croyle, RobertCrowley, JamesCagle,I,dischargedJames P. K.Higgiubotham, William N., diedHenry, C. V.Jones, J. B.

14Johns, Joseph G.Jackson, John A. M.Jackson, T. , G.S.Pace, Henry, wounded at JonesboroParker, R. J., woundedJackson, D. E.M.Jones, J. G. B.Rut lodge,Kelly, Robert J.Richardson, William L.Spain, William L, diedKelly,JamesHKelly, James, died at VicksburgLacy, A. S.Lee, A. J.Miles,JamesF.McCandless, B. W. G.McLan, William H.Benjamin G.McLeod, AngusMitchell,Morgan, D. C.Morgan, Alex. L., diedMiller, William A.McWilliams, John W.Me Williams,Merritt,J. L.JamesB., dischargedMoore, George W.Morris, Richard M., promoted Lieut.Mitchell, A.M.New,JoelSimpson, Thomas E.Scarborough, William H.Shcppard, John T., diedShepperd, D. C.Smith, W. T., killedThomas, A. L., killedThomas, B. T.Thomas, William B., diedThomas, John H.Thornton, Lewis N.Tail on, Martin S.Thomas, George M.Turner, E. F., diedTurner, L. H.Twilly, J.Tanner,S.W.T.Vaughn, James H., diedMcWilliams, G. J.McWilliams, J. M.Moore, JohnMoore, DanielMoore, JamesJ.Webb, Thomas C.,Webb, William H.Waldrop, RobertWhite, NicholasWarren, John H.Warren, JesseThecasualties, changes, etc., in thiskilledW.J.company iucomplete.

15COMPANYWhenand menfirstorganized,E.Company E was composedof the following:Captain T. J. Mercer.1st Lieut. Joseph Heard.2d Lieut. J. D. Walker.Lieut. L. Osborne.Surgeon, Dr. MiddlebrookSs1st Sergt. W. H. H. Noleu,3d2d Sergt,W.T. Gilpin.3d Sergt. W. E. Tucker,4th Sergt. D. J. Brewer.5th Sergt. J. F. Dick.Penn Middlebrooks.2d Corpl. T. A. Boyd.3d Corpl. T. D. Goodson.1st Corpl,4th Corpl. Henry Harris.W.F.Almond, T. S.Almond, JohnAycock, J. M,Green,Bennett, R. C.Hinton,Biggers, JohnHuff, S. K.JamesBiggers,ThomasHewell, HopeHarris,J. L.Ingram, JohnBoggus, H. J.Boyd, WilliamBrewer, ElishaJones, B. F.Jones, W. C.Bryant, JoelKitchens, PeterDick, LeviCook, J. T.King, J. A.King, J. B.King, S. A.Leach, J. W.Lowery, JosephLowery, WilliamMercer, WilliamChilders,SamuelChilders, JackCowen, HarveyCowen, JohnCowen, CalvinCowen, CorneliusEdwards, HenryEdwards, ThomasElliott,RobertJamesEwens, ThomasElliott,Fincher, M. J.Fincher, JohnKitchens,Mercer,J.DudeM.McCullough, PerryNolen,NewtonNolen, StevePope, JohnPope, WilliamPope, JamesParker, J. M.namedofficers

16Sockwell, JackPolk, C. E.Polk,ThomasReagan, SteveRoggers, D. S.Sams, J. R.Thomas, G. W.Thomas, EnneThompson, WilliamSmith, N. N.Wiley, ThomasWilson, WilliamSmith, JohnSmith, WilliamSmith, TireStone, C.1Taylor, RichardTaylor, F. J.Wilkerson,W.ThomasWilkerson, TerryENLISTED AFTERWARDS:Brewer,W. N.Lee, A. J.Bryant, JamesBoyd, J. T.Nolen,Boggus, R. W.Green, JohnTucker,Almond, John, WHSJ. L.elected 3d Corpl. to Lee, A. J.,Boggus, H. J.,was appointed 1st Sergeantafter Sams death and served end of warBrewer, Elisha, died at Camp McDonaldBiggers, John, died at Camp McDonaldkilled atResacatofillthe vacancyHehad started home on furlough to getmarried and was wounded at Orangeourg, S. C., from which he died.Mercer, J. W., was elected 3d Lieut, totillthe vacancy causedby the resigna-Osborne, and served in thatcapacity during the war.Middlebrooks.Penn, died Camp McDonaldBryant, Joel, killed at Vicksburg, Miss.Childers, Sam, died in hospitaltion of L.Childers. Jack, died in hospitalCowen, Harvey, John and Cornelius,died, but do not remember whenwas electedcaused by the death of Almond.vacancy, died short time afterBoyd, William,M.WOUNDED AND PROMOTIONS:KILLED,fillJ.Pickett. S. P.allMercer, William, killed at ResacaNolen, Steve, died in hospitalW. H., was relieved of 1st Sergeant s place on account of ill healthPope, John, wounded in leg at Bentonville, from which he diedElliot, James, killed at Bentonville, N. C.Elliot, Robert, exchanged for Sam McNair Pope, James, died in hospitalDick, Levi, died in hospitalNolen,Edwards, Henry, died in hospitalEdwards, Thomas, killed at ResacaEwens, Thomas, diedin hospitalW. F., died or killedGilpin, W. T., was detailedGreen,Government shopsattoworkPolk, C. E., lost one leg at BentonvillePolk, Thos., lost one leg at Pine Mountainin Smith, M. M., shot for desertion at RockyMaoonGoodson, T. D., died at BeansStationFace MountainSmith. John, died in hospitalHarris, Thomas, died at Camp McDonald Sams, J. R., was elected 1st Sergeant andserved until killed at ResacaHewel, Hape, died in hospitalStone, C. W., killed at Smithfield, N. C.Huff, 13. K., killed at ResacaIngram, John, diedatVicksburg, Miss.Kitchens, Peter, died in hospitalKing, J. A., disabled in one legSockwell, Jack, died in hospitalTaylor, Richard, died or killedTaylor, J. J. died in hospital

17Thomas, G. W., disabled at VicksburgThomas, E., died in hospitalThompson, William, died in hospitalWiley, Thomas, died at VicksburgWilkerson, William, died in hospitalWalker, J. D., 2d Corpl., died at CampMcDonaldI think T. D. Goodson was our first Color Bearer; at his death Ingram took themand carried them until we surrendered at Vicksburg and after we were exchangedS. K. Huff carried them until killed at Resaca; T. A. Boyd carried them to Atlanta.They were then turned over to W. F. Edwards, the last Color Bearer.;Thisentirelylist isnot exactly correct, as I have gotten it up without any assistance andYou will see that there are a good many reported died at thefrom memory.hospital, the reason of thatisthey were sent off andwe never heard from them.H.J.BOGGUS.

COMPANYF.Captain J. M. Summers.Newt Hicks, died at Bean3d Lieut. Reuben Cook, resigned,3d Lieut. Elias Woolley, resigned.1st Lieut.1st Lieut,N, M,1st Lieut. T.s Station.TenrePitts, died.A. Sta r r, wounded.3d Lieut, J. J. Stephenson, wounded.3d Lieut. L. F. Stephenson.Color Sergeant W. F. Edwards.1st Sergt. P.H,Stallings.3d Sergt. J. T. Stewart, wounded,3d Sergt. J. T, Ogletree.4th Sergt, C. A. Bailey.5th Sergt. W. B. Christian, wounded,5th Sergt. G, L, Hamilton.1st Corpl.Manson Veal,died,2d Corpl. James Daniel.3d Corpl. Mark McDonald,4th Corpl. W. M. Bowden.5th Corpl, R. A. Aaron, wounded.Anderson,S.,woundedAlmand, Henry, woundedBrantley, Warren, diedBailey, JesseArgo, F. M.Argo, Ed.Beard, JohnAthy, Thomas, woundedBrightwell,Athy, Elisha, woundedBrantley, JohnClealand, DrakeBlack, T. S., woundedBlack, Henry, diedBrightwell, BennetBranshaw, WilliamBrown, E. N,, woundedBrown, PompBerry, A. J., died from woundsBird, J. W,, diedBenCrowell, JohnChandler, F. M.Chandler, GeorgeChristian, Reuben, diedChristian, Elijah, diedCason, JohnBerry, WilliamBerry, J. D.Dobbs, E. W. R., woundedDobbs, NathanBerry, JamesDickson, EugeneDoolittle, Dock, diedBrewer, JamesBerry, Frank, woundedBellah, Bertram, diedBaker, T. J.Denard, FloydDay, Frank, diedDay, T. J.Day, JohnButler, ReeceDaniel, J. R.Branham, E. V,

19Dameron,R.1.HenryMcDonald, OscarMcDonald JeffMitchell,Downs, JohnwoundedwoundedS.,Ellis, Elisha,JohnFreeman. WilliamGreen, William J., woundedMoore,Ellis,Griffin, J. H.,promotedI.toW.J.Odom, J. W.Odom, Green,CaptaindiedwoundedPuckett, P. L.,Puckett, WilliamGraham, J. B.Graham. John,Guuter, Dr.SilasMorgan,Dial, D. R.killedL.,promotedto hospitalPlunket, MinorPlunket, CharlesGunn, WinstonPlunket, WilliamPlunket, ReadHardin, T. A.Pritchet,Hardin, Sam H., died from woundsHardin, Robert, died from woundsHays, G. F.Pritchett, J. B.,surgeonHays, J. W.Hays, H. Z.Hick, T. M.Hollingsworth, JamesdiedHanby, Jerry, diedHammock, Mauson, diedJames, William, killedJohnKing, G. M. D.King, John, woundedKnight, FrankKnight, William, diedKnighton,Lunsford, R. M. J., woundedLunsford, W. J., woundedLane, BenLane, Phillip, killedLead, B. A., diedLivingston, L. F., promoted to Commissary DepartmentLard, F. M., diedMurdock, JohnMarks, Calvin, diedMarks, JoelJ. B.,WilliamJ.B.Reagan, JosephReagan, WilliamSmith, J. H.Stephenson, J.Swords,Harper, JohnMcCord,woundedRosser, E. B., promoted to Sergeant Maj.Harper, A. P., woundedHarper, U. M.Hammock, Alexander,woundedJohnPersall,Queen,Hudson, Henry, diedJones,Parker, J. A.Phillips, R. F.,Persall,Hicks, WarrenHilly, R. S., woundedIshamwoundedMcCullars, FerdinandMoon,Melton, Ephraim A,, diedJ.W.W.Shaw, SidneyShaw, SebornShaw, GeorgeSt. Johns, James, killedSmith, M. D., woundedTindall, W. B.Townsend, M. G.Townsend, GriceTrimble, George, diedTaylor, HamiltonTerrell,FrankTurner, ElishaTurner, WilliamVeal, MintonWhitehead, F.M.Wilson, HenryWilson, F. M.,Wilson, W. M.woundedWatson, JamesWatson, WilliamWatson, JohnWallace, Augustus, diedWallace,Woolley,Woolley,Wells, I.JasperIsaiah, diedVardeman, diedV.

20COMPANYWasorganized under the1866, as followsnameof theG.Walton Blues,atMonroe, Ga., March:Captain Enoch E. McCollum, diedat Beau s Station JulyN. B. Michael, wounded at Nashville, 18642d Lieut. Wm. D. Malcolm, promoted to Captain, 18623d Lieut. John F. Crawford, discharged Feb. 186312,18621st Lieut.CaptainThomas W.Davis, died at Vicksburg, 1863May field, died 1864W. Terrell, wounded1st Sergt. Eli2d Sergt, C.3d Sergt. J. C. Wetherford.inarm, 18654th Sergt. Joseph Hughes.5th Sergt. John W. Edwards.1st Corpl. George McDonald, died 18632d Corpl. Smith Mayrleld, wounded at Resaca 1864, died3d Corpl. Ja

n s,thenStovalls, wartscorps.Itfought 22battlesTazewell .