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Tower TribuneVolume 231Fordson High SchoolNovember 2017Dramatic End to Successful Football SeasonIn this issue Page 2: ChoirPage 3: FallSports RecapPage 4: CrossCountryPage 5: StudentSpotlightPage 6: TeacherSpotlightPage 7: StudentGovernmentPage 8: Getting aBird’s Eye ViewOn Friday, November 3rd Fordson and Cass Tech battled in the second round of theMHSAA playoffs. Fordson scored on an early possession. Cass Tech returned thefavor with a score of their own, but Fordson blocked the extra point attempt. CassTech stopped the Tractor offense on several possessions, but the defense got a picksix from “Slay” Shajrah. The Tractor defense held with an iron grip, stopping Cassbefore the first half ended. The score was 14-6 at halftime. Cass Tech came out andscored twice. However this wasn’t the end. Fordson came back and scored on Cass,grabbing the two point conversion and allowing Fordson to take a 22-21 lead. While itlooked like victory was within Fordson’s grasp, Cass Tech came back with fiveminutes left and scored making it a 27-22 Cass Tech lead. The screams of the crowdcould be heard all around the block as it came down to the final ten seconds; as Fordson just narrowly missed their victory over Cass Tech with an incomplete pass in theend zone. Although Friday’s defeat was heartbreaking, Fordson ended the year withan impressive overall record of 9-2. Fatima BazziPowerful Pink OutFordson took their annual Pink Outevent to a new level on Friday, October 27th. Ms. Naura, Ms. Ayoub,and the Interact Club expressedtheir gratitude for all of the Tractorhelp and support to make this year’sPink Out the most successfulyet! Raising 7,500 from tshirt and hoodie sales, Pink Outgear, and classroom sales, Fordson’s generosity shownthrough, beating both DearbornHigh and Crestwood in afriendly challenge. The overalldonations for all schoolsreached over 12,000.

2Tower TribuneChoir Concert ReviewBy: Zainab JabberOn October 31st Mr. Laura and his choir classes entertained staff and students. The concert started offwith “This is Halloween” from the movie The Nightmare before Christmas. Choir members walked down theaisles, creating a creepy atmosphere. Next to perform was the Lowrey choir. The kids sang “Ghost of John”,“Autumn”, and a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Six male soloists sang “Zombie Jamboree”. Theyreally made it so fun and charming to watch. The Men’s Ensemble performed two pirate themed songs, creating a definite change of pace. The Chamber Choir with its combination of girls and boys were on next. It wasreally cool to see how these kids poured their hearts into this performance. After that was the General Choir,and they sang the “Phantom of the Opera” and did a great job. The Women’s Ensemble sang next, giving arendition of Fifth Harmony’s “I’m in Love With a Monster” with some great choreography. Finally the Women’s Chorus came on, and they did a cover of “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Theyhad the crowd on their feet, doing the dance along with them. The concert overall was amazing, and it wasobvious how much work was put into this concert by all of those involved.Joyful Heart FoundationBy: Reem AburukbaThe Joyful Heart Foundation (JHF) is an organization, of which I am a member, that meets everyThursday in room A221 after school. The Joyful Heart Foundation aims to raise awareness for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. We also participate in hands-on work with foster children and orphans.The Joyful Heart Foundation has conducted many in-school fundraisers these past two months. The first fundraiser was donation boxes that are going to the head Joyful Heart Foundation in New York. Our second wasthe “Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin” fundraiser in which we went around all three lunches and had studentsguess the weight of the pumpkin for 50 cents, the money collected from this event is going to First Step-- anorganization that shelters women who have escaped less than desirable situations and need a place to stay withtheir children as they get back on their feet. Our last event was selling purple gear at the homecoming game toraise awareness for foster children and victims of domestic abuse. It was a raging success. These events arejust the start of what’s to come this year for JHF.Our upcoming events include a Trunk or Treat at the Child Christ Society, a stuffed animal drive, collecting money for Puerto Rico, and a toy drive in December. If you wouldlike to help out or donate anything, we meet every Thursday in room A221. Hope to seeyou all there!

3Tower TribuneBayann Ankouni- Junior- 3year Varsity playerKawther Albaiatty- Junior 1st year Varsity playerJoheina HusseinJunior - 2year Varsityplayer. WasAll Leagueselection, andFordson’sMVPGirls GolfThe girls finished their season fourth in the WWAC League. Coach Delgiudice reports that the team improved very much and that he’s looking forward to having them all come back next year.Boys TennisOverall the boys tennis team performed well. They finished with a league record of 4-2-1 and took fourthplace in the WWAC. Seniors David Tran and Hilal Bazzi demonstrated good leadership. Coach Nackobserved that he saw a lot of improvement from the underclassmen, and he’s optimistic about the future.He said, “we have continued our tradition of competing hard and promoting good sportsmanship, which Iam very happy with.”Girls VolleyballThe girls volleyball team finished their regular season with a 3-7 record. This year, the Lady Tractorsmoved to upper division play within the Western Wayne Athletic Conference. In district play, they wontheir first game against Cody on Friday, October 27th. The season ended on November 1st with a 3-0loss to Livonia Franklin.FallSportsRecap

4Tower TribuneCross Country Recognizes Four All League AthletesThe Boys Cross Country Team finished 4-4 in the Western Wayne Athletic Conference which was 5th place in the league. Hashem Aljahmi (13th place at the leaguemeet) and Jaafar Sayed (14th place at the league meet) were the 2 boys who madethe all league team. Our boys team was very young this year, but their commitmentto improving was evident every day in practice. We have high expectations for thisgroup the next couple of years. The underclassman who contributed to the successof the Fordson team included, Kinan Abbasi, Ali Aljahmi, Ali Dabaja, Ali Dabaje,Walid Elfassih, Zakaria Kassem, Mahdy Omari, Tameem Saleh, and WWAC all leaguemember Jaafar Sayed.The Girls Cross country Team finished 4-3 in the Western Wayne Athletic Conference which was 4th place in the league. Jasmine Hamze (5th place at the leaguemeet) and Malaak Zriek (14th place at the league meet) were the 2 girls who madethe all league team. Our girls team was anchored by 4 year stand out JasmineHamze who was the most consistent runner throughout the year. Sophomore Malaak Zriek was the number 2 runner throughout the year. Malaak was consistentday in and day out and we anticipate that she will step up next year and take overthe number 1 spot. We had many other underclass girls who contributed including,Ayat Fadel, Manar Zoulfikar, Hawraa Almayahi, Jasmine Bazzi, Zahraa Harb, andMaryam Shafiekhorassani. The future looks bright for the girls cross country teamat Fordson.Four members of the Fordson Cross Country Team were awarded all league honors fortheir performance in the WWAC all leaguemeet on October 17th at Nankin Mills Parkin Northville. From left to right: JaafarSayed 14th place, Hashem Aljahmi 13thplace, Malaak Zriek 14th place, and Jasmine Hamze 5th place.

5Tower TribuneStudent SpotlightBy: Khadeja JomaaI was able to interview Zeinab Farhat, a senior at Fordson, and a risingphotographer. She began taking pictures when she was only 12 years oldon her iPod, and since then she has come a long way. Her mentor, Ms.Patrick, the Fordson photography and art teacher, has given her feedbackon her photos, as well as encouraged her to enter photography competitions. Zeinab has won numerous awards and honors for her amazing photographs. She placed second place at the 12th Annual Congressional ArtCompetition, has one of her photos displayed on the Jones Soda labels(her photo was one of the 1% of photos chosen), has had her photographsdisplayed at the Padzieski Art Gallery throughout her high school career,and even had one of her pictures blown up into posters and displayed indowntown Dearborn in a partnership with Sura Arts. Her artistic successhas been matched by the success of her schoolwork as can be seen by her3.9 GPA. Zeinab is also planning on submitting a portfolio for AP Artwithout taking the class. What an incredibly self-driven individual! Afterhigh school, Zeinab wants to double major in photography and businessat CCS (College for Creative Studies) in Detroit, and at the University ofMichigan- Dearborn. Zeinab’s advice to underclassmen is: “Do what youlove and just keep doing it.” I hope Zeinab has an amazing future andgoes on to do all the amazing things that she is capable of.Halloween HallsBy: Hanin ElhagehassanThe Fordson faculty and student body’s school spirit reallyshowed this Halloween. Falling on a Tuesday, the Pay It Forward club held the “Haunted Hallways” event and sold wristbands that would allow students to wear costumes for 2. Theproceeds were completely donated to the Amity FoundationThanksgiving Drive. Faculty and students were especially creative this year; it was incredible seeing what everybody came upwith. Costumes ranged from gory zombies to everyone’s favorite TV/Movie characters. The “Haunted Hallways” fundraiserevent was a sure success. Undoubtedly, everybody is anticipating what Fordson has in store for next Halloween.

6Tower TribuneTeacher SpotlightBy: Noor SamiFor the past several years at Fordson, Mr.Shannon, nicknamed by his students as“The Shannonator”, has educated students primarily in regards to the historic content of which our great country was built upon. Although his title as a US history teacher restricts him to being just that, the majority ofstudents who currently, or formerly have had him as a teacher,beg to differ. Personally, goinginto sophomore year and having totake US history, wasn’t something I was to be ecstatic about.This was mostly due to the factthat throughout most of my educational career, we’ve been taughtrepeatedly about the same thingsin regards to the same people,through the same way; textbookanalysis and worksheet preparation. Although he uses his fairshare of worksheet and textbookpreparations, what is really admired, and appreciated aboutMr.Shannon’s way of teaching, ishis consistent use of the elaboration of personal “real life” experiences, in connection to the lesson(s) he is required to teach. Thestories he tells, although they areseemingly hard to believe, sparksstudents’ interest to want to lookinto what is being taught. It hasbeen, and I am sure, will continue to be, a joyous pleasure to havethe opportunity to be enlightenedwith listening ( and choosing tobelieve) Shannon's’ crazy stories,about which he is in the process ofpublishing a book. Although I surely can continue the list as to why this man should undoubtedly be recognized, I would like to wrap up my statement with a simple thank you from the Fordson family.Did You Know?By: Khadeja JomaaWWII was one of the worse conflicts in human history, and when the United States entered the war, Fordsonwas ready. According to an article titled, “The Forties Fordson Goes to War” by Fordson’s former principalBarbara O'Brien, whether at home or on the battlefield, Fordson students and staff helped with the war effort.Leo T. Bember, from the class of 1942, remembered that by the spring of 1943, most of his fellow male classmates had been drafted. Unfortunately, some loved ones were lost. There is a plaque with the names of formerFordson students who died in WWII next to the main office.In 1942, the publication of The Fordson Parade started. The Fordson Parade was a paper that would publishinformation, including awards and honors, of Fordson service men and women who sent letters to the school.There are hundreds of letters from Fordson students who served in the armed forces in the school’s archives.To help with the war effort, students began selling stamps and war bonds. The students even purchased a pursuit plane, which they named, ‘The Spirit of Fordson High’. War Courses were offered to 12th graders such asradio and war shorthand. Physical education classes were now focused on getting all students as fit as possible. Fordson was recognized by Michigan State for its extraordinary efforts during WWII. After the war, Fordson High School combined with Dearborn Public Schools in 1944.

7Tower TribuneStudent Government Food DriveStudent Government does a hunger food drive every year to support families in thecommunity locally and within Southeastern Michigan. Last year, during Battle ofHunger Two, Fordson was inducted into Gleaners Half Pound Club because wehad raised over 40,000 cans for families. It goes without saying that this could nothave been done without the continuous support of the staff, students and community.This year Student Government has decided to team up with Amity as it is a localorganization. Students had the opportunity to see where all their hard work goeswhen they volunteer on November 18th. On this date, students (with the assistanceof some drivers) will drop off boxes of food to families in need during the Thanksgiving holiday both in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights.Student Government is asking that teachers collect money for Amity and advertise for students to come outand volunteer on November 18th.Students interesting in volunteering on the day of delivery and packaging can sign up with Ms. Altomonte orMs. Allie. Working in partnership with Amity, Student Government is striving to reach over 500 families tosupport with food, hats, coats and gloves! Pay it Forward is also supporting this initiative.The Battle of Hunger can collection takes place November 13-17!Breast Cancer AwarenessBy: Rouba SalameyPeople don’t know how strong they are until being strong is their only choice. Every time I hear the word“cancer”, I shiver. If you know what cancer is, you hope for it not to happen to you or anyone that you lovein this world, but once you SEE what cancer is and see your loved ones suffer because of it, then it changesyou, and your whole perspective changes. In my family, cancer is genetic which puts all my aunts, that includes my mom, my cousins and me all at risk. Once I saw what both of them went through I just hoped itwould never happen to anyone else in our family. Luckily enough for them, they discovered it very early andwere able to go through the procedure and be cured from it. That doesn’t mean they’re not at risk; they stillget checked up. My mom and the rest of my aunts get check ups so that if it happens, they will find out earlyenough for them to be able to cure it. For that reason, breast cancer awareness is a very big deal for me. Donations are helpful but even just wearing pink to only support it is a big deal. That shows that they’re notalone and that people are there to support them and tell them that they know that they’re going throughwhich is a great deal of pain but no matter what, people are there to help them find a cure . Eleanor Roosevelt once said“ You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really have tostop and look fear in the face.” In that case, I know that every person going through this is the most courageous, strong, and confident person that will ever be on this earth.

8Tower TribuneGetting a Bird’s Eye ViewBy: Rouba SalameyWe were able to spend some time with HusseinDakroub last week to inquire about his acquisition of adrone. Below is the full interview. Why did you buy your drone ?The main reason I bought the drone is for because of myinterest in remote control “toys”. The ability to recordvideo and take stunning pictures and capture aerial shotssealed the deal for me. What made you so interested in it ?I find the ability to take stunning aerial shots and videosincredibly fascinating. I always had a interest with remote control cars and even boats, so as soon as I saw something that was remote controlled, couldfly, and take pictures, I knew I had to get it. What was the reason that made you get a license?As soon as I found out that the FAA has set forth regulations for the use of consumer drones, I wanted to learn about them and got it licensed so that I would never break any laws. When, where, and why do you use it ?I fly my drone whenever I am bored, it has become a hobby, going just about anywhere and gettingsome pictures or videos. Whenever there’s some kind of outdoor event taking place, or somethingworth remembering, I pull it out to capture the moment. Are you asked to use it at any events that are not school related?I haven’t really been asked to use it for events out of school. I have only been asked by my friends orfamily to get a shot of something silly or record them doing something cool and capture amazing moments with them. Which school events did you use it or plan on using it for ?I have been asked to bring my drone, most recently, to the homecoming parade. A video has beencreated by WFHS to highlight homecoming week and all of the drone footage came from me. Someother events I hope to record could be the senior barbeque or graduation.

Nov 10, 2012 · The Girls Cross country Team finished 4-3 in the Western Wayne Athletic Confer-ence which was 4th place in the league. Jasmine Hamze (5th place at the league meet) and Malaak Zriek (14th place at the league meet) were the 2 girls who made the all league team. Our girls