SYLLABUS -2019-20 CLASS- UKG Lesson No. & Name Of The Topics

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SYLLABUS -2019-20CLASS- UKGLesson no. & Name of the TopicsENGLISH:WRITTEN(a) Cursive capital A-ZUNIT -1(b) Use of a/an(c) Name of five animals.(d) Fill in the missing letters.(e) Write the missing vowels(f) Circle the odd one out(g) Put a tick ( ) for yes and wrong (x) for no.(h) Name of five fruits(i) See and writeMATHS:WRITTEN(1) Numbers 1-100(2) Number names 1-20(3) Count & write (number and number name)(4) Shapes(5) Comparison(6) After & Between(7) Backward counting 20-0(8)Greater than, Smaller than equal to (1-50)HINDI:WRITTEN¼1½tksM dj fy[kks¼2½rksM dj fy[kks¼3½Lkgh tksM h cuk,¼4½ nks rhu pkj o.kkZs ds ’kCn¼5½vk k * o b f * dh ek k ds ’kCn¼6½ fp ns[kdj uke fy[ks¼7½ fp ns[kdj okD; iwjk dhft,¼8½ lgh ek k yxk,¼9½ fxurh vadks es

I term (oral written)ENGLISHOral:Reading :pg. 31,36,41,46,51Written:(1) Use of This/ that(2) Use of in/ on/ under(3) Use of a/ an(4) See and write picture name(5) Fill the missing letter(6) Name any five animals(7) Use of yes / no(8) Circle the odd one out(9) Write the missing vowels(10) Put a lick ( ) right for yes and wrong (x) for no(11)Fill in the blanks with the right words(12)Dictation words (given in the copy)(13)Name any five fruitsHINDI :Oral:Reading:pg. 9)k ¼vk½] f ¼b½ h * ¼bZ½ dh ek k ds 'kCn rFkkdkih esa djok;k x;k dk;Zfxurh 1 ls 10 vadks esatksM dj fy[kksrksM dj fy[kksLkgh tksM h cuk,Jqrys[kfp ns[kdj uke fy[ksfp ns[kdj okD; iwjk dhft,lgh ek k yxk,

MATHS:Written:(1) Counting (1-100)(2) Missing Number (1-100)(3) Number name (1-50)(4) Before, after, between (1-100)(5) Greater than, smaller than equal to ( , , )(1-50)(6) Table of (2,5,10)(7) Shapes(8) Comparison(9) Count & write numbers and numbers name(10) Count & circle the correct number name(11) Backward counting (50-0)G.K.:RevisionTopic done in the classDrawing:Work done in the classValue Education:Q1. Who made you?Ans.God made me.Q2. What is prayer?Ans. Talking to God is prayer.Q3. Who created the world?Ans.God created the world.Q4. Where is God?Ans. God is everywhere.Q5. Name four things God has created?Ans. Trees,birds,animals,flowers.Story:English“The fox and the grapes”Once upon a time a fox saw a bunch of grapes hanging from aplant. He wanted the grapes. So he jumped & jumped again and again.But he couldn’t get the grapes. So he went away saying “The grapes aresour” I don’t want this grapes.

Hindi[kV Vs vaxwj,d ykseM-h Hkw[kh I;klh pyh w¡ us [kkukAysfdu ml dks fey uk ik;k]dgh ,d Hkh nkukApyrs pyrs igq¡p xbZ oksvius ?kj ls nwj]ns[kk ml us yVd jgs gS]cMs cMs vaxwjAcMs cMs vaxwj ns[kdj eq¡g esa vk;k ikuhAmNy mNydj mUgsa idMusyxh ykseMh jkuhysfdu mudks idM uk ikbZAgks xbZ Fkddj pwjtkrs tkrs cksyhfdrus [kV Vs gS vaxwjAENGLISH:Lesson no. & Name of the TopicsWRITTENUNIT – II(1) Write plurals(2) Use of a/an(3) Fill in the missing alphabets(4) See and write pictures name(5) Name of coloursMATHS :WRITTEN(1) Missing numbers 100-150(2) Table of 4(3) Number Name 51-70(4) Addition Single digit(5) Counting 100-150HINDI:WRITTEN(1)m q * vkSj Å w * dh ek k ds ’kCn(2) ‘’kCn tksM dj o rksM dj fy[kks(3)jaxks ds uke(4)tksM h cuk,(5)fp ns[kdj uke fy[kksa

FINAL 7)Written:(1) Dictation words(2) Use of a/an(3) Write plurals(4) Fill in the missing alphabets(5) See and write picture name(6) Use of between, behind, in front(7) Question & Answer(8) Opposite(9) Name of coloursHindi: Oral:(10)Action words(11)My schoolReading :Written:,] ,s] vks] vkS ek k ds ’kCn,] ,s] vks] vkS] dh ek k ds ’kCn vkSj dkih esadjok;k x;k dk;ZMaths :Written:(1)’kCn tksM dj o rksM dj fy[kks(2)opu cnyks(3)tksM h cukvksA(4)fyax cnyks(5)fnuksa ds uke(6)Qyksa ,oa Qwykas ds uke(7)jaxks ds uke(8)foykse ’kCnCounting (1-200)(1) Missing numbers (1-200)(2) Ordinals(3) Numbers name (1-100)(4) Greater than, smaller than, equal to( , , )(1-100)(5) Addition (single digit)

(6) Days of the week(7) Addition on number line (single digit)(8) Subtraction (single digit)(9)Subtraction on number line(10) Dodging table (2,3,4,5,10)Story:English“The man and the goose”A man had a goose. It laid a golden egg every day. The manbecome greedy. He wanted golden eggs at a time. So he killed the gooseone day. But he did not get anything, so he was punished for hisgreediness.Moral:Don’t be greedyHindi prqj es d**,d es d [ksyus dss fy, rkykc ls ckgj vk;k rHkh dkSvk mls mBkdj ysmM k] ysfdu es d cgqr prqj Fkk A mlus dkS, ls dgk ]vxj rqe eq s ikuh esa /kksdj[kkvksxs rks eS T;knk Lokfn"V gks tkÅ¡xk vkSj dkSvk mls rkykc ds fdukjs ysdj mrjtkrk gS A es d tYnh ls ikuh esa dwn tkrk gS vkSj ew[kZ dkSvk mldk bartkj djrkjgrk gSAf’k{kk%& ladV ds le; cqf) ls dke ysuk pkfg,AG.KRevision(Topic done in the class)Value EducationQ1. What do you say when you meet someone?Ans. Good morning,Namaste.Q2. Should we always speak the truth?Ans.Yes,we should always speak the truth.Q3.Do you pray everyday?Ans. Yes ,I pray everyday.Q4. How can you thank God?Ans.I can thank God by praying.Q5. Who are we all?Ans. We all are God’s children.

SYLLABUS -2019-20 CLASS- UKG Lesson no. & Name of the Topics UNIT -1 ENGLISH: WRITTEN (a) Cursive capital A-Z (b) Use of a/an (c) Name of five animals. (d) Fill in the missing letters. (e) Write the missing vowels (f) Circle the odd one out (g) Put a tick ( ) for yes and wrong (x) for no. (h) Name of five fruits (i) See and write MATHS: WRITTEN