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ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS ACANADABy Daniel J sclub/message/493It was the most beautiful country from sea to shining sea, some7000 thousands miles across.The people were so proud and happy.We were free, or so we thought.It was 1967.It was Canada’s Confederation year.All was well.Canadian pride was everywhere.The Christian French people of Montreal , Quebec were hostingthe best ever Worlds Fair.It was known as Expo ‘67.Expo ’67 had the most advanced technology brought in fromall over the world.

The digital world had arrived in Canada.Along with computers that would secretly alter the world as weknew it and the nations votes without anyone knowing it.Please read this article about vote fixing. Originally publishedin 2001 AttachmentCorrupt Canadian Elections(Vote Fixing). .Let it be known to all.I wrote this document entitled “Remedy for our stolen democracy” In hopes thatyou’ll realize that this is information which all Free Canadians need to know, to insurethe protection of our democracy. This statement has previously been released to allmembers of our Parliament. This has been read by many people on-line at the Internet'sWorld Wide Web, at public forums, on line news medias and more.Remedy for Our Stolen Democracy.Dear Citizens:Please read this.(originally written 2001 and revised after June 30 2002)We in Canada have a very serious problem with corruption in our voting process. It hasbeen going on since approximately 1969.(since the use of computers) I witnessed this as aresult of working on a federal election campaign.We have a very old voting system that is extremely flawed. First, it has to be understoodhow a voting station (polling station) works.Polling stations are manned by public volunteers from all represented parties. Allactivities and ballot counting is witnessed by them in the polling stations. When thepolling station closes, the witnesses manually count all ballots for each riding. Then the

results are reported by telephone to the Solicitor Generals office in Ottawa (and localcampaign headquarters). At which time the solicitor general can enter any vote resultshe or she feels like entering, as there are no witnesses present for this process.In Canada, there is no way to verify those results. As, all ballots are blank. The ballots areuseless once the witnesses leave the polling stations. There is no way to verify theaccuracy of the information that the solicitor enters in the computer bank. We have nosafe guards against the corruption of vote results. Most corruption will occur in highlypopulated areas. Since these activities will likely not be noticed. Another thing to realizeis that while the votes are being counted, no one knows what the vote count results are atthe other polling stations in the riding, and in this way if the results reported on thetelevision are wrong. None of the witnesses well be aware of it. Realize that each ridinghas many polling stations. So none of the witnesses really knows what the total votecount is for the riding. This makes it very easy to corrupt the vote count. Only thecampaign headquarters knows the vote tally. And as I discovered when the fraud happensthere is no remedy for it. Who would believe it.It is to be understood that if even the smallest possibility for vote corruption exists. Thenall possible safe guards should be put in place for the witnesses to eliminate it.I suggest that we put into place a system where all ballots have a unique UPC bar code onthe backside. Then each polling station would be allotted a predetermined number ofballots. The location of each and every ballot would be accounted for, through the wholevoting process. The ballots would randomly and anonymously be given out to voters ateach polling station. At the end of the day the used and unused ballots could be countedmanually as well as with a computerized counting machine (Scanned with computer).All activities need to be monitored by the volunteer (public) witnesses. The ballots willstill need to be counted manually. In this way, all ballots will be accounted for in thewhole country.To further safe guard. Each and every volunteer will be given a printed signed copy of theresults, to keep, before they leave the polling station. So that results can be collaboratedin the future by the volunteers at an on line site or manually through public records. Thereshould also be any other security safe guards put in place to ensure that the possibility forcorruption never exists again.Note; The chief reporting electoral officer should have no authority to do any certifying ofvote results without public witnesses from the represented parties being present to witnessall his certification activities Our votes need to be protected. Our democracy starts at the polling stations on theday we vote. Lets make sure it does not stop there!.I AM A PROUD AND FREE CANADIAN

Sincerely, Mr. Daniel J TowseyALL TRUTH PASSES THROUGH THREE STAGESFIRST IT IS RIDICULEDSECOND IT IS VIOLENTLY OPPOSED (ATTACKED)THIRD IT IS ACCEPTED AS SELF EVIDENTARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER, PHILOSOPHER1788-1860 Back to original articleWhen I was nine years old I lived in the new and moderncommunity of Bayshore in Ottawa.It was a couple of hours away from the Federal Parliamentbuildings in Ottawa.I use to ride my bicycle to the Parliament Buildings.I parked my bicycle under the beautiful Peace tower.I never had to put a lock on it.In those days .There was no security at all at the Parliament buildings.I walked all through the wonderful and historic structure.It filled me with much pride.I got to learn about Canada’s wonderful and proud heritage.Our Freedoms, Justice, and Equality.[If only I knew then what was to become of this once proudand noble place]I wandered the Halls for hours and hours.Day after day.

I could walk into any Member of Parliament’s offices.No one minded.The ministers were the kindest and most sincere people I hadever met in my life.I then had a dream to one day return and sit behind one ofthose desks, I made it my life’s goal.All that changed after my experience with the election systemin Toronto in 1984.Up till now my whole life was filled with nothing but the mosthorrific child abuses.Long ago I began to write " The snowball effect" to describe it.I have not finished it.It is so painful to write it.To write It, I have to relive it.As a result of my experiences I was very keen at recognisingtyrants or decent people.I was always a fast learner.I learned a lot during my visits to Parliament.I was like a sponge.I asked questions all day.The ministers were kindly, and intelligent.They loved my inquisitiveness and enthusiasm.They eagerly, enthusiastically and proudly answered all myquestions.I began to learn politics.We had just elected a very sincere and honest new PrimeMinister.or so we thought.A Prime Minister that was moulded in the publics eye by the

media to appear as a very charismatic individual.Known As Pierre Elliot Trudeau.He was not what he was publicly made to appear.He was an absolutely vicious man.Back in Ottawa when I was in the bleachers of the Chamber inParliament, and I watched him during question period.I watched him every time he rose to speak.He always violently yelled at the other ministers that did notagree with.He was rude and vulgar.He readily swore obscenities at anyone anytime he wanted.I once heard him scream that.Everyone in these chambers is going to do what I say.And that he would not accept anyone disputing what hisintentions were.Or they would cease to be members.To me he appeared to be nothing but a dictator.People who knew what he was really about lobbied for years tohave cameras placed in the Parliament’s Chamber.So that the Public could witness what was happening.Eventually, but much to late.Cameras were put in.But the damage had already been done by then.After the cameras were put in everything else would be donecovertly and with deception.Since the public has no control over what the media presents tous, we have all become deceived.

Like our democracy and freedoms,Canada’s proud heritage well soon completely disappear.The winners as usual well continue to rewrite history and onlythe old people will remember what Canada was, and what hasbeen deceptively done to it.Thanks to the media TrudeaU was able to commit the biggestfraud of all on Canadians.The media made us all love him.He could do no wrong in the publics eyes.So to control us he spent and he spent and he spent us into debtfor ever.We all loved him.He built the wonderful trans-Canada highway system.He vastly improved our public health system.He gave us our bill of rights and he separated Canada fromEngland’s control.It appeared that our quality of life was so much better now.Many gained a high income as a result of the flood of newmoney put into the system.No one dared to say a bad thing about Trudeau.At that time the Canadian Peopleowned and controlled our currency.Known as the Canadian Dollar.We have [soon I will be saying HAD ]our own National bank tokeep it all in order.It is called “The Bank of Canada“.The Bank of Canada controlled the amount of money that wasproduced and put into circulation. This kept inflation in place

and maintained our high standard of living.The Federal Government [Trudeau] never needed to borrowmoney from commercial banks at interest.After all, where do you think the Privately owned commercialbanks were getting the money from that they loaned to us.For if our Federal Government needed funds for capital projectsit had the power and authority to produce it at Canada’s Mintor just enter the amount into the bank of Canada accounts.Money does not have to actually materially exist to function.All it takes is just a number in a computer bank account.That is why our fathers of confederation made sure that thepeople and not some secret private group controlled the money.*“If the people do not control their moneythen they do not have a democracy.”*That is the fraud that Trudeau committed against allCanadians.The fraud that he committed was to borrow money from thecommercial banks at interest.Indebting us for ever to the bankers.This also gave the bankers control over us, our economy andfuture.They now had the financial means to take over our country.This huge influx of constant money gave them the ability to

scoop up all valuable money making enterprises and naturalresources.The government then started disposing of all of our publicassets to pay off this huge fraudulent debt to the bankers.We once owned and controlled all our natural resources.We were considered the best country in the world to live in.People from all over the world choose Canada as their numberone destination to immigrate to.We welcomed peoples from all over the world.Canadians were a kind, generous, and simple peoples.Canadians had a policy of sharing the wealth with all peoplesof Canada.We put into place a concept known as Federal transferpayments.In which Federal wealth was shared with the economicallypoorer provinces.This worked well and no one was deprived of anything to makeit happen.Under the North American Union‘s Deep Integration plans, weare going to cease having transfer payments.We are going to loose all control of our natural resources.All our civil laws are now going to change.Our public health system well not survive either.For we well be under the full control of the Corporate ZionistNorth American Union Communist Government.As Canada well no longer have any money.The bankers are going to have it all when they bring the new‘Amero’ currency into circulation.

Canada is about to change for ever unless the naïve peoplewake up to what I am telling you here.But the take over of Canada started long ago it’s all part of theZionists New World Order or Globalisation.They want to create a one world government.That is not democracy,That is insanity.AFTER THE SECOND WORLD WAR.The world bankers knew that to take over Canada would beexpensive, and that it would take a lot of money and that theyneeded to control the money to do it.Before the second world war Canada had no income tax.So after the war they introduced a ‘temporary’ Federal Incometax.This tax was just a means to rob and enslave the masses.They said that it was needed to finance and pay off theFederal war Debt to the world bankers.Up till then Canada never needed a Federal Income tax andstill does not need one.If we take back the control of our currency.As this country is and was the wealthiest country in the world.Our Country was and still is abundant in valuable naturalresources.They knew that the value of our natural resources was morethan enough to quickly pay off the World Bankers.

Here is a question for you.How can the government tax you without any taxes beingtaken from you?It’s simple.All the government has to do is create cash and spend it.By doing this, they are taxing you.Every time they put money into circulation, it devalues themoney that is already in circulation.This is what causes inflation or indirect taxation.For money has no real value unless the public works for it.Your labour is what actually gives real value to money.Otherwise its just a piece of paper.This is why there was no income tax before the second worldwar.It was not necessary.Why should we the public work hard to enrich the bankers andsecret groups.Controlling the money was not enough for these greedy Zionistcorporate bankers.They wanted it all.They wanted the whole world.They’ve had the intention of controlling the whole world for avery long.We now know it as the “New World Order”This is written into history going back thousands of years.For proof of this, all you have to do is read.“The Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion’MY ELECTION CAMPAIGN EXPERIENCE

I was asked by a friend of mind to work on his federal electioncampaign.He recruited me because he admired and respected myunwavering honesty and keenness.*“I could not be corrupted and I refusedto give up on my free country.”*As a result of my experience in the election process.I became a victim of the newly created covert secret police.Known as ‘Canadian Secret Intelligence Service” or CSIS. Asecret division of the federal RCMP, Royal Canadian MountedPolice.This organisation operates completely out of the publicsscrutiny.They are the untouchables.Nothing is beyond their reach.They are not limited by any laws.They can and do assume any identity they choose.Whether that be an honest one or a criminal one, A judge, adoctor, a teacher, a regular police officer, a violent houseinvader, or anything they want.In that effect they can deceive anyone to achieve and protecttheir controllers secret agenda of a “New World Order”Their financial resources are unlimited.They are a secret force of the secret government.They also recruit or influence anyone they want.

They have access to all of the governments resources, personalrecords and data banks.They often recruit criminals from Police records.I believe that the young offenders act of secrecy has servedthem well.They can and do recruit many young people who have violenttendencies.Young people are easily influenced.Especially when they think they are functioning undernational security and for the good of their government.They really believe they are doing something honourable andredeeming.Those that graduate from the indoctrination process oftenmake the best members for the secret mercenaries that thesecret governments of the NWO operates here and world wide.CSIS operates under only one policy.That is “Don’t get discovered” or you well become disposable.It all works as a pyramid system.Those at the bottom of the pyramid never know what is goingon above them.Unless they get promoted by invitation to the next level up.To get promoted you have to only pay one price.That is to give up a little more of your conscience.By the time one reaches the top there is no conscience left.*“Evil Prospers on Secrecy”

*Most people are honest and completely unsuspecting of thismachine of deception at work around them and are easypuppets for the deceivers.Some honest and naïve people over time have come to realizethat something is very wrong with our system and choose to besilent, then they unknowingly become members and puppets ofthis secret society that is destroying all of humanity and ourenvironment.*“Only honest and truthful people arebrave.All others are just evil selfish cowards.”*“Never judge an individualsindividuals moral fibre bytheir economic standing”*Those like me who refused to be corrupted becomes its victims.Few survive it.All this was confirmed by the Police themselves.While I was working on the federal election campaign, Theytold me that a contract was put on me by the federalgovernment and even described what they were going to do tome.

They had no fear of telling me, for they knew that no onewould ever believe me, and if I ever attempted to tell anyonewhat was happening.No one would believe me.I would be labelled delusional or just plain crazy.Since the government controls everything they have nodifficulty in destroying anyone they want to.The police just loved to laugh at me.I became entertainment for them.You are next!They know that the first and most important thing that has tobe done to any messenger of truth is to discredit them publiclyand the second is to destroy their ability to earn a living.In less civilized countries they just torture them for pleasurethen they disappear.We are surely heading there, and fast.I was made CSIS’s first project.They began to terrorize me, while I worked on my friendsfederal election campaign.They began by listing me as Canada’s number one criminal inall Police databases across the country.In this way I could not turn to the local police for help, as Ihad been secretly labelled.CSIS then covertly went on a training mission to completelydestroy my life.Which they did.This would take another book to tell it all.I have been a victim of covert terror ever since.I have had nine different attempts on my life,

I have been poisoned, drugged, assaulted, hospitalized, Falselycharged, imprisoned, and a lot more.They destroyed and/or stole all my possessions and businessesand a lot more.I was not allowed to keep a job.It was so easy for them to do that.I would watch the Police walk in and speak with any and allof my employers.My employers would immediately terminate me.For what ever reason employers always trusted the authoritiesand did their bidding.I had no recourse.So I was forced to seek self employment.Every successful attempt I ever made at setting up a legalbusiness to support myself was destroyed just as my businessesbegan to succeed.Hers a partial list of my businesses;“Dan the Handyman”“Towsey’s Welding and Auto Repair”“Silverspoon Trading”“Small but Good Movers”I even attempted to further my education in attempt toimprove my life.I once applied for and received the funding necessary toattend the local public college.I applied for and was accepted into a small aplliance repaircourse.On the first day.I government agent walked into my class and waved to theteacher.They had a quick discussion and the government agentpointed me out to the teacher.The teacher immediately told me that I was not allowed to get

an education and threw me out.My dream of becoming a politician was brought to an abruptend.From now on it would be a desperate attempt to survive.During the campaign I discovered that our elections laws didnot apply to these people.They violated every election law and committed out rightcrimes against me and our country.And now that they were secretly controlling our elections, thepower of our money, and our major medias, etc. etc.Everything was set.All that remained is to keep the pubic

ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A CANADA By Daniel J Towsey . At which time the solicitor general can enter any vote results . As, all ballots are blank. The ballots are useless once the witnesses leave the polling stations. There is no way to verify the accuracy of the information t