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Dr. Arnold Chavez Colegio Jacinto Trevino, TX Jerry Otero, Attorney United Mexican American Students, Herman Martinez Boulder, CO Rita Melgares, Attorney United Mexican American Students, Sander Karp, Attorney Alamosa, CO Jeffery Goldstein, Attorney Centro L.U.I.S., Denver,

6. Mateer, Jeffrey C., Attorney for Amici Curiae 7. Not the Bee, LLC, Amicus Curiae 8. Pratt, Christine K., Attorney for Amici Curiae 9. Pratt, Jordan E., Attorney for Amici Curiae 10. Shackelford, Kelly J., Attorney for Amici Curiae 11. The Babylon Bee, LLC, Amicus Curiae As required by Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 26.1 and Eleventh

Im, a corporate attorney based in New York, was promoted to partner. Allison P. Miller, a corporate . Jeremy Moore, a corporate attorney based in Houston, was promoted to partner. Clint Rancher, a corporate attorney based in Houston, was . Brian Emfinger, a patent attorney based in Chicago, was promoted to principal shareholder. Rajit Kapur .

Chris Green, Chairman Blount County Commission Steve Searcy Victims’ Advocate Barbara Houts Victims’ Advocate Attorney General Appointment Michael Dean, Assistant Attorney General President of the Alabama District Attorneys’ Association Appointments Eleanor I. Brooks, Supernumerary District Attorney Walt Merrell, District Attorney, 22 nd .

Examiner Note: The examiner should not suggest that applicant employ an attorney or agent if the application appears to contain no patentable subject matter. 402 Power of Attorney; Naming Representative [R-07.2015] 37 CFR 1.32 Power of attorney. ***** (c) A power of attorney may only name as representative: (1

2.1.4 “City” is defined in the preamble hereof. 2.1.5 “City Attorney” means the City Attorney of the City or any person designated by the City Attorney to perform one or more of the duties of the City Attorney unde

Canon 5.34 The court considered that on the last occasion not only did the attorney fail to advise his client of possible conflicts and sug- gest use of independent counsel,35 but used his own acquainances as witnesses.36 The court found mitigating circumstances and only cen- sured the attorney." .

President or CEO – Mountain Safety Research, Inc. President or CEO – MSR, Inc. California Attorney General’s Office; District Attorney’s Office for 58 counties; City Attorney’s for San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, and Los Angeles. From: Mr. Kingpun Cheng I. My name is Kingpun Cheng.

If individual capacity representation is approved, the DOJ attorney assigned to defend the employee enters into a "full and traditional attorney client relationship," and all communication between the employee and the department attorney is privileged. 28 C.F.R. § 50.15(a)(3) (2010).

director, agent, attorney, or other representative of the Nonprofit. 9. “Transaction” means the proposed dissolution of the Nonprofit that resulted in the submission of notice to the Attorney General and Reporter pursuant to the Nonprofit Act. [Rest of page intentionally left blank]

The State Solicitor is appointed by the Attorney General and reports through the Chief Deputy Attorney General. As set forth at 29 Del. C. § 2505 (b), the State Solicitor is responsible for all civil actions and matters wherein the State or its agencies or subdivisions are involved and has such powers as the Attorney General shall designate.

principal acknowledges the signature before a notary public or other individual authorized by law to take acknowledgements. (2017-153, s. 1.) § 32C-1-106. Validity of power of attorney. (a) A power of attorney executed in this State on or after January 1, 2018, is valid if its execution complies with G.S. 32C-1-105.