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Mar 30, 2017 · Order placed and deposit paid by Owner] [Order to be placed by Contractor] Insert description of status of purchase contract . d. Quantity: Insert quantity ordered . e. Warranty: Contractor shall assume all manufacturer and installation warranties as if the Contractor had directly sel

A.2. Contractor shall provide embroidery of logos on goods as required in the Excel Document titled “Detailed Uniform Specs”. Specific logo details can be found beginning on page 3 of this document. A.3. Contractor shall provide

General Contractor Services . RFP (2022-018) Town of Salem NH . SALEM PURCHASING . Gia Faccadio, Purchasing Agent Nicole McGee, Finance Director . . days from the date of the invoice. General terms as allowable: Invoices received before the twentieth of each month should get processed for

Contractor's Qualification Statement and Experience Questionnaire Submitted by The name as indicated herein must conform in all respects to the name of the contractor referred to in the Report of the Independent CPA, and the name to be included on potential contractual agreements with the Department. Federal Employer Identification No.

These Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction apply to the bidder, before the award of the Contract, and to the Contractor after award. The sentences that direct the Contractor to perform work are written in the active voice/imperative mood. These directions to the Contractor are written as commands.

2 JCT Minor Works Contract without Contractor’s Design v3 (April 2019) Third the Contractor has supplied the Employer with a copy of the priced Contract Specification or Works Schedules or provided a Schedule of Rates;4 Fourth for the purposes of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) under the Finance Act 2004, the status of the Employer is, as at the Base Date, that stated in the

This ‘DELIVERY DRIVER INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT’ (“Agreement”) is made by and entered into between-_, an individual residing at _,-(the “Contractor”) and BURPY INC. a corporation existing under the laws of the State of Texas, and having its principal place-of business at 1616 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas 78701 (the .

cleaning/janitorial services at the City’s designated facilities as described in the request for proposals, and the Contractor agrees to perform the services described in the Contractor’s Proposal as modified by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. The Scope of Services shall include the Contractor’s proposal or bid which

Mechanical Trade License Application Pipefitter, Refrigeration, Sheetmetal, and Fire Protection Sprinkler Fitter INSTRUCTIONS -- PLEASE READ CAREFULLY . Master Mechanical Contractor MMA 001 NO TEST 480 Contractor Master CM 20. 75 240 Contractor Master Pipefitter CMP 20.1 75 240

BP Whiting Business Unit Contractor Guide . Revised 2/3/2021 . UNCONTROLLED PAPER COPY – PRINTED 2/3/2021 Before using, compare to th e Controlled Version located . Contractor Company must have BP Whiting Site Acce

Surgical Dressings (L33831) Links in PDF documents are not guaranteed to work. To follow a web link, please use the MCD Website. Contractor Information CONTRACTOR NAME CONTRACT TYPE CONTRACT NUMBER JURISDICTION STATE(S) CGS Administrators, LLC DME MAC 17013 - DME MAC J-B Il

Department of Motor Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as "DMV"). Independent Contractor (hereinafter referred to as "Contractor") is engaged in the trucking business and is fully familiar with the trucking services to be provided an